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West seeks injunction to impound ballots, voting machines

by George Bennett | November 7th, 2012

St. Lucie County ballots have already been put in a sealed room.

FORT PIERCE — Republican U.S. Rep. Allen West wants courts to order elections officials to impound ballots and voting machines in preparation for a recount following his narrow loss to Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy.

Motions for injunctions were filed in St. Lucie and Palm Beach counties. Information wasn’t immediately available from Martin County, the third county in congressional District 18.

West trails Murphy by 2,456 votes or 0.78 percent. That’s not close enough to trigger a state law that requires a recount for races decided by 0.5 percent or less. But West claims irregularities in the way St. Lucie County counted its early ballots.

St. Lucie County Elections Supervisor Gertrude Walker has already sealed ballots after West’s attorney made a request to the canvassing board early this morning.

Walker said some of the 18 memory cards that stored information from more than 37,000 early ballots could not be uploaded properly on Tuesday night, so the ballots were recounted later.

West led by 1,833 votes at around 9:30 p.m. and continued to hold a narrow lead as totals were updated throughout the night. But after the early votes from St. Lucie County were recounted, Murphy had a 2,456-vote advantage.

A statement by West campaign manager Tim Edson said there was “complete chaos” in Walker’s office and accused Walker of “hostility and demonstrated incompetence.”

Walker called the complaint a “low blow.”


153 Responses to “West seeks injunction to impound ballots, voting machines”

  1. Common Sense Says:

    Thank God this looney bin was voted out of office, paranoia is pretty evident here, the black Hitler knows no boundaries.

  2. War coward west Says:

    No negotiation Angela…. I wants me some Buttt Sexxx tonight!

  3. Jamba Says:

    The people are behind you, Congressman West. We have your back. When all is said and done, we know you will retain your seat and serve honorably.

  4. Hwy11boy Says:

    Jamba and West are both idiots….

  5. Happy Says:

    Just admit it… you lost!

  6. Mike Says:

    It’s already been proven we don’t want a Republican in office. West lost, Romney lost. This is a Democratic state!

  7. mittens Says:

    Mr West, Perhaps if you threaten the Supervisor of Elections, with your sidearm, you may be able to accomplish this mission.

  8. Limida Facalon Says:

    Goodness gracious! Mr. West certainly is a sore loser, isn’t he? I’m worried that if he doesn’t have another job lined up, he will have to subsist on Veteran’s benefits, which would be a shame for such an exemplary America as himself.

  9. Francine Fishpaw Says:

    Hhahahahaha! Allen, this is your old boyfriend from the armed forces. You know who I am. I’m much better now when choosing my personal relationships. Thanks to you. Sweetie, I think that maybe you have lost. You lost my respect, as well as the election. Just get over your self. Plus, I did have trouble with that smell that you seem to think is sexy. Ouch.

    best, (and not West),


  10. The Truth Hurts Says:

    @Jamba-Yeah, like he served in the Army. A war criminal and a disgrace to this country. He’s a coward and a sore loser. God doesn’t like ugly, and the Tea Party and their crusade of hatred and bigotry is over. I hope the re-count gives Murphy 5,000 MORE votes. The SOE in St. Lucie county is a professional and has been on the job for nearly a decade. She has nothing to hide!

  11. DADDY'S DIME Says:

    *** PATRICK MURPHY: You are not qualified to spit-shine Colonel West’s boots you daddy’s boy do-nothing know-nothing argument for fail-proof contraception. ***

  12. The Truth Hurts Says:

    That’s what the West campaign said about the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections office too. What a tool.

  13. Atlas Shruggery Says:

    The time has come for Allen West to leave the United States Congress and move on to a job that better suits his skill set: torturing prisoners in some Third World toilet.

  14. The Truth Hurts Says:

    Look at the time on the seal: 2:05AM! She knew this desperate attempt by West was coming. This just shows how unstable he really is.

  15. Jessie S Says:

    Buh-bye West. Don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya.

