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Nelson joins chorus of Democrats urging Scott extend voting hours

by John Kennedy | November 3rd, 2012

U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson added his voice Saturday to a chorus of Democrats urging Republican Gov. Rick Scott to extend early voting hours, scheduled to end later in the day.

Long lines at polling places were still being reported around the state — with waits topping an hour common. Scott has already dismissed calls from Florida Democratic Party Chairman Rod Smith and others to push the early voting deadline past 7 p.m. Saturday.

“You should be doing everything in your power to make sure everybody has the chance to vote, and that their vote is counted,” Nelson said in a letter Saturday to Scott. “Instead, Gov. Scott, you are allowing people to be turned away and jeopardizing the credibility of Florida’s election.”

Surveys show the presidential race in Florida is tight, with Republican Mitt Romney likely holding a narrow lead. Republican leaders say Nelson’s opponent, Fort Myers U.S. Rep. Connie Mack IV, could be lifted to victory by a strong GOP turnout, overcoming polls that show him trailing by an average 6.7 percentage points heading into the campaign’s final weekend.



30 Responses to “Nelson joins chorus of Democrats urging Scott extend voting hours”

  1. Rick Says:

    Republicans do not care about a citizens right to vote. They don’t care about democracy or the constitution or the bill of rights. The only thing they care about is getting one of “theirs” into a seat of power so they can keep their foot on the neck of the middle class and poor. As the 2000 election showed Floridians, republicans have no sense of fairness or country, or the American way.

  2. jebamoni4 Says:

    Egg-headed Governor would not do it.
    Republcans face losing streak11

  3. LibsSuck Says:

    Bill Nelson….LOL!!!

  4. Terri Says:

    3 hours to vote at the Boca Community Ctr yesterday.

  5. Jenex Says:

    There will be no big crowds on Tuesday when all of the polling stations are open. If you can’t vote then you should have mailed in an absentee ballot. Your lack of planning is not the state’s emergency.

  6. patrice Says:

    are you people INSANE!!! stop whining…there has been enough time iwht the early voting oh and you could have also mailed in a ballot (unless you’re military…then your fearless leader says they shouldn’t be able to get it).
    Get on line and WAIT…everyone is so impatient and looking for the easy way., well ya know what. people WHO fought and died for our freedom didn’t whine about this. Early voting should be a week tops. too much fraud.

  7. Diego Says:

    I can testify to long lines im here at the wellington library and is 1:30 pm . Lines are very long with a waiting time averaging 2 or more hrs. This is making the experience very challenging for elderly people. I ewcomend voters bringing chairs and water.

  8. Mike Says:

    As usually Florida does everything the way it shouldn’t be done. Where I came from, the voting line was never more than 15 minutes. I asked a few friends from there and they all said less than 15 minutes. Why is it 2 hours (or more) here?

  9. WhatTheyREallyThink Says:

    After waiting three hours today to vote, I was pleasantly surprised at the turn-out. However, the mood soon changed. Mr. Blanchfield had to open his mouth. He says to me, “These people must be getting paid.” I’m like, what? He then proceeds to ask me, “You don’t think these people would get up this early (6:30) on a Saturday, do you? “They must be getting paid by their church or someone.” I couldn’t believe it, but i could. Three hours later he’s talking to the older(70-ish), Black, Spanish, and white ladies in line, and one stated to the other, “You are going to be tired when you get to work today.” The other states she’ll be OK.” I don’t think Mr. Blanchfield heard a thing.

  10. dinop Says:

    Re:mike, lines where I came from in texas were short too. Think about it, the early voting lines limit the vote in urban (democratic) areas while favoring rural (republican) areas. I understand rick scott’s plan and I respect his authority to skew the election. I’m a lefty but this is the way the game is played. Look at debbie wassermns congressional district that strings from broward to miami beach, pure gerrymandering. Oh well, peeps gotta vote absentee or vote Tuesday.

  11. Obama/Dems 2012 Says:

    Republicans are more and more like fasacists every single day.

    Rick Scott scammed MEDICARE and now he is preventing people from voting while promoting this series of absurd and disgusting “Constitutional Amendments”. Truly, if the Republican Party of Florida had ANY sense of shame or embarrassment they would be apologizing to Floridians for abusing the public trust repeatedly. And that is why Maria Sachs is going to beat Ellyn Bogdanoff. People are going to — and SHOULD — punish Bogdanoff for carrying Rick Scott’s water by voting for his agenda literally 100% of the time.

    OBAMA 2012

    After Obama wins in 3 days, Pink Slip Rick will be getting his come-uppance in 2 short years!

  12. oracle Says:

    This is the out of touch Bill Nelson that voted for the health care bill, the stimulus and two incompetent supreme court justices.

  13. Kim Jacobs Says:

    We all know that Florida has no problem with inappropriate elections and counts when it comes to having a republican win. I’ve lived here too long and this is the most corrupt state in the US!

  14. Floridian Says:

    Change the rules at the 11th hour. Just how Dems steal elections. Go to the polls on the 6th to vote.

  15. thefritz Says:

    I voted last Saturday at the Boynton library. It was a 2-hour wait, not because the crowd was so big but because both printers went down. They got one working after about an hour. Seven days of early voting is plenty. If you can’t or won’t deal with that and can’t vote on election day I recommend absentee voting, of course you risk Bucher and company screwing that up too. Suck it up whiners.

  16. Native Floridian Says:

    Gov. Scott is trying to suppress the early vote because middle class workers who have jobs and families will vote for Obama. They also have jobs and kids, and it’s hard to get out on Tuesday. We try to vote on Saturday only to wait in long lines. All of Romney’s plutocrat friends are off Tuesday, playing golf and living off their minimally taxed wealth gained through a rigged system of our corrupt financial system. Obama is not perfect, but much better for America than Romney. Four more years.

