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Rep. Allen West concedes House race to Patrick Murphy

by George Bennett | November 20th, 2012

UPDATED with response from Murphy

Republican U.S. Rep. Allen West announced this morning that he won’t challenge Democrat Patrick Murphy’s narrow victory in their nationally watched battle for the Palm Beach-Treasure Coast congressional District 18 seat.

“While many questions remain unanswered, today I am announcing that I will take no further action to contest the outcome of this election,” West said in a statement released early this morning to The Palm Beach Post.

West later made his concession Fox-official by appearing briefly on Fox & Friends at about 6:15 a.m.

Murphy has led by less than 1 percent since election night. Final results Sunday from Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie counties gave the Democrat a lead over West of 1,904 votes or 0.58 percent.

Until now, West has refused to concede, citing admitted errors by St. Lucie County in its initial tallying of more than 37,000 ballots from early voting. West finally succeeded in getting the county to conduct a full retabulation of its early ballots, but the recount failed to reduce Murphy’s margin to the 0.5 percent or closer that would push the race into a full recount of the entire district.

“While there are certainly still inaccuracies in the results and the actions of the St. Lucie County and Palm Beach County Supervisors of Elections rightly raise questions in my mind and for many voters, after much analysis and (Sunday’s) recount in St. Lucie County, our legal team does not believe there are enough over-counted, under-counted or fraudulent votes to change the outcome of the election,” West’s statement said.

Counties submitted their final results to the Division of Elections on Sunday. The state’s Elections Canvassing Board is scheduled to certify them this morning in Tallahassee.

West has 10 days from certification to contest the election. But an election contest is an uphill proposition in Florida.

State law limits the grounds for a contest to misconduct, fraud, bribery or corruption involving elections officials; ineligibility for office of the winning candidate; the receipt of enough illegal votes to put the outcome in doubt; or the rejection of enough legal votes to cast doubt on the outcome.

“While a contest of the election results might have changed the vote totals, we do not have evidence that the outcome would change,” West said. “Given the extremely high evidentiary hurdles involved in a successful challenge, I will not ask my generous supporters to help fund a drawn-out, expensive legal effort with little chance of success. Therefore, we will not contest the certification or challenge the seating of Congressman-Elect Murphy.”

The West-Murphy contest was one of the costliest and nastiest House races in the nation. West spent more than $17 million and Murphy more than $3.6 million while outside PACs poured in more than $6 million more.

With his status as a tea party hero and his penchant for fiery rhetoric, West has been a national target for Democrats and liberals from the moment he took office.

A Murphy, a political newcomer who switched his voter registration from Republican to Democrat in 2011, based his campaign largely on depicting West as an extremist and polarizing figure.

West said members of the left-leaning Congressional Progressive Caucus were communists, called Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz “vile” and “despicable” and “not a lady” and said Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels would be proud of Democratic talking points on the budget.

West ran TV ads and posted roadside signs featuring Murphy’s police mug shot from 2003, when he was a 19-year-old University of Miami student arrested outside a Miami Beach club for disorderly intoxication and possessing a fake driver license.

The intoxication charge was ultimately dropped for lack of evidence and the fake ID charge was dismissed. Murphy called the incident “the biggest mistake of my life.”

West did not allude to any of the campaign’s bitterness in his statement today.

“I want to congratulate my opponent, Patrick Murphy, as the new Congressman from 18th Congressional District. I pray he will serve his constituents with honor and integrity, and put the interests of our nation before his own,” West said.

Murphy responded this morning by reaching out to West’s supporters.

“I appreciate Congressman West’s gracious concession today. I am truly humbled that the voters of the 18th district have entrusted me to represent them in Washington. To those who supported my opponent, my door is open and I want to hear your voice,” Murphy said in a statement on Facebook. “I campaigned on a message of reaching across the aisle to get things done for the people of the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches, and that is as important in this district as it is in Washington. I am excited and honored to get to work.”

West’s full statement follows:

“For two weeks since Election Day, we have been working to ensure every vote is counted accurately and fairly. We have made progress towards that goal, thanks to the dedication of our supporters and their unrelenting efforts to protect the integrity of the democratic process. While many questions remain unanswered, today I am announcing that I will take no further action to contest the outcome of this election.