  16. jebamonui4 Says:

    West, the rogue congressman was served by the country so long does not want to leave honorably. He was found misfit in the military and was asked to resign. Now he is found misfit to be a representative and was kicked off. Now he is looking for handout by the court!! May be Jeb Bush and Medicare fraud king, Scott will come to rescue this thug!! Bullying and brain-washing by expensive advertisements do not work.

  17. The Tool Says:

    Allen West is a blow hard, coward and bully. The Army Should have court martialed him when they had the chance.

    What kind of mean spirited fool would donate money to this freak of a human.

    Nasty he is.

    And check out the ridiculous letter he sent his wife…..from the war zone……..demanding BUTTT SEXX from her on his return? No negotiation he said. Can you imagine her delight? What could be worse than Buttt Sexxx demanded by Allan West?

    Give it up Allen and your tool supporters… are a walking Jerry Springer show.

  18. True Blue Says:

    Watch out Susan Butcher, West likes shooting his gun next to people’s heads and we want to keep you! In all this madness we congratulate you on a fine job! The next amendment on the ballot needs to be for limiting the length of the ballot to conform to the limit our Republican Governor placed on early voting. If you can’t provide enough early voting, then you cannot have a long ballot. And, on a final note, thank you Susan Butcher for catching all those illegal ballots submitted by those republican paid contractors!

  19. SOFLGirl Says:

    Seriously, he can’t be gone soon enough! He is just delaying the inevitable outcome! So proud that he is not going to represent us in our district…we are already the laughing stock of the country….Rick Scott, you will be gone in 2 years!! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!

  20. Moishe Says:

    racists keeping a black out of office with bogus votes. Where is the NAACP??/

  21. MoeHowardDavideddddddddddddd Says:

    O M G !

    Get on your motorcycle West and go west !

    Sore loser !

    BTW how is your buddy Joyce Kaufman doing ?

  22. GoNow Says:

    Allan West will NOT contest Martin County. The recount might show he lost there!

  23. Dawn Says:

    West now … Scott in 2014. It’s called the beginning of a pattern. So long, farewell …

  24. Francine Fishpaw Says:

    He was very mean to me. I did exactly what he told me to do. Now I know better. I’m lonely, however. Oh god.

    ps. I miss him terribly.


  25. GoNow Says:

    Gertrude Walker has been SOE for 32 years. Was reelected last night for her 9th time.

  26. True Blue Says:

    Sorry my friend, if you were paying attention, you would know that the NAACP does not Support West-the-War – Crminal!

  27. Francine Fishpaw Says:


    Please come home.
    I made a decent meal…with a salad, and I’m lonely.



  28. Miss Flamingo Park Queen Says:

    Mr. West, crying like the little bitch he is…Someone get this little girl a lace hanky to blow her precious nose…

  29. Obama/Dems 2012 Says:

    He is a self-centered bully and an embarrassment to America.

    Patrick Murphy, on the other hand, is an AMERICAN HERO for dispatching this lunatic and his crew of haters.

  30. Francine Fishpaw Says:

    We had our song..Curtis Mayfield’s “Diamond in the back…sunroof top…dig in the scene..doin the gansta lean ..oh ohhoh yours, oh Blake”.

    God..I miss him

    Love, Blake

  31. True Blue Says:

    The date is wrong. The canvassing board should have used 11.7.12 @ 2:05am

  32. The Truth Hurts Says:

    @GoNow-Thanks for correcting my comment. I meant 9 terms, just misspoke. Let’s get this right and get rid of WEST!!

  33. June Says:

    Let’s impound the ballots in Martin County, too. Don’t exclude it just because he won there. There could be “counting errors” in Martin that could favor Murphy.

  34. The Truth Hurts Says:

    @True Blue: They were tired :( No matter, Murphy will prevail!!

  35. BZ Says:

    West go away.

