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Bill Clinton in Lake Worth: Country is rebounding, Romney wants credit for Obama’s success

by Andrew Abramson | November 2nd, 2012

Supporters of President Obama and Mitt Romney rally outside the Duncan Theatre at Palm Beach State College to see Bill Clinton this morning. (Photo by Lannis Waters/The Post)

LAKE WORTH – Former President Bill Clinton, the country’s unofficial Secretary of Explaining Stuff, took the stage this morning in front of capacity crowd of 750 in a Palm Beach State College theater as Clinton kicked off a day of stumping for President Obama across Florida.

Clinton’s voice was hoarse but the ex-president was combative, saying GOP nominee Mitt Romney wants to be elected as president and take credit for an economy this is turning around under Obama.

Clinton said Romney recently promised 12 million new jobs in his first four years in office, while financial experts are already predicting 12 million jobs “if we don’t mess up what has already been done.”

“Romney’s approach is, ‘I look like a businessman, I talk like one, I know how to balance budgets, so vote for me and people will be so elated that I’m elected that you will get 12 million jobs in the next four years,’” Clinton said.

Clinton hammered Romney for being non-specific on his plans as president. Clinton also brought up Romney’s failure to release years of tax returns, an issue that dogged Romney over the summer.

“Can you believe we’re having a presidential election and only one candidate has given his tax returns and only one candidate has given us a budget?” Clinton said.

Amid talk that Obama supporters are less enthusiastic to vote for the president this year than in 2008, Clinton said, “I may be the only person in America, but I am far more enthusiastic about President Obama this year.”

“This economy could not have been fully healed in four years,” Clinton said. “There was too much damage done. Everyone who has studied it knows it.”

“(We had) the worst crisis since the Depression,” Clinton said. “In the last 33 months we have now had 5.4 million private sector jobs. In the seven yeas before the crash, in the previous administration, they had 2.6 million private sector jobs.”

Clinton’s speech came as a new jobs report was released this morning showing the economy added 171,000 jobs in October while the unemployment rate rose from 7.9 percent from 7.8 percent last month. The audience gave Clinton a huge applause when he mentioned the 171,000 new jobs.

Clinton said Obama’s plan to invest in education, biotechnology and infrastructure is the smart way to grow the economy.

“No country in the world that wants a modern economy has the government walk away from the fight and say we’re just going to cut taxes on the wealthiest of our people and walk away,” Clinton said. “It doesn’t work. That’s the fundamental Romney strategy.

“How can we give people in my income group another tax cut and pay for it by cutting those families who are productive, working families?” Clinton said. “It is wrong. Romney’s decision is wrong. Obama’s decision is right.”

Of the country’s top earners, Clinton said, “all we ask from them is to go back and pay what they were paying when I was president.”

On national security, Clinton said he echoed Colin Powell’s concerns that Romney would surround himself with the wrong people.

“Gov. Romney has the same neo-con advisers who gave President Bush the push to go to Iraq on bad intelligence,” Clinton said.

Clinton said Romney is not decisive and will not even say whether or not he supports the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Cut.

Clinton also called Romney’s attacks on Obama over Medicare funding “the biggest load of bull I’ve ever heard.”

He ended his speech by telling supporters, “I want the decider-in-chief to be the guy who took us through the storm and has the better plan for the future.”

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52 Responses to “Bill Clinton in Lake Worth: Country is rebounding, Romney wants credit for Obama’s success”

  1. NO-bama Top Five List Says:

    Top five reasons for NOT re-electing Obama:
    5.) 4.7 million American families still living on food stamps.
    4.)23 million Americans are still unemployed.
    3.) Benghazi-Gate.
    2.) 48 million Americans still living in poverty after four years.
    1.) “Laughing Joe” Biden is just one missed heartbeat away from the presidency.

  2. JimArs Says:

    I know with all the lies and flip flops Romney/Ryan are counting on uninformed voters ( never dreamed they would get this much support). For a man that got rich outsourcing our jobs and doesn’t believe the rich need to pay taxes it falls in line with those trying to buy him the election. Romney’s style of business experience is what got us here in the first place. Wake up America, do some research and see who this man really is.

  3. douglas Says:


    You’re sure Mitt Romney can do better?

    I’d be sure, too, if I could pick and choose from his positions on everything over the last two months. He’s had just about every stance on every possible issue in that time.

    But since I can even argue that his opinions have changed, it severely hurts his credibility with what he’s saying.

    He’s like a MSNBC/Fox News anchor, or Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck – he’ll tell the audience whatever they want to hear on a given day to get more people to listen. It doesn’t matter if it’s the opposite of what the big hook was yesterday, today is a new day and there are new guillible ears all around.

  4. Carl Nagas Says:

    Mr Romney, show us your full tax returns for the past 10 years first, like your father did before you. Learn to show respect for your father and for the American people. Then come back and blame others for loosing what should have been an easy victory.

  5. Marc Says:


    You are either a paid republican shill or a limbot idiot.

    You know the only Bengahzi-gate is that which is manufactured by the lying right wing media.

    You could careless about it but want to use it as a catchy sound bite. If you deny this you are a liar and a coward.

