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West: ‘Chicago-style politics’ at work in new jobs report

by George Bennett | October 5th, 2012

U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Palm Beach Gardens, says on Facebook that he’s suspicious of today’s unemployment report that shows the jobless rate dipping below 8 percent for the first time since President Obama took office in January 2009.

“I agree with former GE CEO Jack Welch, Chicago style politics is at work here,” West wrote this morning. “Somehow by manipulation of data we are all of a sudden below 8 percent unemployment, a month from the Presidential election. This is Orwellian to say the least and representative of Saul Alinsky tactics from the book “Rules for Radicals”- a must read for all who want to know how the left strategize.”

Welch, on his Twitter account this morning, wrote: “Unbelievable jobs numbers..these Chicago guys will do anything..can’t debate so change numbers.”

After 43 consecutive months of unemployment at 8 percent or higher, a Bureau of Labor Statistics report today said the jobless rate was 7.8 percent in October. That’s the same rate as in January 2009.

West’s office also released this statement today:

“Try as they may, the Obama administration cannot fool Americans into believing they have jobs. The numbers simply do not add up. Millions of Americans have stopped looking for work and been dropped from the unemployment rolls. Over 22 million Americans are either unemployed or underemployed. Over 47 million Americans are on food stamps. The clear majority of Americans see the economy going in the wrong direction. Its no coincidence that just two days after Governor Mitt Romney pummeled President Obama’s economic record in the first debate, a desperate Obama administration releases jobs numbers belying the reality faced by Americans.

A month from tomorrow, Americans have a clear choice between the policies of President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Patrick Murphy, which have lead to record joblessness, growing government dependency and the weakest economy since the Great Depression, or our plan, which gets government out of the way of job growth and gives the American people the freedom and opportunity to create jobs, innovate, invest and grow.”


29 Responses to “West: ‘Chicago-style politics’ at work in new jobs report”

  1. paul Says:

    The GOP rubs their hands with glee when job numbers are bad – and when they’re good, they cry fraud. PUHLEEZE.

  2. Jobs Czar Says:

    OBAMA-nomics: Trickle-down government creates trickle-up poverty. (49 million Americans in 2012)

  3. Failed Presidency Says:

    Just like the government buys fleets of vehicles from auto companies for government officials to use

    just like the government hires more government employees

    just like the government doles out grants, funds to states and other entities

    We, the taxpayers, fund those costs for those fleets of vehicles, those government employees (on-going lifetime salaries, pensions, healthcare)and the grants, funds.

    Whoever is President gets to ‘award’ those millions and billions. It’s the advantage when you’re President.

    Hell, looking for votes in Colorado? declare a national monument and send a Secretary of Interior to Colorado.

    It’s gamemanship. It’s delayed awards, hires and gifts to benefit you when it comes down to an election year and the months and weeks leading up to the election.

    Do you think the release of the new Obama killed Osama movie will cause more uprising in the Middle East and Africa when it is released in 2 days before the election?

    Obama said a 2 minute movie trailer can caused the rape and murder of our Amb to Libya and the deaths of 3 other Americans (where was that security-more security was warranted and asked for!) ..wonder what this film will generate?

    It’s JUST politics and we won’t be out of this mess for a DECADE, sorry to say.

  4. Allen West Must Go! Says:

    Just another STUPID conspiracy theory by Allen West.

    EVERYTHING is a conspiracy to him. Job reports, polls, politics, science, the American Dream, women, social security, Medicare.

    Oh The Humanity! It’s a conspiracy!


    If Allen West would take the 15 minutes it takes to just READ the jobs report, the numbers are all explained for him in plain English!!!

    I read the jobs report!

    It’s not that difficult to do!

    It said that jobs were created.

    It said that the workforce grew by over 400,000 people.

    It said that the revisions from prior months added up to an additional 300,000+ jobs were created that didn’t get picked up in prior reports.

    It said that due to quarterly job revisions, the employment situation has actually been better than had been reported.

    It said that due to the upward revision in actual job creation, the unemployment rate decreased to 7.8%!

    It’s not rocket science.

    Read the report. It’s available online. Go read it.

    These reports are produced monthly and are used by economists from BOTH sides as data to measure policy.

    So honestly.

    We have a good jopbs report.

    Jobs were created.

    The unemployment rate went DOWN.

    Let’s be HAPPY about what that means for America and let’s work together to try to IMPROVE job creation.

    This pathetic conspiracy garbage is just a ruse and a distraction from the fact that despite the “sky is falling” rhetoric from Allen West, this country IS on the right track to fully recover from the Wall Street induced Great Recession.

    If you have a problem with those FACTS… TOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We are on the right track and we need to re-elect President Obama and Democrats to keep us on the right track and reject the tax cuts for the rich Voodoo Economics that the Republicans have been selling for 4 decades.

