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Murphy on MSNBC: I’m fiscally more conservative than Obama but willing to compromise on taxes

by Andrew Abramson | November 20th, 2012

Fresh off his certification for the District 18 congressional seat, Patrick Murphy appeared on MSNBC’s The Ed Show this evening — but not before host Ed Schultz gave a send-off to Allen West, congratulating West for conceding “after two weeks of kicking and screaming.”

Schultz told Murphy “you are exactly what the Republicans love to put up in front of a crowd. You’re a successful businessman, you understand small business. I’ve done some research on your background.”

Schultz then asked Murphy if he won because of West’s rhetoric.

“It started off with his rhetoric,” Murphy said. “That offended a lot of Republicans. We’d get phone calls from Republicans every day saying ‘Patrick, look, we’re tired of the Tea Party, we’re tired of Allen West. We want somebody with your background as a CPA, as a small business owner, representing us. Part of my campaign was about showing the difference between Allen West and myself but also talking about what I want to do moving forward and my background and why I thought I was the better candidate moving this country forward.”

Schultz said that while Obama wants to raise taxes on those making more than $250,000 a year, Murphy has said he favors a tax hike only for those making $1 million or more. Schultz asked Murphy if he would agree to a tax hike on those making $250,000 and higher if Obama asked for his vote.

“Being a CPA I’ve studied the tax code and unfortunately it’s riddled with loopholes and deductions,” Murphy said. “If we’re going to be serious about making sure we don’t fall off this fiscal cliff so that we do have economic stability going forward, we’re going to have to really look at our tax code from scratch. I said the $1 million because I believe there are so many businesses out there that want to keep that money invested in their companies so that’s why I have the line at $1 million. If we’re going to be serious the first thing I said is that I want to sit down with the Republicans and find compromise to ensure we move this country forward.

“Of course I don’t want to raise taxes on the middle class. But I am fiscally more conservative than the president so that’s where I stand. I’m not saying I wouldn’t compromise because there’s a bigger picture at hand here. That’s where I drew the line but we’ve got to do what’s best for all Americans.”


37 Responses to “Murphy on MSNBC: I’m fiscally more conservative than Obama but willing to compromise on taxes”

  1. the other paul Says:

    Murphy: “But I am fiscally more conservative than the president so that’s where I stand.”

    A drunken sailor is fiscally more conservative than Obama. When the sailor runs out of money, he quits spending.

  2. T. J. Ewing Says:

    @the other paul; And that drunken sailor runs out of money much faster when certain groups don’t pay their fair share of taxes or when the sailor in the Navy has to fight stupid wars that aren’t paid for. But the government continues to give more tax breaks to those certain groups and lots of corporate welfare. The Teabaggers believe in “trickle down economics” as in Voodoo economics. Is that your belief as well? Voodoo economics has never worked. Murphy is just getting started and at any rate could never be as bad as the Joe McCarthy imitation known as Allen West. Geez! West did NOTHING except rant and rave about commies! At least give Murphy a chance. West has his and blew it big time.

  3. Tea Lady Says:

    How odd .. Mr. Murphy accepted campaign contributions from people in the “1%” .. and now he wants to exempt many of those same people from higher taxes. Oh, because of his “CPA” and “small business” background. Ri-i-i-ght .. ri-i-i-ight …

    It sounds like the Tea Party to me! =)

    How awful some of you must feel .. to see your beloved Tea-slayer Murphy selling you out.

    You’ll never be rid of Us Tea Partiers! Never, never, never! =)

  4. RENEGADE Says:


    Speaking of drunks!!!!!
    Raising taxes on the wealthy sounds like the tea party??????
    You truely are a complete raving lunatic,utter moron and total imbecile!!!!

    Sorry but Murphy is anything but Tea Party. Not on his worst day. He isn’t selling anyone out. Unlike the tealiban did to West!!
    The Tea party is the home of the worrst tea slayers. You nut jobs are your own worst enemies!! LMAO!!!!!!

