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Allen West to NPR: ‘Abraham Lincoln only served one term in Congress, too’

by George Bennett | December 1st, 2012

One-term Illinois Whig Congressman Abraham Lincoln.

Defeated freshman U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Palm Beach Gardens, discussed his two years in Washington in an exit interview to National Public Radio’s Michel Martin.

“And always remember, Abraham Lincoln only served one term in Congress, too,” West said toward the end of the interview. Lincoln, elected as a Whig from Illinois in 1846, pledged to serve only one term and didn’t seek reelection in 1848.

Read the transcript of the NPR interview here.

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58 Responses to “Allen West to NPR: ‘Abraham Lincoln only served one term in Congress, too’”

  1. Whatever Says:

    George, are we to expect that with every story you write regarding Allen West you will start each first sentence with the word “defeated”. I don’t know what you are trying to accomplish but always remember that those who make their mark do not run with the group. You colleagues and those from the piece of trash TCPalm seem to want to paint Allen West in a negative light. However, I think that the thought always nagging at you is that West will never be held down. I think that really bugs you.

  2. WPB resident Says:

    This man is delusional!
    Comparing himself to Lincoln?
    West is his own greatest admirer!

  3. Defeated Says:

    Yes Whatever, he was defeated. Get over it. Comparing himself in the slightest way to Lincoln is laughable at best. You too can become a journalist so you can start of every article you write by saying, “West, who was defeated in a heavily Republican district that he assumed would be a walk in the park victory, is still trying to hang on and be relevant in politics, is moving to Mississippi to represent the inbreds who think like him, gave a parting interview to NPR etc etc etc………” OR ” West, the true American hero that had the election stolen from him by the communists board of supervisors and upheld by the socialist judges etc etc etc” Pick one they both work. Move along and go to Mississippi with him.

  4. Downtown Danny Says:

    West is the biggest Uncle Tom in the world today.

  5. Toni Says:

    I’ve got a news bulletin for West – you’re not Abraham Lincoln. You’re a foul mouthed, fake. All you know how to do he spew hate filled comments – you represented my district for 4 years and did absolutely nothing to help this country in those 4 years. I hear they want you in GA, so don’t let that door hit you on the butt.

  6. BustedUpGrunt Says:

    I voted against West only because he did nothing and achieved nothing positive while in office.
    Despite his denial in the NPR interview, his frequent ABRASIVE rhetoric against and about others who disagreed with him alienated me and the majority of his constituents, and are completely opposite the words of Lincoln to whom he compares himself to – “With malice toward none, with charity for all.”

    It’s a matter of record that West made a deal to accept Article 15 punishment and take early retirement instead of accepting a General Court Martial.
    I would also like to know if the Army characterized his overall service with an “Other than Honorable” type discharge from the Army.
    West never stated that he received an Honorable Discharge from the Army.
    He can clear that up merely by releasing his DD-214 form if he ever expects to be in the public eye again.

  7. Walter Says:

    The term “defeated” is necessary for the context of the story. That’s proper journalism. I know you’re not used to that sort of thing from your pals at Fox, but there still is regular journalism happening in the 21st century. The same term would have been used to describe Murphy, had he lost, but that’s not the way it worked out. Sorry your side lost.

  8. @Whatever Says:


    BOO HOO WHaaaa!!!
    Crybaby…..he was defeated. Get over it loser!!

  9. Chip Saunder Says:

    Allen West has more courage and good character than every member of Congress except John McCain. BHO is not one tenth the person of Allen West. Allen West is a war hero. Where Allen West put his life on the line for his men, BHO was giving interviews to Jay-Z. Allen West should be President, not the community organizer.


    Fmr. Congressman West I’ve studied Abraham Lincoln in great detail from the time of his youth until Ford’s Theater. I’ve read of his accomplishments in Congress and what he achieved as our 16th president. I’ve learned about his greatness and his weaknesses. Fmr. Congressman West, you’re no Abraham Lincoln.

  11. Marcos Says:

    I knew Abraham Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln was a friend of mine. Mr. West you are no Abraham Lincoln.

