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Former Florida elections chief on West-Murphy: ‘How do you get away with doing a partial recount?’

by George Bennett | November 13th, 2012

Former Florida Secretary of State Kurt Browning, a three-decade veteran of Florida elections, says he understands why Republican U.S. Rep. Allen West would be “a little steamed” by Sunday’s disputed partial recount of early votes in St. Lucie County.

A recount wasn’t required by state law because Democrat Patrick Murphy’s margin was larger than 0.5 percent. But St. Lucie County elections officials acknowledged problems with the way electronic memory cartridges of early votes were uploaded on election night and scheduled an emergency canvassing board meeting Sunday to recount all 37,379 early votes for all the races on the ballot.

On Sunday, however, the county said the cartridge problem was limited to the last three days of early voting, so only 16,275 ballots cast on those days would be recounted. The recount revealed a 799-vote error in the West-Murphy race that resulted in a 535-vote net gain for West and reduced Murphy’s margin to 0.58 percent.

“Why did they do a recount when it was outside the one half of one percent? If in fact they did order a recount, why did they order a partial recount?” said Browning, who emphasized he has no first-hand knowledge of the situation but says he’s been puzzled by what he’s read about it.

“Being that she (St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections Gertrude Walker) has done a partial recount of ballots, how do you get away with doing a partial recount and not a total recount? The law doesn’t make any provision for a partial recount. It’s either all or nothing,” Browning said.

The partial recount flipped the Fort Pierce mayor’s race from a narrow win for Vince Gaskin to a narrow win for challenger Linda Hudson. That race is going to a full recount because it’s within 0.44 percent.

West says there should be a full recount of early ballots because the errors revealed by the recount of three days of early voting suggest “something is fishy” with all eight days of early voting.

Browning, who was Pasco County’s elections supervisor from 1981 to 2007 and Florida secretary of state for five years after that, said it’s unusual for a recount of optical-scan ballots to produce such a large change in vote totals — 667 lost votes for Murphy and 132 lost votes for West.

“If I were Allen West and my opponent lost 600-plus votes, I’d be a little steamed. Because how many votes would he lose if you did a full recount?” Browning said.


84 Responses to “Former Florida elections chief on West-Murphy: ‘How do you get away with doing a partial recount?’”

  1. kelly Says:

    With all due respect to Mr. Browning, is it really a partial recount if they were just correcting for a technical glitch? It seems like they were able to identify the problem batches of ballots easily. Since the problem was the uploaded totals from memory sticks, I’m not surprised by the large swing in votes. It’s kind of like reloading a page on the internet when not all the content loads the first time.

  2. Al Says:

    This is absurd. The media called the corrective actions of the elections officials in St Lucie county a “recount” so now this guy’s sensibilities are somehow “offended”. Please give me a break. The law is the law. If the elections officials needed to correct for a glitch in the new electronic process perhaps we should simply return to the days when each ballot was cast by hand or at least issue voters a receipt after their votes are cast so there can be a paper trail. As far as Mr. West is concerned he lost by a margin wide enough to preclude an official “recount”. As a result, the Secretary of State should be ordered to certify these results as they have been in years past.

  3. Keith Coates Says:

    I’m and auditor, have been for five years. My experience tells me when I take a sample population and find errors I extrapolate that to the entire population. Meaning that if the sample population (16,000) has a .04 percent margin of error then the entire population (all votes in the sample)could be off by that amount. – Please don’t give me that stuff about known errors in this particular sample…If I was doing the audit I would increase the sample population to see if there were other markers to indicate wholesale fraud.

  4. SteveSch Says:

    Allen West is a coward. He isn’t man enough to admit he lost. Why does he feel its his right to be a sore looser. People hate poltical games, that’s all Allen west does is play games, then spew a sound bite.

    He’s better off out of Washington and really any public life. He didn’t do one thing in Washington besides hate, he just needs to be a man and loose with grace.

  5. Stan Says:

    Allen,Let it go already. The law is the law as stated by Al.

  6. R Scott Says:

    The Colonel has not been involved in extramarital affairs with any of those Petraeus women. He needs to be in Washington to straighten things out.

