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West-Murphy drama continues as St. Lucie County schedules recount of early votes

by George Bennett | November 10th, 2012

Returns submitted to the state Division of Elections today show Democrat Patrick Murphy edging Republican U.S. Rep. Allen West by 2,442 votes or 0.74 percent — a big enough margin to avoid an automatic recount under state law.

But the counting isn’t completely finished.

St. Lucie County’s elections canvassing board has scheduled an emergency meeting for 7 a.m. Sunday to recount all the early votes cast in the county. Elections Supervisor Gertrude Walker on Wednesday estimated there were about 37,000 early votes.

West has not conceded and has raised questions about the early vote tally after some electronic memory cards storing early ballots could not initially be counted Tuesday night. The ballots were counted later in the evening and turned a narrow West lead into a small Murphy advantage.

West’s campaign, which has been sharply critical of Walker’s office, said tonight that the Sunday recount “should help shed light on the situation of this election. This is the action we were seeking to ensure the results of this election were fair and accurate.”

The West campaign also wants to review voter sign-in sheets from the election and compare them to the number of ballots cast.

“While we still look forward to reviewing the poll books used to check in voters during early voting and Election Day, this recount goes a long way to ensuring an accurate outcome,” according to the statement from the West campaign.


71 Responses to “West-Murphy drama continues as St. Lucie County schedules recount of early votes”

  1. Dale E Shaw Says:

    June 6, 2013: Mr. West still hasn’t conceded the race, asking that television ads run by the media during the campaign be reviewed for meanness. Rep. Murphy has been sharing his desk in Washington with West, who refuses to let go. Speaker Boehner has been asking West to stop climbing to the podium to participate in debates, reminding him he’s been defeated, to which West inevitably replies: “It’s too early to concede yet.”

  2. Mr Constituent Says:

    The vote difference is still outside the 0.5% window. Rep. West is not legally empowered to perpetuate this election. Certainly a nail-biter but at the moment it looks like the seat still goes to Murphy. Yes, I am a constituent and so I have a dog in this fight.

    It sickens me to know Rep. West is endorsed by Limbaugh and his ilk. Birds of a feather? I hope this gets resolved and the sooner the better.

  3. David Says:

    Did the Repubs forget what they called Gore when he contested the election, and Gore actually won.

  4. denbob Says:

    The world is a mean, screwed up place because of bullies like West and the brainless lemmings who support him. The only reason people like Stalin, Hitler, and Pol Pot succeeded in leading, was because of mindless, scary stupid supporters… like west supporters. Who in their right mind would support a war criminal, a leader who asks 50% of Americans to leave the country? The guy is a shameless media whore every paycheck has irobically come from government. Do you have any idea how stupid or criminal you have to be to get kicked out of the army? West followers are the ones who cried “crucify Him” in Jesus time.

  5. sore loserman Says:

    “Me me me me me! It’s all about ME! If the voters elected someone else, it must be a secret Commie plot. Who cares what the voters say anyway, it’s all about MEEEEE!”

    There, there Allen. Please take your meds or it’s back in the padded room you go.

  6. Owlguin Says:

    We obviously need to ask the US Supreme Court what to do.

  7. Paul Says:


    The Universe is a strange and wonderful place. We had a candidate here named Gore, too, only on this planet, after all the recounting, he actually did lose.

    What color is the sky where you live?

  8. Greg S Says:

    West has been a major embarassment to his District, and outrage oin the floor of Congress, and a disgrace to Florida. Thank GOD he is on his way out. Murphy, though not a saint and far from a perfect candidate, has to be an improvement and a hope for his district, for Congress, and for the State of Florida. NOW, we have to do everything legal and effective to get rid of the biggest disgrace to voter’s rights, civil rights, and worker’s rights and the supreme embarrasment in Florida’s history — Rick Scott — he does not deserve the title “Governor” but rather “Felon” for his participation in the largest Medicare fraud in our nation’s history. GS

  9. Carole Says:

    No means no, Mr. West.

  10. Toni Says:

    Will this loser West ever get the point that the voters don’t want him. Enough with his hate-spewed rhetoric.

  11. shingding Says:

    Why are they encouraging this fool? His goose is already cooked. He just can’t take it.