  36. WILLIAM A Says:

    Perhaps Mr west should follow his own advice and leave this country.
    Advice he gave to Obama a while back.

  37. Educator (The Real One) Says:

    I could not be any happier for Florida and the USA
    God Bless America
    Saved from the Fascists!

  38. kevbo Says:

    When the ballots were recounted, West went from holding a narrow lead to trailing by 2,456 votes.?? Yes a recount is a must and not outrageous>> Not nearly as outrageous as Al Gore losing his mind over the Bush Recount>>>

  39. STEVE O Says:

    @OBAMA/DEMS 2012
    How messed up do you have to be to annoit a spoiled RICH kid using Daddy’s Money as the benchmark for “American Hero” while dismissing and disrespecting a decorated American War Veteran who consistently placed his Country and his Men above himself.
    Pathetic…but we would expect nothing less from the entitlement crowd.

  40. Francine Fishpaw Says:

    He’s a good man. Just a little bossy, but he can be so sweet to me and my kids…sometimes.


    ps be gentle on my sweet man

  41. D Rufus Onfyre Says:

    Go, West! Like really… Get lost!

  42. BustedUpGrunt Says:

    Since the vote tally difference is NOT close enough to trigger a state law that requires a recount for races decided by 0.5 percent or less, I STILL support West’s right to pursue this IF AND ONLY IF all court and associated costs are paid for personally by West or the Tea Party.
    If West is truly against unnecessary govt spending of taxdollars, he needs to practice what he preaches.
    Just can’t have it both ways.

  43. I voted Says:

    West accomplished one thing! I never gave money to a candidate before,but he needed to go!

  44. db804 Says:

    Allen West don’t go away mad…just go away!!

  45. Denis E Coughlin Says:

    This is such as relief to watch our war hero tough guy cry like a spoiled child. Please continue to demonstrate your true gutless self. A bad congressman, a bad candidate,and now the crybaby, bad looser!

  46. The Truth Hurts Says:


  47. R Scott Says:

    Colonel West is a true American hero who continues to show his stuff when just like in Nam, Iraq, and Afghanistan he continues to pursue the enemies at home and abroad!

  48. Hate Man Says:

    Alan West is a sore loser who needs to go the fck away!!!

  49. Allen West is a cross dresser Says:

    I bet Allen West sleeps with his teenage daughters.

  50. Allen West sleeps with goats Says:

    Allen West raped me when I was in the ROTC in Kansas!

  51. Obamaisafailure Says:

    Go get em Colonel West!!! Can’t have that idiot little daddy’s boy Murphy representing us in Congress!!!

    Can’t trust those Democrat fools running St. Lucie County!!!!

  52. Floridity Now Says:

    Good riddance! Governor Scott: you’re next

  53. krllw Says:

    Wish there was a “Like” button for most of these posts. Glad to see that Charlie and Davey Koch’s $$$ got flushed down the toilet. Good riddance Col. West. Mr. Scott – you are next.

  54. The Truth Hurts Says:

    @ RScott: He wasn’t in ‘NAM you idiot. He entered the armed forces in 1982! You support a candidate & make comments about them while you have NO CLUE.

  55. Texmaster Says:

    West, you’re out. Over. History.

    Grow up you twit.

  56. Allen West eats rat pu$$y Says:

    Allen West liked to screw little Iraqi boys.

  57. 123hellome Says:

    Ah, yes, the Tea Party’s house Negro trying to do things the only way he knows how: foolishly and forcibly.

  58. player Says:

    hey west you moved to a more republican friendly area and they dont like you take the hint and get lost you idiot

  59. Allen West licks donkey dick Says:

    Allen West was a disgrace to the uniform and should have been water boarded.

  60. Koch Brother Says:

    @ Daddy’s Dime

    Colonel West is a disgrace to the uniform!! He is a loser. Send him back to Iraq!!

  61. BZ Says:

    West was not a war hero. He was thrown out of the Military! There are very few military men that would like to be associated with this loony bin. You want to see how a real hero acts you should look at General Powell and simply compare the two. From a person who served and whose father, mother and sister all served.