  7. Z Says:

    The fact that there’s such a big difference, even with a partial recount, tells me that the system has some critically serious problems and that the vote count is not accurate at all. We need an entirely new system.

  8. Big Daddy Says:

    How many of you nimrods are Democrats and how many of you are Republican? Chances are at least 5 of you are Democrats and if this had happens to Murphy, y’all would be ranting and raving that west stole the election. So give it a rest. Let West have his day in court. He entitled to it just like everyone else.

  9. T Says:

    ANYONE who favors a transparent democratic system should demand a full recount after ANY problems arise. It may uncover other problems. If you are a Dem, and your guy won fair and square, then this will PROVE that WITHOUT a DOUBT. If your are GOP, you should probably hold a rally to demand a recount. I personally believe that there is something very strange going on here and for the love of all that’s holy cannot understand why they simply don’t do a full recount and put this puppy to bed once and for all. The process is tainted until that’s done. Why would anyone be against a double-check?

  10. RSmoke Says:

    One would think that in any election an elections supervisor would err on the side of caution and work to address concerns for both parties involved. Why not do a full recount if there is truly nothing to hide, the full recount should eliminate any doubt as to who the real winner in the election is. I would say elections office is concerned that maybe they messed up more than they want to admit and don’t want to do a recount. The elections office gets to save face by not doing a full recount with the tradeoff being the candidate whom the people chose may not be elected into office…sounds like a previous election in Palm Beach County in the not so distant past. With the voter suppression in Miami-Dade, the issues with elections in Palm Beach county during the Gore election and now this I understand why the feds need and should be involved in Florida elections…the people being paid six figure salaries to run the elections run them but don’t necessarily run them right.

  11. R Scott Says:

    These recounts are a total waste of time and money. The Petaaeus affais proves that there are not enough generals to go around. Colonel West not only needs to take his seat in Congress, he also needs to be promoted to General so that he can oversee the other Generals.

  12. The Truth Hurts Says:

    @BigDaddy-FYI-West HAD his day in court and the judge threw out his baseless motion and admonished his attorney (and West) for wasting the court’s time and taxpayer money. He needs to give up and go quietly. He’s too stupid to realize what a buffoon and embarassment he’s become.

  13. Joe Fraracci Says:

    All bullies are cowards.
    West is a bully.
    You lost, West. Man up.

  14. dp Says:

    The main thing is fair elections. Even if the error was explained why not recount the entire race? I do not agree with West on alot of issues but this seems fishy. Why not clear it up correctly?

  15. Big Daddy Says:

    @ The Truth Hurts …… The district includes 3 counties, Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie County The court ruling was only in regards to Palm Beach County. So before opening your mouth, maybe you should check your facts.

  16. Brenda Diuro Says:

    It seems unbelievable that once again there are problems with voting on election day in the state of Florida. In the corporate world
    If the government was run like a corporation, both St. Lucy County and Palm Beach County Board.of Elections Supervisors would be terminated! They have each had multiple years to get it right. I am embarrassed to say I live in Forida.

    In response to SteveSch, Mr. West is far from being a coward. He doesn’t hide behind people, he doesn’t allow allow people to pressure him. Quite the contrary from Patrick Murphy who hasn’t had a real job and who has George Soros and his father pulling his puppet strings.

  17. The Truth Hurts Says:

    Kinda like Allen West’s problem:

    IT makes sense that Mitt Romney and his advisers are still gobsmacked by the fact that they’re not commandeering the West Wing.

    (Though, as “The Daily Show” correspondent John Oliver jested, the White House might have been one of the smaller houses Romney ever lived in.)

    Team Romney has every reason to be shellshocked. Its candidate, after all, resoundingly won the election of the country he was wooing.

    Mitt Romney is the president of white male America.

    Maybe the group can retreat to a man cave in a Whiter House, with mahogany paneling, brown leather Chesterfields, a moose head over the fireplace, an elevator for the presidential limo, and one of those men’s club signs on the phone that reads: “Telephone Tips: ‘Just Left,’ 25 cents; ‘On His Way,’ 50 cents; ‘Not here,’ $1; ‘Who?’ $5.”