    Take notes because Murphy is the kind of canidate we should have in Congress> Maybe you wack jobs will learn something.

  5. Bito Says:

    @Tealady, The 1% make a lot more than $1 mil a year, so that argument is out the door, Renegade also beleives that you are a LUNATIC AND A MORON, YOU ARE DUMB AND CRAZY WHO FELL OF THE WAGON AND OVERDOSED ON KOOL-AID AGAI!!! ;)

  6. Steve Says:

    Tea Lady, there you are. You’ve been very quiet lately. Looks like your Teabaggers either didn’t show at the polls or everyone realized just how insane you and your people are. You are washed up. Don’t be a sore loser, Teabag Lady. It looks like Ricky Scott is next to go. What will you do then? I suggest moving to Texas or Montana. They want to secede from the union. You would be perfect there.

  7. Didyaknow Says:

    Didyaknow.. that under Obamacare, hospitals will pay tons more and medicare seniors will have less chance to survive a hospital stay? Nurses will be spread really thin in hospitals? If you sold a boat, vacation home, etc you will pay tons more capital gains taxes (almost glad I took a loss on the house we sold). Employers will be forced to re-think full time status to their employees because of the cost of the health insurance? Did anyone read this besides a handful of us? It’s YOUR life and it effects all of us in some way..READ IT.

  8. Yo' Mama-Obama Says:

    More “hope and change” from Obama-nomics: U.S. poverty has increased to 49.7 million Americans. (Source: U.S. Census, Dec. 14, 2012.)

    I hope the Great One is enjoying his vacation in Southeast Asia on the taypayer’s dollar.

  9. Tea Lady Says:

    (from the article): “Schultz said that while Obama wants to raise taxes on those making more than $250,000 a year, Murphy has said he favors a tax hike only for those making $1 million or more.”

    Need anyone say more?

    Mr. Murphy — not the “anti-Tea Party” candidate that many of you hoped for. =)

  10. stewy Says:

    Sounds like a republican masquerading as a Democrat.

  11. Teabaggers=Endangered Species! Says:

    Teabag lady is reading her tea leaves again. Murphy hasn’t even taken office yet and she claims he’s a Teabagger. LMAO! She should go on Saturday Night Live. At least there you will be recognized for the joke you really are! Ar any rate, nobody could be worse than West and the teabagger lady is just so sorry West lost. Maybe you and West can now go out and look for commies what with all your free time. The teabagger lady and Allen West. What a lovely couple!

  12. compromise Says:

    Kudos to Rep-elect Murphy. He GETS IT! Compromise is good! I am so glad he won on a number of levels.

    He is going to make a fine member right away, by both bringing his personal and professional experience to Congress to get the people’s work DONE and by representing his constituents.

    These were the two big negatives on West, now positives for the Democrat. He will make an impact for sure. And that means he will be tough to beat when he is up for re-election in 2014 (especially since he will be on the ballot when Rick Scott loses re-election so there will be strong turnout from Dems).

    Hey Tea Lady, you are a psychopath. There is no doubt about it. We can tell from your posts that you will say absolutely anything to promote your disgusting and demented view of America and politics. I hope you stick around on public boards like these to serve as an example and a reminder to all Florida voters just how pathologically dishonest and fundamentally ignorant your Republican Party has become.

  13. Question to ask... Says:

    Is he really a CPA?

  14. Question to ask... Says:

  15. joshua nunez Says:


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  16. RENEGADE Says:

    Question to ask

    Yes, he is really a CPA. He received his licence in Coloradoand as a Licenced CPA he is recognized as able to practice nationwide and before Congress. But now he is joining Congress!

  17. RENEGADE Says:

    Tea Lady

    He is exactly what we hoped for. He sent your tea darling West down the road to irrelevance!!!
    Last time I checked the tea twits practically had a coronary anytime someone mentioned taxing millionairs!!!!

    Thats makes him VERY ANTI-TEATWIT!!!!