  12. NeedMoreSugar Says:

    Paul, actually David is correct. Gore won the national popular vote by more than 1/2 million votes.

  13. LicenseToSteal Says:

    West needs to let go. Just let the stupid Democrat take over. Democrats have no idea how to jump start the economy. They just know how to spend your money. Every time they stimulate Wall Street, the only winners are the wealthy. Money gets devalued and food and and clothing prices go up hurting the poor. Eventually they will come to their senses, but the damage will be done.

  14. The Truth Says:

    On this Planet, Gore lost Florida, even after a recount and in our system he lost the Election popular vote does not matter.

    As for West let the recount be done, and compare it if it turns out that West is right and he won, accept it and find out what went wrong.

    If West lost, West needs to man up and accept it, either way I for one want a fair election and make sure that each and every vote cast is true and correct and counted as such. So should any Republican, Democrat, Independant

  15. Sabba Hillel Says:

    It is interesting that 141% of the registered voters in that county cast ballots. If Congressman West actually lost, then the total number of ballots counted would have matche the total number actually cast. Since more ballots were counted than there are voters in the county …

  16. Wesley Says:

    I can’t believe they’re even going along with this. Can this psycho just go away forever, please?

  17. HmmmmmLMAO Says:

    This IS Nov. 10th…… RIGHT??????
    No wonder we’re called FloriDUH!!!!!
    Good grief!!!!!
    The Election was 4 days ago!!!!!!!!! Yet our ” Officials” STILL can’t COUNT!
    Come On Man!!!!!!!

  18. Louis Says:

    Sorry, but Murphy has won this election fair and square. West cannot accept the outcome that more people voted for Murphy then for him. But, can you blame them? He was an embarrassment to the District with his antics and fool hearted, blind ambition to put himself first over his constituents. If he wants to do something in public office, he has to change his ways. Sorry, but he is not my candidate for office.

  19. RENEGADE Says:

    First, Congressman West IS WITHIN HIS RIGHTS to seek whatever legal avenues are available to him. We should not judge him by exercising his legal rights.

    Congressman West, please keep fighting the fight! We need you.

  20. jebamoni4 Says:

    RENEGADE!!!We do not need this war criminal thug!! GO AWAY ROGUE!!!

  21. Lilly Gordon Says:

    This unbelievable the count difference is not …. Within the recount mandate. West accuses the clerk of incompetency, fraud , hostility
    And worse and she capitulates and does a recount?

  22. Educated Says:

    The only thing we need from Mr West is for him to go away and stay away. His embarrassing lack of respect for the people continues. His lack of reality is further illustrated by his inability to accept facts, such as defeat. Enough!

  23. BigSky Says:

    The Post is posting a falsehood. Any margin under 1% initiates an automatic statewide recount.

  24. BigSky Says:

    So they’re entitled to a recount as long as their names are Al Gore and Alan Grayson or they happen to be Democrats? That’s not how a democracy works, despite the fact progressives say we are a democracy. LOL

  25. S Jones Says:

    We are not a “Democracy.” We are a “Constitutional Republic.” Learn the difference.

  26. J. Eric Says:

    Defeat the FRAUD and lock up the perpatrators. Allen West, we need you to persevere against the forces of tyranny. This crap can not be alowed to stand.

  27. Get You Facts Right Says:

    Florida Statutes only allow recounts when the vote totals are within 0.5%. The results of this race are not within 0.5%. Gertrude Walker has no authority to conduct a recount.

  28. Obamaisafailure Says:

    You liberal scumbags are a joke…..Colonel West is asking for a fair accounting of the vote in a close election…… I guess you idiots who still claim Bush “stole the election from Gore”… not think a fair accounting applies to a Republican???

    What a f’ng joke you scumbags are to America!

  29. Murpyisatwit Says:

    Murphy is a little twit…..a puppet for his rich daddy! his vote will be for sale to the highest bidder!

  30. SJMPARMAN Says:

    Since when do we do recounts when not provided for in law? Because a candidate is vociferous or when the law permits it? The rules are the rules. They apply to West just like every other candidate.