    No show us some feigned outrage.

  6. littlelizard25 Says:

    I would still like to know just what Romneys budget plan really is. I have asked at 4 people I know , that are Romney supporters, and not a single one have any idea. One even said ” I don’t know, but I’m sure it will work”. WOW> Thats a plan !!

  7. Joe Says:

    You are either a paid Democrat shill or just another useful idiot Obot. If you can ignore the behaviour of the O Administration over 4 Americans murdered in Benghazi, you have already sold your soul for a welfare check. And if a impeached, lying, proudly adulterous, disbarred attorney is the best spokesman that the Democrat party can put out there, well you have made my case for me.

  8. Sean Says:

    I am sorry, but Mr. Romney has to run on the track record of the previous Republican administration. He cannot walk way from the disastrous record of the Bush administration.
    Just compare Katrina with Sandy. Compare war record of Iraq/Afgan of the Bush administration with what has been archived under Obama. Compare what happened at 9/11 under Bush we have been protected so far, and we had killed Osama Bin Laden. Compare the 2008/2008 financial melt down vs. the stability we have been seeing. People have to give credit to President Obama.

    Do I wish he could have done more? Yes. I agreed with Mayor Bloomberg in his endorsement of President Obama yesterday. Much can be improved, and should. But I would not see Mitt Romney do it. I think if he were to be elected, he will make things worse. I do not want another war. Lets live in peace with the world for at least a decade before starting another one. I think Obama is our best hope of keeping peace.

    I am concerned, though, that Obama actually did not promise a full new agenda, probably because, he felt he was burned by promising too much. But during election, it is time to make your agenda clear, so that voters can get to vote on it and give him a mandate. If he does not promise a clear agenda, he would not get such a mandate later during the term do it.

    Among the things I want him to have a plan, are:

    1. Reduce the deficit.
    2. Reform social security/Medicare.

    I will not rest in pressuring our elected officials to take action on these, even though I begrudgingly decide to the lesser of two evils, and that is, President Obama.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, Post #1 – So you are saying we should vote for the guy who issued over 800 veto’s, took 417 days off to set-up his run for President & used a private elevator to avoid “you people” when he was Governor of ONE state!

    Imagine how he will govern an additional 49?

    Plus, you are whining about the 4.7 million families on food stamps? Robme has no clear agenda for jobs and vows to cut tens of millions off of all assistance.


    Where do you think those people will go for money? That’s right. Crime will skyrocket and the middle class will take the brunt. Just like under Reagan.

    Violent crime is at a forty year low right now with Obama.

    Crime follows poverty, so expect to fend for yourself against assault, burglary, rape, theft, larceny, vehicle theft, break ins, drugs, gangs.

    Mr, I don’t give a rip about the 47% isn’t going to “overspend” on police to save you when starving and desperate people overwhelm the system.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Robme doesn’t allocate money for the police, but he will surely have plenty of crony politicians out there willing to cut local funding to all kinds of public services. The GOP as we know it now is not the GOP of the past. Elderly people need to realize that with people like Romney, the GOP is not on their side and it will soon be every man for himself if you are not upper middle class or higher.

  11. Charles Says:

    Clinton to call Romneys words the biggest bull he’s ever heard. Really Bill? Did you forget the lies you told congress and the testimony you gave “UNDER OATH’? Bill Clinton is a proven liar and a womenizer and should leave the public eye. He is an imbarasement to me and my country. And he thinks Romney is not a business man or that Clinton is better is a laugh. Lets see who has more money and ran larger business he on Mitt. Clinton economy was good no dought but so was Bush. As a small business owner I know. Since Obama my compoany is going down the tubes and I am working harder and more hours than I ever have, The plain truth is in the question ARE YOU BETTER OFF NOW??? I think almost all americans would have to say NO!!

  12. Sleepless_slc Says:

    If my bishop acted they way Mitt acts, i’d be looking to the church authorities to have him counseled. to lie and misslead the way Mit and the other LDS followers have led lately is a sad path for the church

  13. Juan Says:

    To balance the Palm Beach Post headline of ‘jobs added’:

    the UNemployment rate went UP!


    it is HIGHER than when Obama took office.

    Please let’s have some balance in reporting.

  14. 1smartiepants Says:

    The Secretary of Explaining prevails again! Thank you Bill.

    ““This economy could not have been fully healed in four years,” Clinton said. “There was too much damage done. Everyone who has studied it knows it.”

    A person can barely turn their life around in 3.5 years, so how can you expect a president to turn and entire country around in that much time? Think about it people. We are headed toward good times again. Not built on haste. Built with the same thoughtfulness Obama showed toward Gov. Christie. Doing the right thing when it matters. Quietly, but with authority. Obama / Biden 2012

  15. Goes up 7.8 to 7.9 Unemployment Says:

    There are no undecided voters. People have made up their minds.

    The democrat obama shills are out in force.

    Palm Beach County has much more registered democrats than republicans, that is why we see so many comments from them.

    Electing Obama will assure 4 more years of the same divide, lack of ability to unite our country, more taxation, higher gas price, and still very dependent on other countries for our oil. We must not depend on other countries for our fuel.