    Please don’t associate the armed forces with this man.

  62. SouthPB Says:

    How quickly West’s legion of online followers abandon him, given the negative comments towards him on this and other sites. When he was in office, people couldn’t stop fawning over him. Now that he’s a just another sore loser…..not so much.

    Heck, even #1 Allen West groupie Joyce Kauffman has given up on him, and she once wanted to be his chief of staff. I briefly caught her on the radio where she refused to call West anything other than “the incumbent” (which is not technically correct, since West was running in a different district than the one from which he was elected) and claiming that West lost because he failed to connect with voters.

    Oh, how the sad bullies have fallen.

  63. Obamaisafailure Says:

    @BZ…you are a disgrace to America. Col West served this nation honorably…

    And I do not believe you served this nation in combat….a real military man would understand Colonel West’s service to this nation…you are just another Internet liar!!

    Keep fighting Colonel West, keep fighting!!!

  64. Obamaisafailure Says:

    @SouthPB….your just making crap up now. Colonel West has millions of supporters around America.

    Do you even know anything about that moron Murphy??? What a pathetic joke you people are…voting for an idiot like Murphy. His construction company Daddy will control him in Congress….

  65. BZ Says:


    From your post I can tell that I served before you were born. My father served in WWII Korea and Vietnam my mother and father both met in Korea where my mother was serving. I served before college and worked in the defense industry after graduation. I voted for Reagan and Bush I. If you want a war hero you can relate to try John McCain I have a great deal of respect for him. West is not somebody who elicits respect.

  66. Martin County Says:

    I truly hate to say this, but the time has come….. We need a National ID card along with proper voting rights/party affiliation/eligibility attached to it. I don’t like big brother looking over me anymore than the next guy, but how many cases of voter fraud, recounts, voter suppression etc etc etc do we need to deal with around the country? WTF???

    Establish a nationalized system of voting and registration supervised by the DOJ or FBI. Have a uniform system of voting, either by paper, on-line, voting machines, whatever… around the country. Everyone votes with same system. I know, I know, save it, another Big Government bureaucratic agency, so what, any other ideas to do away with the constant problems every cycle? Let’s just have another series of lawsuits paid for by the tax payer, no biggie, it’s just money. The problem? This system would be taken over with corruption eventually. At least the corruption would be localized and monitored in one agency, instead of the different ideologies around the country doing whatever they want based on their own political agendas, be it Dem or Rep.

    Our system is flawed and irreparable. The kooks like West will continue to abuse the system. The elite like the Koch Brothers, Adelson, Soros etc will just throw money to get what they want. The incompetence of county election supervisors like Bucher is mind boggling. It’s time for this to happen, my vote is being tampered with and I don’t like it. I have nothing to hide and have no problem carrying a National ID card saying who I am, what I’ve done, how I vote, can carry a firearm and other licenses. Do you conspiracy freaks not know that the Government can find out exactly who you are if they want to? The world is becoming a very small place, whether we like it or not.

  67. denbob Says:

    I demand an impartial psychiatric examination of anyone insane insane enough to vote for war criminal West

  68. Downriver Says:

    West decides democracy ain’t so hot after all

  69. Bill D. Says:

    Keep Lt. Col Crybaby out of our lives. Go home West, wherever that is.

  70. Jupiter Guy Says:

    West is a thug, not a hero. A real hero is my father, who flew 17 missions over Germany as a top turret gunner. Or my uncle, who was one of the original Marine Raiders and was awarded the Bronze Star.

    West tried to justify the way he treated his POW by saying that he was in a war, and that anything goes. Does that mean that the enemy is allowed to torture our troops?

