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Romney makes final Florida stop — promising to “represent one nation”

by John Kennedy | November 5th, 2012

Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate, greets supporters today in Sanford. (Stephen Crowley/The New York Times)Mitt Romney made his final campaign stop in Florida before a crowd of 4,000 supporters Monday in an airline hangar at Orlando-Sanford International Airport, saying his victory would give Americans a new sense of governing.

“I’ll bring people together,” Romney told those gathered. “I’ll not just represent one party. I’ll represent one nation.”

Romney spoke after a gallery of Florida leaders warmed-up the crowd, including former Gov. Jeb Bush and current Gov. Rick Scott. A request echoed through all the speakers — that supporters should call at least 10 friends and urge them to vote for Romney in the toss-up election.

“The stakes couldn’t be higher,” Bush said.

The Sanford stop is Romney’s last in the nation’s biggest swing state, where polls show the Republican with a slight lead over Barack Obama. The president campaigned Sunday in Florida, but was sending first lady Michelle Obama to Orlando on Monday for a final pre-Election Day rally at a city park.

Speaking in a heavily Republican county in Florida’s critical Interstate-4 corridor, Romney said he was ready for the Oval Office.

“Tomorrow, on Nov. 6, we come together for a brighter future and on Nov. 7, we’ll get to work,” Romney said.

He also managed to get in a few digs aimed at his opponent.

“The president said he’s found he can’t change Washington from the inside, only from the outside,” Romney said. “We’re going to give him that chance.”

After the Florida stop, Romney was scheduled to campaign in Ohio, New Hampshire and Virginia — all battleground states he is likely in need of nailing-down to reach the 270 electoral votes to capture the White House. Romney’s decision to make his final Floridal stop in the I-4 corridor — seen as a critical swing region of the state — was a smart tactic, said Florida Republican Chairman Lenny Curry.

“I-4 corridor. It’s all about you, baby,” Curry said, in revving up the early morning crowd.

Stu Stevens, Romney’s campaign strategist, said he was confident of winning Florida. But overall, he was cautious.

“Every race comes down to turnout — and message,” Stevens said.

As he has been in late-hour appearances, Romney gave an impression of confidence Monday — casting a stark contrast between the past four years and what he would bring to the White House. Romney promised an economic turnaround with his election and appealed to voters in a state with an unemployment rate still topping the national average.

“If you’re tired of being tired, I ask you to vote for us,” Romney said.

The crowd responded to Romney at times with chants of  “one more day.”

Among the supporters gathered, Romney’s economic theme resonated.

“I’m usually a non-partisan voter but I became a Republican to vote for Herman Cain in the primary,” said Greg Baker, 65, a painting contractor from nearby Lake County. “I became a Romney guy. I just think he’s going to take our economy, and American in a better direction.”

Sally Mesko, 43, of Winter Garden, owns a sports bar and restaurant franchise that she said has not bounced back from the recession. She said the economic downturn continues to be felt among her friends and neighbors — and that hurts the restaurant business.

“When people cut back, they cut back on going out to eat,” she said.

Mesko blames Obama.

“Our last four years have been horrible,” she said. “It’s scary.”

Making his last pitch to Florida voters, Romney continued to promote themes he’s polished in recent weeks. He cast himself as a centrist candidate eager to help the middle class and attempted to use Obama’s signature ‘change’ approach against him.

“Do you want four more years like the last four years, or do you want real change — finally?” Romney told the crowd.

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18 Responses to “Romney makes final Florida stop — promising to “represent one nation””

  1. Tommy the Brit Says:

    The Romney campaign is undoubtedly worried about the latest set of results in the polls, both nationally and in the key battleground states, that seem to show a vanishing path to victory (and to the White House).

    Poll after poll ( shows the President with a comfortable lead in key states including Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa and even Florida.

    I no longer think that it’s a question of ‘if Obama will be reelected’ but ‘by how many votes’.

  2. Ryan Sharpe Says:

    The United States need a change. Under the current administration, the number of people on food stamps has grown from 33 million to 46 million. Another four years of that growth would give us 66 million – a staggering 20% of the US population — on food stamps. We have entered a food stamp economy, not a growth and jobs economy.

  3. Obama is Risen Says:

    The Great Obama, the new Messiah of Ivy League liberals, graced the little people of NYC and NJ with his presence for a six-hour photo opportunity last week after Hurricane Sandy. In less than one day, the Great Obama made the flood waters recede, created light from darkness, commanded the gas lines to end, rebuilt cities, and strong-armed political endorsements from the NYC mayor and governor of New Jersey.

    It was a miracle in our lifetime. He is the Great Obama. He is risen!

  4. Romney Ryan Says:

    Romney is the right man at the right time!

  5. MIttens B. Romney Says:

    Thank you for your support. I want you to know that regardless of your position on the issues of the day, I am on your side.