  12. SickNTired Says:

    The difference, Lincoln pledged one term and did NOT seek re-elections is MILES from Allen West running a completely negative campaign with no mention of his non-existent record (that’s because he is not responsible forgetting any legislation passed) and having your as* handed back to you after LOSING (or yes DEFEATED) in the election! Good riddance to the poison that Allen West represents!

  13. saundet is an idiot Says:

    Hey saundet it’s Saturday. don’t you have a date with your sister tonight? Never know, you may get Lucky.

  14. SickNTired Says:

    and to Toni… Allen West served for two years, not 4.. He was elected in 2010. (Thank God for small favors!)

  15. West is a Moron! Says:

    West trying to compare himself to Lincoln is like Hitler trying to compare himself to Martin Luther King! The difference between West and Lincoln is that Lincoln said he would NOT run for Congress again and West, despite running in a GOP/teabagger district gerrymandered by the GOP/Teabagger dominated Florida legislature ran again and LOST. West, the man whose ego and BIG MOUTH proceed him in everything he has done. West = LOSER! In more ways than one!

  16. MimiB Says:

    West has so much hubris he’s now comparing himself to Lincoln? Oh man. We’re so fortunate to be rid of this useless negative man. His rhetoric was so hateful and wrong headed.

    As for serving in the military… many of my immediate family members have been professional soldiers. None of them was ever faced with courts martial like the cowardly Allen West.

  17. RENEGADE Says:

    Abraham Lincoln

    WAS A LIBERAL!!!!!!


    Allen West is a pathetically stupid little man!!

  18. mike Says:

    Florida made me proud in November. Florida voted to re-elect President Obama and Florida voted to dump the loser, Alan West. Florida, my birthplace and residence for 56 years.

  19. ArbasD Says:

    BustedUpGrunt, If he retired than his DD-214 has to cite honorable.

  20. jebamoni4 Says:


  21. Lloyd Bentsen Says:

    “Mr. West, I knew Mr. Lincoln. I was a friend of Mr. Lincoln. You, sir, are no Abraham Lincoln…”

  22. General Grant Says:

    Wow. I never thought I would see the words “Lincoln” and “West” mentioned in the same sentence. Leave it to West… What a fool.

  23. General Sherman Says:

    Memo to George:

    Besides “defeated”, feel free to use, “losing”, “beaten”, or “bitter, defeated”.

    Just trying to help.

  24. Boca Ratso Says:

    Actually there is a comparison:

    Lincoln freed the slaves.
    West sleed the fraves.

    No. Wait.
    Lincoln was a Whig… West flipped his wig?
    I dunno…I’m tryin’ here…!

  25. General McClellan Says:

    I think you’ve got it Boca Ratso. Lincoln was a Whig and West is another kind of four letter word.

  26. John Q. Public Says:

    OMG, is he hinting he wants to run for president as well?

  27. Tom Darby Says:

    The fact that the liberals hate West is a testament to how good he is..Liberalism is a disease, liberals in general are the scum of the earth..

  28. Dale E Shaw Says:

    Comparing West and Lincoln is a perfect exercise for demonstrating how the Republicans have transformed their party from having great ideas that benefited the people of this country to what it is today, the puppet of big corporate interests. It’s a shame. People still vote Republican because they believe in those ideals, but in ACTIONS, Republican politicians of today are very far from doing what they preach. Republicans need to clean up their act, then I’ll stop voting Libertarian and support the GOP again.

  29. Soylent Green Says:

    L O L !

    Go West !

    And take Joyce The Pastrami Slinger Kaufman with you !

  30. Simon Says:

    Liberals don’t hate West because of his conservative beliefs. Plenty of liberals used to admire McCain because, though his voting record was very conservative, when reality conflicted with ideology he always chose reality – at least he did before he ran for president. Liberals hate West because he is a hatemonger, a person who makes his living encouraging Americans to hate each other. Would any sane person admire someone like that?

    As to Lincoln, he was elected president not on the strength of one term in the House but because he rose to national prominence through his series of debates on slavery with Senator Douglas and because he was one of the chief founders and organizers of the Republican Party in Illinois.

  31. RENEGADE Says:

    @Tom Darby

    Another ignorant, inbred racist hateful redneck whos 3rd grade education didn’t include the meaning of the word liberal!!!

