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Allen West campaign to make its recount argument in court today

by George Bennett | November 16th, 2012

Attorneys for Republican U.S. Rep. Allen West‘s campaign today will ask a judge for a recount of all 37,379 ballots cast during early voting in St. Lucie County in West’s tight re-election race against apparent Democratic victor Patrick Murphy.

Arguments before St. Lucie County Circuit Judge Dan Vaughn begin at 1 p.m. in Fort Pierce. Follow, and for updates.

While waging its court fight, the West legal team also sent a letter late Thursday to Secretary of State Ken Detzner outlining what it says are other inconsistencies in St. Lucie County’s vote totals and arguing that “serious doubt exists as to the accuracy of the vote count so far reported by St. Lucie County.”

Detzner has sent three representatives to Fort Pierce to monitor the St. Lucie County elections office and make recommendations.

Unofficial returns show Murphy edging West by 1,907 votes or 0.58 percent in congressional District 18, which includes St. Lucie, Martin and northern Palm Beach counties.

West has not conceded, citing problems with the early vote tally in St. Lucie County, where Elections Supervisor Gertrude Walker has acknowledged her office double-counted some ballots and ignored others on election night.

Walker says the problem was limited to ballots cast on the last three days of early voting. She says a partial recount of those ballots Sunday — in which 799 votes disappeared from the West-Murphy race and 448 new votes were discovered in the Fort Pierce mayor’s race — fixed the problems and no additional recounts are needed.

The West campaign says the irregularities that came to light in the partial recount of early votes justify a full recount of all the early ballots. West’s motion asks Vaughn to order a full recount and bar the county from certifying its results until such a recount is complete.

Counties must file certified results with the state by noon Sunday. The state’s Elections Canvassing Commission gives final certification to all results Tuesday.


73 Responses to “Allen West campaign to make its recount argument in court today”

  1. Koch Brother Says:

    last day, Mr. West..Pack your bags, and go back to Iraq!!

  2. Tired of Demagogues and Carpetbaggers Says:

    Hit the road, Al, dontcha come her no more, no more, no more no more, hit the road, Al, dontcha come here no more!

  3. Searcher Says:

    It will be good when this is over and Alan has to find a job. I bet he ends up on FAUX NEWS!

  4. Hwy11boy Says:

    He cannot believe he lost. What a pain in the ass.

  5. kevbo Says:

    Wow!!! The Left shaking in their boots, hoping to god a judge will rule out a re-count>> whats wrong?? fear of a correct count, by people who can actually count?? oh where is the dignity in all this?? Cant wait to hear all the excuses; and, at the risk of actually reading them, and laughing my tail off!!!!

  6. Ohforcryingoutloud Says:

    I hope they recount everything, so he’ll know he lost fair and square.

  7. Floriduh Says:

    Please RECOUNT all the votes, so that West can’t claim conspiracies are responsible for his demise. What’s the worst that can happen if votes are recounted? That they find he actually WON? I doubt it, but I have the highest respect for democracy, so I want the guy with the most votes to win. If West wins, there’s always another election in 2 years. If he loses, he can always run for Supervisor of Elections somewhere. I’m sure he would be good at counting and recounting.

  8. Mgck22459 Says:

    Florida’s secretary of state tried to cheat by trying to close the polls three days early. So he is screaming foul by his own rules..I agree with Floruidu get this over and make sure this piece of work doesn’t pay anyone off trying to get his way. Once it’s done it’s done if he stays than Florida has to listen to his redrick again, if he loses PLEASE PLEASE BE GONE!!!

  9. RON Says:

    Please recount and shut the POS up!! Send West apcking with his tail between his legs,but first we have to pull out lemmings like Kevbo to make room for his tail!!!!

  10. Amazed Says:

    Wow. Look at all the hate toward this black veteran from the oh-so-tolerant Left. Hope you enjoy a drunkard as your next congressman more. You people are pathetic in your racism and garbage-talk. Go back to Iraq? Screw you, you loser. He fought for YOU everywhere he served. You do nothing but harass him in return. You have no soul.
    Your day is coming, Liberals. Oh, yeah.

  11. Critical Thinker Says:

    For someone that dislikes government so much, West is sure taking this hard. Guess since he’s been on the taxpayer dime his entire life, leaving must be difficult to deal with? So long Allen West, your one term in Congress was too long anyways.

  12. spotter Says:

    Looks like a lot of replies are from liberal racists.

