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West puts Murphy college mug shot on sign, accuses him of ‘racist attacks,’ Murphy calls it ‘desperate’

by George Bennett | October 30th, 2012

One of the signs is along U.S. Route 1 in Fort Pierce

FORT PIERCE — The campaign of U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Palm Beach Gardens, has begun posting signs that feature a 2003 mug shot of Democratic rival Patrick Murphy and urge voters to “REJECT Patrick Murphy’s Racist Attacks on Allen West.”

Murphy, attending a meet-and-greet with former Gov. Charlie Crist in Port St. Lucie today, called the signs “a desperate attack on his part. I think he sees the numbers, he sees the polls.”

As a 19-year-old University of Miami student in 2003, Murphy was arrested outside a Miami Beach club for disorderly intoxication and possessing a fake driver license.

The intoxication charge was ultimately dropped and the fake ID charge was dismissed. Murphy called it “the biggest mistake of my life.”

West has already featured the mug shot in two TV ads.

The accusation of “racist attacks” refers to an August TV ad by a super PAC bankrolled primarily by Murphy’s father, Thomas P. Murphy Jr.. The ad showed a cartoonish likeness of West, who is black, with a shiny tooth punching white women and taking money from a black family. West said the ad played on racial stereotypes, but an NAACP official disagreed and called it “a typical campaign ad.”


40 Responses to “West puts Murphy college mug shot on sign, accuses him of ‘racist attacks,’ Murphy calls it ‘desperate’”

  1. fairandbalanced Says:

    I’m pleased to see Allen West stand up to the racist attacks he’s had to deal with coming from rich kid Murphy and is father. Murphy cries that he was only 19 when he got arrested but at the very same time Murphy was being thrown in the slammer, Allen West was leading 19 year old soldiers into war to defend our freedom. Quite a contrast between the two candidates.
    And by the way George, do you really think the NAACP is a good judge of whether the ad was racist or not? You know very well if the same ad had been run against a black Democrat they would have declared the ad racist immediately! But since Allen West “left their 21st century plantation” it’s just a “typical campaign ad”.

  2. Obama/Dems 2012 Says:


    This ought to help with West’s sky-high disapproval rate.

    54% of Independents in the latest poll disapprove of Allen West. And this gutter trash politics is a perfect example why.

  3. HankS Says:

    I’m sorry, but the left continues to dismiss Murphy’s verbal assault of a police officer as a ‘youthful indiscretion’ Cussing out a police officer while ignoring a direct order to back off says everything about Murphy’s character. The PAC ad by his father is clearly racist — don’t believe for one second that younger Murphy didn’t concur with its airing.

    Allen West is the real deal, who will continue to work for all Americans in his second term.

  4. Jake P. Says:

    Voted today for Romney, Ryan and West!

  5. BustedUpGrunt Says:

    As if his already well-known loose cannon behavior was not enough to warrant the Army to bring his actions to the “either a general court martial or…” level,
    this is why I just can’t vote for West.
    Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

  6. Mary Ann Russell Says:

    Congressman West is defending himself against the racist attacks by Patrick Murphy and the left goes crazy. But, if the roles were reversed and Murphy was defending himself against West, the left would be praising Murphy. Such a double standard. Murphy is getting what he gave – he started the negative campaign ads by allowing the ad placed by the superpac funded by his father. I cannot for one minute believe that Patrick did not know and did not approve of the ad put out by the PAC stared by his father.

  7. David S. Levine Says:

    Whenever someone steps outside the stereotype he can expect to be abandoned by those who have a stake in that stereotype. So it is with African-American and Jewish Republicans. Democ-rats of Jewish origin and black plantation overseers in the Democ-rat Party do this all the time and so it is in the 18th CD race for the House. The black mugger is a racial stereotype which, had a Republican used it in an attack ad, the NAACP and suchlike groups would be sounding the alarm but since it was done by a Democ-rat the NAACP is acting as a plantation overseer would. (This is just as true for Democ-rats of Jewish origin, e.g. Robert Wexler and The Wasserperson, attempting to explain away Obama’s support for the Arabs and Moslems of the world.)

