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Palm Beach State College to offer $10K bachelor’s degree

by John Kennedy | December 5th, 2012

Palm Beach State College became the 12th college Wednesday to accept Gov. Rick Scott’s challenge to create a bachelor’s degree students could get for $10,000.

Scott issued the challenge last month, copying a program in place in Texas for more than a year. Some critics have dismissed the idea as a gimmick — but Scott said the $10,000 degree is needed at a time many students and Florida families are struggling with mounting debt.

“This is great news for Florida students,” Scott said. “The more affordable we make college degrees, the more Florida families will benefit and be able to get a great job.”

Palm Beach State College officials said they will develop an assessment survey examining program costs and job demand for new graduates.

Twenty-two of Florida’s 28 state colleges offer bachelor’s degrees in various disciplines, with nursing, information technology and business management courses among the most popular for the almost 900,000 students in the system.

Palm Beach State’s four-year degrees, are currently limited to business supervision and management, information technology and nursing. They can cost $13,200 over four years, roughly the state average.


8 Responses to “Palm Beach State College to offer $10K bachelor’s degree”

  1. GTFOOH Says:

    What most of Universities need to do is stop building elobrate and expensive facilities like gymnasiums, stadiums, huge libraries, fancy dorms, etc. Facilities that require big money to maintain.

    Also, some of these college coaches are making millions. They need to keep it simple! Focus on their mission. Kids are there to learn, not to have fun. PBSC can offer $10,000 degrees because they don’t have all this big overhead expense.

  2. Im a Panther...bidtches Says:

    Plenty of construction on PBSC campuses. A Bachelor’s degree for 10k is a flaming JOKE. I’ll believe it when I see it. Last semester, with books, 8 credit hours cost me a thousand bucks.

  3. Jacob Says:

    You will pay for what you will get.

    But then again, something is better than nothing!

  4. R Scott Says:

    Could put UofF out of business.

  5. jac Says:

    The GOP voters don’t go to college and the educated didn’t vote for you. You need to cut salaries and entitlements that have grown all during this 5 year meltdown. Anyone with half a brain knows that.

  6. School first Says:

    Palm beach state college is reasonable. All these private colleges like Keiser and Medvance need to offer more affordable education. It’s easier to get into these schools but they charge 5 and 6 times more than public schools and workforce will pay for students to attend these schools. Lpn class is about $7500 at palm beach state and $20,00 at one of the private schools and workforce pay for the private schools a waste of tax payers dollars.

  7. Credibility ? Says:

    Being the peanut butter & jelly school of PBC, I’m not sure of what the credibility looks like on job applications while being in agreement some college is better than none.

  8. ohyeah Says:

    @jac….thank you for admitting that you and the GOP have half a brain

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