  18. RENEGADE Says:

    Yo’ Mama-Obama

    Yep, BBush and the Republicans really screwed the American people. And then the GOP in Congress has kept right on screwing Americans and forcing evenmore to live in poverty.But don’t worry we are in the process of fixing that problem!! Come 2014 the Gop will find themselves the permanent minority!!

  19. Tom Darby Says:

    I see another message board infested with liberal garbage and Obama groupies…The only thing bad about one dead liberal is that it isn’t more.

  20. Steve Says:

    Oh my goodness, the Tea Lady actually believes everything she reads. She is so cute. I love how she is quoting everything. Adorable. Keep tea-bagging, sweetie. You are just trolling, trying to upset everyone but its not working. Facts are facts–your candidate lost. Excuse me, many of the tea baggers lost and you are just trying to save face. Face it, lady, you and your party have been put on notice.

  21. Bob Sands Says:

    I see that Tom Darby is not a compassionate conservative. If folks don’t think like he thinks, he wants them DEAD! Mean, hateful and full of himself. El Rushbo teaches his flock well. Enough of this crap. Congress needs to do the work of the people and not obstruct everything that would benefit all citizens! We have been held hostage long enough by the far right radicals!

  22. SickNTired Says:

    @ Didyaknow ..

    The “employers” you claim will be forced to re-think full time status to their employees because of the cost of the health insurance a long time ago. Big Corporations have been hiring part time workers to avoid paying benefits for years now. It’s why so many ofus are under employed or working several part time jobs so they can farm out what slave labor they still let us have. My former company kept cutting hours and benefits, yet the upper management still managed to pay themselves bonus and give themselves raises! GET A CLUE! BUSINESS OWNERS ARE OUT FOR PROFITS FOR OWNERS OR SHAREHOLDERS – NOT TO TAKE CARE OF EMPLOYEES!

  23. RENEGADE Says:

    Tom Darby

    The whining and crying and lame excuses of Right wingers when they have been thoroughly trounced in an election is like sweet music!!
    Their tears of frustration are like rays of sunshine on a rainy day!!
    The agonizing denial of the reality of their situation is like the rainbow after the hurricane!!
    Thx for making my day!!!

  24. drippinhun Says:

    @Tea Lady

    I’d like to see all of George Bush’s tax cuts eliminated, have a minimum income tax rate and freeze all spending to start to achieve a balanced budget. And I doubt you could call me anything but a liberal.

  25. inandoutoflove Says:

    Another drunk representing the State…classic.

  26. DIEGO VIEJO Says:

    I wonder if all the people who are using the word “TEA BAGGERS” really know the meaning of the word??? Most people who voted for Obama once or twice are usually ignorant or illiterate. I feel sorry for them in the coming years when they are hit with all the new taxes and regulations that the Muslim president is instituting. Too bad the so called Middle Class has been working too many jobs just to get by to take time to investigate who this Obama person really is. If people who truly knew who he really is, they would have never voted for him ever. He was not qualified to be a dog catcher, let alone be President of the United States.

  27. compromise Says:


    Bigoted and proud aren’t you.

    Are you familiar with the U.S. Constitution and the First Amendment?

    Freedom of religion ring a bell?

    Islam is a religion just like Christianity and Judaism and Muslims are free to practice their religion in the United States. So says the Constitution. If you hate people because of their religion, then that makes you a bigot and someone who has zero respect for Americans’ first amendment rights.

    Further, President Obama is not a muslim, but even if he was, I would still be proud to call him our President of the United States! He is an exceptional man, and outstanding president, and the exact kind of “people’s person” we need in this country as a leader.

    It is PITIFUL that you are so consumed with bigotry and hate that you inject your anti-first amendment — and thus anti-American — venom into the public discourse. Shame on you!

  28. @DIEGO VIEJO Says:


    I find it freakin hilareous thqat an utter imbecile like you would try to criticize liberals as Ignorant and illiterate. Especially since it has been proven liberals are the more intelligent and conservatives tend to be of lower intelligence. If we are ignorant you must be completely brain dead then. You shouldn’t try to criticize your intellectual superiors!!