  13. Darren S. Says:

    Looks like the voters of Florida are about to give another dishonorable discharge to Allen West.

  14. Strike Twice Says:

    Critical Thinker: “On the taxpayer dime” Are you kidding me? Serving in our armed forces is not in any way equal to serving on the taxpayer dime the way Joe Biden has (never a job since 29) and all other cronies. I am more than happy to pay Lt. Colonel West and all those in all branches of our military, my dime.

  15. rudebutcool Says:

    looks like the party of the KKK dont like them boys in office…theres always the noose eh

  16. Mgck22459 Says:

    @Amazed…..Oh no no no we won’t go there…I’m black and like alot of other African Americans we can tell this man doesn’t have all of his marbles.. So we won’t play the race card with this imbecile he is just politics at it’s worse. Florida, Georgia no one deserves this maddness

  17. George S. Patton Says:

    Wow, look at all the democrat racists going after a black man!

    I thought you libs loved recounts.

    Go Colonel West! God Bless you!

  18. George Washington Says:

    Duty, Honor, Country.
    Recount all the votes and prosecute those committing, aiding and abetting vote fraud.

  19. Jacob Cardenas Says:

    You liberals are unbelievably in your racism towards blacks. Can’t believe I once associated with your party! Col. West, I wish you all the best brother! We know these libs are trying to steal the election like they have so many others. You pansy asses, the day of reckoning is coming……..CAN”T WAIT!!!!!!

  20. Mgck22459 Says:

    @Jacob….You want him you can have him..I’m African American and the commmunity is not impressed by him you might find one or two that care for him but not many. This man needs to be in someones padded room

  21. BaxterBedford Says:

    Democrats need to make sure they show up at the mid-term elections too, so as to clear the rest of these TEA Baggers out of Congress.

  22. DixT Says:

    Wow! All the liberal comments are TOXIC! Hey, are any of you even aware that in county only the last 3 days of early voting, there were right at 1,000 “inaccurate” votes found??? Does that NOT cause any of you liberals CONCERN for the voting process in your counties??? In other words, it’s OK with all of you that there are INACCURACIES in the way votes have been counted there??? How LAME can you guys get???

  23. Mgck22459 Says:

    @Dix T….I don’t know about the rest of you but here in Ohio our Sec of State tried to cheat so badly in favor of the GOP. He too tried to close this down three days early we had to get a court order telling him not to. So if West got burnt by his own game good. bye!

  24. Harold Libby Says:

    It has become painfully clear that we no longer enjoy a democratic process in the election of public officials. Thankfully patriots such as Allen West are willing to pursue the outcome of how ballots are tallied to determine if the results are actually represe give of the voters intentions.
    Leads on to believe the outcomes in all states where the results are close need a closer inspection to restore confidence in our electoral process.

  25. ABNRanger Says:

    Amusing how the liberals show their true racist feelings while still showing that they can’t get anymore ignorant than they already are!

  26. margielyle Says:

    I’d say all votes should be recounted, not just the early ballots.

  27. Jane Says:

    A recount is justified. Walker should be in jail and everyone else who participated in missing or double votes. This is stealing from the country. Florida has spoken and I guarantee you Allan West is the winner. The only way for Murphy to win is by cheating. Why does the public want another criminal dishonest man in the Senate? Why is that acceptable?

  28. Rose Marie Says:

    I believe the entire country could use a re-count. Very unusual to have more votes cast in some areas than there are registered voters & it’s ALWAYS in favor of the Democrat party. Very unusal indeed.

  29. Marc P. Says:

    I bet you a 100 dollars all the liberal scum not wanting a recount wanted one for Gore in 2000.

  30. Recount Now Says:

    Dems can only win by cheating stealing and lying recount Mr. West wins.

  31. Buddy Says:

    I keep hearing that over 10,000,000 fewer people voted in this election. Really? Who? Everyone I know that voted before, did so again. I know several who voted for the Kenyan last time, did not vote for him this time. I know that his previous fervor was not as intense this time – 90% few Kenyan bumper stickers. I know similar Acorn groups were still in place, but I don’t think they were quite as big as Acorn. I know people who did not vote last time because they did not like McCain, but did vote this time, and it wasn’t for the Kenyan. But somehow he won. It fairly obvious that it only takes one or two precincts to change an election. Were several white male name sounding ballots shredded? I cannot believe that that many people did not vote this time, yet, nothing it being done about it. How can you find out if your vote counted? And, that it was counted correctly? I know it will never be done, but maybe it is time for all voting records to be listed showing who voted and for whom. That way you can verify your vote and duplicate and fraudulent votes identified. I would have no problem anyone seeing who I voted for. Of course, libs would never go for this.