    In its delusional death spiral, the white male patriarchy was so hard core, so redolent of country clubs and Cadillacs, it made little effort not to alienate women. The election had the largest gender gap in the history of the Gallup poll, with Obama winning the vote of single women by 36 percentage points.

    As W.’s former aide Karen Hughes put it in Politico on Friday, “If another Republican man says anything about rape other than it is a horrific, violent crime, I want to personally cut out his tongue.”

    Some Republicans conceded they were “a ‘Mad Men’ party in a ‘Modern Family’ world” (although “Mad Men” seems too louche for a candidate who doesn’t drink or smoke and who apparently dated only one woman). They also acknowledged that Romney’s strategists ran a 20th-century campaign against David Plouffe’s 21st-century one.

    But the truth is, Romney was an unpalatable candidate. And shocking as it may seem, his strategists weren’t blowing smoke when they said they were going to win; they were just clueless.

    Until now, Republicans and Fox News have excelled at conjuring alternate realities. But this time, they made the mistake of believing their fake world actually existed. As Fox’s Megyn Kelly said to Karl Rove on election night, when he argued against calling Ohio for Obama: “Is this just math that you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better?”

    Romney and Tea Party loonies dismissed half the country as chattel and moochers who did not belong in their “traditional” America. But the more they insulted the president with birther cracks, the more they tried to force chastity belts on women, and the more they made Hispanics, blacks and gays feel like the help, the more these groups burned to prove that, knitted together, they could give the dead-enders of white male domination the boot.

    The election about the economy also sounded the death knell for the Republican culture wars.

    Romney was still running in an illusory country where husbands told wives how to vote, and the wives who worked had better get home in time to cook dinner. But in the real country, many wives were urging husbands not to vote for a Brylcreemed boss out of a ’50s boardroom whose party was helping to revive a 50-year-old debate over contraception.

    Just like the Bushes before him, Romney tried to portray himself as more American than his Democratic opponent. But America’s gallimaufry wasn’t knuckling under to the gentry this time.

    If 2008 was about exalting the One, 2012 was about the disenchanted Democratic base deciding: “We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.”

    Last time, Obama lifted up the base with his message of hope and change; this time the base lifted up Obama, with the hope he will change. He has not led the Obama army to leverage power, so now the army is leading Obama.

    When the first African-American president was elected, his supporters expected dramatic changes. But Obama feared that he was such a huge change for the country to digest, it was better if other things remained status quo. Michelle played Laura Petrie, and the president was dawdling on promises. Having Joe Biden blurt out his support for gay marriage forced Obama’s hand.

    The president’s record-high rate of deporting illegal immigrants infuriated Latinos. Now, on issues from loosening immigration laws to taxing the rich to gay rights to climate change to legalizing pot, the country has leapt ahead, pulling the sometimes listless and ruminating president by the hand, urging him to hurry up.

    More women voted than men. Five women were newly elected to the Senate, and the number of women in the House will increase by at least three. New Hampshire will be the first state to send an all-female delegation to Congress. Live Pink or Dye.

    Meanwhile, as Bill Maher said, “all the Republican men who talked about lady parts during the campaign, they all lost.”

    The voters anointed a lesbian senator, and three new gay congressmen will make a total of five in January. Plus, three states voted to legalize same-sex marriage. Chad Griffin, the president of the Human Rights Campaign, told The Washington Post’s Ned Martel that gays, whose donations helped offset the Republican “super PACs,” wanted to see an openly gay cabinet secretary and an openly gay ambassador to a G-20 nation.

    Bill O’Reilly said Obama’s voters wanted “stuff.” He was right. They want Barry to stop bogarting the change.

  18. ALLEN WEST WON Says:


  19. ALLEN WEST WON Says:


  20. The Truth Hurts Says:


  21. The Truth Hurts Says:


  22. Harleigh Kiffer Says:

    Just a democrat doing their job and it has nothing to do about honesty.