“While there are certainly still inaccuracies in the results and the actions of the St. Lucie County and Palm Beach County Supervisors of Elections rightly raise questions in my mind and for many voters, after much analysis and yesterday’s recount in St. Lucie County, our legal team does not believe there are enough over-counted, undercounted or fraudulent votes to change the outcome of the election.

“While a contest of the election results might have changed the vote totals, we do not have evidence that the outcome would change. Given the extremely high evidentiary hurdles involved in a successful challenge, I will not ask my generous supporters to help fund a drawn-out, expensive legal effort with little chance of success. Therefore, we will not contest the certification or challenge the seating of Congressman-Elect Murphy.

“Serving the people in the House of Representatives has been among the highest honors of my life, but this seat does not belong to me, or for that matter, to any individual. It belongs to the people. I want to congratulate my opponent, Patrick Murphy, as the new Congressman from 18th Congressional District. I pray he will serve his constituents with honor and integrity, and put the interests of our nation before his own.

“I must thank my wife Angela, and my daughters Aubrey and Austen for their support, patience, understanding and most of all, love. These are three of the toughest women I know. They have sent me off to defend our nation overseas at war and to Capitol Hill to serve our nation in the House of Representatives. They have all handled the challenges of these last few months, and the last many years, with amazing grace. I know they will be my side for whatever is our next chapter.

“I want to thank my congressional and campaign staff for their service, and most importantly, I want to thank all of our tremendous supporters who provided their time and money to power our campaign. I am humbled by the dedication and perseverance of our supporters, and their commitment to a free and prosperous America. I cannot thank them enough for all they have done for our campaign, but most importantly, what they have done, and will continue to do for our country. None of us should let the outcome discourage us. We should only redouble our resolve.

“Above all, I want to thank God for his blessings, and for blessing me with the opportunity to serve.
Only God knows what is in store for each of us. I have dedicated my life to serving this nation, and the results of this election will not change my purpose. Just as I did in the deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan, just as I did on Capitol Hill, I will continue to fight for our Republic.

“Our nation will not overcome our challenges overnight ,and the road ahead for each one of us will not be easy. But this nation would never have become that shining beacon of light if our founders had chosen the easy path 236 years ago. We all must proudly continue their legacy.

“For the protection and preservation of our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, I shall remain steadfast and loyal. God bless you and God bless these United States of America.”


105 Responses to “Rep. Allen West concedes House race to Patrick Murphy”

  1. LRT Says:

    It only took 2

  2. jebamoni4 Says:

    Thank God, that the thug is gone!!!This country served this free loader and his family with everything for this many years with very heavy pension and regular payments. He smeared the good name of US which resulted in multiple sacrifices of human lives. Pl.make sure he does not rear up his venomous head again!!!

  3. Wyn Says:

    I am one voter that never had any question about the fact that Patrick Murphy won the district 18 congressional seat. Maybe West will now move out of Florida and give another state a try. Now that he has time on his hands, he should get the therapy he so desperately needs. He sure won’t be missed. Good Riddance.

  4. tc Says:

    nothing like bowing out graciously.

  5. Soylent Green Says:

    Adios !

    You P O S !

  6. alan Says:

    An ungracious concession from a most ungracious man.
    Thank God we are done with West. He was an embarrassment to our community, the east coast equivalent of Michele Bachmann

  7. mjbodrea Says:

    As usual the only time the rabid Al Sharpton and AH Jessie Jackson don’t show up with their rent a riot is when the black man is a conservative.

  8. Bito Says:

    Hey Allen, take the tealady with you, and dont let the door hit you in the rear on the way out.

  9. Al Dente Says:

    Florida – the fetid sewer of America – deserves whatever it gets.

  10. j r thomas Says:

    Thank you for your service to our country Mr West….sorry to see this election turn out like this…..but you tried to make people wake up and see the bad direction this country is taking. Unfortunately too many people out there have turned from God, want freebies, and generally do nothing to help this country. Obama & his useful idiots have doomed this country. God bless you and your family.