  32. PAConservative Says:

    If the situation was reversed, all the libs would be screaming their heads off. There was voter fraud, on all levels of this election, its the only way the democrats know how to win. They could not just run a straight up campaign. Lie, cheat and steal, but then again that is how alot of them are raised, so they do not know any better.
    You will be judged and hopefully its soon. This man served his country honorably, and then came and served the people of Florida again. He is bashed and trashed by the so called tolerant party. Florida is the joke of the country. You will be California if you don’t straighten out.

  33. North County Con Says:

    Go West! Racist Democrat KKK communists only defend their own.

  34. Sebastian St. Charles Says:

    Anyone who does not believe that there is some funny business going on in St. Lucie County regarding the voting on November 6, 2012 is either not paying attention, or totally ignorant of the important facts of the case.

    First, there were thousands and thousands more votes cast in St. Lucie County than there existed on the voter rolls. The only way that occurs is through voter fraud. That has to be addressed, otherwise all elections in St. Lucie County are suspect, and probably fraudulent.

    Second, Gertrude Walker, St. Lucie County Elections Supervisor, admitted to huge errors being committed in some of the voting, but does not want all of ballots subjected to reexamination. After a number of voting irregularities were discovered, such as the one noted above, she immediately obtained legal counsel. That should raise red flags to anyone who believe an honest election process is essential to liberty and freedom and the continuance of our republic.

    Third, the fact Democrats control the election process should in and of itself be enough to have a recount of the votes when the candidate behind in the vote is of another party. Those who would deny such a recount are admitting that the voting process is possibly fraudulent, and do not want the true results known, just in case their candidate is on the wrong end of the recount.

  35. Cinci queen Says:

    I’m glad Col. West has been persistent in his pursuit of the truth. He is an honest man who served his country & those of you who spewed such vitriol should be ashamed. He fought for your freedom to speak like this & all you can do is bash him. It’s interesting how the liberal rhetoric is turned up when the tide is turned. You are despicable. Good luck & God Bless Col. West.

  36. Mgck22459 Says:

    Blah Blah Blah I hate when the tea baggers call their other tea buddies and they all start blogging. It really however is just one or two tea baggers signing on under different name accounts so they can hold a conversation with themselves…. The latter is usually the case. When we begin to oust the baggers America will start to thrive good writtens to bad rubbish

  37. Cinci queen Says:

    It’s a shame you can’t spell Mgck22459. Guess you’re one of the ineptocracy that now thinks they rule America. One of the least capable of producing & least likely to sustain yourself or succeed so you are awarded with goods & services paid for by the CONFISCATED WEALTH of a diminishing number of producers. Good luck with that.

  38. Ralph Says:

    He’s a black man as Clarence Thomas is a independent. His color makes him dark, his mind set makes him stupid…. I hope he goes by the way of Sarah Palin too fox news where all the independents are…LOL

  39. PAConservative Says:

    @Mgck22459 it sounds like you are a product of the public school system, someone who was pushed through regardless of your comprehension and ability to learn. The more you keep depending on the government to take care of you and probably a growing family of many kids with as many mothers, the dumber and dumber you will be.
    We just want an honest and fair election, one person, one vote. Not the democrat mantra of vote early, vote often. We do not try to cheat, lie and steal to win, we work hard, run on our records or beliefs and hope for the best.
    Sadly, most of this country is too brainwashed by the dems to think that their way is the only way. Its either your with them or against them, its never about what is best for the country.
    Its also funny that I keep hearing that the dems are still blaming President George W. Bush for the problems today, yet obumma gets re elected and will never hear any complaints from you or those like you. Enjoy the feeling while it lasts, you can not live off of other people’s money, it runs out.

  40. tom wright Says:

    what are the chances of a judge granting his request given the fact that he is a Republican? Why is the St Lucie vote so screwed up and why is Walker so defensive? As a former resident of Chicago….I probably asking questions that are self-evident….

  41. Flashprism Says:

    It was alright when that piece of excremet in MN had a recall as that was to get a liberal idiot in office. But West a man who put his life on the line for all of you fools shouldnt challenge the count at .58 %. When the smoke cleared the votes counted in MN had enough fellons in the count that we are sure voted democatic that the final result was clearlyBogus. Allan you challenge and let’s see who ends up in office.