  23. R Scott Says:

    Recounts have become irrelevant in this case. Word out of Washington is that a 436th seat will be created for Colonel,soon to be promoted to General, West. Seems as though this additional Congressional seat will be set aside for known experts in oversight of General Officer love affairs.

  24. lmmd Says:

    really allen – we don’t want you! so go away!

  25. LeesiD Says:

    There are rules that are being followed, and West falls out of the margin to have a recount. That’s just the way things are. West went searching for a district because he would have lost in his old one too. Now he is searching for votes! Mr. West, you claim you are a man of honor…..well??


    WE VOTERS WANT A RECOUNT! If we citizens have to sign a petition or take legal action as a whole WE WILL…Also THROW GERTRUDE OUT OF OFFICE!



  28. Murphy's Dirty Little Secret Says:

    I have heard some VERY interesting news about Patrick Murphy that would blow a hole in his candidacy. She is going to meet with a reporter shortly. It will prove very provocative.

  29. lmmd Says:


  30. lmmd Says:

    to murphy’s dirty little secret – it’s not about a candidacy anymore – he’s the WINNER! and now a congressman…….

  31. Downtown Danny Says:

    West should do it his way – take the Election Supervisor into a room and wave a gun in their face then shoot it right next to their ear to scare them into a recount.

    Then West should do the world a favor and turn the gun on himself and blow his head off & end our misery of having to listen to the worlds biggest Uncle Tom in history.

  32. jack Says:

    How come Murphys campaign managers family does not have to pay their mortgage but gets to stay in their house over multiple years but the rest of us have to pay or get out ? Murphy and his staff are just another parasite on the govt checkbook

  33. R Scott Says:

    Ok so it has been settled — not enough Generals in Washington. Solution: promote Colonel West to his well deserved General Petraeus seat in Congress.

  34. Jim Says:

    If west and Murphy spent the same amount of money in their campaigns, and there was no voter suppression in the Democratic districts then I would be incline to say West had a right to protest the results. But that did not happen. West out spent Purphy over 4 to 1. FOUR TO ONE!!!!! Come on if West was popular in the 18th he would have one by a landslide!!!!! TIME FOR WEST TO GO!!!!!!

  35. Fox Says:

    West just needs to go be a West just needs to go be a commentator on FOX NEWS. They would love him there. He can talk about guns, God, and lowering the taxes on the wealthy. Core Republican values. It would also give him a venue to continue disgracing the military on a daily basis.

  36. TeaBag Treason Says:

    Kernel West can now get a job handing out towels and lilac vegetal in the latrine of the Clubhouse that wouldn’t allow him as a member in the first place. Ha Ha!

  37. Melissa Winchester Says:

    I find it a little hard to take what Kurt Browning says seriously after he proved his partisanship in the fight against fair Congressional re-districting. He should be ashamed of himself.

  38. Jack Buechner Says:

    For all of the election law experts let me remind you that clearly the Congress is “the sole judge of the qualifications of its members”. In this case if Mr. Murphy receives a Certificate of Election from the appropriate state authority (assuming it is the Sec. of State) they present it to the Clerk of the House (in this case). The House (overwhelmingly Republican) can refuse to seat him and, as past history will show, appoint a Committee which can actually oversee a recount, partial recount, conduct hearings. They can order House Administration to provide temporary offices for both Murphy and West until such time as the House chooses to accept the Certificate, if at all. I am not aware of Florida’s recount provisions except what is automatic. This does not mean that the West campaign cannot pay for a full recount. Seems (if only based upon the posts herein) that raising the money should be a snap.

  39. Jack Buechner Says:

    for reference :

    Long before the days of hanging chads, butterfly ballots and Katherine Harris, electoral recounts were conducted in relative obscurity. Occasionally, an election dispute would make national news. A 1974 U.S. Senate election in New Hampshire was so close that the Senate actually ordered a new election. The 1984-85 recount to resolve a congressional race in Indiana’s “Bloody 8th” generated so much ill-will on Capitol Hill that House Republicans walked out when Democrat Frank McCloskey was eventually declared the winner by just four votes. But generally recounts were conducted quietly and meticulously without controversy or partisan rancor.