  11. czubek Says:

    Allen must realize that this could be the end of his political career. His extreme views make him politically toxic the mainstream Republicans.

  12. rav Says:

    If West had graciously conceeded he may have been able to run again. Now he is a national laughingstock and his career is in ruins. His obstinacy and poor sportmanship firmly anchor Murphy’s claim to the seat. And probably a good thing too, as West never had the voters best interest at heart, just his own. West’s Recount Fund Raing Website is outrageous.

  13. mlsl Says:

    So I guess it wasn’t really about voter fraud was it Mr. West? You swore to ensure the right to vote. And your followers once again believed you. You only stopped when you figured out you couldn’t win. Typical.

  14. SID NEEDS TO GO Says:

    A true hero. Bigger things are ahead.

  15. Sean T Wright EA Says:

    No matter what your opinion is of this race, it’s over!

    No one’s saying you have to like a out-come, but your still living in American!

    More serious matters as Fiscal Budgeting, Foreign Affairs, and local regional progess need addressing.

    SFLA Jewish’s Community expects help to be given to MOSSAD.

    SFLA people expect serious talk on how to reduce a deficit.

    Regionally we have a new High Speed Rail Coming that will SUPER-CHARGER the SFLA-CFLA Economy,and change COMPLETELY the way FLA lives.

    There can be a bright future, when serious people are willing to put BS aside and look at forward movement!!!!!

  16. Tea Lady Says:

    Goodbye, Mr. West. You abandoned the Tea Party by voting for Mr. Boehner’s debt-swelling, budget-busting plan.

    And in return, many of us Tea Partiers abandoned YOU. You should have stuck to your principles, and voted NO! Instead, you caved in … and many of us smelled the stench of quid-pro-quo politics-as-usual.

    Best luck shopping for a new district in which to run.

    And don’t forget to pack all your belongings in your carpet bag.

  17. timtopper Says:

    let this serve as a warning to Rick Scott, and the rest of Tallahassee Republican majority; the citizens will take this state back. We will no longer allow you to sell us to the highest bidder; the insurance industry. We will no longer stand bye and watch as you pass unconstitutional laws one after the other.

    Enough is enough. Bye, Bye, Allen West. Scott has to be the next to go. Bogdanoff is gone. Too bad Negron is back in Tallahassee. He is as rotten as Scott.

  18. David W Says:

    Kicked out of the Army…kicked out of Congress

  19. skd376 Says:

    What an ingrate! Still claiming there were over counted, under counted and fraudulent ballots, though not enough to stem the tide. Still, he leaves the doors open for his mouth breathing followers to claim as much.

    Hey, Mr. West! Why don’t you and Jesus Christ get your a– over to my house and mow my lawn?! The two of you can learn what it takes to not live off public dollars and tell lies all day!
    When you’re done with my lawn…GET THE HELL OUT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

    F-off! Jackass!

  20. jack dunbar Says:

    At Last! Mr. West just could not say congratulations and wish Congressman Murphy well he said:

    . I want to congratulate my opponent, Patrick Murphy, as the new Congressman from 18th Congressional District. I pray he will serve his constituents with honor and integrity, and put the interests of our nation before his own.

    Put the interests of our nation before his own? NO MR. WEST HE IS NOT YOU, HE HAS INTEGRITY. HE IS A REAL MAN, A KIND AND GENEROUS PERSON. If you had won (and I cringe at the thought) he would without a doubt have congratulated you and that would have been it. Congressman Murphy was raised right with manners, unlike you.
    You have to throw you “severing your country” in there and name the country’s you were in..when will anyone read your actual record from your military service?? Your such a fake and the shame is you know it and you have done a great job of hiding your true nature..Like a holy roller who has a flock of idiots following him you have managed the same.
    Well off with you now and we “pray” we never hear from you again!!!! but I will lay odds that your tiny brain won’t give your big mouth a rest.

  21. Susan Duncan Says:

    If Mr. West really wants to serve his community, he could now remove all of the campaign signs that litter our highways. This was a nasty campaign and we don’t need any more reminders.

  22. Jose Ortega Says:

    Those two local right wing nut jobs, namely: Kane and Kaufman can help West launch his new career as a http://www.acko conservative radio talk show host.