  31. Lance Smith Says:

    Hey. Has anybody else wondered this? Maybe ‘TeaLady’ was actually Allen West? She’s (He’s) gone awfully quite! :)

  32. Tom Darby Says:

    If you want to see everything that is wrong with America, look to the blue states like Californication… 80% registered democrats and nothing but liberal scumbags as far as the eyes can see, of course the state is also bankrupt because while liberals love to spend other peoples money, they hate to pay for anything themselves…

    They are truly the scourge of the earth!

  33. J r thomas Says:

    Dont stop until everything has been scrutinized. Many of us are with you Allen. Keep fighting for the truth !!!!

  34. LRT Says:

    Give it up already! MOVE ON!

  35. Josie Says:

    Ahhh all the beta males out there under their wives thumbs. Allen West makes you nervous? He’s a meanie, huh? He!s a thuuuugggg. You all run back to your wives and tell her how tough you were in these comments. You are a pathetic bunch.

  36. Mr. Crotch Rot Says:

    Goaway West !

    Like a bad taco night !

    Flush this turd down the toilet !

    And take the TeaBaggers with you !

  37. Fair Election Says:

    I could care less who wins this race, but both sides should question over 100% turnout. Regardless of party, elections must be fair

  38. SouthPB Says:

    So, after this recount is completed (unlike the 2000 recount, which was never completed) and it still shows Patrick Murphy on top, will Allen West then concede?

    The answer is no. No, he will not.

  39. MimiB Says:

    West should be required to have his out of state Billionaire supporters compensate the tax payers for his stubbornness… assuming the election results stand. His political ploy is costing us… you and me… out of our pockets. He didn’t have big enough margin to call for a recount.

  40. Atlas Shruggery Says:

    Looking at the comments about voter turnout supposedly exceeding 100%, clearly illustrates that Republicans are incapable of doing even simple math.

    It’s time for Allen West, Queen of the Teabaggers, to just go away.

  41. gorman Says:

    What are you southerners afraid of? Is it that you don’t want a black person to represent you? You need to stop being so racist and allow black people the right to hold office.

  42. jack dunbar Says:


  43. sore loserman Says:


    There was NOT >100% turnout!

    Let me explain to the Neanderthals who are reading the right wing propaganda…

    Let’s say there were 100 registered voters in St Lucie County. And 55 of them voted, for a turnout of 55%. Each voter cast a ballot that was 2 pages long. That means there were 110 PAGES (sometimes called cards). That does not mean that there was turnout of 110%! It means there was turnout of 55%.

    The propaganda is purposefully conflating voter “cards” with actual votes.

    The idiots somehow believe the conspiracy theories despite the fact that many right wing channels were forecasting a Romney landslide. It is unbelievable that people use the same discredited right wing trash to now conduct a verbal assault on the election workers.

    So repeat after me, Neanderthals…

    110 voter “cards” cast by 55 people does NOT mean 110% of turnout! It means 2 pages per ballot.


  44. JOHN KLINE Says:

    I thank God that I do not live among people that would elect Allen West to office. They are a scary bunch.

  45. sore loserman Says:

    Hey “Fair Election”

    Go to page 19 of the PDF you posted.

    That is where they tally the votes cast for FL-18. Anyone with eyes can read that page. It lists each jurisdiction, # of registered voters, and the # of votes cast in that race.

    As you can plainly see, the number of votes cast does not even come close to the number of registered voters.

    Thanks for helping clear that up. LOL. Anyone who is screaming about turnout being over 100% in FL-18 needs to view the PDF and skip to page 19.

    As for the first 2 pages that show “turnout” being above 100%, again it relates to the total number of “cards” cast, not individual voters (which is what we think of as “turnout”).

    Bottom line, Patrick Murphy won fair and square and will be the next member of Congress for FL-18.

  46. Jim Says:

    Normally I would not care if West contested an elction results. But in this race is not a fair normal race. West had a new gerrymandered district to increase the number of Repubs voters. He out spent Murphy 4 to 1, West lied and lied through whole campaign, there was voter suppression in Democratic districts, AND WEST STILL LOST!!!!! IT IS TIME FOR WEST TO GO AWAY!!!