    Here let me help you out a little….


  32. RENEGADE Says:

    BTW Darby

    ALL the Founding Fathers, and Abraham Lincoln were LIBERALS!!!




  33. Imeanreally Says:

    What a piece of work this West is. Lincoln flushed States Rights right down the toilet. “A nation divided against itself can not stand.” Basically told States to go F themselves. And lucky thing for West he did. Lot of sack to even use Lincoln’s name in the same sentence as his. Lincoln had more courage and brains than this one term hack will ever have.

  34. Jay S Says:

    West may no longer have his title and his office, but he still has his arrogant, obnoxiously self-centered opinion of himself. Confronted as president with a civil war, instead of fighting to keep the nation whole,he’d probably have the north and south nuking each other.

  35. jeb stuart Says:

    west is no lincoln….he’s not even a ford…the man needs a long rest at willowbrook……

  36. Huh?! Says:

    Seriously? Abraham freaking Lincoln? When he couldn’t take three counties in Florida he thinks he’s presidential material? Wow, he’d have to come down a couple of ‘crazy’ notches to even wind down to just plain delusional.

  37. Alan Says:

    I don’t ever come here. I was on Google News and clicked the damn link. I hate Statist progressive-liberal Bull-crap newspapers. The Palm Beach Post is probably one of these lying low down trash papers. But I come to say only that the left is insane and crazy.

    Allen West is a honorable man who was a very good congressman. I would love him to run our country instead of Barry Soetoro, the communist.

    I wish West the best of luck in his future endeavors. He is the best politician in America. And to hell with idiot Marxists.

  38. Marina Says:

    I know all about Lincoln and Obama is no fing Lincoln. Allen West was a good congressman.

  39. Vito Sanchez Says:

    Just look at the comments here from the tolerant loving left, what a bunch of hypocrites, nasty, snarky, vile people..The left has really gone off the deep end. They have moved so far to the left that their party is doomed. Their vision for america is simple, agree with us and all we stand for or we hate you.

    No Thanks!

  40. RENEGADE Says:


    They say ignorance is bliss you must be one happy camper.

    You inbred uneducated morons go around moking utter fools of yourselves as you don’t even passes a basic english vocabulary. Yet you try to run your mouths and nothing but stupid comes out. Its really quite comical.

    Obama has more Honor in his left testical than West has ever had in his entire body!!Honor…LOL….try war criminal!!

    And another Dumb ass who has no clue what communism is!! Stupid little man!!

    The best one is the Marxist remark!!
    Bet you didn’t know West is a Marxist and you probably are too. Just to ignorant to know it!!

  41. oracle Says:

    Racist Democrats doomed West.

  42. R Scott Says:

    General West, the second coming of Lincoln!

  43. Spunky Says:

    I predict that with 4 more years of Obama, the nation will be so bad off that they will run to someone like Mr. West.

    Obama is a snake in the grass. His vision is to divide and conquer America. He’s doing a good job of dividing it. The hatred I now see between people is startling. He is turning everyone against one another, which is his grand plan.

  44. RENEGADE Says:


    The nation could never be that bad off.
    And in case you haven’t noticed things are a hell of a lot better than the last time a Republiclown was in the Whitehouse!!

  45. RENEGADE Says:

    R Scott

    General West ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!

    General FAILURE!!!

  46. RENEGADE Says:


    You bigot are pathetic trying to cover your racism by calling other people racist . The sadest, lamest, most pethetic thing I have ever seen

  47. Pragmatist Says:

    May I point out that it is also true that Benedict Arnold only got disciplined by the Army once also

  48. @Pragmatist Says:

    Just like a Guy by the name of Timothy McVeigh ! He served as well and wore the uniform!!!

  49. jcaeson Says:

    Honey Boo Boo ain’t got nothin on Allen West

  50. One of the 47% Says:

    I ROTFLMAO. Crazy hot head comparing himself to Lincoln?

    HA HA! Maybe you should join comedy central West.


  51. Sam Says:

    Mike – i agree 100% – I’m so proud of Florida, my home where I was raised! Go Florida – we took down the country’s #1 Tea Party stooge!