    The fact is that Allen West’s opponent has no record of community or public service. His “youthful indiscretion” was more than just a drunk brawl but a Teddy Kennedy like disrespect for the authority of a police officer and that was recorded concurrently with his arrest. He is unfit for public service at any level, leave alone the House of Representatives. We the voters of the 18th CD have already begun to reject him and that process will be completed on November 6th.

  8. Hmmmmm Says:

    Maybe we need a little FIRE?????
    To say to AMERICANS…..
    Just asking!
    West isn’t ” The Almighty”, but I’m SICK of Bowers, Yes Sir’rs, & butt kissers just so they ” look good”

  9. fetmeister Says:

    This is a “desperate counter attack”. It is in response to the desperate attack that began when this snot nose punk who most likely never served a day in uniform and would be discharged for bedwetting had the gall to attack Col. West’s service record for political gain.

  10. Tom Darby Says:

    You got my vote Allan!

    Represent us well!

  11. DADDY'S DIME Says:


  12. Jupiter Guy Says:

    Who didn’t do something stupid in their youth? I don’t have a problem with Mr. Murphy’s actions as a 19 year old. I don’t approve of west’s actions, and I see him as a coward. He hasn’t produced a single piece of legislation that is worth anything, but he’s really good at bullying people. There are a lot of honorably discharged veterans, myself included, who will not be voting for west.

  13. Deb Says:

    GO ALLEN WEST. I support you and Romney for the sake of a strong America.
    The Palm Beach Post is certainly not fair and balanced and Floridians are waking up to your liberal biased agenda.

  14. LRT Says:

    DESPERATE people do Desperate things….case and point!

  15. novote Says:


  16. will allen Says:

    If West was a Democrat this would be perfectly fine. The democrats are knocking Romney for his wealth, while PM has been a under daddy’s wings and has done NOTHING in the real world without his daddy’s help(just like BO- who had done nothing significant before becoming President). The attacks by the democrats on West, if done by Republicans would be considered rasist.

  17. Marta Says:

    West does not pull out any stops. Endless commercials, one right after the next. Come on man. If one doesn’t get your point across… then don’t do the next.

  18. gethefax Says:

    Just a little history…Wets is punching back. Murphy was the first one to start with placing signs that read “Vote No West” all over Martin County about three weeks ago…Whats good for the geese is good for the Gander…so who’s desparate here…SAY NO TO MURPHY at the POLLS!!!

  19. jebamoni4 Says:

    West is a thug and a rogue both in Congress and out of congress!! He is a robust bully and his pictures are ought to be in booking blotter and not in posters. The war criminal still boasts that he is a heroe and his side kicks say “Amen” to every silly meaningless blabber he makes.
    Unfortunately, speaking of commercials, somebody in Democratic party in Palmbeach county pocketed some funds. Pl. look at the pathetic posters and lawn signs they exhibit. We need a magnifying glass to read the letters in the signs. Bernard and Molly Douglass even though they lost made better signs and did make a good impression. West is a richest peoples’hand puppet and had all kinds of money to throw in the election. He did the same commericial bullying in the previous election, displaying his signs even on garbage cans and on high rise buildings.Voters do not realise that he is nothing but mouth and did not do anything to the constitency. So far as voters believe in commercials, even Donald Trump, the most hated man in Palmbeach county will win the prsidency.West is doing the same thing as he did in Iraque, pointing the gun on the voters with huge commercials and advertisement and make them vote for him. It is a shame on Politics!!!Voters do listen to the commercials without anlayzing the facts and figures. They did last time!! Palm Beach county Democratic party does not have the means and wisdom to counter attack this bully’s commercials.

  20. Jamba Says:

    So what. All’s fair in war and politics. Murphy is going to get trounced on Election Day. And even Daddy Murphy won’t be able to help him.

  21. jebamoni4 Says:

    You are right. That is why this thug brought his sweet wife and daughter in commercials to defend against slurrs made against immigrants!! This war criminal is hiding behind his womenfolks’ skirts!!

  22. Lebron Says:

    Liberal racists who believe they own black people and they belong to the Democrat Party plantation to vote without thinking for themselves. Go West..

  23. Marilyn Parmet Says:

    I read the posts from the angry leftists and I think you have “West derangement syndrome!” Congressman West is a man of courage and integrity. His core beliefs of the Bible and Constitution have earned him the devotion and respect of millions of Americans. The fact that the Democrats could only find a candidate of such limited abilities as Patrick Murphy speaks volumes.
    The people of the Gold and Treasure coast have a treasure in Congressman West and he will easily win a well deserved reelection in his new district.