  47. pfft Says:

    If that was a Democrat appealing, you would have told him to go home long ago. Hypocrites

  48. Elvis Presley Says:

    The tribe has spoken West. It’s time to leave the island. Another tea bagger bites the dust.

  49. pfft Says:

    Hey Tom Darby, maybe you can be like the dirt bag (I resorted to name calling like your kind) Republicans and try to find ways to avoid paying their fair share of taxes.

  50. Rev. Heny Wester Says:

    West needed to go, the man was not dealing with a full deck.

  51. Elvis Presley Says:

    Yo West, give Fox News a call. Perhaps they will put you on the payroll. In as much as idiots such as Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin have gotten paychecks there, there’s every reason to believe they would put you on the team.

  52. Mattrue Says:

    It is a dramatic victory for Congressman Patrick Murphy. It just shows who the real conservative is in this brutal campaign. Allen West spending four times more money than Patrick Murphy. This is an example to the American people and who is more capable of doing the same job and spending less than 1/4 the money. If Allen West spending spree for his campaign to get his message across totally as the highest amount spent on any congressional race is not a responsibility issue than people should wake up. This is the same man that said, our spending is out of control. I say that Allen West is out of control and would not trust this candidate with the taxpayers money. Allen West out of control spending spree for his campaign is a poor example of conservative values. Just think of all the mess Congressman Patrick Murphy will have to clean up that Allen West has left behind. This may be worse than the mess Bush left for Obama only on a percentage scale of course. That was the most interesting thing that the voting polls released, that 55% of voters blamed the republicans and the Bush administration for the economic crisis and think that Obama had a lot more mess of a job of keeping the economy together than the news led on. I just hope that congress has learned a lesson from all this and start getting ready for work.

  53. Florida Cattleman Says:

    Ask yourselves how it is possible to have 140.1 % voter turnout like Gertrude Walker did in St. Lucie County.

    You can add and subtract right ?

  54. jack dunbar Says:

    nearly 4,000 votes,” according to a statement released Saturday afternoon by the office of Republican U.S. Rep. Allen West. “While we still look forward to reviewing the poll books used to check in voters during early voting and Election day, this recount goes a long way to ensuring an accurate outcome
    Fair and accurate outcome? What kind of cock and bull story is this.Has anyone known this man (west) to ever be rational? West is a volcano of stupidity. His thought spill out of his head like gum balls from a vending machine. Communists and Castration , we have all heard those words among so many other words west has said like saying President Obama will turn us into slaves. West has no respect for anything, not even for the Office of the President of the United States. A man like this cannot be trusted. West represents himself and the interests of the multi millionaires who contributed 17.5 million to his campaign. Imagine spending that much money and losing the race. His donors must be going mental on him. Now ask yourself “why would west have so many wealthy donors, including corporations”? The answer is a simple one. On the inside west can do many things for them but leave his constituents hanging. This is a very important issue and one that should be dealt with.” Hero” west should be forced to show the real papers where it states that he is no hero but committed a crime of torture that had him booted out of the US Army. Torturing people is not the way things are done but west did it anyway.. One of the people posted that “liberals” spend all the money and sited CA as an example. Well dummy ARNOLD was Gov of CA. and when Bill Clinton was in office we had a surplus..Now who do you think drove us into debt?? Oh yeah it was George Bush but it’s so hard for a Republican to say those words. In this case west won’t be happy until the outcome is in his favor. I think something is wrong as well with this election. I think ballots appearing out of thin air seems wildly suspicious . What is going on here? What is west trying to do. Where are those ballots now? Funny this was announced so late the day. Did miss Walker trip over the box and presto ballots spilled out? The election has been over for almost a week now and people are still finding miscounted ballots? West has had pleanty of time to contact his MAJOR DONNERS and try to pull some funny business didn’t you mr. west? Congressman Patrick Murphy has been more then generous to mr. west by not slamming him for his childish behavior. West was one of those kids that took the ball home because things weren’t going his way. Well west this is no kids game. You are messing with voters rights, with the will of the people and the people should know that your wasting their time and their money. I think west should have to shell out this money from his own pocket not from his still overstuffed coffers and tax payers pocket books . I bet your Major out of state donors aren’t happy with you. West needs 1,100 votes to win. If he even comes close to that figure then rest assured that something is wrong and a proper investigation should be made of mr. wests finances since we all know he has a cash flow problem., and also for anyone involved in this debacle. So what is next for west? After two recounts he now says he wants to go over hundreds of thousands of signatures from voter registration books? Do you want to check the pens people signed their names with? West is like a virus, left unchecked he spreads his disease to everyone until the damage is beyond help. ENOUGH IS ENOUIGH Recently west has tempered his emotions like a mental patient on meds don’t be fooled, the crazy is still under that facade. Don’t let west continue to spread his crooked dealings, hatred and deceit. and by the way, west was never the congressman of this district since this district lines were just drawn. So concede mr. west, we don’t want you the only thing you should run for is the bus back to Plantation Fl. where you came from and where you spend all your time!.

