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Boca police make rare arrest for vandalism of Maria Sachs political sign

by Andrew Abramson | November 1st, 2012

While Charles Mitchell certainly isn’t the first person to damage a political sign, he was one of the rare people actually arrested for the offense.

Mitchell, of Boca Raton, was arrested early this morning when a police officer saw Mitchell “running from a destroyed Maria Sachs political sign located at 200 West Yamato Road,” according to the police report.

The officer had witnessed Mitchell destroy the sign moments before. According to police, Mitchell said, “I did a bad thing. I will pay to have the sign fixed.” The police officer later found a second Sachs sign vandalized on NW 2nd Ave.

Sachs was listed as the victim on the police report. The damage was estimated at $200.

Democrat Sachs is facing Republican Ellyn Bogdanoff in the state’s only senate race between two incumbents.

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14 Responses to “Boca police make rare arrest for vandalism of Maria Sachs political sign”

  1. mittens Says:

    From Carl Rove’s “culture of dirty tricks” Handbook.

  2. Obama/Dems 2012 Says:

    Speaking of street signs, the red Connie Mack signs that are polluting our roads are bought and paid for by FreedomWorks, a corporate astroturf group led by one of the biggest right wing lobbyists and Washington DC insiders (Dick Armey, former House Rep from Texas).

    It is just ridiculous that a candidate for U.S. Senate can’t even buy his own street signs! He needs a Washington DC front group to help him advertise? Really?!

    Absolutely pathetic.

  3. Dennis Makeover Says:

    Maria Sachs is a disgrace to our political system. She lies,cheats and mocks her contemporaries. She misrepresents her clients steals their money then spends it on herself. She dresses as if she has an unlimited account at Saks Fith Avenue. She could care less about our county and our needs She thinks she is above the law.She has inundated the roadways with her signs and taxpayers money. Please vote her out of office.

  4. Janet Says:

    Typical Repug tactic

  5. Janet Says:

    Maria Sachs doesn’t want to force things in women’s uteri Dennis. GFYS.

  6. dmac Says:

    I have been doing political signs since the 70′s. Boca is a hot spot for vandalism. Both sides do it. So just shut up. I have put up or fixed the same signs as much as 10 times as of today. Go to Spanish River and Military and you will see dailey same sign ripped down. We are passionate about our ploitics and just as divided.

  7. Lebron Says:

    After election day we will plead for these “vandals” to do their deed. Fines should be given to the candidates whose pollution is not fixed.

  8. Toni Says:

    Ah yes another example of Republican high moral standards.

  9. Dennis Makeover Says:

    Whoever this Janet is shows us again the disrepect and use of vulgarities used by the Maria Sachs team as a response to our right to voice our opinion. The Maria Sachs team uses deceitful tactics as many of her clients expressed. She steals her own clients money. We all hope and pray others with see through the facade. We and thousands of others have voted for Bogdanoff already. We need a Seantor we can respect, Senator Ellyn Bogdanoff. God Bless America and this Election.

  10. Obama/Dems 2012 Says:

    Ellyn Bogdanoff is the absolute worst. She has voted with the Rick Scott agenda 100% of the time. She is a shameless right winger and Maria Sachs is going to represent this district well, unlike Bogdanoff.

    Specifically, when Bogdanoff voted with the Rick Scott agenda to cut education, I said “that’s the last straw”. She is not worthy of this district and our families.

  11. Federal Indictment Coming Says:

  12. OBVIOUS Says:

    Why is the Post Times so biased in their reporting?

  13. Searcher Says:

    I hope he gets to cool off in a nice little holding cell until they give him bail!

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