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Romney to make closing Florida argument Monday in Sanford

by George Bennett | November 2nd, 2012

Mitt Romney will make a final stop in must-win Florida on Monday, scheduling an appearance in the crucial Interstate 4 corridor.

Romney will make a closing argument in Sanford at Orlando Sanford International Airport. He’s expected to campaign in Ohio and New Hampshire later in the day before Tuesday’s election.

President Obama‘s campaign announced Wednesday that Obama will appear Sunday in Hollywood at the McArthur High School football field. The Broward County appearance is probably the president’s final pre-election visit to Florida, though his Monday schedule has not been announced.

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14 Responses to “Romney to make closing Florida argument Monday in Sanford”

  1. Maximus Says:

    Watch the movie 2016, Obama’s America!

  2. mittens Says:

    It is only the last stop if he losses the election. If he wins, he will start campaigning for re-election (vs Hillary)on the following monday.

  3. Obama/Dems 2012 Says:

    Going to the epicenter of the right wing’s assault on America, the town in which young Trayvon Martin was killed and where his killer was allowed to walk without a trial.

    Thankfully that injustice has been rectified and now George Zimmerman is being tried for murder.

    I find it absolutely appalling that Romney has decided to make this his last and thus most important stop in Sanford.

    It is almost as if he is rubbing it in the faces of people in that town — who have suffered enough — that he supports the right wing march towards fascism by way of the Koch-funded corporate interest group ALEC.

    Absolutely horrendous. I hope the AA community there stands strong and votes this disgusting fraud down.

  4. Another Example! Says:

    Bless those in NY and NJ.

    Too bad our nation depends on foreign energy instead of American energy.

    President Obama had to WAIVE the union Jones Act to ALLOW FOREIGN ships to ENTER and deliver fuel in American ports for NY and NJ

    IF America wasn’t DEpendent on foreign energy, American ships would have been there delivering the fuel instead of TRANSFERRING fuel from FOREIGN ships to American ships!

    Obama = DEpendence on Foreign Energy

    Romney = DEvelop our OWN energy and put millions to work doing so!

  5. Obama/Dems 2012 Says:

    “Another Example” = Another GOP liar.

    We are less dependent on foreign energy under Obama.

    From the U.S. Energy Information Association (EIA):

    “The economic downturn after the financial crisis of 2008, improvements in efficiency, changes in consumer behavior and patterns of economic growth, all contributed to the decline in petroleum consumption. At the same time, increased use of domestic biofuels (ethanol and biodiesel), and strong gains in domestic production of crude oil and natural gas plant liquids expanded domestic supplies and reduced the need for imports.”

    Yet another Republican liar disproven!

    They will try again and again and again to twist the facts and rewrite history because THEY HAVE NO POLICY that would help America.

    Bush/Cheney turned their energy policy over to Big Oil and went to war in the middle east, which drove up gas prices substantially.

    We simply CANNOT go back to the right wing policy of turning the keys of American energy over to oil profiteers and turning foreign policy decision-making back in the hands of the Neocons who started the decade-long Iraq War.


    @Obama/Dems 2012

    cost of gas went up from $1.89 when Obama took office to nearly $4.00 a gallon.

    cost of food skyrocketed under Obama

    Production of oil is on private land in the USA. There is SO MUCH MORE ENERGY that could be DEVELOPED to make AMERICA INdependent of energy from FOREIGN COUNTRIES that are in UNstable, Volatile regions of the world! YOU can’t depend on these nations…just look at the MESS in the Middle East!

    Obama gave Brazil $2 billion to drill for oil!

    that does NOT make the USA INdependent of foreign energy!

    Developing our own ENERGY would EMPLOY millions of people in the USA!

    We need to jumpstart OUR economy not Brazil’s economy or the Middle Eastern countries!

    Put Americans to WORK, DEvelop OUR own energy. Let’s not depend of foreign countries!

    We have WASTED 4 years!

    and Obama LIFTED the Jones Act because those were FOREIGN SHIPS DELIVERING ENERGY to those who NEED IT IN NY, NJ!

    The Jones Act wouldn’t have to been WAIVED if it WERE American ships DELIVERING FUEL to the Northeast!

  7. Obama/Dems 2012 Says:

    “cost of gas went up from $1.89″

    Cmon. Really?

    Is this all you have?

    You think America doesn’t remember the $3 and $4 per gallon gas all throughout the Iraq War?

    You think America doesn’t remember that the price of gas collapsed when the economy collapsed under Bush?

    Do you think Americans are STUPID?

    We are sick and tired of people like you lying about facts that everyone recognizes.

    Shame on you!!!

  8. Mitt/GOPs 2012 Says:

    U think America doesn’t remember Obama not approving Keystone?

    Obama/Dems2012 = special interest

  9. Obama/Dems 2012 Says:

    That’s the dumbest response ever.

    It is just proof that all you have is political attacks, not the best interests of Florida or the United States in mind.

  10. TeamRomney Says:

    Yesterday in Colorado Springs, Gov Romney stated he would spend his time putting the country forward and NOT spending time blaming the past administration!!! What a refreshing and unique idea!!!!!!!!

  11. JayHobeSound Says:

    Want retail gas prices to go back to sub-$3.00/gal prices?

    Get the Wall Street speculators out of the commodities futures market. The CFTC should rescind the waivers granted to financial speculators. Investment companies have no intention of taking delivery of oil/gasoline and therefore have no business mucking up the prices which ultimately lead to higher prices at the gas pumps.

  12. joah Says:


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  13. Marshall Says:

    DO YOU KNOW YOUR HISTORY? As a historian and dedicated collector of historical documents, I’ve had the chance to see firsthand a lot of things that most people never get to see. One such example is that most people don’t know that Robert E. Lee released his slaves before Ulysses S. Grant divested himself of his. Another little known fact is that the Civil War started over taxes and not over the barbaric practice of slavery. When the Civil War began, slavery was still legal in the North. Countries have often taken wrong paths, which have led them into wars and great tragedies. For our country, it was primarily high import taxes on the South. Within all countries there have always been a certain amount of people, that either have no clue, or go on with their life unconcerned, when their country is in emanate danger. At this time in our history I believe our country faces real danger on several fronts. Our seemingly irreconcilable differences can lead to internal wars not unlike the Civil War that caused the death of over 600,000 Americans. The divisions that existed in this country prior to the Civil War over taxation were never really addressed. Most people at the beginning of the war thought it would only last a few weeks. As we now know, it went on for almost four years and violently shook the very foundations of this country.
    Our current President has sought to divide men from women, Hispanics from Whites, and those of varying economic status from each other, all in a desperate effort to hold on to his job.
    Napoleon’s men said they would follow him into hell. Why? Napoleon knew how to inspire and unite men. He himself said “There is nothing more immoral than a man who takes a position he cannot fill”. It’s obvious that this President has taken a position he cannot fill. If part of a President’s job is conflict resolution, he has failed miserably on that all important front. He has no ability, nor has he shown any interest, in uniting this very divided country. Only those who have thought out these issues, in the light of history, and are concerned about this county, can send this current President packing before any more damage is done. Marshall Bulle

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