  71. RealAngst Says:

    Alan…Alan…Alan…Why you mad? You SUCKED as OUR Congressman, you were an EMBARRASSMENT to the state, a CARPETBAGGER who the Republican Party hung out to DRY in redistricting and now you can move OUT of Palm Beach County. I am a Republican you finds you arrogant and repugnant and not worth a minute more of MY precious time. See ya loser! I love it when a plan comes together.

  72. Francine Fishpaw Says:

    leave my man alone. We need our space. Do you people have no respeck for same sex mixed race relationships…we don’t do anything, exept in private. Just leave Alan I me alone. Period.

  73. gethefax Says:

    Post martin County..What Planet are you living on? Those measures are already in place and localized to each precinct. The Supervisor of Elections are the last line of fire…and thats who WEST is going after no doubt. Did you notice who was counting the votes in Palm Beach County. I would be a whole lotta concerned too…not paranoid…too bad we didnt have more like the Wild Wild West out there…there would be alot less Commmie Libs and Terrorist getting in our way to do whats good for this Country.

  74. Critical Thinker Says:

    Go away…Whiner West

  75. Francine Fishpaw Says:

    I just can’t take any more bashing of the best man that ever entered me. I miss him so much

  76. R Scott Says:

    General West is someone who can elicit respect. West is a war hero. He is an esteemed uniform wearer. He served in Nam before he served at Gitmo. In short, the good General deserves to go after those who would deny him his incumbency!

  77. Francine Fishpaw Says:

    I agree. He was so bossy in the tent..and the hotel room.

  78. ozmo Says:

    Let’s build a Scum of the Earth exhibit and put West front and center!

  79. Martin County Says:

    gethefax, Really??? Their is no corruption going on around the country with the ELECTED State and County supervisors of elections? I guess Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin among others didn’t have issues with the voters? I’m not playing partisan politics, it’s both sides screwing the system. You are obviously upset that your boy West may lose, I get that, but look at the bigger picture? If you can see past the Republican point of view.

  80. Francine Fishpaw Says:

    Who here has seen his ripped body?? OK..that answers it. I miss him.

    Blake S.

  81. gethefax Says:

    Post Jupiter Guy: “Does that mean the enemy is allowed to torture our troops?” Why dont you ask the family’s that lost loved ones that “BURNED TO DEATH” in the “Twin Towers”…and you’ll get your answers your looking for. Furthermore, many of my realtives also served and received hero’s medals for heroism in World War Two. And he said the only “Good Commie” is a “Dead One”. They didnt panzy around back then and get soft hearted with enemy. And the same for ‘Nam. Those NVA would cut your testicles off and shove them down your throat…and thats a fact. And in turn the enemy would be taken off the ground by chopper a couple feet and if he didnt talk, “Out He Went”…thats just the way it is. Thats reality in the face of death.

  82. Francine Fishpaw Says:

    My old friend started calling me a “checkerboard chump” because I was a man dating another man of a different color. I have no regrets.

    I miss him.


  83. wpbman Says:

    West is a nut. He needs this job as he cant get hired anywhere else!

  84. Florida Girl Says:

    Liberals disgust me. Allen West is a true hero and patriot! Have any of you ever actually met Allen West? He is an honorable man who defended our country valiantly. Why don’t you ask the men that Allen West lead in the Army and see what they think of him. He saved men’s lives and although his actions may not have followed the “code of conduct” he did them with the best interest of his men in mind. Most of you probably don’t even know what he did to merit his reprimand. Allen West also BLUNTLY speaks the truth when no one wants to hear it and so they villify and laugh at him for it. He cares about individuals and detests the scum that live in Washington and he is actually trying to make a difference for the American people. To not have Allen West as our Congressman is an incredible loss for all of us and we will soon find out how much of a loss it really is.

  85. Bill D. Says:

    To R. Scott

    West was not a general; did not serve in Vietnam or “Gitmo” and he is/was not an incumbent (he was not attempting to get reelected in his original district because he knew that he couldn’t get elected there either). Otherwise, like most low information Republicans, you were completely right!

  86. Francine Fishpaw Says:

    anyone now if Mr Murphy is availabe? I cook real well.