  29. Lemmy Says:

    Hey Diego, we know exactly what tea-baggers mean. That is precisely why we keep calling you that. So, dip, dip away tea bagger. How sad for you that there aren’t enough selfish people out there to agree with your brand of politics. The mean shall not inherit the Earth. They will get nothing in the end.

  30. Nationalize everything Says:

    Voters get to reap what they sowed.

    Next on the agenda…NATIONAL catastrophe INSURANCE…thanks to FL democrats: Ted Deutch and Alan ‘the rude, obnoxious billionaire’ Grayson

    we’re starting to see the NATIONALIZATION of many facets of our lives and the confiscation of your hard earned money going to the government.

    They-the government- know ‘better’ how to use your money, than you do. That’s the democrat way.

    Just visualize it now: you’ll be taxed for NATIONAL catastrophe-which will always increase in costs;
    then this ‘banked’ catastrophe fund will be diverted to ‘other’ programs and the call will be for another increase.
    And God forbid, if you do have to put in a claim- the paperwork will be a further nightmare, a hundred times worse than dealing with current insurance nightmares at the local level.
    Imagine dealing with federal government…and yes, that will mean more hiring of federal employees to work the program (another deduction from your gross pay to fund more government employees-their salaries, their healthcare, their pensions, their offices, their take home vehicles, etc, etc!)

    This banked catastrophe insurance money will go the way of Social Security: fancy, dancy accounting will be used to cover the cost of something else in the federal government and ofcourse the need for a premium increase will be called for…because we can’t let the democrats latest idea go bankrupt.

    Following the NATIONAL castastrophe insurance called for by Deutch and Grayson, will be a call for NATIONAL CAR insurance, since so many drive and don’t have adequate insurance.

    The democrats are a mess. Though they think they are doing what is best for ‘the people’ it always involves taking any money one earns and giving it to government programs.

    What a cycle of corruption for the citizens of our country.

    1. Nationalized healthcare insurance
    2. Nationalized Castastrophe insurance
    3. Nationalized Car insurance

    what else can be added to the list because at the rate this group of politicians are going no one will have any money left in the middle class.

  31. There is no mandate-just hate talk Says:

    2012 election popular vote:

    President Obama 162.6+ million
    Governor Romney 159.1+ million

    about 3.5 million vote difference

    Electoral votes 2012

    Obama 332
    Romney 206

    2008 popular vote

    Obama 66.8 million
    McCain 58.3 million

    2008 electoral votes

    Obama 365
    McCain 173

    There is no mandate.
    There is no decisive victory.

    We are as a nation; deeply, deeply divided.

    It’s clear to see that hating and hate talk is still alive and well.

    Just look at these postings above.

    Electoral Votes

  32. booger Says:

    rene-gayd post’s under many monikers on here, like other blogs..

    check out the times and names, a dead giveaway….

    grow up you POS.

  33. compromise Says:

    Yes @No Mandate, we hate you!

    We hate you because you oppose compromise.

    We hate you because you oppose any progress for Florida and America.

    We hate you because all you seek to do is tear things down and repeal existing laws rather than make America a more perfect union.

    We hate you because your entire agenda is based on myth and conspiracy rather than fact and common sense.

    We hate you for protecting the rich and the massive corporations over the needs of the shrinking Middle Class and growing ranks of the poor.

    We hate you for your contemptible treatment of your fellow Americans and your President.

    We hate you for the bigotry and racism that folks like you and people like “Diego” show for ethnic and religious minorities on a daily basis on blogs like this one.

    We hate you.

    Because you hate America.

    Today is a day of THANKS, and there’s a great deal to be thankful for, but one thing I am REALLY thankful for this Thanksgiving 2012 is that America has said loud and clear that we hate the Tea Party and its anti-American agenda and conspiracies.

    Deal with it!

    God Bless America, our voters, and the democracy that the fascist Tealiban wingnuts are plotting on a daily basis to steal using billionaire’s dirty money!

    Onward to 2013 and 2014, big changes are coming to Florida and to America. All for the better.

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