  23. Cheese Says:

    OK, he conceded, now can we MOVE ON??????????

  24. drippinhun Says:


    Who are these Sharpton and Jackson people? They obviously mean more to you than most of us liberals.

  25. NEMO Says:

    Mr West along with Mitt Romney are a disgraced to our Freedom Fighters! They betrayed our American cause for Liberty perpetrated by the Communist-progressives Atheists zealots fascists!

    It is time to reclaim our FREEDOM from Tyranny! DOWN WITH THESE TRAITORS! Republicans and Demo Socialists take notice that we won’t give up our fight for FREEDOM and JUSTICE FOR ALL! GOD BLESS AMERICA NOT DARN AMERICA!

  26. drippinhun Says:


    I see the meaning of the word ‘hero’ has been cheapened.

  27. Atlas Shruggery Says:

    Another delusional Teabagger bites the dust.

  28. drippinhun Says:

    @j r thomas

    Move to a better place. Hate to see you so miserable.

  29. WPB resident Says:

    The “baby” beat the bully! Congratulations to Mr. Murphy, who will be the youngest serving member of Congress.

    NEMO’s comments above are a bit scary. How do people get so angry?

  30. Jay S Says:

    Perhaps this defeat will be further evidence to Tea Partyers, Dittoheads, and their ilk that this country does not want their brand of “I’ve got mine and the hell with everyone else,” politics. And that most Americans still want a nation that cares, with that care expressed through government policy. Be grateful that the majority still rule, despite every lie, distortion, and voter suppression tactic they’ve thrown at us. Bottom line: We the People still prevail.

  31. registered independent Says:

    Patrick Murphy… another loser congressman!


  32. Hmmm Says:

    Anyone else shocked these two nitwits spent tens of millions of dollars trying to win votes for a 174k a year job?

  33. Jupiter Guy Says:

    None of you really think this is over do you? Once the results are certified he has 10 days to dispute the results, and I suspect he will.

  34. Educated Says:

    Finally! Now if NEMO and West would take their vitriolic nastiness to Mississippi or some similar state that shares their irrational attitudes. It is time for Florida to heal from the wounds inflicted by these hateful dividers.

  35. joah Says:

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  36. Rita Simons Says:

    Can you believe women supported this crazy person You can tell me what to do with my body when i can tell you when to have a visectomy
    Thank you

  37. MimiB Says:

    ” I pray he will serve his constituents with honor and integrity, and put the interests of our nation before his own.”

    West, failing the classy test once again, showing his hate for anyone not sharing his personal extremist views. He couldn’t just graciously bow out.

  38. Jay Says:

    Acceptance is usually the last step in Loss or Grief….Now Mr. West, you can get all the Chick Fil-A you want!!

  39. Wally P Says:

    Thank you Col West for all you have done, GOD bless.

  40. SUE Says:

    Hey Tea Moron….Take the hint, pack your bags and hit the road with your buddy West…The Tea Party is over and so are you.

    jr Thomas – Aside from the fact that you’ve shown everyone what a moron you are, if you’re so pissed about the election…pack your bags and get the hell out of the U. S. Take West and the Teamoron with you…

  41. Doug Says:

    NEMO, one can’t be a communist and a fascist at the same time. They’re ideological opposites. They fought a war against each other call WWII. Please check the history on this, get some psychological help and try to take up gardening or something to calm yourself down.

    Thank God Mr. West is gone from Congress. Perhaps the poisonous rhetoric will begin to subside and Mr. Murphy can work to find solutions to the problems our country faces. I believe, as an accountant, he’ll be looked to to help our fiscal problems. He seems like a smart even tempered person. It’s in keeping with his character that Mr. West didn’t call to congratulate Mr. Murphy. I hope our district sees the end of this ungracious ego maniac.

  42. Greg Says:

    I like how people call out NEMO and others for their derogatory language while ignoring all the vitriol that spills from their left leaning posters. True hypocracy. But I expected nothing more or less.

  43. alien waste Says:

    Sha na na na
    Na na na na

    America is a better place today.