    Obama/Dems 2012!

  5. Allen West Must Go! Says:


    So Allen West just went on CNBC and totally embarrassed himself!!!

    He said he “doesn’t understand” that the BLS revises monthly jobs reports after the fact!!!


    He REALLY has NO idea what he is talking about.

    Tony Fratto (former George W. Bush deputy press secretary):

    “BLS is not manipulating data. Evidence of such would be a scandal of enormous proportions and loss of credibility.”

    Steve Haugen (economist at BLS):

    “The data are not manipulated for political reasons. I’ve been involved in the process myself now for almost THREE DECADES. There’s NEVER been any political manipulation of the data, period.”

    In fact, the BLS says it does not at the moment have a SINGLE political appointee working in the entire agency.


    He “doesn’t understand” that they revise their data!


    Just, WOW.

    Allen West… SMH…

    Get him OUT of the Congress.

  6. Allen West Must Go! Says:

    Here Allen West, this explains what a revision is and why they do it:


    Cannot believe this person is in Congress and thinks it is a conspiracy that the BLS revises monthly job reports.

    He needs to be LAUGHED out of public office.

  7. American Says:

    Just wait and see when the truth behind these fradulent jobs numbers are shown. This is very typical of the left. Obama tanked in his debate, tanked our economy further and you all still believe every word out if his mouth! Sadly one month below 8% in four years is nothing to brag about even if it were true but hey when all the hits start coming out of your paychecks Jan 2013 to pay for his mess just remember you support a man who believes in redistributing your hard earned money and not his own. Enjoy it because what’s in your wallet will be all that change you voted for. CHANGE!

  8. HankS Says:

    Wow, you can always tell when Congressman Allen West touches a nerve because the liberals go bonkers. The profanity is running full blast on Twitter. Rep. West appeared on CNBC and did a very good job explaining several inconsistencies in the data that are suspect. The moderator went nuts.

    What is it about liberals that makes them ‘short out’ when a conservative makes a statement contrary to their world view? What’s with all the anger? Perhaps because they know the jig is up.

    Go West, Go Romney, Obama go home.

  9. Allen West Must Go! Says:

    Jim Cramer of “Mad Money” on CNBC:

    “I come back and just say ‘Listen, they’ve been wrong both ways, Jack Welch. I don’t think they’re phony,’” Cramer said of the monthly job reports.

    “I just disagree with him on it, I disagree with him. I read the tweet and I was like ‘Aw, darn Jack, come on, man.’”




    Give me a break.

    Allen West “doesn’t understand” job reports!


    Too much. This guy needs to be voted out ASAP, so we can get someone (Patrick Murphy, a CPA and auditor) in Congress who DOES understand basic basic basic economics and statistics.

  10. David S. Levine, Hobe Sound Says:

    There doesn’t have to be “poloitical manipulation” of the data to show that this jobs report does not give a true picture of the employment economy. Even if the 7.8% number is accurate, a dubious proposition, the number of jobless Americans is much too high and that’s the fault of Obama and his Democ-rat supporters. Instead of private investment in energy we had government investment in Solyndra adding jobs not created to jobs lost. This has been a sorry four years and hacks like Murphy will not improve the situation.

  11. HankS Says:

  12. West guy Says:

    gotta do everything we can to keep people from getting jobs before the election, and creating doubt on any positive job news. It’s our best strategy to get more power and control.

  13. Allen West Must Go! Says:

    Hey David Levine,

    Want to hear about private investment in energy?

    Go to CNBC:

    A whole portion of CNBC devoted to private investment in green energy.

    Top story:

    Warren Buffett’s Berkshire to Buy Two Huge Wind Farms

    Warren Buffett is a private investor. There are thousands, tens of thousands, more investors like him.

    Stop the dishonesty, David. Do you really need to lie so branzenly? It is pathetic.

  14. Jamba Says:

    Jobless rate goes down and poverty rate/foodstamp usage rate skyrockets. Yup, we’re on the road to recovery. Thanks, Mr. President.

  15. Robert Briere Says:

    As a proud liberal, these job figures are really of no real value what so ever. The numbers are based on the number of people who are collecting unemployment compensation and the number of people who are actually looking for work. Millions of people are no longer eligable to collect unemployment and have given up looking for work since they can not find employment. The method of calculating the unemployment rate has been going on for years and is not a recent phenomenon. They were even calculating the unemployment numbers this way when Bu$h was President. Sorry folks, these figures are not “Obama’s fault” but are in fact the lousy way the government has of figuring out the unemployment rate. This method should be changed but it serves one useful purpose. It makes the unemployment rate look better than it actually is thus making whomever occupies the White House look better than they should. This applied to R’s as well as D’s! Of course, the economy feel on its a** because the banking industry and Wall Street were deregulated mostly at the whim of the GOP which caused the economic disaster that continues to this day. Only the “great depression of the 1920′s and 30′s was worse than this current economic disaster. Rmoney wants to continue with the “trickle down theory” which has NEVER WORKED!