  87. Fed Up Says:

    When he would not shake Sheriff Crowder’s hand he lost the very little consideration that I had for his agenda

  88. Francine Fishpaw Says:

    He is not gay. ther is no agenda. he just has a thang for my old thang. Leave him alone.

  89. Francine Fishpaw Says:

    and leave us both alone.

  90. Francine Fishpaw Says:

    why does everyond assume that allen is gay? I aked real normal. I even have some chilren, he dioes .to.

    leave us alone.

  91. June Says:

    This will lead to some good material for Jon Stewart.

    Let’s see what kind of rude, sore loser West is going to be.

  92. Francine Fishpaw Says:

    shame on you june! allen doesnt know jon. Do you?

  93. Charlie Says:

    Gov. Scott, YOU ARE NEXT!!!!People in Florida can’t stand and let this abolisher of American Rights to get away with all the BS he did during this election…

  94. Francine Fishpaw Says:

    just leave us alone. oh my god.

  95. R Scott Says:

    Colonel-General Scott needs to march on Wahington and take his incumbent’s seat in the House not wait for some Democrat recount!

  96. Joke Says:

    So West won after the votes were counted and then St Lucie decided to recount the early votes and then West is losing? Yah, obviously nothing funny happened with those votes. I don’t know who Gertrude Walker is, but just a wild guess she voted for Patrick Murphy?

  97. Francine Fishpaw Says:

    sure..i voted for obama. i was mad at alen. plus the pres is kinda of cute. I’m so sorry for being me.

    oh allen…i’m o sorry.

    fran the man

  98. Francine Fishpaw Says:

    Gertrude?? who is you calling my baby gertrude.????

    shame on you.

  99. Francine Fishpaw Says:

    oh sorry.

  100. Downriver Says:

    West supporters decide democracy ain’t so hot after all

  101. Eric Says:

    This is how the Party of Evil works. The Saturday Night Live idiot won the sae way! We can all understand why the Democrats want unregulated immigration and no election fraud laws. They are the Party of Slavery, the Abortion Party, the Party of Liars, and Hate Speak, the Intolerant Party and the Party of Evil.

  102. Francine Fishpaw Says:

    I am sick to my stomick trying to defend my big boy. to hell with you all…..

    pardon my frenck

  103. Francine Fishpaw Says:

    eric?? what do you mean?? we are good people. we ahve a solid relationship. he loves me.

  104. Francine Fishpaw Says:

    and its splell’d aborshion.

  105. Francine Fishpaw Says:

    oops. you were ok. i cant pell verygood

  106. Francine Fishpaw Says:

    when i was with my old ma “elmer”…things were very different. there was no right or wrong. my friend babs always had the right idea,. i love allan.

  107. Francine Fishpaw Says:

    ps . elmer owened a book store called the burning bush. how is that for starters??

    leave us alone.

  108. Obama2012 Says:

    Those who are sticking up for West on this forum are a bunch of losers just like he is and you’re pissed off because Obama, Murphy, Frankel, Aaronson, Vana and Nelson all WON!! WHAT A CRYING SHAME!! LOL! @FloridaGirl-you’re inbred and ignorant along with the rest of the ReThuglican Teabagger losers.

  109. Francine Fishpaw Says:

    swwetie …but i’m from baltemore.

    shag off.

  110. Bette Miller Says:

    He should be entitled to a recount.

    BTW, the person who “sealed” it had the wrong date. Maybe that may make a difference.

    Date was 11/07/2012 2:05 AM
    not 11/06/2012

  111. Obama2012 Says:

    @FloridaGirl-The Geneva Convention exists for a REASON. So our POWs aren’t tortured. West is a CRIMINAL, if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t have been threatened with a court martial & PRISON TIME. He’s a disgrace to the uniform and doesn’t deserve any courtesy extended because of it. Allen West is a charlatan, liar, bigot, and obnoxious. Oh, and you can add LOSER to that list. Moron.