    Unemployment went up from last month’s tally of 7.8 to 7.9!


    That does not bode well for our country!

  16. Charles Says:

    Onesmartiepants really ? When Bush left office I and my company were doing great. But it took Obama less than 4 years to destroy it. So yes 4 years is enough, as Obama has proven by destoying our economy in less that 4. So you want to gamble on the next 4? Do some reseach. dont just read the news and online post, do some reseach. And just answer one question.. Are you beeter off now than 4 years ago? Did you know that almost 70% of the richest men in america are dems? and in the top 10 there are 8 dems? Stop telling me about how the dems see the poor mans side. To many of you repeat what you heard on you favorite news show. Just repeat what you heard without checking to see if its true. When the Obama people talk about private sector job growth they dont include private sector job loss. But when they talk about Bush job growth they deduct the lost jobs from the new ones and then give that number. Just like CNN to put out half the story or edit the tape or document to get the message they want out. Just like the famous 911 tape of the Trevon Martin tragedy. They edit the tape to make the one they dislike appear to be a racist. Stop listning to propaganda and go get the facts! It is all out there if you just research

  17. Time To Work Together Says:

    If the GOP had not taken the stand in January, 2009, “NOT TO WORK WITH THIS PRESIDENT, SO HE WOULD ONLY BE A ONE TERM PRESIDENT”. This country would be must better shape. Every single GOP person that voted “NO” for everything these past 4 years, all should be removed from office, for not working to help get this country out of the mess that “W” and their choices, got us into, when they had total control, but the GOP took Party over Country!! Now that is not be a true Patriot.

  18. Obama/Dems 2012 Says:

    Hey Mr. Top Five,

    We can see that there are no positive reasons to vote for the disgusting liar Mitt Romney.

    But there is PLENTY of positive enthusiasm for RE-ELECTING PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!

    Here are my 10 reasons.

    Top 10 Reasons to Vote FOR President Obama

    1) When he came to the White House, the USA was experiencing multiple catastrophes. The financial sector had collapsed, the auto industry had collapsed, the housing market had collapsed, the jobs market had collapsed, the health care system was entirely out of control, we were mired in two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — AND HE GOT US OUT OF ALL OF THOSE SITUATIONS with calm determination and NO help at all from Republicans

    2) The stimulus created millions of jobs, prevented millions of Americans from falling into poverty, and stopped the slide into a Depression economy

    3) Obamacare fixed our broken health system. Obama extended the life of Medicare, created a private sector free market exchange system (that Republicans used to support) to increase choice and bring down the cost of care. No co-pay for Senior check-ups or women’s exams. Allows children up to 26 to stay on parents’ insurance. Covers almost everyone in America including 30-50 million Americans who suffered no healthcare. No bankruptcy from no health insurance, banned discrimination on pre-existing conditions, banned lifetime benefits caps. Obamacare cuts the deficit and repealing it would INCREASE the deficit.

    4) President Obama fights for the Middle Class, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, women’s rights, voting rights, and veterans

    5) President Obama has committed more aid to Israel than any other president and built the Iron Dome to protect Israelis from Hezbollah rockets. Also instituted the toughest sanctions ever on Iran.

    6) Obama took action against China’s illegal trade practices and won every case, helping protect American jobs. Obama supports ending tax cuts for companies who ship jobs overseas and creating new ones for companies who bring jobs home

    7) Got Osama bin Laden, Anwar al-Awlaki, Muommar Kaddafi, and almost the entire Al Qaeda apparatus.
    8) Saved the American auto industry and the millions of American jobs in manufacturing

    9) Doubled CAFE standards for gasoline efficiency so your next car will go twice as far on a gallon of gas. Oil production is up. Dependence on foreign oil is down.

    10) President Obama has the right priorities. Manufacturing, clean domestic energy, education, immigration, and cutting the debt by $4 trillion

    Vote for Barack Obama, the clear choice for America’s future!

  19. Vote No Says:

    President Clinton says Romney is trying to ride on Obama’s success. WHAT SUCCESS, Bill? SUCCESS is what most of us want, the last four years have been a failure! Where have you been Bill? VOTE ROMNEY/RYAN.

  20. patti bee Says:

    Obama’s SUCCESS? Surely you are kidding? OBAMA has successfully dropped us further into a pit of despair four times what Bush did! BUSH WAS a success compared to OBAMA! Obama in LIBYA much like Iraq. Both leaders removed but very much in the hands of terrorists. ALL of Obama’s attempts to show how he could do things better than BUSH, failed. Just like everything Obama has tried. Bush’s debt? Obama said it proved Bush was failure. Obama’s debt is 4 times what Bush had. OBAMA’S A FAILURE! Gotta let him go. BTW it only took 4 years to show Obama’s failure. It took Bush 8 years for his 1 trill. In half the time Obama’s increased it to 5 trill!. Gotta let him go.