  16. Polly Forestier Says:

    I say thank goodness we have someone like Col. west looking out for our many of the people in the country even have a clue about what’s going on in Washington, let alone check the numbers. We have had proof time and again that we can’t believe what comes out of the president’s office and even today he’s out campaigning repeating from the debate exactly what Mr.Romney called him on as not true. Tell enough people what you want them to believe and they will…disgusting. GO ROMNEY/WEST

  17. Allen West Must Go! Says:

    Go to right now. Allen West has landed a front page splash due to his absurd conspiracy theories.

    From the article “The Jobs Numbers Truther Movement”:

    Re: Allen West’s conspiracy:

    The word from Republicns who have worked with the jobs numbers before? BUNK.

    “The numbers are put together by trained professionals and in a process that keeps politicians from interfering. Any suggestion to the contrary is wrong.”

    Says Douglas Holtz-Eakin, chief economic advisor to George W. Bush!

    Former Bush spokesman Tony Fratto:

    “Stop with the DUMB conspiracy theories. Good grief.”

    Allen West has embarrassed Florida for the LAST time. I still can’t believe he would do something so stupid before his own election. Oh wait, yes I can, he’s a nut.

    Looking forward to having Patrick Murphy in FL-18 and Lois Frankel in FL-22. At least THEY know how to read a simple jobs report in the way they have been published for decades!

  18. Allen West Must Go! Says:

    I’m gay and I usually have no problem getting some action, but I get tired with the usual haunts, so I mix some pheromones with my cologne and hit the straight clubs. I have no problem getting guys to talk to me. After that it’s easy to figure out which ones are “curious” ;-)

  19. Allen West Must Go! Says:

    ^^^^^^^^ oops, somebody’s upset that their political career is going up in smoke, Allen is that you?

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  21. Allen West Must Go! Says:

    So you all know I work for Patrick Murphy and get paid big money to back him.
    His Father also pays me very well to monitor all the media sites.
    I don’t live in the WEST district!
    Don’t believe me?
    Go to my facebook page, ALLEN WEST MUST GO!

  22. Batman Says:

    West is a conspiracy theorist and soon to be unemployed. Hope he gets surveyed. And btw the govt is smaller under obama than bush.

  23. Marilyn Parmet Says:

    Jack Welsh was the premier CEO of the 1990s. He ran GE and it was the most successful American corporation of the decade, adding billions of dollars of value and jobs to the American economy. He is an icon and he is exactly right that the jobs numbers are manipulated. Over 23 million Americans are either unemployed or have given up searching for a job. Less people work today than in 1980, and there are roughly 40 million more Americans in the potential work force today.
    Allen West is a hero, not afraid to speak the truth, and that is why the left are trying to defeat him. They will be most disappointed on November 6th when Allen West is reelected. See you at the victory celebration.

  24. Dan Says:

    It’s not surprising to see the reactions from both Dems and Reps on this issue. Clearly, Mr. West is talking out of his a**. The BLS has proven to be an apolitical agency.

    Therefore, while West cries foul, Dems run around like chickens with their heads cut off, trying to validate the results, spout facts, and cite sources.

    Meanwhile, Reps cover their ears and yell their ‘zingers’ (24 mil unemployed, worst economy, ect.) Yet, they forget about real issues where they truly edge Dems (quantitative easing 3, yield curve twisting, etc.).

    Truth is both sides are corrupt, money spending, corporate whores. The American public does not understand economics, and politicians use this to manipulate us into bickering with each other in order to pay back their corporate sponsors.

  25. JD Says:

    After 8 yrs of Rep. majority in house&senate and 8 yrs under George W.:
    Economy in free fall (now growing)
    750,000 jobs lost per month (now – 5 million added last 30 months)
    GDM dropping @ rate of 9% per year (now – rising @2%+)
    Budget deficit of $1.2trillion @ rising (now – $1.1T)
    Unemployment @ 7.8% and rising (now – 7.8% and falling)

    Plus, under Obama and despite Rep obstruction: 8 yrs added to Medicare’s solvency; Iraq war ended; bin Laden and numerous other al Qaida leaders dead; millions more now have health insurance; women guaranteed equal pay for equal work; etc, etc. Are things great? No. Are things better? DEFINITELY

  26. JD Says:

    Oh. One more:

    S&P 500 below 900 (now -over 1450)

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  28. Raven Says:

    This past week, Trump offered to give $5 million to a charity of Obama’s choice if he releases his college and passport records. Obama responded by telling his own joke about him and Trump fighting while growing up in Kenya.

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