  24. DDW Says:

    Allen West is the one who started the negative campaign when first elected. Way back when he was hunting for the communist zombies in congress.
    Go Murphy, Go Obama. See ya later West.

  25. Obama/Dems 2012 Says:

    If Democrats are racist, then why are we supporting BARACK OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT?


    An AP study said that 79% of Republicans showed explicitly racist tendencies.

    The right wing’s flailing on this thread is entirely because their candidate is LOSING!

  26. American Says:

    What a load of poop. Murphy screaming foul and claiming innocence on anything is a crock. Allen West has been the target of the democrats, liberals and progressives since before ever being elected. They do not want a strong voice in Congress representing the beliefs they detest. Allen West is a true Statesman. GO WEST

  27. Forgone Conclusion Says:

    West has done nothing for his constituents in district 22. Look it up. No meaningful legislation has been introduced by Allen West. He doesn’t even bother to answer correspondence from his constituents in district 22. Anyone who disagrees with West is called a socialist or communist and should get the hell out of the U.S. West was thrown out of the military because he couldn’t follow orders. West failed as a teacher in Broward county after less than a year. West has been a complete failure in district 22 so now he runs to district 18. If your looking for a Congressman whose only asset is his big mouth than West is the guy for you. No substance, just a lot of hot air!

  28. Obama/Dems 2012 Says:

    I swear! You Republicoons make me want to VOMIT! I will make this promise to each and every one of you, right here, right now…If Allen West STEALS this election, I will squat down, spread my buttcheeks and impale myself with what ever fallic item within arms reach!

  29. Debunker Says:

    Allen West would be a dangerous, loud-mouthed bully no matter what his race is. Pointing that out doesn’t make someone on the Left a racist. Just observant.

  30. Marcus Garvey Says:

    I am so sick of this. I am a proud white American and just because I will not vote for those people then that makes me a racist?! I would rather make my vote count 100% not 3/5

    BIDEN/obama 2012

  31. Keith Coates Says:

    I love how liberals are know calling Allen West a thug when this dumb kid was verbally assaulting officers…and why were the charges dropped? If I had verbally assaulted an officer I’m sure the charges wouldn’t be dropped. Are liberals mad that A West won’t roll over and play dead. Lt Col Allen West is No coward, and NO thug and his proof is every medal he earned. West will win despite George Soros money being used against him….GO WEST – GIVE EM HELL!

  32. Heavy D Says:

    Here is the Investigative report of Allen West’s torture incident which got him swiftly bounced from the military. :P

  33. Lebron Says:

    West was heroic to save his men while under fire while Murphy was assaulting cops back in the safe states …the white guy was acting like a thug while the black guy was John Wayne. Liberal racists can’t stand it.

  34. nemo Says:

    Busted Up Grunt seems to be a democratic web-site.

  35. Keith Coates Says:

    I’m glad he scared “tortured” terrorist’s…if shooting a gun near your ear is torture, sounds like the stuff cops in Detroit did in the 70′s…but whatever. If Islamist don’t want to scarred to put IED near our caravans. It’s time for West to get Murphy in the “torture” maybe he’ll tell the truth too… :-P

  36. BustedUpGrunt Says:

    The website I posted regarding additional incidents that West and his soldiers in Iraq were accused of is a military website containing the inquiry.
    DOD means Department of Defense.
    MIL means Military.
    Don’t act stupid or deceptively….even our most mentally deficient citizens know that is not a political party website.
    As an Independent/NPA citizen, I believe it important to research all candidates of both parties.

  37. Lebron Says:

    I served in Vietnam..war is hell..West was absolutrely heroic ..rules are for dead sissies when you are in a kill or be killed situation. You lefties need to grow up.

  38. kelly Says:

    To all you vets voting for Romney, do you know that Mitt evaded service during the Vietnam war, instead spending his time as a missionary in France? And do you know that none of his 5 sons served either?

  39. legal eagle Says:

    @ kelly

    What branch of the military did Obama serve in?

  40. Lebron Says:

    Obama fought in the war against women silly…

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