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Newly formed Black Republican Caucus of South Florida meeting at West Palm library tonight

by Andrew Abramson | December 11th, 2012

The newly formed Black Republican Caucus of South Florida is meeting at the West Palm Beach library tonight at 6:55 p.m., according to chairman Sean Jackson.

Jackson, a former West Palm Beach city commission candidate, said the group was formed in July and has close to 50 members. The organization does not have a web site yet but it has a Facebook page with 20 “likes.”

Jackson, 23, said they will meet tonight to discuss starting a web site and organizing for the 2014 gubernatorial campaign.

“African Americans, if you go back 50 years to the Civil Rights era, they were really supported by the Republican party from the Abraham Lincoln era to the Ronald Reagan era,” Jackson said. “This is not about bashing President Obama, it’s not about taking away from the Democratic Party. It’s going back to the roots of the African American community and that’s being fiscally and religiously conservative. And it’s about consciously supporting the black community not just by throwing hand-outs but helping them to want to help themselves.”

10 Responses to “Newly formed Black Republican Caucus of South Florida meeting at West Palm library tonight”

  1. Batman Says:

    Sounds like they might get two or three people at the meeting

  2. realistic Says:

    I hope Mr. and Mrs West enjoy the time alone.

  3. Rocker John Says:

    Outstanding, and good for you Sean!

  4. Rawhide Says:

    Mr. Jackson when did Republicans support the civil rights movement of the sixties, most of the people who call themselves black republicans were not born then let alone lived in the country, not state but USA

  5. RENEGADE Says:

    Mr. Jackson should have stayed in school or he is twisting the truth to con people.
    In Lincolns day the Republican party was the LIBERAL party in America. That changed in the mid 1900′s and the two parties switched polarities with the Republicans becoming the conservative and the Dems becoming the progressive.
    The Republican party fought ALL the civil rights legislation of the 60′s tooth and nail!! Mr. Jackson is either a liar or a fool!!

  6. Chaka Says:


    Help yourself by sitting your a** down!

  7. fairandbalanced Says:

    It’s shameful and disgusting that these black people would decide to leave the 21st century plantation! Don’t they know that the Democrats are creating a nanny state to serve them and that they need to stay in the role that the Democrats have designated for them? Absolutely disgusting! Now the Democrats will criticize and demean them in every way possible. It won’t be long before the Democrats will create a TV commercial against them showing them hitting white women with boxing gloves with them having a front gold tooth!

  8. Good luck Says:

    Good luck with this. Todays blacks dont want to hear anything about personal and fiscal responsibility. All they want is free housing, healthcare, money, food and cell phones. Oh yeah, and they want whitey to pay for it.

  9. Sid Says:

    Great job last night. There were over 50 people who know that their children deserve better. The Republican Party was never the Liberal party, always the radical party. It freed the slaves, got the woman the vote and continues to fight for the right for babies to be born. Civil rights? The Eisenhower bill of 1957 failed because the Dems wouldn’t vote for it, including Senators JFK and Al Gore Sr. The Civil Rights Act of ’64 passed because a greater percentage of R’s voted for it than D’s. Again Al Gore Sr was a no. Today? School Choice, R’s Yes, D’s No. Freedom of Religion? R’s Yes, D’s No. Right to protect homes and businesses? R’s yes, D’s No. Two parent families? R’s Yes, D’s No. I could go on but you get the point.

  10. Joe Says:

    Sid you are totally correct!! Too few people today know and understand the truthful account of civil rights legislation. The democrats in congress fought diligently against the bills. Today’s low income earners and many minorities are economic slaves on Uncle Sam’s plantation. Sean you are doing a great service to America. Keep it up!!

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