  21. patti bee Says:

    Oh yeah. Katrina? WATCH NYC and New Jersey etc. Their anger and despair is just beginning. Obama charm.. will not suffice! Obama certainly mugged for TV freebie air-time looking concerned. YET, he is campaigning at the expense of those who are severely suffering. He is unaware as usual and in his own OBAMA-WORLD. Much like Disney World. It is either rose colored glasses or…. he is just that much out-of-touch, out to lunch, gone fishin’ for votes and out of his league.

  22. Charles Says:

    Mr Obama/Dems, Again you repeat stuff you hear instead of researching. Obama came into office with a country in good shape. The finaincial sector had not colapsed,untill after he took over, The auto industry was crumbling due to the unions run by dems. Insurance was affordable thru my company and now no one can afford it. Trade with China is at an all time high. clean domestic energy? He cut domestic drilling to almost an all time high making us more dependent on oil imports. And by the way his first 2 years were with a dem comgress. And why wont you answer the simple question ARE YOU BETTER OF NOW??? you wont answer it because you ARE NOT!!! Now reseach the states with dem or rep goverments. More that 2 of the top ten are dem run states one in bankruptsy and another almost there. Of the top ten states with the best economy 7 are republican states. I am tired of those on welfare because they are lazy, voting for Obama because he will let them draw more and more welfare. A lady on tv summed it up when she said ” I will vote for Obama because he said if i can’t pay my rent the goverment will help me.” I am tired of a president who takes from me to give to the Lazy, a president who blames the economy on the rich when he is worth over 10 million dollars, a president who has NO exsperiance but the failed last 4 years. you vote for the party, try researching and vote for the man. Maybe we should outlaw both parties and make men and women run on thier on merrits and convictions.

  23. body hair Says:

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  24. John Says:

    Obama had information before the event which happened in Libya, 911, but he did not help the ambassadors. I can not believe the person who thinks of himself

  25. Obama/Dems 2012 Says:


    The country was in good shape in the Fall of 2008? Really? LOL! The financial sector had not collapsed until Obama took over? Really? My oh my, LOL. Don’t you remeber the 2008 election? Don’t you remember John McCain and Barack Obama suspending their campaigns to head to DC to save the economy? Um, TARP ring a bell? I mean, honestly, LOL!

    I laugh, but it is really not funny how uninformed you are. I suggest you look at the net job numbers from the BLS for 2008-2012. I suggest you look at the EIA’s chart on domestic oil production. I suggest you read about why Obama had to step in and save not only the auto industry, but the auto parts industry as well. That is what is meant by “doing the research” Charles. Actually looking up statistics and analyzing them to discern trends. I do that not just because I am interested in policy, but because I love the USA and want to be informed (and because I don’t trust the MSM to do it for me).

    It is sad enough that you are willing to sell out your own country and your own future to a man who has nothing for contempt and disdain for YOU Charles.

    But it is downright PATHETIC that you make these laughable claims while telling me to do some “research.”

    And YES, this country is OBVIOUSLY better off than it was during the days of economic free-fall and 800,000 monthly job losses.

    Obama has done an incredible job especially when you consider that the GOP made it their #1 priority to prevent any progress in America, and that is why he will be re-elected as President.

  26. Charles Says:

    Obama Dems, I think you need to reread the facts and answer the question truthfully, Are you better off now. If you say yes you would have to be one of the millionaire dems who profit no matter what the country does, and why are the states that are in,or almost in bankruptcy all democratic states? From 1 tril to over 5 that’s better? unemployment, welfare, home foreclosures highest in history in some cases, and yea look at the job numbers, much worse under Obama, I have researched don’t know where you get your info but it is way off. And what is pathetic is you believe we are better off now. You put your trust in a man who has proven to be a failure, you bitch about Bush, yet Obama has done far worse in 1/2 the time. And you want to give him another 4 years. I am a small business owner with about 15 years in business. Although I think Clinton is a worthless lying cheating scum bag at least in his time my business did well. Under Bush I did well. Under Obama my gross is LESS than 1/2 of what it was in 2007 and 2008. I have had to reduce my staff by over ½ although it was only about 75 employees in 2007. It was still better by far. And I know that many of my employees are having trouble making their mortgage payments. At least state the facts. Better or worse unemployment? Gas prices, mortgage foreclosures, welfare claims,
    BLS 2008 unemployment in the U.S. 5.6, now 7.9. As the BLS shows if you read it right the job loss rate started in December of 2007 and were falling but could have recovered as it does often until 2009 when Obama took over and the down fall increased several fold. About March of 09 is when it took the steepest turn down. And that was because of the democrats in charge like Nancy Pelosy and her goons. when it was a republican president and congress we did great. Look at your beloved BLS and tell me the start of the decline was not soon after the dems took over. This is when and why the last election had the issues you point out, not because of Bush. Dems want the goverment to take over our companies and our life just like it now owns most of the auto industry. And TARP, oh yea it was passed by a demopcratic congress. With most republicans first voting no to it. And I take offence at Obama saying the goverment made my company grow. IT WAS ME AND MY HARD WORK. OBAMA MUST GO TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY!!!