  42. Mgck22459 Says:

    @Cinci queen…Oh brother here goes that baggers mantra again….You people are so mis-informed first I’ve worked all my life dear I am a social worker through childrens services, am over 50,and have been married for over 37 years my husband is a contractor. So, I am quite sure our gross is quite sizable compared to the most of you far as any finger errors in typing please forgive me I have long nails. Next most of you baggers have never worked, have been living off of the system for years..I know this because I frequent your homes with home visits. Trying to teach you how to raise children in a productive society. If you have been paying attention to a U.S. map you would see the decline of the middle class Caucasian since Reaganomics. The American people are tired of people dictated to by someone who has no clue with what existance they live. You and nothing like you has ever paid for me or our children you have no gifts to give so talk that hand out speach to someone else. You all sound the same stupid!

  43. Mike Says:

    Comments here are pretty polarized, as can be expected.

    But the most remarkable thing to me is how, without a single racist comment from anyone opposed to Mr. West, a fair number of his supporters here quickly started crying racism. I don’t even know where to begin analyzing that. It’s so breathtakingly devoid of reason.

  44. Cinci queen Says:

    First of all Ralph your comments are racist, sexist & disgusting. And as for you mgck22459 you are so far off in your accusations. I am 10 years older older than you, worked longer than you, married longer than you & I’m a nurse & you work for the government living on taxpayers money. I however do not so whose the taker now? As I said ineptocracy. I called it.

  45. R Scott Says:

    General West for President!

  46. Mgck22459 Says:

    @Mike and have you noticed the most racist statements are coming from the pro-west people just like the dumb remarks by PAConservative…just like I said they all sound the same stupid!

  47. Mgck22459 Says:

    @Cinciqueen…No you didn’t call anything girl because if you’re a nurse I feel for your minority patients you sound like a low-life no class red neck. Oh I didn’t say that my husband just did whose standing over my shoulder and who by the way is white so I guess he knows one when he sees one…. you sound like Romney “dumber than a hoe handle” now I said that did I get that right…

  48. Cinci queen Says:

    Guess you all accusing West supporters for playing the race card didn’t read or understand Ralph’s comments? I simply don’t understand how we are racist yet when we defend someone based on their principals & values you destroy that person & can’t deal with the fact that you are racist. It’s amazing and definitely a study in human psychology.

  49. Candy E. Says:

    Has Florida decided to secede from the union yet? It can’t happen soon enough, particularly after I read these comments.

  50. Cinci queen Says:

    Wow mgck22459 you just showed your true colors & I don’t mean skin color. I’m glad you’re not a social worker in my hospital. Totally unprofessional. I wonder what your employer would think of you if they knew you talked like that? You need to calm down.

  51. PAConservative Says:

    @Mgck22459, your remarks show the level class associated with the democratic party. Its one thing to show disagreement with another person, but the hatred of anyone other than a democrat is ridiculous. There is a problem with the way we vote in this country, its too easy to cheat the system, and the funny part, it always seems to go the democrats way. Anytime there is an issue with votes, recounts anything its always controled by the democrats…keep voting until it goes your way, if it doesn’t go your way, just take…We are just defending a just and honorable person. Someone who has stood up for this country and what we believe.

  52. Mgck22459 Says:

    @Cinciqueen…you mentioned something about cheating to win…..LOL!! Well I live in Columbus Ohio I think you probably live in Cincinnati by your name. Did you see where they arrested the man in Westerville for stealing and destroying Obama campaign signs because there were so many police recorded it and caught him red handed, did you see where they arrested the young man here for throwing away Dem voter registration forms, or the one where they were telling people they only were registering Republicans and that they would have to go find someone in the Urban areas to register them, or did you miss the one where our racists ignorant Sec.of State secretly changed the programs in voting machines and the college kids came in with their smart phones and took pictures of how the name was flipping from Obama to Romney every time it was selected and posted it on facebook. Oh I know you heard that Tag Romney owned the voting machines here.. The FBI is here investigating the misconduct of Our Sec.of State Jon Husted(dumb ass).

  53. MIke Says:

    LOL… Dems having a hard time winning even with 158% or eligible voters showing up…

    What’s up with that?