  52. Searcher Says:

    I’m so happy that Palm Beach and St. Lucie Counties kept West from representing me! And a little shout out to Martin County, where MODERATE REPUBLICANS didn’t drink the KOOL-AID, and they voted for Murphy by 2,500 votes MORE than they did for Obama. And the withholding of those votes cost West the Election!

  53. Legal Eagle Says:

    @ Searcher

    You are using some “fuzzy government math” there sister! 2,500 votes? PUH-LEASE!…they DID NOT COUNT the overseas voters or ANY REPUBLICAN votes in Marin County and I took some time to get comfortable with the size but if your willing, you will be rewarded by amazing experience with shivers all over you body, butterflies in you stomach and butt, it will curl your toes and lead you to long multiple orgasm with long lasting erection

  54. Kevin Says:

    Where do you get your information Legal Eagle? How would it have been possible for them to get away without counting all of the legally cast ballots without involving SCOTUS? The West camp would never have thrown in the towel if he though there was even one uncounted republican vote out there. Of course counting Democrat votes is optional in their world but we made sure everybody who’s a citizen’s vote counts. Besides what’s with the gross sexual reference here?

  55. Legal Eagle Says:

    @ Kevin
    Where do I get my information? Where do I get my information? Where have you been? under a rock I’m guessing. Can you sit there and honestly say that all military votes were counted? Look I’m no fan of West but I had this bad odor thing after a miscarriage. Checked with several doctors who said I do not have any yeast infection nor bacterial infection. It just gotten worst over the years. One suggest I use summer eve and the other suggest Refresh both OTC products. I was not crazy about either as they both contain chemicals. I saw this thing on TV and decided to order it the same day because it looks safe and use water instead of chemicals. It worked the first day, no odor (a little awkward to use) but it does work. The second day, it didn’t work so well. On the third try, I was a little more confident and less awkward and it did work. I still find it a little cumbersome and also time-consuming in the morning before work. So I only use it on the weekends/holidays. The plastic bag and hose is a cheaply made (made in China) if use daily, I think both may break faster. It would be worth the price if made with better quality materials and easier to clean. Maybe the next version. I’m still in the trial period, may report later if positive or negative about this product. Overall, give it a try if you had already tried everything else and they didn’t work for you.

  56. Mattrue Says:

    The biggest problem with West is his association with the Tea bagger party. It should be known to all of your constituents that if you associated with the Tea party we will seek you out and destroy any chance of you getting back into our political offices. You have been shown the outside door to political policy. Keep moving forward and show the door to the Tea party and we will shut down Rush Limbaugh also, we have made up our minds and can’t stand your anti-American attitudes any longer. Rush Limbaugh is a disgrace to the traditional Republican party and is now considered as the enemy of the American people and the middle class Americans who built this country. We have already adopted talk radio shows that coincide in his own network marketing to end his show for good. American made it’s decision to leave the Republican party and the tea party behind forever and we will move on with or without you. God bless America and the middle class Americans forward forever.

  57. Mattrue Says:

    The key words are American made. Rush Limbaugh and the tea party are all for big profits and China. It keeps the dirty feet working part of business out of their back yards in Palm Beach, Florida. This is why you need to pay attention to the dirt bags and the tea party associated with the Republican party. They are trying to undermine every American person with the we are spending America to death crap. It is their trickle down economic policies that have never worked and have caused all of the sell out of American jobs to overseas companies for big profits and lower wages for American workers. This is the end of the Republican party and the birth of the American people to regain control of our factories and jobs. No longer will Americans need foreign energy resources or depend on fossil fuels. We can create our own energy independent country and we will move forward. What the tea party and the republicans can’t stand is that we are going in the right direction with out their help. It doesn’t matter if they keep blocking the President and the recovery efforts because the economy keeps getting better without their policies. It is the hard work and the will of the American people that keeps this country going and not the dumb assistance of congress. I love America and God will make sure that it will be the best in the world for all of our nation’s people. United States of America forward and forever.

  58. Wyn Says:

    Allen West I have read 50 books about Abraham Lincoln and studied about him for years and you sir are no Abraham Lincoln. I think it is high time you sought out a psychiatrist to help you with your delusions of grandeur.

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