  27. Obama/Dems 2012 Says:

    Charles, you are either painfully stupid or brainwashed. Sorry. You right wingers are just stuck on stupid. Try to follow me Charles. The months before Obama was sworn in, in the year 2008, THE USA — America — was LOSING 400,000 to 800,000 jobs every single MONTH. We lost well over 1 million jobs in a 6 month period.

    THAT is what Obama walked into.

    Are you really going to suggest that he caused the hundreds of thousands of job losses while George W. Bush was still president?


    WAKE UP!

    Don’t be a dumbass.

    Obama saved this country from a depression, stopped the jobs slide, rescued more than a million auto and auto parts jobs, and now we are creating 175,000 jobs per month the last 3 months.

    Cmon Charles.

    These are facts. You cannot rewrite history.

    We lost 5 million manufacturing jobs from 2000 to 2009. That’s just manufacturing.

    We have ADDED manufacturing jobs in America for the first time since 2000 under Barack Obama.

    You need to smell the coffee Charles, you are being lied to. The facts and statistics simply don’t lie. 171,000 jobs created in +ctober 2012. The GOP doomsday rhetoric is stale and over. Obama has cleaned Romney’s clock and will be re-elected with a whole raft of new change-minded DEMOCRATS in the House and Senate. And YOU, Charles, and me, and everyone else, will all be better off for it in our lives.

  28. Charles Says:

    I wont resort to democratic name calling and accusing you of being stupid. But look at the dates. the economy was great until Nancy and her goons took over in when else but 2007. This is when even you say we started downhill. If you don’t want to tell the truth or just blame everything on the republicans that’s ok we expect that. And hmmm the republicans took it back 2 years ago and now we appear to be on our way up.When he took over we had a democratic majority. So to sum it up when dems have been in charge last 2 years of Bush and first 2 years of Obama we sink fast, but when republicans take it over the middle 4 with years of Bush and the last 2 of Obama we slowly make gains and have a good economy. And your beloved Clinton, a republican majority again. You don’t bother to see what is plain to see, just like you think we are better of now. You refuse to let the democrats that were running congress get blamed for what they did. You are saying Bush worked for 6 years then all of the sudden his policies didn’t work. First you blamed him for TARP which was passed by the democrats. If Obama does win I will support him as our commander n chief and if the economy grows I will say you were right, will you do the same? I look at my state Texas and we have always been near the top of the state economies and we always have republican leaders. I look at NY, Ca, Mi, and several others and see when dems are the majority the economy of that state is in shambles if not bankrupt. If this doesn’t say something you aren’t listening to the facts. Look at the fact the economy started downhill soon after Nancy and her Democratic goons took over. Before she took over we were doing great. So if you want to call me stupid and or a dumbass that’s ok, but it seems you just walk around with your eyes closed to the facts and time tables. So you can blame those damn republicans.

  29. Obama/Dems 2012 Says:


    Please name the bill that “Nancy Pelosi and her goons” passed in 2007 or 200x that your buddy from Texas George W. Bush SIGNED INTO law and which caused immediate job losses on the order of hundreds of thousands?


    Which bill did Nancy Pelosi pass through the House and Senate and then got signed by Dubya???

    Similarly, which bill was passed by the GOP House and then approved by the DEM Senate and signed by the DEM president which caused our recovery?

    These things don’t just magically HAPPEN. We have a system of government. Bills need to get passed to become law. That’s how our government works. If you’re trying to tell me that the Dems took over in 2007 and things just magically went south or that the GOP took the House in 2010 and things magically started to recover, I’m going to call you stupid, because those comments are clearly idiotic. Sorry. But this is reality. If you want to argue why we lost more than 5 million manufacturing jobs under Bush, that is one thing. But you CANNOT blameNancy Pelosi for single-handedly crashing the economy based on her simply EXISTING! THAT is Stupid Charles! LOL!

    Same thing on TARP. Do you really not remember when John Paulson (Secretary of Treasury under Bush) came forward with a one-page balnk check for the big banks? Do you really not remember Dems AND Reps almost unanimously opposing that first attempt at TARP? Do you not know recent history? Or are you lying about recent history?

    You may be a nice guy. And I have nothing against Texas (except its politics), but your comments betray the fact that you are either stupid or dishonest. Or both. And that is just sad and pathetic. We SHOULD be having a discussion on what to DO about our great country, not arguing over which “facts” are true or not. Especially when we have things like the BLS, EIA, and the Roll Call of every single vote taken in Congressional history at our fingertips. Cmon man. Enough of your dishonest BS. We need to move forward together or we won’t move forward at all. Maybe you don’t WANT America to move forward. That is sad and pathetic too, especially if you call yourself a patriot.

  30. Charles Says:

    Like I said you just want to call names and blame the republicans. TARP was passed by a democratic majority. You live where? And you don’t like Texas politics because why? maybe because we are so much better of than your state MAYBE? Look up the ten states with the best economy. 7 are republican and 3 are dem states. top 100 riches Americans 70% democrats, and if you don’t count the walmat family that number goes up. Troubled Asset Recovery Program was passed by the dems and Bush signed it in Dec 08 when Nancy Pelosi was speaker. FACT!! Don’t you remember. You are fooled by the rich dems who lie to you and you fall for it while they get richer and everyone else gets poorer. Cant you see that Dem states are run by the rich politicians at the cost of their states economy.Just explain that to me and I will leave it alone. But you cant explain why Ca, Ny, Mi.and the list goes on. Can you explain this. Why do dem states fail and republican states prosper for the most part?
    One industry in America has increased its employment by 176,000 people Under Obama: the United States government.
    fact!! Why wont you admit that the Democratic led States are worse off and tell me how you plan on blaming the republicans for that. Forget everything else explain why this is.

