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As hearing looms, Allen West wants recount expanded to absentee ballots

by George Bennett | November 16th, 2012

Supporters of Rep. Allen West outside the St. Lucie County Courthouse in Fort Pierce today.

FORT PIERCE — Republican U.S. Rep. Allen West‘s attorneys this morning amended their request for a recount of more than 37,000 ballots cast during early voting in St. Lucie County to also include a request to recount about 37,000 absentee ballots from the county.

A hearing is set for 1 p.m. before St. Lucie County Circuit Judge Dan Vaughn.

Unofficial returns show Democrat Patrick Murphy leading West by 1,907 votes or 0.58 percent. West has not conceded, citing admitted errors by the St. Lucie County elections office in tallying early votes on election night. Elections Supervisor Gertrude Walker says those problems, which included double-counting some ballots and failing to count others, were rectified in a partial recount Sunday and no further recounts are needed.

In an amended complaint filed this morning, the West campaign says its review of absentee ballot records shows “significant problems” with those ballots as well the early votes. The West camp says that in some precincts, the number of absentee votes recorded exceeds the number of voters who are listed as casting absentee ballots.

Placard-carrying West supporters are marching and chanting outside the courthouse in anticipation of the two-hour hearing.

Under Florida law, a candidate must be within 0.5 percent to merit a recount. Murphy’s margin is larger. The West campaign technically is asking for a “retabulation” under Florida statutes, which allow a county to conduct such an exercise if it finds errors in its initial tabulation of votes.


20 Responses to “As hearing looms, Allen West wants recount expanded to absentee ballots”

  1. greg Says:

    it is a shame that this man is allowed to continue. why not hold a special election so he can see once and for all exaclty what the voters think of him?


    Who is paying for all of this?

  3. NoneyaBiz Says:

    If there is any recount at all… it MUST be for the entire district. Not just St. Lucie County. Seriously… who the “F” does West think he is? Does he really think he can just make up rules to fit his particular strategy? That is not how democracy works!

  4. weak sauce Says:

    Shorter Allen West:

    “Forget the law, we need a recount. Why? Because I say so.”


    Allen West: One & Done

  5. Brian O'Donaghey Says:

    I’m all for counting every vote to ensure it’s accurate, but these nickle/dime, moving the goalpost type of ever-changing demands by West are weird. Like he’s grasping at any attempt to remain in the public eye. Isn’t there some kind of name for this sort of bizarre condition? As a guy who portrays himself as smart and attentive to detail, why didn’t he think this out and say all of what he wanted from the gitgo?

  6. what's the law say Says:

    why isn’t West demanding the .5 percent vote count differential law be changed? Maybe a new law like “whenever the loser demands a recount” would be acceptable to him. anyway, since West is getting these recounts outside of the existing law, is he gonna pay for all this extra time and effort?

  7. Richard M Says:

    Man! This guys keeps moving the goal post. Doesn’t anyone have the ‘cojones’ to stop this madness?

  8. Big Daddy Says:

    @what’s the law …… the issue is tabulation error that the Spvr of Elections has admitted to, not the .5 percent recounting of the votes that the law requires. If he was disputing that, then he would have asked for a total recount of all votes. To do a partial recount of early voting was wrong and under that perimeter, I can understand his dispute. With the amount of voter turn for presidential elections, the difference of 2000 votes is a relatively
    small amount. Plus on a count of apprx. 37,000 early vote retabulation, some 700+ votes were found to be recorded in error.

  9. Richard Jones Says:

    Regardless of the outcome, I believe it is an important exercise for us to verify the results. What are people afraid of? Only someone that has something to hide would run from a re-count. The longer it goes, the more doubts I have.
    The value of a fair vote cannot be understated not only for us but also as an example around the world.
    We are the first people to complain about human rights, fair and valid voting in other countries.
    How can we project the values we support throughout the world if an election here that appears to have irregularities and we do nothing about it? If we sit on our hands and do nothing what does that say to people that want to right to vote and cannot now?
    Let it play out, get all the votes counted properly and move on.

  10. SciGuy Says:

    West can move to Georgia near Atlanta where he had been invited to run for office up there. What a great idea for him since he mentioned that he grew up in Atlanta anyway. He should feel more comfortable with the locals and any conservative values they might have to share with him. Really don’t know when and why West ever came down to Florida to run for Congress. Wondering just what legislation he is working on during the rest of his first and last term in DC?

  11. jebamoni4 Says:

    If this thug keeps on amending his request, the judge has to postpone the ruling. He wants the death sentence postponed any way and any how.

  12. Educated Says:

    Mr Jones: If the situation was reversed, do you think Mr West would agree to endless accommodations of any whim Mr Murphy might advance to prolong the inevitable conclusion?

    Since Mr West supports those who employ every dirty trick imaginable to suppress the vote, his rants about unfair practices are shallow. What else would we expect from the most disgustingly negative and expensive congressional 2012 campaign?

  13. Tom Brown Says:


    And, I’m certain you felt the same way in 2000…

  14. dede Says:

    Mr. West: Let it go.. be a man… admit that your idea that people would like you better than they do in South Palm Beach/northern Broward didn’t work and get the h*** out. I liked the idea of moving to Georgia….

  15. weak sauce Says:

    And so Allen West loses again!

    This is getting fun.

  16. Georgia GOP Says:

    @SciGuy – Sir, we do not wish for Mr. West to move to Atlanta and run for anything!!! You people in Florida need to handle your own trash and not try and export it to Atlanta!

  17. Jeff Says:

    To all election cheaters
    Your the same people who lie and cheat to win a election. West was ahead by 2000 votes till they did the first recount, for no reason. And after the recount his challenger ended up 1900 ahead. This election was full of voter fraud by dems. West is honest, a vet, and being black is why democrats hate him, and will do anything (including cheating) to get him out of office.

  18. Richard Jones Says:

    That is an interesting assumption on your part, “Educated.” My dog is educated but I digress.
    Maybe I am not educated enough to convey thoughts in terms you may be able to understand but as an obvious member of the “Party of Inclusion and Compassion” Please try to help us knuckle dragging Neanderthals become as enlightened and evolved as you are. So here is your chance.
    I think, if you can actually read my post I said I do not care who wins as long as all the votes are counted.
    Maybe you want to live in a third world, banana republic where voter fraud is common I do not.
    So let us try some facts. Laws have already been broken and votes have been miscounted.
    You state:
    “Mr. West supports those who employ every dirty trick imaginable to suppress the vote”
    Where are your facts?
    What scares you about Mr. West?
    I am sure you will be able to keep your free phone.

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