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West, Atwater, Negron fire up crowd before Romney’s Treasure Coast appearance

by George Bennett | October 7th, 2012

Allen West works the crowd in Port St. Lucie before this afternoon's Mitt Romney rally

PORT ST. LUCIE — U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Palm Beach Gardens, drew shouts of “West! West! West!” and at least one suggestion he run for president when he showed up this afternoon for a Mitt Romney rally at Tradition Square.

“You’ve already got a great candidate,” West said to a man who said he should run for the White House.

Florida CFO Jeff Atwater and state Sen. Joe Negron, R-Stuart, are among the elected officials on hand. Romney is expected to arrive and speak later this afternoon.

“How about that debate?” Atwater asked the crowd, drawing a big cheer. Romney was the consensus winner of Wednesday night’s first of three presidential debates.

Atwater also got a big response when he mocked former Vice President Al Gore for suggesting Obama’s performance might have suffered because he hadn’t had time to adjust to the altitude in Denver. Atwater noted Denver is where Obama accepted the Democratic nomination in 2008.

“Barack Obama had no problem four years ago standing in front of Greek columns telling us how he would fundamentally change America from Denver,” Atwater said. “It’s time we fundamentally change who sits in the White House.”


13 Responses to “West, Atwater, Negron fire up crowd before Romney’s Treasure Coast appearance”

  1. Barbara Says:

    It was great to have Jeff Atwater at the Romney Rally! We need a change and Romney is that change. Good for energy, good for small businesses who do the hiring which is good for jobs, good for smaller gov’t, good for the economy, just an improvement across the board. That’s the beauty of democracy, we get a chance to choose. After all it was Obama who said, during his last election, if he did not do what he promised you can vote for someone else to replace him. Vote Romney/Ryan.

  2. moishe Says:

    so Biden is supposed to be a “populist”???/

  3. crobb Says:

    The crowd was huge. 95 Southbound was backed up more than a mile to get to the Tradition exit. From that point to actually park took over an hour. There were thousands at that rally!

  4. Robert Briere Says:

    Yes, what we need is more of the same economics and deregulation that got the economy the way that it is today. Some people have short memories and seem to hove forgotten the disastrous economy created by W and his gang of criminals just four years ago. Everything was done to benefit the rich and corporate America with the continued destruction of the middle class. With Rmoney (corporations are people) and Ryan who stated he admired the atheist Ayn Rand (poor people are peons) we will get more of the same trickle down economics started by Ronnie Raygun more than 30 years ago. This trickle down plan has benefited the wealthy and corporate America and no one else. The middle class has been diminished with the GOP/Teabagger anti-union, get rid of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and deregulate everything modus operandi. The GOP/Teabaggers are determined to make the U.S. government a government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. They are hoping that everyone else doesn’t notice. Yes, we do need more of the same that got us into this economic disaster so the rich can get richer and everyone else can suffer!

  5. Koch Brother Says:

    West is CRAZY, he should be in a Military prison. Romney doesn’t care about 47% of the population, and is a puppet of the Koch Brothers. Forget the Republicans.

  6. Gloria Schmidt Says:

    West can fire up a crowd – no doubt !!! Follow-up Romney with West !!

  7. Just The Facts Mam ! Says:

    As of Wedsnday night, the Hype is meeting reality.

  8. moishe Says:

    It’s funny how left wing wackos believe that we should imprison a war hero instead of a drunk who throws punches at cops.

  9. RENEGADE Says:


    Never ceases to amaze how 95% of rabid righties can’t even read!!!!!
    Like Moishe, who is really our local troll posing as a woman.

    If she could read she would know West is a war crimminal not hero.
    And that Murphy never threw any punchs at cops!!

    They say ignorance is bliss! These Right wing nuts sure are pursuing happiness then!!!

  10. child abuse victims Says:

    New Florida Child Abuse Mandatory Reporting law fs 39.201 is a SHAM! It turns the individual reports back over the local Sheriff’s Office for their discretion to investigate as the see fit. This is what happened in the Green Isle Boys Ranch Rapes when the local sheriff protected his friend the juvenile rapist!

    Florida Lake County Sheriff Gary Borders and his friends ran the Green Isle Boys Ranch at the same time Jerry Sandusky and his friends ran the Second Mile. For over twenty years this place was a house of horror’s for the little boy victims of rapes – most under the ages of 15 years. The sheriff covered up all the reports of rapes and abuse of the boys. The ones he could not keep hidden from the public he had the help from 5th Circuit State Attorney Brad King and the judiciary to help him cover them up! When the last five rapes finally became public he and his friends covered up his cover ups. State Attorney Brad King faked a prosecution and an unidentified Circuit Judge faked an appearance and sentencing of the rapist. This rapist is on the street s of Citrus County , Fl and continuing to abuse his male lovers one of whom has filed a dating violence injunction against him. Florida authorities including Federal authorities in Florida continue to cover up these abuses and to this day not one person has ever been sent to prison for these untold numbers of sex abuse crimes committed against the little boys of Green Isle Ranch.

  11. Biased and Slanted = BS Says:

    PBC is a democrat bastion.

    The Palm Beach Post Times has bee democrat leaning thru-out its history.

    The percentage of democrats endorsed over republicans is astonomical!

    Can the Post Times produce the number of democrats endorsed and supported thru articles and editorials compared to the republicans endorsed and supported.

    This not only extends to local races in our municipalities but to state races and definitely to Federal races.

    COME CLEAN, PB POST TIMES. Show the percentages of endorsements for democrats v republicans!

    And needless to say, we all know, democrats and republicans and independents that Palm Beach County is Corruption County.

    That moniker is not going away. The corruption keeps bubbling up.

  12. Protect our SOLDIERS! Says:

    For those who have family members or friends in the military; WEST PROTECTED HIS TROOPS!

    That’s the kind of leadership we WANT our soldiers to have!

    Not someone who worries about being ‘friendly’ with the enemy and puts OUR RELATIVES AND FRIENDS at-risk.

    Certainly TRUST West to protect my child. Anything to protect our troops.

    We can’t play friendly with our enemies. We have seen what has happened with the ‘friendly JOINT PATROLS in Afghanistan…..they have been TERMINATED because our ‘friends’ turned their American-given weapons ON OUR SOLIDERS patrolling with them!

    And certainly in Libya, where our Ambassador Stevens sought additional security but was TURNED down and the result ON a 9/11 ANNIVERSARY! (common sense says things are going to heat-up on this day!!!) was a raped and murdered Ambassador plus 3 other Americans!

    You don’t HIRE local Libyans to ‘protect’ our embassy ESPECIALLY after a recent turnover of government in an UNstable region of the world during a 9/11 ANNIVERSARY!!!!

    Failed Foreign Policy=Obama and democrats
    Failed Leadership = Obama

    Don’t send OUR children to WAR and NOT have satisfactory protect, weapons and materials.

    SHAME on President Obama

  13. CarolO Says:

    Mitt Romney: “I don’t know what I said, but I stand by it, whatever it was”.

    (And then he says something different.)

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