  31. Charles Says:

    I am a patriot, I simply look at the economy under republicans and democrats and wounder why the huge diff. I have no problem talking about how to fix it but I think the first thing is to oust Obama. And don’t get me wrong I don’t think Mitt is the best we could get by any means. You don’t see me pumping up Romney do you, But Obama has proven to me he is not the answer.

  32. Obama/Dems 2012 Says:

    You have NOT answered!!!

    Which bill promoted by Pelosi and signed by Bush caused job losses?

    TARP is not an answer. TARP was signed December 2008. We lost more than 500,000 jobs that month! We also lost more than 500,000 jobs per month in November 2008! So which bill was it Charles? Tick-tock! What’s your answer?

    And while you’re thinking… A little walk down memory lane… January 2009, CNN Money:

    The hemorrhaging of American jobs accelerated at a record pace at the end of 2008, bringing the year’s total job losses to 2.6 million or the highest level in more than six decades.

    A sobering U.S. Labor Department jobs report Friday showed the economy lost 524,000 jobs in December and 1.9 million in the year’s final four months, after the credit crisis began in September.

    The unemployment rate rose to 7.2% last month from 6.7% in November – its highest rate since January 1993.

    The steep annual drop in jobs marked the highest yearly job-loss total since 1945, the year in which World War II ended.

    “We’re seeing a complete unraveling of the labor market and are on track for getting beyond 10% unemployment,” said Lawrence Mishel, president of the Economic Policy Institute.

    The total number of unemployed Americans rose by 632,000 to 11.1 million.

    November, in which 584,000 jobs were lost, and December marked the first time in the 70-year history of the report in which the economy lost more than 500,000 jobs in consecutive months.

    So you can take your Big Texas Lies and stick em where the sun don’t shine!

    And as for blue states, why don’t you do a little research on which states are net tax donors and which states are net tax recipients. Then look at life expectancy, rates of cancer and obesity, educational attainment, environmental quality, percentage without health insurance, and any other number of metrics. I’m sure you won’t look, because you don’t care one iota.

    The fact that you make up lies about Democrats while defending the right wing’s lust for greed and death wish for the Middle Class says all I need to know about you. You are an imbecile and your right wing ideology — as fed to you by the billionaire’s club GOP establishment — is singularly killing this country. Tax cuts for the rich. Really. It is absolutely disgusting that anyone would support the party of “tax cuts for the rich” during a time of literally HISTORIC wealth inequality and skyrocketing CEO contracts. Are you dense? Are you evil? Are you brainwashed by Wall Street or religion? Seriously. Whatever it is that motivates you, it is a deeply cynical, deeply evil force and it is destroying America. So yeah, rah rah Romney, rah rah Wall Street, rah rah Bain Capital and outsourcing to China, rah rah military industrial complex, rah rah endless oil subsidies. You make me sick.

  33. patti bee Says:

    Obama’s lips fill the airwaves with idealistic speeches. Those scripted words appeal to all of us who desire a better America. However, four years ago we were promised that they were not just words. We were told Obama-action would restore America. Since then, we have spirraled downward and not even back to Bush years. We are not even back to those years. Obama knew what he promised and couldn’t deliver. He is not up to the job. We need to let him go. Then, Romney can try. We need to try a different course. If Romney doesn’t do the job, we will also “let him go”. We don’t need to beat our heads on a brick wall of non-action. Gotta let Obama go. He can still help from “the outside” just like many people do. Many presidents continue to stay active AFTER they are out of office. Let us see what Obama can do in the private sector. We know Romney rolled-up his sleeves many times to help people. SO? Obama, Clinton, Reagan, Bushes, Carter etc…. can still help strengthen America along with Obama.