  112. Francine Fishpaw Says:

    oh lord..i thought you ment me. sorry homer.

  113. Obama2012 Says:

    @Bette Miller-The date doesn’t give him a shred of advantage. The courts should NOT give him a recount. The percentage difference that warrants a recount is .5% not .74%. Be a man West, suck it up and MOVE ON. Move out of Florida while you’re at it. P.S. Ask ANY Vet about a ‘general discharge’ (which West received) and that is a step above ‘dishonorable’. The Army gave West the choice-Retire or prison. It’s a fact. Look it up.

  114. watch your back Says:

    Mr.West-reading all these posts you really shoudn’t have given your Body Armour away. You may NEED IT!

  115. Coward wrap Says:

    Yes. Look it up. West is a liar. War heroes don’t dodge court Martians by resigning with a general discharge. His actions in a USA uniform probably did more to endanger our troops there. Any true military man will agree he was a loose cannon and a coward who should have been drummed out.

    If you think otherwise, he had played you as a patriot/sucker knowing tea baggers fall for anything wrapped in the flag…..even cowards.

  116. just desserts Says:

    You’d better beat it. You can leave in a taxi. If you can’t get a taxi, you can leave in a huff. If that’s too soon, you can leave in a minute and a huff.

  117. SOFLGirl Says:

    No worries, Alan West won’t be reperesenting us in our district!!! Thank goodness for the common sense of the people of our district!

    He’s gone….count all you want!

    BYE, BYE!!!!!!!!!

  118. James Says:

    Somethng none of you know.
    If you serve TWO terms in Congress you get to keep your $170,000.00 a year paycheck FOR LIFE. Medical coverage FOR LIFE.
    West is fighting for CASH and Retirement only. Yes he is arrogant and full of himself. Yet now we have a Congressmen that get’s drunk in bars and likes to fight.

    Again lose lose situation for the Public.
    Between Obama and Romney, another lose lose for the Public and Country. Four more years of no jobs, Bank lending and Forecloser fraud and a corrupt Federal Reserve and more WARS.

    God help this nation

  119. Hwy11boy Says:

    West lost a good job. Good salary and benefits. What a dooofus.

  120. Obama2012 Says:

    What you ALL don’t get is that Allen West is now expendable, just like Michael Steele (the former RNC chairman) If the Republicans had won, they would have needed a ‘token’ black. They lost, they don’t need him. “Don’t Tread On Me” is what West is singing as the proverbial Republican BUS runs him over!

  121. Obama2012 Says:

    @James-When you were a teenager what were you doing? Sucking your thumb? Give me a break. I graduated from the University of Miami and if you went to college, you did the same thing. The charges were dismissed, dumba$$ and he didn’t face 11 years in Leavenworth.

  122. Alas! Says:

    Sore loser! West you looney bin get the hell out of town already. You lost fair and square and now you want a do over? Doubt Scalia and his buddies will save your ass from losing the election like they did W. in 2000.

    What a tremendous blow to the Tea Baggers!

  123. Obama2012 Says:

    Rick Scott, pack your bags and reserve that U-Haul now. You’re next.

  124. valley girl Says:

    where else would Mr. West earn 170k plus fringes, and rumoured congressional insider trading info a year?>?? maybe symposiums on how to win friends and influence people ??
    I kid…….

  125. my2cents Says:

    Who’s gonna pay for this sh&t?
    Done deal,,,move the hell on.

  126. Obama2012 Says:

    @James-That 170k a year if a Congressman/woman retires after two terms is a lie. If it were true, we wouldn’t have anybody who would serve more than two terms in Congress. P.S. WEST GETS FULL VETERANS BENEFITS. HE DOESN’T NEED MEDICAL CARE, HE’S GOT IT ALREADY ALONG WITH HIS FULL MILITARY PENSION BECAUSE HE RESIGNED VOLUNTARILY. HE’S ALREADY ON THE GOVT. DOLE!!