  6. Forgone Conclusion Says:

    I am sure Rmoney will be able to solve the unemployment problem using the same tactics that “w” used which started the whole mess to begin with. What is Rmoney’s plan? Who knows. If he has a plan at all it changes daily depending on the audience he is in front of. The GOP/Teabaggers have a major problem in candidate Rmoney. Although he has heaped tons of criticism on Obama, Romoney has never been clear about how he will solve the problem. We know Rmoney will get rid of Obama care but has offered NOTHING as an alternative except vouchers which in the long run, will cost the users more than Obama care. Rmoney wants you to vote for him but won’t tell you what he will do “until he is elected.” That’s like signing a blank check and hoping the amount won’t drain your bank account. Romoney doesn’t make a clear cut case for why anyone should vote for him other than he will be different from Obama without the specifics. No use voting for a pig in a poke. We can only hope the election won’t be rigged by those touch screen voting machines made by a company owned by the Rmoney family. The GOP has cheated before in 2000 and 2004. They hate Obama so much they are likely to cheat again!

  7. The Truth Hurts Says:

    Yeah, represent “one nation” for the millionaires. Karl Rove, the Koch Bros. & others will have a key to the White House. Like Mitt Romney cares about working class people, women, minorities, gays etc. Why hasn’t the ‘golden boy’ Ryan done an interview with any local papers or tv stations? After the debacle in Michigan, he was told to shut up and stay out of the way. What a bunch of buffoons-and people are voting for Romney who aren’t wealthy? You can’t fix stupid.

  8. SOFLGirl Says:

    President Obama will win this election! Romney’s LIES especially in Ohio and his ridiculous economy plan will be his downfall….

  9. MOGIRL Says:

    Shuldn’t the headline read: “represent 53% of one nation”?

  10. V Says:

    What nation is he going to represent? Surely not the United States where he thinks 250K a year and up are in the middle class. Not this country when his wife thinks that going on a Mormon mission is more important than military service. Absolutely not the moochers and takers that worked hard all their lives and are now no Social Security or the veterans on military pensions.

    Romny wants to change We The People into We the Right People.

  11. Downtown Danny Says:

    A right wing extremist, a left wing liberal, and a centrist walk into a bar.
    The bartender says “What’ll it be Mitt?”

  12. Maritza Says:

    Mr. Romney, please do not make any promises. You are unable to recall what you promised that morning let alone weeks ago. Your only interest is making sure the rich are taken care of and that your millions continue to multiply at the expense of the American people whom work every single day. Flip Flop Romney.

    I hope this is the last time we see you in an election. You weren’t chosen as a candidate the last two timese and did not win the Senate. Time go say goodbye. The only reason you are a candidate now is because you were the best the Republicans had to offer.
    Obama/Biden 2012!

  13. vanishingink Says:

    The idiot, Romney, would “represent one nation”?
    How many nations did every president we ever had represent? DUH….

  14. throbo Says:

    Doesn’t look good. As Hank Williams Jr said “It’s all over but the crying”. Goodbye Mittens.

  15. GTFOOH Says:

    It’s time for real change. The type you can count on. Not BS from the far left divisive socialist.

  16. SOFLGirl Says:


    Yea, right….Romney=Change….that’s laughable! Romney will lose because of all of his “CHANGES” on every issue.
    Obama will win because your “R” candidate is a phony! Please tell your party to get a moderate on the ticket and then maybe this independent will vote for thim….don’t insult me with Romney….I’m not a “low information voter” Thx

  17. DDW Says:

    The day before the election and Mr. Romney and the rest of the G.O.P. party are still trying to convince the voters that they and only then can fix every thing that they have broken. You know it is sort of like when you were a little kid after a big birthday party with a new toy and the brat down the street comes along and breaks it then leaves. Next day the brat shows back up and can’t understand why you don’t want to play with them anymore. Mr. Romney and gang we don’t want you and or your friends playing with our toys anymore. You have broke to many as it is. Go away, we have had enough. We have seen the damage done by both Mr. Bush, Mr.Scott and the G.O.P. and the middle class of Florida suffers daily, to this day because of the laws and policies enacted at their behest and that of the G.O.P.. We know the damage done by Mr. Romney when he was governor of Massachusetts. We know about the fees and burden debt that was placed on dunkin donuts and baskin robins when Mr. Romney was head of Bains. We know the real cost of the Utah Olympics to the American taxpayers.We know about the bailouts for Bains capitol when you hired the former director of the federal reserve.
    Please go away and take your G.O.P. crew with you as you leave for the winter home.
    You and the G.O.P. have done more then enough damage to Florida.
    Now just go away, all of you, just go away and don’t come back until you can play well with others and not break any toys.

  18. Phil_EngAmer Says:

    When thinking about the next 4 years in Florida you have to look at the real estate market. Under the current administration, home values in Florida plummeted and the foreclosure rate has soared. Can the state afford for the market to remain this way – or even get worse?

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