    Thank you Rep-elect Patrick Murphy, you are a TRUE American Hero!

  44. OhStop Says:

    The Evil Rich Businessman wins the election and everyone is happy. What a boat load of hyprocrisy. Next, tax him into submission…..

  45. Tea Lady Says:

    The Tea Party is just getting started. This election proved that no GOP candidate can be elected without enthusiastic support from The Tea Party! =)

    Marco Rubio 2016! =)

  46. Patinpbg Says:

    Both candidates ran such a negative campaign-glad they had to go through the hasstle-serves them both right.

  47. naplesbob Says:

    Allen reminds me of a Cruise Liner heading into a fog bank. The horn sounds loud and clear; LOOOOSEEEER!!!

  48. My Country Says:

    West, time to leave…the country, that is! Good riddance!

  49. BLAH DE BLAH Says:

    I wonder if Murphy’s daddy will be moving up to DC with him?

  50. Richard Lee Says:

    It is not surprising that Col. West barely lost in county where Obama received 104% of the vote.

  51. hopelove Says:

    The left and right politicians are laughing at the majority of you fools and your insipid comments. They’re making millions and your posting a on a bottom feeding website like the Post. The only difference is I’m smart enough to know my opinion doesn’t count, you geniuses really think yours matters…..truly inspiring.

  52. SouthPB Says:

    To paraphrase University of Miami fans,

    “Bye bye Allen, we hate to see you go!”

  53. Jupiter Guy Says:

    Tea lady, just to let you know Rubio, although he was born here, wasn’t born to legal citizens of this country. His parents became citizens almost five years after his birth. You have to have at least one parent be a legal citizen. Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution explains it.

  54. Koch Brother Says:

    Crybaby West…in these two weeks you showed exactly what kind of person you are…You will NEVER be elected to anything in the future!!

  55. jack Says:


  56. sewinitup Says:

    Thank you Mr. West , now kindly STFU and take down your peurile, butt-ugly billboards.

  57. Arbar Says:

    We’re finally rid of that jackhole.

  58. Bito Says:

    @Tealady, I see you haven`t changed you`re delusional ways, No gop candidate can be elected whithout support from the tea party????? You ralle are nut, the candidates that you nut jobs backed lost, youre party is toast, look at the results YOU MORON, I see you are back on the KOOL-AID again, its back to REHAB for YOU.

  59. NEMO Says:

    “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President…”
    “Marco Rubio was born im Miami, Florida. He is, therefore, a natural born citizen of the United States. Per the Constitution, the citizenship status of his parents (or grandparents or anyone but himself) is irrelevant.” Source:

    Second The National Socialist German Workers’ Party (German: About this sound Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei), abbreviated NSDAP) is a Socialist-Nationalist extreme left ideology contrary to what Communists and other left wing theoretical try to portray. They fought against Communists in Germany but Hitler was an ally of the ex-Soviet Union.

  60. Samir Says:

    Bye West, bye tea party!! congrats to Murphy, congrats to the people of CD18, and congrats to the people of Florida – the great state that took down the tea party and its #1 stooge,

  61. The Truth Hurts Says:

    @Jupiter Guy-That is incorrect. I don’t like Rubio and he’s a flip-flopper like Romney, but the law states that a person born on U.S. soil, regardless of whether or not the parents are citizens; are considered a ‘citizen by birthright’ and is eligible to become president.

  62. RetiredLadyInBoyntonBeach Says:

    in reply to Jupiter guy’s coment # 53 — — have you ever even READ article II, section 1 of the US Constitution? I ask only because there is absolutely NOTHING in the Constitution — not in Article II, not anywhere else either — that stipulates anyting about a requirement for a president’s parents to have been citizens of the US. All that’s required is that the president must be at least 35 years old and a “natural born Citizen” (or, a citizen at the time of adoption of the constitution — a special clause that takes into account the fact that citizenship didn’t even exist until just a few years earlier because the country itself didn’t exist). I doubt that you’ve read the Constitution recently. I suspect you get your information from sources that you consider reliable but that aren’t really.