  127. mike Says:

    West gets the 86 from voters.

    West was charged with violating articles 128 (assault) and 134 (general article) of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. During a hearing held as part of an Article 32 investigation in November 2003, West stated, “I know the method I used was not right, but I wanted to take care of my soldiers.”[13] The charges were ultimately referred to an Article 15 proceeding rather than court-martial, at which West was fined $5,000.[12] Lieutenant Colonel West accepted the judgment and retired with full benefits in the summer of 2004. Asked if he would act differently under similar circumstances, West testified, “If it’s about the lives of my soldiers at stake, I’d go through hell with a gasoline can.”

    Voters and tax payers don’t want gasoline to burn down America, they want resolve. You got fired…see Donald Trump for job interview.

  128. mike Says:

    It’s just the facts and comments of voters on their views, and thanks for reporting it.

  129. sunshine Says:

    I was ashamed for past 2 years because I voted for Alan West. I thought a man who served this country with pride and honor will be dignified in his political life. But I was wrong. I respect his service but he is not fit to serve the people of Florida. Sorry Alan, I am independent and I voted for Romney but voted for Pat this time. Alan would you mind moving out of Florida may be to Chicago.

  130. Mr. Blue Baller Says:

    Ah yes. West go on to the Faux News Channel and be with your friend Dick Morris who predicted a landslide by Romney.

    And BTW go ef yourself. You P O S.

  131. SOFLGirl Says:

    Although, our state, of Florida is a national embarrassment through this election cycle….AGAIN…(Bye, Rick Scott) I could not be happier that Alan West will NOT be representing me in my district!

    Bye Bye Mr. West!! We did NOT vote for you!

  132. Waltercito Says:

    It is tuly amazing how much time and energy the numerous douchebags here have time to regurgitate their “wit.”

  133. Waltercito Says:

    Oh, and Allen West is an evolutionary freak, a retrograde, intellectual mutant; as a Vietnam-era veteran, I am particularly offended that this piece of sub-human detritus runs around – in violation of federal law – with his military medals on his civilian suit – a little boy shouting, “Look at me!”

  134. obamaIsAMoron Says:

    Wow look at all liberal racists crawling out of the woodwork….without a doubt the demorats are cheating as usual…just like they did every where to get Obama Moron voted in…there should be a recount in OH MI, PA, etc etc..I want to see some of these registered 130 year olds from NC..more than a 100 or them…amazing the worlds oldest person not just one but 100…cheating demorat scumbqgs

  135. Broken-hearted Enforcer Says:

    WOW, the vile selfish brainwashed drug-addled morally degenarate petulence in these comments is truly heartbreaking. I’m afraid we have failed and sat idly by while evil spirits’ influence spread throughout the hearts and minds of our American brothers and sisters. I fear the greed and jealous animosity of coveting the wealth (physical and emotional) of our neighbors has taken such deep root in our educational system and reinforced by the entertainment industry, that it’s beyond reasoning. If you guys are what the future of America is on course to become, then we’re going to have to crash the bus to save the station. It’s time to put you down for your own good and for the good of the future. Liberal Marxism must be crushed, literally!

  136. kelly Says:

    With sincere gratitude, my faith has been restored in the judgement of district #18 voters. Go West! Go away!!!!!

  137. dsafdsaf Says:

    TOTAL VOTER FRAUD. All the Obama folks had to do was grab the census numbers and get everyone dead and registered a vote.

  138. Required Viewing Says:

  139. OBAMA SUCK MY C*CK Says:


  140. Greg Says:

    I think it’s good the right wing is finally paying attention to the problem with voting machines. Please look up a documentary called ‘Hacking Democracy’. The fact is, fraud through voting machines has been going on for a long while– and you didn’t pay attention to it until you suspected your own candidates were involved.

    We can’t trust elections until the software becomes open source again. Until then, we’re at the whims of the private companies with their secret codes.

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