  34. Charles Says:

    What a stupid question, how many would be the correct question. Typical dem you are. You accuse other of lying while you say you or we are better off now you have got to be kidding or just a complete moron and a liar as we all know that is a lie. Name the one bill signed that cause it. One bill really. I thought you were smarter than that. NAME ON LIE I TOLD? Name one bill Bush passed that caused it. Just more ways you dems try to decieve the people of this country. NY doing good NO, Ca. NO, Mi NO, I think about 1/2 the population of Detroit is bankrupt and or gone, why? The idiotic democrats. Chicago where your Obama came from another one. And Rod R. Blagojevich another rich dem deceiving his constituents and lying to get more dems in office by selling Obama’s seat and of coarse make more money. You are a sad man. Have to resort to lies deceit and name calling to get your point across. Just like Obama’s numbers you twist the numbers and facts and ask impossible questions to confuse those listening. And on your which state gets the most federal funding again a democratic state California gets the most and to top that off they have state income tax. So when you want to drum up the facts look at the states that have state income tax again mostly dem states. You must include the amounts they get in state income tax. because we have no such thing. of the top 10 State ESI reports 8 of the worst are dem states FACT!! Look it up. And all those states have state income tax. You are so full of BS it isn’t funny. And you call me and idiot man you are so stupid look at the states you say get the most money cal is#1 ny #2 and I know you are going to bring up population and I see that but they get state income tax also, might as well be federal money as 7 states don’t have that extra money taken from their residents. Another democratic twist of the facts. You are a STUPID MORON to think we wont figure out how you twist the numbers and fact to your advantage just like you tried to twist the donors and recipients. And again you say the right wing lust for greed, You moron TOP 10 RICHEST men in america 75% are dems FACT look that up I DID. So stop the lies and propaganda We are still worse off after 4 years of Obama than we were when he took over and he promised us so much in his first term. Wat he gave us in his first term was highest unemployment, highest foreclosures, highest gas prices, Lowest consumer confidence, highest number of people that stopped even looking for work. YEA better of now LMFAO!!

  35. Charles Says:

    Though i would research a little more for ya. California collected over 50 billion dollars last year in state income tax’s, Now lets look at the top ten.10 states with the highest tax burden. relative per capa
    10. Pennsylvania
    9. Maine
    8. Massachusetts
    7. Minnesota
    6.Rhode Island
    5. Wisconsin
    4. California
    3. Connecticut
    2. New Jersey
    1. New York

    Now the 10 states with the lowest tax burden. per capa

    10. South Carolina
    9. Nevada
    8. Alabama
    7. New Hampshire
    6. Texas
    5. Wyoming
    4. Louisiana
    3. Tennessee
    2. South Dakota
    1. Alaska

    This seems to say that again you tried to twist fact and say republican states get more money from the people in taxes. Seems another twist of the fact by bs’ing the people and you fall for it.

  36. Mattrue Says:

    I would like anyone in the news media to research any President of the United States of America that used trickle down economic policies and did not have a deficit to show for at the end of his term. That includes Ronald Reagan and yes Ronald Reagan had run up a large deficit during his first term and raised taxes on the rich during his second term to counter act the trickle down economic policies he used to jump start the stagnant economy. This is what Obama tried to change as soon as he took office, but became so overwhelmed with holding the country together with out winding up with a major depression. Running up deficit spending is part of the recovery plan and is usually balanced out with increase taxes on the special interest groups and the rich, including cuts in wasteful projects that don’t increase the job rates. This part of the recovery bill, that is the increase in taxes on the special interest groups and the rich and cuts in nonsense no job growth spending had been blocked by the republicans in congress. Obama would not sign anything that would give big oil companies billions of dollars that they don’t need. This is what nonsense spending is and Obama would have nothing to do with these companies that have been receiving billions of dollars from the Bush administration. We needed job growth research into new alternative sources of energy. This is new jobs and yes sometimes it doesn’t always work out when it comes to creating new ideas. We have to try again when we fail and learn from the mistakes that happened in the past. It has to get done, this country must become energy independent in order to succeed with long term growth. Coal is not the answer to our future its a nightmare from the past. Willard Mitt Romney won’t take you into the future he will bring you back to the nightmares of the past. Voting all Democratic party to save America and the middle class.

  37. Charles Says:

    That shows the open minded American.LMAO

  38. Mattrue Says:

    Charles says needs to read some reviews from the economic experts and how this all started with deregulation of Wallstreet and the banking industry in 2002 by the Bush administration. Aftershock by Robert Reich and another Aftershock by Bob Wiedemer might help you to understand that the economic policies of one administration can take many years to come to effect on the economy. Just happened to collapse this economy in 2007. If you can understand that large growth in the stock market is not always good it must coincide with large growth in the GNP. This is where the Bush administration failed the American people and were well warned by the best economic firms that the warning indicators of massive recession had taken place. Bush administration started with debt at 5.7 trillion and ended with 11.3 trillion with large amount of debt rolling into Obama administration term. This debt continues to actually grow even after an administration has ended. In reality Obama is only credited with about 3.7 trillion to his own administration. This is explained in Bob Wiedemer’s narratives of his books Aftershock series. It is hard work not to collapse this economy with out spending and Obama has not done anything wrong with the turnaround. This is not a one term deal and will take many more to correct. When asked in 2008 during the debates, Obama replied that it could take more than 10 years to fix this mess with the economy. His plan will work with time.

  39. Charles Says:

    So you want me to believe a book written by a staunch democrat. Mattrue you said enough for me when you said vote all democratic. I have nothing to say to someone so closed minded but to vote without knowing anything about a man but his political party. This is a sample of the democratic mind. oh boy!!

  40. patti bee Says:

    Charles: you are so correct! I voted yesterday and I left some of the choices blank rather than vote for someone I hadn’t read enough about. I call myself an independent (leaning conservative) for that reason. I think too many people want to identify completely with one party or the other and will not think for themselves or do their own homework. If Romney is elected (GOD, I hope so) I will expect him to satisfy at least 2/3 of what he promises. If he doesn’t, I will not vote for him next time. If the president cannot do what he promises we gotta let him go.