    Anyone who doesn’t want to recount an election where some precincts had as many as 158% of registered voters show up and vote is hiding something.

  54. Cinci queen Says:

    Once again mgck22459 you’re wrong. I didn’t say anything about cheating to win…and by the way those stories you told are either false or half true including Tag Romney owning voting machines. There are just as many stories from the other side. People caught burning, stealing & peeing on Romney signs(TRUE). People using voting machines and voting for Romney but Obama’s name showed up(TRUE)on the machine multiple times. You are still pretty angry & defensive for someone whose candidate won.

  55. Jeff Says:

    Isn’t this the same country that reported a miraculous 141% voter turnout?

  56. Cinci queen Says:

    You’re are correct Jeff. How does that happen?

  57. Mgck22459 Says:

    @Cinciqueen…. the joys of the INTERNET people can type in tag Romney owns machines in ohio….gop worker throws away registration forms…Jon Husted caught changing programs in Ohio voting machines…gop worker gets caught telling people he only registers Republican voters…I know the one of the college kids because I worked the polls that day and they ask us permission to take photos of their vote…Hey it was their vote sure I had no ideal they were posting it all over facebook…you probably could type that in and verify that too wow!! The sources that all of this is provided through is our Columbus Dispatch,the Cleveland Journal and I think it was in one of your major Cincinnati papers too guess you couldn’t read I mean didn’t read it.

  58. Mgck22459 Says:

    OH yes and don’t forget the one about the GOP worker getting arrested for throwing Dem voter registration forms..not only was he posing as a volunteer GOP canvaser registering voters but, found out he was even employed by the GOP whew such interesting reading.

  59. PAConservative Says:

    @Mgck22459 – What about ACORN and all of the other left leaning organizations that have been caught, on tape, of voter fraud or intimidation. NBPP is widely known from 2008 as intimidating voters, telling them not to vote, because if they do, there will be violence. That sounds more like a dictatorship than a constitutional republic. That is how 3rd world countries vote, and its people like you who want this country to be 3rd world.
    You need to replace your anger with something else. You seem to put in a lot of time and energy into hating a group of people. If you could focus that on something productive, you might just make something of yourself. However, based on your comments, its clear you are more than happy being a ward of the state…

  60. Thron Says:

    Dems only wanted a partial vote count in 2000 because it was favorable to Gore. A full recount gave Bush a 500 plus vote lead and five liberal leaning organizations also did their own count and Bush still won. In Washington state the Dems falsified the vote count and the Dem candidate became gov. Then a legit recount was taken and the Republican won but the Dem remained Gov. Al Franken is a US senator because of 5000 manufactured votes. It’s good to be a Democrat when you cheat. Go get’em Alan.

  61. Cinci queen Says:

    Don’t care mg, I could match you story for story but I’m not wasting my time. Now I see how Children’s services in Cincinnati has had so many tragic things happen to children under their watch this past year. Did you read that in the newspapers? Need I say more??
    Meanwhile, this story is about Col. West an honorable public servant in Florida getting a recount. We shall see what happens when the recount is finalized.

  62. JoeBandMember Says:

    The left is very, very angry, as usual.

    Surprised they aren’t blaming Bush.

  63. JoeBandMember Says:

    I say re-do the whole election.

    How can there be voter turnout over 100% in so many, many places with no voter ID rules?

    Why did voting machines default to one candidate?

    Why were legal observers tossed out of voting places and counting places?

  64. even white Says:


    Ignore the Democrat trolls. They can’t help themselves. Brainwashed and paid for.

  65. pyeatte Says:

    Recount, there are clearly major problems here and it is easy to rectify the issue. The simple flaw of the left is they are addicted to corruption and deceit and must be closely watched, for they cannot police themselves.

  66. einstein Says:

    “Wendy Rosen, a Democratic congressional candidate from Maryland, has been caught voting twice, twice, including voting once in Maryland and again in Florida during 2006 general election and again in the 2008 presidential primaries, according to the Miami Herald.”

    If a Democrat POLITICAL CANDIDATE is willing to commit vote fraud, you can be sure it’s an institutionalized thing for Democrats.

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  70. Huh?! Says:

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! DEMS BOUGHT AND PAID FOR?!! How exactly is that? I’m and indenpendant and I pay 28% taxes, Romney pays 14%. Talk about “follow the money”! Who’s getting the huge tax breaks to NOT CREATE JOBS? Let me give you a hint, their initials are GOP.

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