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With West seeking recount, Murphy hits up donors for ‘Victory Protection Fund’

by George Bennett | November 8th, 2012


With U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Palm Beach Gardens, going to court to seek a recount in hopes of overturning Democrat Patrick Murphy ‘s apparent narrow victory, Murphy is sending a fundraising appeal to donors.

Says a Murphy e-mail: “When other campaigns have been faced with similiar situations, they have been burdened with legal bills and lengthy and expensive fights that could go on for weeks — months even. We need urgent resources for our Victory Protection Fund to make sure we can protect this victory. We would not be asking for more funds if it was not so urgent.”

Murphy raised about $4 million for the congressional District 18 race, but tells contributors in the e-mail that “We threw everything we had at winning in the last few days.”


43 Responses to “With West seeking recount, Murphy hits up donors for ‘Victory Protection Fund’”

  1. The Truth Hurts Says:

    Where would we donate? That info. would be helpful.

  2. buddy Says:

    Asking for money already? how predictable !!! I do not want West but I do want you either , to bad we didn’t have better choices

  3. JupiterVoter Says:

    Contributions can be sent to:

    The Victory Protection Fund
    c/o The Palm Beach Post
    2751 South Dixie Highway
    West Palm Beach, FL 33405

  4. NeedMoreSugar Says:

    The law states that a recount is only required if the margin is 0.5% or less. The current margin is 50% higher than that, so legally no recount is required.

    However, if Mr. West can come up with better and more specific reasons, other than vague accusations of “disturbing irregularities”, then by all means, do a recount.

    Of course if he really wants a recount, and not burden tax payers with the costs of doing so (as any true member of the ‘less taxes and smaller government’ Tea Party would want), then he should ask his donors to dig deep into their pockets to finance one.

  5. I voted Says:

    I am sure West does lots of super pac money left to pay his lawyers.

  6. Jamba Says:

    Murphy should just ask Daddy to hire the same lawyer who got his off the drunken assault charges.

  7. D.Riley Says:

    Even during the campaign Gov. Romney distanced himself from only two people. HIV. Rick Scott and Allen West.. It certainly makes you wonder why he is so sure that Absentee Ballots would be in his favor. We haven’t forgotten what Allied Strategic tried to do by submitting fake ballots.

    This is a man who has screamed about the deficit yet would put the county through an extremely expensive recount. His fellow Tea Party candidates lost by wide margins and West is much worse then they were. with women especially

  8. Brian Says:

    The fact that West is behind, after outspending by more than a 4 to 1 margin, is very telling. He might have fared better if he wasn’t so prone to making ridiculous statements. It was strange that he never appeared (at least I never saw him) on election night. It’s reassuring when you see a candidate being gracious in either victory or defeat, but apparently that’s not what he’s like.

  9. Carl Says:

    West needs to man up and bow out gracefully. But just like any blowhard bully, it’s not in his DNA.

  10. Monkey Says:

    Hey Jamba – are you seriously so lazy that you can’t fact-check your accusations? Oh – I’m sorry – they aren’t yours; you’re parroting a completely misleading West ad.

    And by the way, the “assault” consisted of him cursing at a police officer when he was a freshman in college and, yes, drunk.

    And Buddy: it’s “too bad” not “to bad.” As in: too bad you don’t know basic grammar.

  11. muffet Says:

    Vice President Gore lost by 500+ votes cooked up by his brother and the state treasurer, Catherine. It is 2500 votes. Even if it was 250, as a tax paying republican, we are happy to see West go. He is an embarrassment to our party along with Limbaugh and the other extremist fringe that has infested the GOP. This is why this registered republican voted Democratic including voting for Murphy. I find West to be one of the most offensive politician ever.

  12. Forgone Conclusion Says:

    Ever wonder why no one else in St. Lucie county is contesting the election? Sore loser West. But what else would you expect from a big mouth, do nothing, washed up politician? I hope the judge tells him where to go as in “get the hell out of the U.S.” you loser! He might try Zimbabwe. I understand Robert Mugabe is looking for an assistant.

  13. Jerry Says:

    @monkey, so what do you want me to fact check? By your own admission, Murphy was drunk and “assaulted” a police officer. That’s all I said. My, my, aren’t we touchy.

  14. Melissa Winchester Says:

    You can contribute here:

  15. Reality Check Says:

    A recount if asked for by the candidate should always be granted, but at the candidates expense. It seems every year more and more fraud allegations surface, which makes me wonder why we cannot have a system that we swipe our state issued ID (DL or Regular ID). Dead people, illegals, felons all voting is stupid. Democrat, Republican, anyone who wishes to argue against it only wants to create a unfair system. Obama and Romney and West and Murphy, all were poor choices and either one is destructive to this Country.

  16. Tom Says:

    Can we possibly pass a law that says you have to agree to the automatic recount threshold before the election? If you then decide it was too close after the election, then too bad, you already agreed to the limit.