  63. CarolO Says:

    He could have simply stated he has finally realized he lost. Numbers do not lie and no matter how many times there was a “re-tabulation”, West only ended up with less votes, not more. I am glad now there was a recount to finally put this to bed and get away from all the FRAUD and CONSPIRACY theories of his supporters.
    I guess they just could not accept their candidate had lost.

    The way that Gertrude Walker was treated was shameful. She admitted their were voting errors with one machine and offered to recount the days there were problems. Because of a machine error, she was called everything in the book. There was problems with this machine in past elections and problems with it when Mrs Walker was not even present.

    Mr. West should have apologized to her, publicity, for all she was put through by his supporters. She has held this job for 22 years and did not deserve what she was handed out by these people.

    Time to put this to bed and move on for everyone.

  64. Tea Lady Says:

    @Jupiter Guy
    Knowing The Constitution of These United States is imperative for all citizens.

    The Constitution spells out the few limited rights that We The People cede to the federal government, while retaining the rest.

    Join the Tea Party, Jupiter Guy! We cherish and understand The Constitution! =)

  65. Tea Lady Says:

    Do you have anything constructive to contribute? You seem to be stuck with the same weary talking points: “KOOL-AID”, “nut jobs”, “YOU MORON”, “REHAB”, etc..

    Besides, I distinctly remember you writing that you would no longer comment on any of my posts. Did you have a change of heart? Or are you “flip-flopping”? ;-)

  66. charles gillotte Says:

    At last that racist has been defeated and the Republican Party has ridded itself of another hateful TeaParty idiot.

  67. Mick Says:

    finally this pathetic Uncle Tom got the note

  68. Searcher Says:

    NA, NA, NA, NA,
    NA, NA, NA, NA,

    West almost represented my district. I dodged a bullet on that!

  69. Airborne Says:

    It’s a great loss that Col. West lost to a liar (no CPA as he claimed to have), a criminal, DUI and Resisting Arrest, and a man that could not compare himself to a man that gave up his protective vest in combat to save the life of a young soldier. Perhaps Col. West will run for a higher position. I’d like to see him throw in his hat for the Governor’s job.

  70. Maritza Says:

    Mr. West could you PLEASE take Governor Scott with you? Do it quickly too! Good Riddance!!!!

  71. SouthPB Says:


    Give it up. Your guy lost. Relax, you’ll still have plenty of time to see him on Fox News as a “contributor”. Maybe they’ll even give him a show.

    But this goes to show that acting like a jerk (putting it mildly) is not an electable quality to the greater voting public. You tea party guys kept on harping about West, “He annoys liberals!” as if anyone cared. Yes, he annoyed liberals with his inflammatory and divisive rhetoric. How on earth does that make him qualified to serve as a representative of a district that contains liberals, conservatives and indepenents alike?

  72. drippinhun Says:


    I’d like to see the disgraced West run for governor also. Don’t forget the military booted him out for cause. I bet Charlie Crist would beat him by at least ten percentage points.

  73. KineticExpediency Says:

    Too bad,

    Liberals just can’t stomach a conservative, successful black. Doesn’t fit their victim stereotype.

  74. R Scott Says:

    No, no, say it ain’t so!

  75. D Rapp Says:

    Perhaps hell pull a Grayson and move to another district or come back when theres less fraudulent voting with obama not on the ticket.Funny how you have a big wave just 2 years ago where did these voters come from,perhaps the grave. ;)

  76. kevbo Says:

    Well, did you expect anything different from the re-count?? the re-counters knew far in advance what the results were going to be>> the freebies will continue throughout Florida for quite some time>> A successful Black conservative in fl with a chane?? hah what a gas!! Left that state 5 years ago when the oppourtunity came up, and thank myself every freaking day I wake up in beautiful Colorado!!! What a sewer the state of fl has become!!!

  77. @Nemo Says:

    Nemo go sit down and STFU before one of us has to B*tch slap you and put an end to your freedom fighter delusion!!!

  78. @KineticExpediency Says:


    Sound like a typical GOP crybaby who lost

  79. R Scott Says:

    West for Governor — we need a General in charge!