  17. Rob Says:

    You Dems. are all the same. Always whining & complaining about everything! We voted last Sat. @ 2 PM and were out in 45 mins. If you’re too stupid to vote @ the advertised times too F-ing bad. We can’t wait ’till Wed. morning to hear your idiot civil rights lawyer is out on his worthless butt. He’s the worst Pres. we’ve ever had!

  18. PBC since '44 Says:

    It seems to me that 12 hours for 7 days is plenty of time to vote “early”. One reason the lines are so long is that many precincts are voting. Tuesday should be less crowded to cast your ballot.

  19. Jenni007 Says:

    Can’t wait to vote out Scott and his goons in 2014!

  20. chris hix Says:

    Obama’s Greatest HIts:

    “the middle class is doing just fine.” 7.8% unemployed
    “a spontaneous reaction to a web video.” 4 Americans dead
    “the shovel-ready jobes weren’t as shovel-ready as we thought”
    “My presidency will be ‘a One-Term Proposition’ if economy doesn’t turn In 3 years”
    “You didn’t build that…”

    “I’m pledging to cut the deficit by half by the end of my first term in office”
    “I refuse to leave our children with a debt they cannot repay that means taking responsibility right now in this administration to get this spending under control”
    Obama’s $3.5 trillion deficit is greater than ALL PREVIOUS PRESIDENTS COMBINED.

    Average gas price on day one of taking office: $1.80
    Average gas price today $3.57
    Good thing we got rid of those oil men from that Bush administration

    “I will make our government open and transparent…no more secrecy”
    “when there’s a tax bill debated in Congress you will know the names of the businesses that will benefit and how much money they will get”
    On Feb. 17, Obama signed his 1,000-page $787 billion stimulus aimed at jolting the declining U.S. economy. He did so only one business day after it passed through Congress – without allowing for five days of public comment as promised.

    Solyndra swipes a half-billion dollars of taxpayer money before declaring bankruptcy. Other bankrupt, stimuli-infused companies include Tester, A123, Satcon Technology Corp and the list is still growing, unlike green jobs.

    “The White House said taxpayers could lose roughly $14 billion of the money spent on auto industry bailouts, despite the industry’s recent recovery”. Wall Street Journal, June 2, 2011

    With the latest jobs report, it is now the case that under Obama, Food Stamp Growth is 75 Times Greater Than Job Creation, according to statistics compiled by the Senate Budget Committee. “For Every Person Added to Jobs Rolls Since January 2009, 75 People Added To Food Stamp Rolls.”

    Unaware, Obama whispered a scary offer regarding our anti-missile defenses, picked up with a nearby open mic
    PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA (reaching over and putting his hand on Mr. Medvedev’s knee): : “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility.”
    RUSSIAN PRESIDENT DMITRY MEDVEDEV: “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir. I understand you.”

    First day in office, Obama pledged to close by Executive Order the Guantanamo prison facility in Cuba by January 2010. still open.

    Go ahead…have some fun. Add your favorites to the list and forward to your friends and neighbors. Everyone can play. It’s so easy! “Cuz there’s just soooo many!

    Vote him out.
    Romney 2012.

  21. Very Tired Says:

    Give someone a foot, they take a mile.
    There is nothing that says you are entitled to more that ONE day to vote. They give you 8 extra and you still want more?
    No wonder Scott turned down the Medicaid expansion.
    You people always want more, more and still more.
    It is time to deal with what you got.
    And by the way, how about paying for it.
    What are we at? About $17,000,000,000,000.00 in the whole?

  22. Obama/Dems 2012 Says:

    “Very Tired” “you people”

    You sound like a real loser.

    After Obama wins Tues, voting out Rick Scott is next. 2014, Rick. Tick-tock.

  23. SamCrestview Says:

    I early voted today in Crestview. There was no line at all. Of course, I live in one of the most republican counties in the state. It is a travesty that people are waiting four hours in Broward and Dade, while the voting in the bible belt is a breeze!

  24. Presidency in Hamilton OH Says:

    If you can’t get your butt out to vote in 7 days, then something is WRONG WITH YOU!

    The problem with voting this year was all the amendments.

    It may have been better to vote on election day instead of early voting, as there would have not been the extra form to fill out, the wait to verify your information, then having to go to a certain printer, then voting a 3 page, both sides ballot and then going to a designated reader!


    We do NOT need more days!

  25. Barbara Says:

    Was this election a big surprise to you? You had ample time to vote Early, Absentee and also read and mark your votes on sample ballots, so you could expedite the voting process. NO EXTENSION. Amendments were not the problem, the whiners are the problem. I voted a month ago, simple. Why are we having this conversation with every Presidential election, time and time again?

  26. joah Says:


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  27. SamCrestview Says:

    Come on Barbara, the reason we have a problem every four years is our corrupt governor and secretary of state. The same is true in Ohio (what a shock) which also has corrupt republicans in these offices. There are four hour lines in Cleveland/ Cincinnati and no lines in rural areas. Do you think thus is a coincidence???

    BTW, working people don’t have time to vote absentee 30 days in advance….they’re struggling to keep food on the table! Also, early biting is a valid method of voting; it should not be a trial and tribulation!

    Finalky, the republicans have done everything they can to slow down the voting process with these ridiculous and inscrutable amendments. I have a masters degree from an Ivy League college, and I had trouble understanding the legalese doublespeak.

  28. Mattrue Says:

    Romney has already lost the battle, this is an upset from the beginning. Obama has already won the election. The people of the West stay at the pole and don’t give in to the economy killing republicans. Vote for America and the middle class Americans who built this country vote for President Barack Obama forward into the future of America.

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