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Feds propose voting changes

by Dara Kam | November 19th, 2012

The Justice Department is eyeing changes to the country’s voting processes to address a myriad of problems including long lines and other voting woes that again shined a spotlight on Florida.

Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez, who oversees the agency’s civil rights division, some proposed fixes during a speech at a George Washington Law School symposium last week.

While he didn’t single out Florida by name, many of Perez’s observations reflected problems encountered by voters, including those in Palm Beach County, during early voting and on Election Day. The Justice Department monitored elections in 23 states, including Florida, this year.

Perez said DOJ is still reviewing the federal monitors’ observations.

“But there is at least one obvious takeaway, which the country has spent much of the last week discussing: there were widespread breakdowns in election administration in state after state, which forced voters in many states to wait in line for hours at a time – in some states and counties, up to six hours or more,” Perez said.

Among the changes proposed by Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez, who oversees DOJ’s civil rights division, are:
- Automatic registration of all eligible citizens;
- Same-day registration;
- Allowing voters who move to cast regular ballots, instead of provisional ballots that have a greater chance of being discarded, on Election Day.

But Perez went even farther, saying reform is needed regarding “deceptive election practices,” which he called “dishonest efforts to prevent certain voters from casting their ballots.

Florida was one of more than a dozen states that passed elections laws critics say were aimed at making it harder for Democrats and minorities, who helped boost Obama into the White House in 2008, to cast their ballots.

“Over the years, we’ve seen all sorts of attempts to gain partisan advantage by keeping people away from the polls – from literacy tests and poll taxes, to misinformation campaigns telling people that Election Day has been moved, or that only one adult per household can cast a ballot,” Perez said.

Perez also addressed the issue of voter fraud, which GOP sponsors and supporters of Florida’s election law (HB 1355) said was the reason behind the changes.

“Let’s work to prevent fraud, but let’s not erect new, unnecessary requirements that have a discriminatory impact. Let’s have a debate on the merits without trying to make it harder for our perceived opponents to vote,” he said.

Provisional ballots are also a concern, Perez said. DOJ is considering whether Congress should impose national standards for counting provisional ballots in federal elections, he said.

And Perez also targeted what he called “partisan mischief” in state and local elections administration.

“We risk leaving our election processes open to partisan mischief – or to the perception of such mischief. We should have a serious conversation about solutions to this risk, including developing an entirely professionalized and non-partisan system for administering our elections,” he said.

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8 Responses to “Feds propose voting changes”

  1. Floriduh Says:

    It’s time we get a BIPARTISAN effort to improve elections.

  2. Miami Says:

    It’s time Miami gets it together and redistricts when they know existing precincts were severly overloaded due to population growth.

  3. Martin County Says:

    Great idea. To bad a Democratic appointed AG office gave the speech. Can’t see anything happening until multiple Bush-Gores or locally West-Murphy messes occur. By then, we’ll be through 3 or 4 more cycles and still nothing changes. All we can do is stay up on our voter cards, make the necessary changes when needed and take our lazy butts to the polls and vote. It’s a pretty simple concept that gets screwed up by supposedly educated elected people. Nationalized Voting cards and process managed by the DOJ or FBI is the only way to fix the corruption. But that means another bureaucracy that half the country is against forming. Hmmm, I wonder what the solution is? Well, it depends on who controls government at that time. LOL

  4. Jackie Martling Says:

    Move the ballot measures to a special election in the spring like Texas. I never hear of November voting issues in that state.

  5. STAN Says:

    What long lines was he referring to?

    Do you mean in Miami-Dade where they used only 20 Early Voting sites for their 799 regular precinct voters?

    Martin County used 6 Early Voting sites for its 31 precincts…

    But, St. Lucie County used only 4 for its 65 regular precincts…

    Can’t they ever just point out the stupidity of the Dumbocrap county election supervisors…
    … like SLC’s ‘Gert’…
    … so punished by GOV Rick Scott ‘suppressing minority voters’ Gert had to check in the hospital for the weekend…

    … whilst a box of 306 ballots was ‘found’ ole Gert was saving just in case Murphy should slip behind…
    … and 900 folks balloted in Precinct 93 with only 7 registered voters per PBP reporters??

    Same old same old…

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