  40. BigDem Says:


    Since you and Allen seem so sure he won then I propose we give him a recount under 2 conditions. After the recount when he still loses he must go to Washington and for the first month act as Murphys Chauffer, carry Murphys briefcase for him thru the halls of Congress, and answr Murphys phone for him saying “Hello, The Office of Congressman Patrick Murphy”

    Second, at the next DNC National Convention he must dress in full uniform, go up on stage to a seated Debbie Wasserman-schwartz, remove her shoes, wash and dry her feet, massage coco butter into them and paint her toenails for her!!And then tell her thank you for the Honor!

    That sounds like a fair deal to me!!

  41. John Says:

    Karma baby! Bush v. Gore..!! LOL

  42. The Law Is The Law Says:

    3 days of early voting for ALL races in St Lucie County had a technical glitch when the votes were imported on election day. St Lucie County SOE reported the glitch to the state SOS. The SOS told the St Lucie County SOE to correct the glitch. That glitch was resolved for all races in St Lucie County.

    The current lead by Murphy — after the glitch was corrected — is above .5%.

    There will be no recount because Murphy’s lead is above .5%.

    Let West sue. He will lose. There will be no recount, partial or otherwise. The law is the law. It really is not that difficult to understand.

  43. Michael J. "Orange Mike" Lowrey Says:

    As a former South Floridian, I take this as further proof that Dave Barry is right: the state which gave us Claude Kirk, Xavier Suarez, Otis Wallace, Carlos J. Gimenez and sons, hanging chads, Rick Scott, and now Col. West and his bottomless campaign of whining, is simply not ready for self-government. Perhaps you could petition to become part of the new state of Puerto Rico?

  44. tosh.o Says:

    nanna nanna boo boo

  45. DDW Says:

    @Jack Buechner,
    Thank you for your knowledge and insights of Congress. I had bet the wife before the elections that the courts would be the ones to decide who had won the race. Problem is I had picked the other race with the other black man and white dude for the court fights. I would like to see Mr. Murphy win but I am more interested in watching history play out before our eyes. With a level playing field for everyone. Even though I am a not a fan of Mr West, I would like for someone to explain the difference there is in the partial recount and or did they do a proper count of ballots in the first place. In this day and age I could understand a vote or two. But over five hundred votes sounds like a moment of DUH or even a you got to be kidding me moment at the very least. Regardless of the courts I did vote in this race and much like everyone else who did, I want my and theirs votes to go to whom we voted for with a certain level of confidence that, at this moment in time is not what I would call a warm and fuzzy feeling.
    Time will tell.

  46. DDW Says:

    @ The Law is the Law,
    I hope you are right. But please do explain the difference from the first count to the partial recount. I know and understand that it does not meet the automatic recount numbers but it just doesn’t,pardon the expression, add up between the two tallies.

  47. Rick Says:

    Thank you for writing this piece, George. I think it is a no brainer to recount the ballots. West picked up a huge portion of the partial recount which is a clear indicator.

  48. Tex Says:

    Ah… more civility from the Democrat intellectuals.

    Why is it that the whole notion of a black conservative just makes you liberals literally foam at the mouth with rage? Why is it that you liberals label as “racist” anyone who has the temerity to oppose “The Dear Leader” yet don’et hesitate to resort to all sorts of foul name calling of Allen West?

    Liberals claiming to be intelligent, tolerant and compassionate is about as big an oxymoron as labeling Islam as the “Religion of Peace.”

    Lastly, your repeated calls for West to “just get over it and concede” is like a rapist telling his intended victim, “I’ve already got your pants off so you might as well just stop resisting and “get over it.”

  49. Bob Philpot Says:

    Petition for a recount!

  50. lmmd Says:

    @ Tex – right back atcha – you need to pull your head out.

  51. lmmd Says:

    @ Bob Philpot – what do you not get that the majority don’t want him?

  52. Nana Says:

    Why isn’t someone in a higher position stepping in to fix this fraud?