  55. R Scott Says:

    It’s time for Vets to get behind the Colonel and march on Washington to take back his seat in Congress!

  56. Rational party Says:

    @denbob. Did West carrier the Jewish vote?

  57. Critical Thinker Says:

    Seems Allen West, who has spent his entire life working for the government he wants to drown, is having a difficult time contemplating that it is time to move on. Hypocrite!

  58. Mattrue Says:

    I forgot my closing comments that best suits this turnout. Allen West can now pack your tea party bags and get the hell out of my country. Maybe, I should have been mean and use some f bombs or something like you f___ing dirt bag communist get out of my country. Yeah, that’s what I am talking about, that’s how a congressman should speak. Just saying.

  59. The Deacon Says:

    @R Scott – you know that aint going to happen and if a veteran was so stupid to stand behind this fool he/she deserve the consequences. After the counting is done, Lt Col West needs to do the right thing and concede is a graceful way. Here is a link of the Republican’s Salty Agenda

    We won this election battle but there is still work to be done in 2014 and beyond…

  60. db804 Says:

    You tea party sore losers and Allen West can stamp your feet and hold your breath all you like. You can call the voters bad names. You can try and slander hard working election officials. You LOST!

    The voters spoke. West LOST

    “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.” Sinclair Lewis

  61. R Scott Says:

    The Colonel is NOT a fascist, he is a proud militarist. The Colonel is a misunderstood soul (brother), not a hypocrite. The Colonel won his medals fair and square, fighting the enemy all the way from Nam to PB county. The Colonel owns that seat, no Democrat recount can take it away from him!

  62. JOHN KLINE Says:

    These West supporters are scary. They and West are making Floridians look like fools. West and the Tea Party are an embarrassment to Republicans, if not all Americans.


    Florida Cattleman

    The question is can you add and subtract and CAN YOU READ??????

    It has been explained a dozen times already. 140% is ballots counted by the machine. The machine counts each page as one! 2 page ballot X 70% voter turnout = 140%

    Damn you right wingers are dense!!!!


    R Scott

    The only seat West “OWNS” is in a rubber room at Saint Marys!!!

  65. @Obamaisafailure Says:

    Your the joke maggot! The election is over troll and you got your ass handed to you. I think its frickin HILAREOUS!!!!!!!!

    Now go mow the lawn!!

  66. hflsfla Says:

    I love all yourepugs name calling and saying how stupid etc liberals are. If we are soooo stupid then why is it we beat you at yur own game TWICE. You planned and strategized for 4 years and yet you still LOST! It appears that no matter how stupid you think us liberals are, we are smarter then you. LOLOL sore losers, suck it up and go back to the drawing board. cya in four years.

  67. Crazyottojr Says:

    My God! you liberals hate real leaders. Col West may be a lot of things but a coward? No I don’t think so. We have a real coward in the White House. 50% of the American people seem to be happy with that. so be it .. the Third world toilet that will soon replace the the Republic is all yours.. I wonder how many of the West-bashers on this Blog could hold their mud in real combat. He put his men first over his career once already. I think he deserves a recount. unlike your President who time and again puts his career over the people he was sworn to protect.

  68. Crazyottojr Says:

    BTW any district that voted Grayson back in deserves a refund on the mnoney they wasted on education… have fun with that moron…

  69. Marathon Running Program Says:

    Interesting observation on how early votes can shape ones perspective. I think that you were right on with this article. Great job George.

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