  41. Mattrue Says:

    Charles I am an independent and I don’t care about your silly labels, liberal or conservative. The truth is what it is and go back and look at news footage before Obama took office. I don’t know what is wrong with your memory,but even before the election the stock market had collapsed and banks were closing. Federal Government came into my bank to get it ready for takeover from a larger bank. George W came on the television in state of the Union address to notify the American people about the first part of the bailout package to be introduced into the economy to stabilize the banking industry and Obama had been the president elect at that time. The news release had Obama to meet with the Bush administration to see what this economic bailout entailed. The first part was all Bush, then Obama passed the second part after his inauguration. This is what had to be done and both sides ageed. Stop blaming sides unless you have facts

  42. Charles Says:

    Look at the facts I posted, the numbers are there. You talk about the news god knows I need to get my facts from CNN. I talk about the numbers the state governments that are working and the ones that don’t. If you think Obama has lived up to his promises or even got close then by all means vote for him. I don’t think I am ready to give him 4 more years. My dog will only bite me once, I guaranty it!!!

  43. Mattrue Says:

    I only had two real choices for the Presidential nomination that would count. I looked at Mitt Romney and don’t see any thing that makes me believe that he can change my mind about the Republican party. He changes his mind so many times since 2008 that I can’t believe anything he says. Obama tried his best to get things done and did a pretty good job with what he had to work with, 2 years with a congress that would do nothing. Yes it was up to the president to try and coerce the members to compromise, but I think he had a lot of cleaning up to do with the war and a broken economy. Lots of business owners that I know feel that the economy is heading in the right direction and believe strongly against drastically changing course. There are too many issues at stake and too little answers from the republicans and Mitt Romney, they constantly side step questions with out directly answering the questions that I had for them. I could not vote for any candidate that has no solutions and picked candidates based on my own questions and answers that affected my family directly.

  44. Charles Says:

    Show me where Romney swapped on something and I will show you were Obama swapped on something. You keep listing where you here stuff and I keep hearing TV and books written by Democrats. Try looking up the numbers. States with worst economies, States that have the highest in tax burden on the people per capa, top ten richest men in America 75% democrats.
    Which news station has been fined the most for falsifying and editing comment and video to fit their message, the latest was when the edited the George Zimmerman 911 tape to make him sound like a racist. I think at least 2 lost their jobs over that one. Look it up its a totally a democratic broadcasting company. And you believe them even after they admit to cutting film and editing to their liking. Look at the states with the best economy you will find most republican run states, Look at the worst ie: Cali, Ny, Mi, three states with state income tax, three states almost bankrupt, three states on the bottom. DEMOCRATIC STATES and the list goes on if you look it up 7 out of top ten worst are dem run states. But you vote pure Dem, Tells me again all I need to know about you, Typical Democratic thinking, Don’t listen to anything but news and only to Democratic news and books. In other words Vote of Ignorance not informed.

  45. joah Says:


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  46. Charles Says:

    Mattibee you said you are an independent but you vote pure democrat. Think about that for a minute. Like I said you and Obama/dems should work together as your two minds work so far from the facts it isn’t funny, Look at the time and dates and who is in control of congress you want to blame congress when it is run by republicans and the president when it is republican. You say it takes time ( in this case at least 4 years) for things to work, so maybe Bill Clinton should Thank Bush Sr, for his economy, or are saying that’s how it worked then but not now? And the last 2 years of Bush Jr was Nancy and her goons but you wont blame them for Obama’s mess. So let me get this straight. When it is a republican president with a democratic led congress it is the president that screwed our economy. But when it is a Democratic president with a republican congress it is congress. And when a republican president leaves who had a democratic congress we need time to recover, Say maybe 8 years. But when a democratic president with a republic congress leaves then it is the congress fault from the start. I’m just trying to get a hold on you guys thinking.

  47. patti bee Says:

    Hey, Charles. I am Patti bee and I am independent and am voting for ROMNEY. Mattrue is the person you want to address, not me. I vote republican more times than democrat. Mattrue is a person I do not agree with, either. I agree with YOU.
    Mattrue is not Patti bee. Vote Romney

  48. patti bee Says:

    Obama policies just fail over and over again. He flops and flops. I wish he would flip on some important policies since they are not working. He expects to tax us to make-up for his own failed policies and his failed bets. The one largest thing he has flipped is his middle finger to American values and traditions, to our military, to our One nation under GOD! . The nightmare in Benghazi and the nightmare on the east coast shows his indifference when it comes to compassion and dedication. Obama is all about power and trying to “look” presidential.. to our eye.
    His actions betray us all.

  49. Charles Says:

    Sorry Patti bee got confused. you are right is Mattrue. So sry Patti

  50. Charles Says:

    Did anyone watch 60 minutes Sunday? If ya can get it, watch it. I know Obama/Dems and Mattrue wont because it has interviews with a couple of congressmen and maybe at least one high ranking former democrat. Tells you about the filibuster and what it is, how it is used today, and by whom. I just stumbled on it. Made me do some looking.

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