  53. Tex Says:

    Bob, the regime in power will never allow such a thing… even if 50 million people signed a petition. Obama is no more likely to allow anything that might change the outcome than any other despot would under the circumstances.

  54. Jen Says:

    I’m a moderate and don’t particularly care for West, nevertheless, he deserves a full recount. This race is so close, Murphy would do the exact same thing if he was in West’s shoes. If they do a full recount and West wins, Gertrude Walker should resign. We should all be embarrassed by our election process in Florida. Pathetic!!

  55. PaulDF Says:

    To summarize; a vote is taken, and questions arise that lead to a recount of a sample. That sample is proven corrupted.

    And we are considering NOT doing a full recount??

    On what planet does that make sense?

  56. PaulDF Says:

    Someone in a higher position?

    Are you thinking perhaps Eric Holder would step in and uphold the law?

    I hear Saturday Nite Live is looking for some comedians. Good luck with that.

  57. Cortney Daugherty Says:

    Like Tex I am disturbed by the responses of Democrates who seem to be more interested in revenge and insults hidden behind a facade self rightousness. Taunts and insults are not a measure of your reasons nor advance your morale cause. If West loses let it be with an open and observed recount of all ballots.

  58. lmmd Says:

    @ cortney – get off your high horse bub

  59. The Law Is The Law Says:


    In all sincerety, I don’t understand what you don’t understand.

    There was a glitch with the loading of 3 days of early voting into the system. It is perfectly logical and consistent that the vote total changed when the 3 days were properly loaded into the system because it didn’t work properly the first time. As far as I understand, we don’t know why it “didn’t work properly” the first time. Maybe the cartridge was loaded properly and the technician thought it didn’t work and so loaded it again. A situation along those lines would explain why there were “too many votes” and why upon a reboot of those 3 days, the proper totals were tabulated.

    I think you and others need to disabuse yourself of the notion that there was a “partial recount”. There was no such thing. There was an emergency meeting regarding this technical snafu. At the meeting they decided to address the cartridge loading problem for the 3 days of votes for which there was a technical error. They did so and the proper count was tabulated. Perfectly logical.

    Looking at it another way, it is also perfectly logical that they did not assess early voting from the other days because A) there was no technical glitch for those other days and B) this was NOT a recount called into action because of the recount laws of the state of Florida.

    Obviously we don’t know exactly what happened regarding those three days, but what makes the LEAST sense to me is electoral fraud committed by career election officials at the St Lucie County SOE. This is their job. Why would they risk their livlihoods just to fraudulently help one candidate? From the TCPalm website profile on Ms. Walker she has been the SOE since 1980 and deputy SOE for 12 years prior. She’s going to throw away her entire career over THIS election? On tabulating 3 days of early voting? Preposterous. She would not only be forfeiting her career as SLC SOE, but who would hire her to work their elections if she got dismissed for election fraud? The whole thing is laughable. That is why I am utterly confident that Allen West will sue, lose, and officially lose the election.

  60. The Truth Hurts Says:

    @Jack Buechner-Where’s the $$ to hire a top notch Tea Party attorney? Where’s all the Tea Party leaders running to West’s aid? Nowhere because they know he LOST. The SOE of St. Lucie county has been on the job 30+ years and has NOTHING to hide. She’s more than competent and West is only pressuring her because he was told to ‘take a hike’ in Palm Beach County. If there is a recount to be done, RECOUNT MARTIN COUNTY TOO!!

    The Democrats have nothing against him because of his skin color, what they are against is his insane rantings, hateful rhetoric, and offensive personality. Democrats are against bigotry and ignorance.

    West is a WAR criminal and was the luckiest SOB in the world. He must have known something about higher ranking officers to have avoided a court martial and over a decade of imprisonment.

    Whatever Patrick Murphy or his family have done, does not constitute felonous assault, torture, breaking major wartime treaties & conduct unbecoming an officer.

    The Democrats is not the party preaching hate and intolerance.

  61. John Bull Says:

    Any of you brave, nutless sideline quarterbacks calling Allen West a coward: I don’t think you would be so outspoken calling him a coward to his face! He’s got a very legitimate claim!