  17. Are you kidding Says:

    Hoe lucky it is for comrad Murphy to have the post in his back pocket. I see murphy begging for money to defend teh st lucie SOE who stuffed the ballot box and the PB SOE who is a clueless idiot… What I dont see is West begging for money… but that would be just like a typical demorat to make everyone else pay his bills…

  18. entitlement man Says:

    Colonel West is a threat to the obstruction to the take over of this country by my entitlement brothers. I wouldn’t be surprised if the election machines were rigged due to the fact Colonel West is a thron in the side of right.

  19. Obamaisafailure Says:

    Why doesn’t the little twit just get his rich Daddy to give him the money??

  20. Obamaisafailure Says:

    @Tom….your a moron.

  21. Obamaisafailure Says:

    @muffet….I find Murphy and yourself to be offensive. So, I guess Murphy and you should just go away, right?

  22. Used2beGOP Says:

    It’s so sad that the hot sun seems to have fried GOP brains down there in FL. Murphy won, West needs to give it up and go find a job. America will be SOOOO much better without that idiot in Washington!

  23. RealAngst Says:

    West isnt ENTITLED to a recount. The law is very clear. Move on former Col. West, you lost, a majority of us love it and unlike you, we want your supporters to stay here and help make this area the best it can be. We dont need partisanship from the Politicians. We need them to do what WE want them to do and do correctly. That is what they are elected to do, represent the people in the District. Not some agenda that serves no purpose other than the ego of the office holder. West’s ARROGANCE and INSANITY caused him to lose REPUBLICAN VOTERS, me amoung them.

  24. RealAngst Says:

    Obamaisfailure…cute name. Here are your choices, help make America better by being a good citizen. Get educated on what makes this nation so great. Support the leaders that the people elect and rely on the representatives to do the right thing by holding their feet to the fire. Regardless of your party affiliation, at the end of the day we are all Americans and we are in this together.

  25. Spence Says:

    Murphy and West. Sigh. A recount? How about a REAL election instead?

  26. Lou Rauch Says:

    As soon as I saw the race was close, I
    said to myself, “Just watch.” West will
    ask for a recount. Poor loser. May he
    should try another district. Afterall,
    he did move to this district.

  27. Sal Says:

    This is what Obama has created, a bunch of Americans insulting and cursing each other out. Yep Americans have really come together under the leadership of Obama. This man is going to destroy this country. Welcome Cuba, Venezuels, China, and every other commie country.

  28. WTF Says:

    West needs to just take the loss in a dignified way. By him crying out for a recount just makes him look more desperate and pathetic.

  29. LOL Says:


    You need to change your name to “Imaloser”

  30. Josh W Says:

    Some of you besmirch Allen West as some kind of extremist, but your neighbors happily elect again that moon bat Grayson. It’s a shame that the country has to give a damn about FL just because so many people live there. There needs to be a stringent IQ test for FL voters.

  31. Huh?? Says:

    @ Sal

    You’re right. Americans never insulted each other before Obama came around. Everyone got along great, there was peace all over the world. And now there is nothing but cursing and insults.

    Really?? Freakin idiot!!!

  32. ucmj Says:

    the big mouth blowhard has turned into a whinning cry baby. west needs to concede like a man and go get a job at fox news. fox and west is a match made in heaven, or is that hell.

  33. Murphy Entitlement Says:

    All Paddy Murphy has to do is repeat one simple phrase to received the blessings of federal entitlements:

    “The one true god is Allah, Obama is his prophet…

    The one true god is Allah, Obama is his prophet…

    The one true god…”

  34. Obamaisafailure Says:

    Contributions can be sent to:

    The Little Twit Fund
    c/o The Palm Beach Post
    2751 South Dixie Highway
    West Palm Beach, FL 33405

  35. Obamaisafailure Says:

    @RealAngst…..yep I will take your advice on what I should do to be a better American. I think I will stick with the real view of what is best for America!

    Americans need to stand up against lying politicians such as Obummer….and do all possible to prevent little twits like Murphy from gaining power….

  36. Obamaisafailure Says:

    @LOL….thanks for the advice. But I will stick with the truth, OBAMA IS A FAILURE…works just fine for me.

    You liberals are such morons…

  37. Obamaisafailure Says:

    @Lou Rauch ….. I guess you had the same thought about Al Gore when he and the whiny Democrats went to the Supreme Court when they LOST to George Bush!

  38. Florida Guest Says:

    He can wipe himself with my donation. I wouldn’t give a penny to this low-life piece of garbage.

  39. Florida Guest Says:

    Why isn’t daddy paying for his recount?

  40. One of the 47% Says:

    Hey West: Call Herman Cain. He will help you “Re-evaluate” the situation.

    You Hot Head LOSER

  41. Reality Calling Says:

    The SuperPACs have oodles of money laying around in the billionaires coffers for a legion of well payed lawyers.
    What’s 100 million more for some courtroom circus that might be the Tea parties last dying hope?

    I don’t blame this Murphy guy for what he’s doing. In reality, he’ll need more money than this mailer will ever hope to solicit in order to hold onto an election he’s rightfully already won.

  42. Waz Says:

    West needs to get a nipple, stand in the corner for time out. When he decides he won’t cause any more trouble he can leave (like the USA).


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