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Wasserman Schultz: Florida still there for Obama’s taking

by Andrew Abramson | October 22nd, 2012


BOCA RATON — With many polls and pundits now predicting a Mitt Romney win in Florida, Congresswoman and Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said there are no plans to pull any resources away from the nation’s largest swing state.

“We’re not paying attention to that,” said Wasserman Schultz of speculation that Obama could move Florida resources elsewhere. “We have a real opportunity and I think we will win Florida because we have a ground game second to none. We’ve already closed the Republican absentee request advantage by 85 percent from 2008. We’ll lap them in early voting.”

Wasserman Schultz, speaking in the pre-debate spin room at Lynn University, said that of 33 million votes cast in Florida in the last five presidential elections, only 60,000 votes separate the Democratic and Republican candidates.

“I’m confident whether it’s seniors, women, Hispanics, we have an advantage demographically,” Wasserman Schultz said. “Mitt Romney is so extreme on issues that matter to those groups.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, however, believes Romney has all the momentum.

“He’s got momentum at the time you’d love to have to it,” Graham said. “The first debate was a game changer. Tonight, if he does well — which I hope he does — that could be the knockout punch.”

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20 Responses to “Wasserman Schultz: Florida still there for Obama’s taking”

  1. May Says:

    OBAMA WILL WIN FLORIDA, NO QUESTION!!! Romney maniac’s can steal away all the Obama signs they want, and put 5 Romney signs up…. still won’t change my mind, or many others!!

    47% won’t be wished away, women in binders, kill medicare, ok that he only pays 14% in taxws, hides his money overseas, ask the great people of Mass what he did for/to them, and the list goes on………..

    OBAMA 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Batman Says:

    Rmoney will make a fool out of himself again tonite.

    He will lie and Obama will highlight how a leader, a commander in chief needs to have a steady hand and core beliefs.

    Rmoney will come off as angry ..

  3. U don't have a clue Says:

    There are not enough idiots out there to vote for Obama. He is an empty suit that does not have a clue about how the real world operates

  4. May Says:


    OBAMA 2012

  5. TheNoSpinMan Says:

    I guess people here have not been keeping up with the latest polls showing Romney in the lead in Florida.

  6. No more libs Says:

    We’re not paying attention to that,” said Wasserman Schultz

    That’s your problem right there. You havent been paying attention to the wants of the American people. You libs are going to be politically wiped out in november. We dont want you

  7. U don't have a clue Says:

    Who’s going to pay for all the entitlements that Obama wants to throw out there? If u try to take too much from the wealthy, they will just shut down their businesses. They already have enough and don’t need to put up with all this crap. They will just go away and enjoy the rest of their lives while unemployment goes thru the roof and we start looking like many of the European countries that went down this same path many years ago. Get a clue and figure out how the real world operates

  8. May Says:

    The polls are slanted buddy, I tried to cast a vote in the many polls after the last debate and couldn’t, they were closed.

    In other words…. DON’T BET YOUR PAYCHECKS ON POLLS!!! There’s still that 47%, and we don’t forget!!!!

  9. U don't have a clue Says:

    Your absolutely correct. The polls are slanted to the left by the left wing liberal media. You better start chilling your beer because your going to be crying in it in a couple of weeks. Romney wins by at least 5 points

  10. Batman Says:

    Lets see the 0.1% close their companies. How is the stock market doing under Obama vs Bush?

  11. ted Says:

    Who listens to that leftist puppet of a spokesperson for the King anyway? Other than the liberal PB Post? Why give her a headline?

  12. May Says:

    Hey U, first you say look at the polls, then you claim they are slanted to the left, which is it???? Or has the Romney effect hit you????

  13. Jim Eisner Says:

    Your Politican Mr. Barry Has Just Lost You Should Educate Yourself Ms. Wasserman, Israel Will Alwways Be Free Regarless Of The Cost Something You Will Never Know Anything About

  14. Saul Thurman Says:

    “Leftist puppet for the King”
    That’s great!!!!

  15. Sever Ties Says:

    Article in today’s Jerusalem Post:

    Simon Wiesenthal Center recommends Obama SEVER ties with Muslim Brotherhood.

    Can there be a symbiotic relationship with jews and the brotherhood?

    Maybe jews need to revamp their thinking and learn to live with those who populate the area.

  16. Jumpstart Economy = Romney Says:

    You can’t defend Israel when the American economy is so pathetic.

    America has to be strong to defend itself and other countries.

    Romney has it correct, a strong America leads to strong leadership.

    Our economy has been foundering, our nation has split. A continuation of this for four more years will be disasterous.

    Mitt Romney will jumpstart the economy.

    we have heard nothing from President Obama when it comes to moving this economy forward. He is stuck in a rut with his obstinate stance on dependence on foreign energy and a slow approach to alternative energy.

    Obama has spent so much time and trying to right social justice causes that the American economy has sufferd.

    Your vote will make the difference. Jumpstart the economy with Mitt Romney.

    Don’t be stuck with 4 more years of negativity that Obama has wrought on this country.

  17. Wall of Division=Obama Says:

    LOL! Mitt Romney has worked every day of his life. He has never shirked work. His work ethic is legendary.

    There are wealthy people who live off their parents’ accumulations, not Romney.

    Mitt Romney did not, repeat did not, do that. He worked, went to college, created businesses, turned around busineses that would have failed (and others gave up on), created the first statewide healthcare as governor (Obamacare IS based on Romneycare).

    Mitt Romney HAS A WORK ETHIC. He has not lived off his father (Mitt’s father, George made his own money, became governor of Michigan, ran an automotive company-all on a high school education!)

    Mitt Romney has that drive, the initiative, and has proven his ability to lead, govern and will bring America out of this downward economic and emotional spiral that has gripped our country since Obama has been elected.

    This started with Bush and continued with more intensity with Obama. The division must end.

    Romney is a healing agent for America and more importantly an extremely capable individual who HAS the ability to FIX this economic tsunami that has wrung out Americans and nearly drowned our hope.

    We do not need 4 more years of the division President Obama has given us.

    America can’t be successful when it is divided. America can’t lead with a divisive president. We have seen that and felt that for the past 4 years.

    President Obama does not have the ability to compromise and work with others. He has alienated this nations.

    America will totter with 4 more years of this continued division.


  18. Obummer Says:

    Obama lied twice in the debate – ok, maybe he really believed what he said about Romney, but it’s still a lie. I don’t see Romney as flip-floping on issues. Anyway, I would rather have a conservative nut job as the POTUS rather tnan a nutless liberal with no job.

  19. Obummer Says:

    Oh, one other thing concerning you 47% people: We are the 53% that are going to vote Obama out on the 6th of November. Romney/Ryan! Vote for peace, jobs, and prosperity and not for socialism!

  20. R Howard Says:

    Obama will be the one lying as he usually does. As far as Romney not working, he has worked hard for years and the money he has is the money he earnedd himself. He was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. The money he has did not come from his father – he earned it himself. And, so what? When is it a crime to have money? Only if you live in Obama’s world. Obama cannot stand for people to have money.

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