  62. Searcher Says:

    When Obama won I was THRILLED. When I found out West lost, it actually renewed my faith in mankind. But, as Bill Maher said, thanks for Michelle Bachman, since we still need a little comic relief!

  63. DDW Says:

    @The Law is The Law,
    Thank you for taking the time answering my questions. AS you stated there was some sort of a glitch and for the monies that has been spent sense the embarrassment of 2000, I would like to think they would get it right the first time without the glitches. I do agree that Mr. West will fail in his bid for the total recount under the laws of Florida. If Mr. West provides the funding for the recount in all three counties involved, he has that right to ask for the total recount.
    Mr. Murphy will prevail for the seat in Congress regardless.
    I do believe the term partial recount came from a previous article pertaining the Sunday morning meeting from the camp of Mr.West.
    I do not question the actions of Ms. Walker or her people but do question the equipment that is being used by them.
    Thank you for taking the time to address the questions.

  64. Rose Lake Says:

    The ballot totals are what they are, and the election commission should now take steps to assure the public that it has verified exactly what the totals are. I now consider anything less to indicate fraud, since they agreed to one thing, and then unilaterally substituted a half-measure at the last minute.

  65. RobWPB Says:

    Can’t ignore two facts here:

    1. “Being that she (St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections Gertrude Walker) has done a partial recount of ballots, how do you get away with doing a partial recount and not a total recount? The law doesn’t make any provision for a partial recount. It’s either all or nothing,”

    2. Dems dont care about right or wrong as long as it works out for them in the end…

  66. Let Freedom Ring Says:

    Congressman Allen West is an honorable man who has defended liberty both in his military career and in the Congress. Those of you who deride him for having the courage of his convictions….you show your true intolerant colors. When your progressive government comes to oppress you, and it will, remember the words you wrote here today.

  67. Sherri Says:

    This is an appalling miscarriage of justice! I don’t understand why Walker wouldn’t care about who legitimately won the election. This action speakers a lot about her character and the state our country is in. I thought I lived in a country where honesty still prevailed like our forefathers hoped for. Apparently I was wrong.

  68. BigDem Says:

    Let Freedom Ring

    Courage of his convictions ? ROFLMAO!!!!!

    That Uncle Tom is owned by the Koch brothers lock stock and knee pads!!!
    He does exactly what his wealthy owners tell him to!!

  69. Melissa Says:

    Those of you who are suggesting that Gertrude Walker doesn’t care who won don’t seem to understand that she has to operate within the law. She can’t just decide to do a recount when the margin of victory is more than .5%. A judge can order it and I’m sure she’ll be happy to do it if that is the case, but she can’t simply decide on her own to do one.

  70. R Scott Says:

    Like General Petraeus and all the other Washington insiders, General West is above the law, period. That seat in Congress is his, has been, and always will be, so help us Dog.

  71. CarolO Says:

    Actually, the count Sunday changed West’s votes to 132 LESS and Murphy’s to 667 LESS. This is the 799 difference reported by Geoge Bennett in his post here but it was NOT a net gain by either candidate. Murphy still come out the winner and the margin of error for recount still does not apply.

    Why is West so shocked he might have lost in a close election? He won Palm Beach by only 11 votes…..after absentee and provisional ballots were counted…..he won by 185. If anyone requested a recount, it should have been Murphy with that slight difference in totals.

  72. CarolO Says:

    And…… Law, the Supervision of Elections did not have to do any recount at all. She told the Judge she would do one on the days in question and it was agreed upon. She did that.

    Votes in St Lucie, Palm Beach and Martin have all be certified already and will be announced on the 20th.

  73. Big Daddy Says:

    @The Truth Hurts…..Boy, you are one of those that the louder you scream, then you must be right? Since we have gone to all these erred electronic voting machines, there has been problems. The issue isn’t about the normal election process, which the .5% rule falls into, but rather irregularities in polling and counting, which both Palm Beach and St. Lucie County Supervisors of Elections have admitted to. That is a whole different ball of wax.