  80. @Airborne Says:


    Murphy has a CPA you imbecile. Her was licenced in Colorado. A CPA licence is good in all states and to practivce before Congress!!Stupid people..
    BTW…Idiot..Murphy was not arreested for DUI or resisiting arrest!! MURPHY HAS NO CRIMMINAL RECORD LIAR!!!!!


  81. RENEGADE Says:

    Tea Lady

    Actually what this election proved is that the Tea Party is History. Quickly fading into the history booksas another ugly blot!

    And that association with the Tea Party is THE KISS OF DEATH FOR ANY POLITICAL CAMPAIGN!!!!!

  82. General Urko Says:

    It looks like a good man will have his seat stolen by Democrats. There should be no surprise as they invented ballot box stuffing and smear tactics. Finally, I hope the Romney operatives are content with their redrawing of the district to give the Democrats a chance to steal an election.

  83. IGetIt Says:

    This, in miniature, is what’s wrong with the GOP (ok one of the things!)

    Spout totally wrong message, get deservedly beaten at the polls, refuse to accept that your policies are all wrong, blame everything and everyone else, refuse to accept defeat. Continue as if nothing changed.

    @ Airborne – as the young soldier’s commander, explain why West sent him into combat without a vest to begin with, and as for Mr. Murphy, he was 19 when that incident occurred – I suppose you never did anything stupid as a teenager.

  84. jack Says:

    Can Murphys campaign manager Johnson get his family to comply with paying his mortgage after 5 years like the rest of us, as we all get forecloserd on but he doesnt ? must be nice !!!

  85. mark blake Says:

    West also announced that the PB County Supv. of Elections is (u guessed it) a communist

  86. ComradeAnon Says:

    Only question remaining is how the hell West could pass a mental competency test.

  87. Gregory Bellmore Says:

    I say it’s time for the Republicans to roll over and let the liberals run wild! Vote “yes” on everything they want. Raise taxes to 99% on the “rich” – food stamps for everybody! Legalize drugs and criminalize God! Yahoooo! Of course when the country burns to the ground, they’ll still blame Bush.

  88. tommy Says:

    Maybe West can self deport himself to a country ruled by religious leaders. He would fit in well in Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

    However, I believe that the little dictator will start his own war here. If I was that sheriff who opposed him, I would be very careful. West and Kaufmann will now turn to bullets, since ballots didn’t work.

  89. Atlas Shruggery Says:

    Sic semper douchenozzli.

  90. @Gregory Bellmore Says:

    We don’t need anyone to roll over or need to run wild…


  91. Mr. Crotch Rot Says:

    Next out Joyce The Pastrami Slinger Kaufman !

  92. Jim Says:

    I find it unnerving that West was ever considered as a viable candidate for the GOP. I guess the Grand old Potty is really in the toilet!

  93. Ramirez Says:

    Auto deporte, auto deporte, Allen West!

  94. Ramirez Says:

    The knob bobbing, Tea Lady livse on Jupiter Island, and bitches about socialism, while begging for taxpayer funded beach sand!

  95. Bito Says:

    @Tealady, the ones that started the KOOL-AID was the RETHUGLICANS, I guess REHAB didn`t help much, and, YOU ARE STILL A MORON.

  96. Jupiter Guy Says:

    No tea lady, i’m happy being a moderate republican who isn’t afraid of the word “compromise”. There is no way that I will drink the wacko kool-aid.

  97. Chester Says:

    Let’s see, there are 435 congressional district. Allan left one, because the odds weren’t good for re-election. Moved To this more friendly district, and lost to a political upstart. Outspent his opponent 5 to 1.

    So that leaves 433 other districts as possibilities. The future looks bright for Mr West. With an election every 2 years, as long as he lives to be 1000 years old.

    He can be rejected by the entire country.

  98. drippinhun Says:

    Tea Partiers are stooges of the Koch brothers. The John Birchers of the 60s and 70s also “knew” the Constitution.

    And morons listened to them.

  99. pablocruize Says:

    I like the gracious and considerate manner democrats win elections. Their guy got .58% of the vote more than West and they tolerantly and non biasedly spit on their neighbors who voted for West. Good job dems you got your coat tugged on and your slavering hatred shows just how messed up you really are.

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