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Scott on ObamaCare: “no is not an answer”

by John Kennedy | November 14th, 2012

Gov. Rick Scott continued Wednesday to shift away from his once staunch opposition to the federal health care overhaul, with his office underscoring his willingness to negotiate how Florida can take part in the effort.

Scott last week told the Palm Beach Post that ”just saying no is not an answer,” to the Affordable Care Act, a position that has become clear following President Obama’s re-election.  Scott had expected the election of Republican Mitt Romney and a Republican-controlled Congress to lead to repeal of the 2010 law.

But Thursday, Scott’s office issued a press release containing an Associated Press story in which the governor is quoted saying he is looking to work with federal officials on implementing the law in Florida.

“The election is over and President Obama won. I’m responsible for the families of Florida…If I can get to yes, I want to get to yes,” Scott is quoted.

The health care law requires consumers to carry insurance beginning in 2014 face a penalty.  Coverage would be purchased through online health marketplaces — called exchanges — employer-provided insurance, Medicaid or Medicare. Some who can’t afford insurance will be eligible for subsidies.

If Florida doesn’t establish its own exchanges, the federal government will do it for the state. Scott and other governors have until Friday to tell federal officials if they plan to implement their own exchanges. States planning to do so must supply a blueprint by Dec. 14.

Scott and incoming House Speaker Will Weatherford, R-Wesley Chapel, both acknowledge that Florida would be hard-pressed to meet these deadlines. Scott and Republican leaders in the Legislature effectively have ignored provisions of the Affordable Care Act, rejecting millions of dollars in benefits already offered states.


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14 Responses to “Scott on ObamaCare: “no is not an answer””

  1. What Goes Around... Says:

    Attn: Employers & Taypayers,

    When the Great Obama Recession begins in FY 2013-14 due to ObamaCare and ObamaNomics – don’t get angry, get even. Fire your liberal employees first!!

  2. Bob Says:

    How about firing that stupid, arrogant a hole a a governor first! He turned down millions of dollars to get this thing started, and I guess that’s ok with you “What Goes Around”. I’m sure you and your cronies have stellar healthcare and use it to the max. I too have excellent healthcare, but many, many people do not. And Governor No to everything used to be the head of a health care company! Goodbye Gov. in 2014—hope youi enjoyed your 4 years of trying to ruin middle class Floridians lives! Move back to where ever the hell you came from and get yourself another donut shop!

  3. Rock3360 Says:

    What Goes Around

    God we have to listen to another 4 years of the biggest bunch of crybabies the world has ever seen.
    Wonder if any of them will ever manage to grow a set and act like men not whiney old women???

  4. Nemo Says:

    The fiscal Cliff will accelerate the complete downfall and fabric of the United States. I believe that even without the fiscal cliff we are heading for a deeper recession. In part due to the uncertainty and high taxation and chaos of Obama care. The amount of business activity is already in decline by lay offs and the economic indicators are not good. I have never experienced a recession that lasted so long. A more severe downfall is going to turn it into a depression. Raising taxes will not make a dent in our national debt, in fact is going to put the brakes to any sort of recovery. Inflation is due to high rising costs of energy. The World crisis is here! President Obama has cut $716 billion from Medicare. Also President Obama will push a $1.6 trillion plan to hike taxes on the wealthy by $1.6 trillion over 10 years. Mathematically impossible to tackle the debt. He also promised before the election not to touch Medicare, now He’s cutting health care by $340 billion. (he lied to the people to get elected)

  5. Dick Scott Says:

    So funny how Scott changes his tune, coward.

  6. jac Says:

    Understanding what the voters want. Even the Supreme Court agreed with it While Romneycare which got government money to start it in Massachuettes was it’s model. Brilliant choice from someone that made doctors overtest medicare patients then was ask to leave his job while they got stuck with hefty fines. We the taxpayer can’t afford hefty fines.

  7. Steph Says:

    Crist backed Obama during the election so he has no room to have hoped that Romney would have won and that it would be repealed.

  8. MIttens B. Romney Says:

    He was just another Tea Party obstructionist doing everything possible to undermine the Obama administration. Now he sees the handwriting on the wall and is worried about his own re-election.

  9. Rob Says:

    The health care law requires consumers to carry insurance beginning in 2014 face a penalty.

    I’m trying to figure out this sentence. Any help?

  10. RENEGADE Says:

    hey nemo,

    Guess you haven’t heard but the election is over you can stop campaigning now.Besides it didn’t do any good before.America isn’t buying your BS propaganda!! Just see the election results!! LOL!!!

  11. Kevin Says:

    I don’t trust the Governor Scott’s newly stated intention that he is now going to help move the affordable care act forward. He instead, is going to make a half baked effort to comply with an absolute minimum of the programs requirements leaving most Floridians with minimum choices at maximum prices. Remember this is the guy who keeps saying that Citizens needs to raise their rates on our homeowners insurance. We would be better off if he continued with his opposition which as the article states would trigger the Feds to come in and set it up properly. He has already turned down millions of dollars in federal funds offered to help set up the exchanges that have instead gone into other states coffers and that’s going to hurt us.
    I have a question for those conservatives who attempt to make the simultaneous argument that the affordable healthcare law will reduce the overall quality of care while at the same time making the costs of providing it go through the roof. Common sense would seem to indicate that if you reduce provider compensation, one of the plans stated goals that overall healthcare costs would go down saving the American people lots of money but causing some MD’s to retire early or go into MD VIP type practice’s. Conversely if healthcare costs go up creating the massive job losses Republicans are fear mongering over wouldn’t that have to be because of an increase in quality and or availability? I don’t see how you can be honest with yourself and have it both ways. One forgotten aspect of the healthcare industry is that private companies combined with our own Governments investments have leveraged technology advancements to make clinicians much more accurate and efficient. Up till now that benefit has been exploited by the market for its own financial gain. Don’t you think it’s time for the general public to get some return on that benefit as well in the form of affordable health care? I do, and so does most of America as proven on November 6th regardless of the conservative pundit spin to the contrary.

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