    Personally, I don’t care what candidates or what political parties are involved, just that election results be error free, to the extent of human possibility, which these results, obviously aren’t.

    It should be one vote, one count, not one vote and it may or may not count.

  74. jdlogspook Says:

    The evidence from this election shows that the Demonrats cheated every way possible to win this election, everything from rigged voting machines to denial of votes for serving military.
    When areas of some cities showed 0% votes for Romney something is wrong ! Please to God get rid of the Chicago thugs helping Oblahma and by extension working against West in Florida…

  75. The Law Is The Law Says:


    Most welcome!

    I could not agree more that the fact that we are having “technical glitches” is absurd.

    Frankly, imho, we need automatic registration for all citizens over 18 and federal regulation of voting. No more losing your registration if you move. No more Secretaries of State coordinating suppression tactics with partisan state legislatures. And finally (finally) uniform voting procedure for ALL polling locations around the country.

    The fact that we are even talking about these issues in the year 2012 is just one of a series of national embarrassments.

  76. Les Martin Says:

    The issue is that the voter can not properly authenticate their vote. There is no standard for collecting votes, not only in this case but nationally, leading to “errors” and “anomalies”. Interesting, US technology patents allow citizens of India to vote via retina scans (a registered voter get authenticated by something they ARE) and has a copy of their vote. Furthermore, not yet discussed is the memory cards are not subject to a digital review, can be easily hacked by insertion of a card, anytine during the election process. Lastly, the underlying issue is that the voters have no way to ensure that the machines are actually identical in terms of the algorithmns (the code/app or program -pick your fancy for term to understand how the machine “counts”) are not “hashed” to ensure election officials KNOW the machines are in fact identical. There is no mention of this in the article, no will there be as little Information Technology Best Practices are employed and demonstrated to election officials. Statistically speaking, the “anomalies” encountered are abnormal and could be avoided entirely by employing standards our country has developed and employed in foreign nations and their elections. The reader should ask, if this is true, then who in this country would NOT want each and every vote to count just ONCE for each citizen….. that currently is a sad commentary as both partoes do not seem to want this unless they are losing. This situation could easily be avoided as simply as each reader avoids such a debacle when they are authenictaed when utilizing their credit cards. As for the voting process, currently Democrats seem weanton on defeating this authentication process in this country. THat is the trned as they do so relying on the vast electorate not understanding how information is collected stored and moved securely in this digital internet age. Florida seems to suffer from the most antiquated of voter identification standrads coupled with machines that are not authenticated……. that is they are all the same as for the code, the firmware versions and how they produce results. Election officials probably will never see any of this. This usually does not and will not ever be allowed in any secure IT environment that collects stores and securely moves citizen data on other Florida digital computing networks. Ground truth on the lack of IT Security, identification and authentication of the voting process mentioned here.

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  79. Former Democrat Says:

    @Thetruthhurts . . .”Democrats are against bigotry and ignorance.”

    OMGosh, side ache from hysterical laughter. Ignorance is the only thing liberals can rightly claim.

  80. Lori Says:

    The only palatable candidate was Romney and Allen West. I don’t like Obama for his constant lying, cheating, spending, and his non love of America. A candidate that wants to help all Americans get a job is what America needed. Well America, you got Obama so here we go off the cliff…

  81. Jerry Says:

    ‘How do you get away with doing a partial recount?’ Bush v Gore 2000, that how.

  82. Sid Says:

    Allen West is a living example of a true looser! He spent his entire term calling all Muslims terrorists. Guest what, it was the Muslim vote difference (Some 150K registered voters) who kicked him out of the office.

  83. nfl jerseys real Says:

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  84. maire Says:

    The St Lucie county no recount,OK maybe a partial absentee recount,no OK partial early vote recount but we couldn’t finish the recount,missing damaged voting machine memory cartridges,OOPS bunglers or incompetents??? The pragmatic and fair course is for the FL Secy of State to refuse to certify the St Lucie county ballot count and order uncontaminated and impartial election officials from any counties outside of St Lucie county to conduct a 100% SUPERVISED recount.

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