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Two new polls, two different views of West-Murphy race

by George Bennett | October 19th, 2012

Polling has been all over the map in the big-dollar congressional race between U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, and Democrat Patrick Murphy.

Two surveys released in the past 24 hours add to the uncertainty.

A poll released Thursday by the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling for Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers and WPTV Channel 5 shows West with a 51-to-42 percent lead over Murphy.

A poll released today for Sunshine State News by Voter Survey Service, a Pennsylvania firm that polls for news organizations and has done work for the Pennsylvania GOP, shows a virtual tie with West edging Murphy by a 49-to-48 percent margin.

West and Murphy will debate tonight on WPTV Channel 5 at 8 p.m. The debate can also be viewed at


7 Responses to “Two new polls, two different views of West-Murphy race”

  1. Obama/Murphy 2012 Says:

    The Sunshine State News poll is definitely the more accurate one.

    The Scripps poll demographics is not reflective of the district, so it can be tossed as an outlier. It’s not a conspiracy to “skew” the polls to the right, it’s just not an accurate reflection of the district. In fact, if you factor in the demographic lean in this poll, Obama is winning the district and Murphy is within the margin of error.

    Go Murphy!

    GOTV Dems!

  2. Romney/West Says:

    Never let the facts get in the way of a good story. West is ahead of Murphy.

  3. fplbob Says:


    HA!! LOL! You’re hilarious! ‘go murhphy’….that is too funny. He doesn’t stand a chance! He looks looks so pathetic in all of his ads, I can’t wait to see them debate. Allen West is going to clean his clock! Murphy isn’t a man. He is such a wimp! Double-digit win for Allen West. I guarantee!

  4. Forgone Conclusion Says:

    A vote for West is a vote for more of the same old politics in Washington. Just more divisiveness, more war on women, war on the middle class and more moves by the government to make the U.S. a country of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. West has done NOTHING as a Congressman for the 22nd district and there is no reason to expect anything different now that he is running in the 18th district. West votes in lockstep with his masters, the GOP/Teabaggers and that includes voting against legislation that would help returning U.S. servicemen. So much for his so called military record because West does nothing to help our returning warriors. Yes, do vote for West especially if you like a do nothing Congressman with a big mouth and nothing more! ANYBODY but WEST!

  5. Commadorable Says:

    Talk about splitting hairs. West is ahead or West is ahead. West will win by a landslide like he did with Crowder!

  6. Gloria Schmidt Says:

    Spot on Commadorable !!

  7. florida girl7 Says:

    Not one Liberal that writes any thing in response to any articles written about West and Murphy have even ONE good thing to say about Murphy’s achievements, could it be that he does not have any??? Was he a Boy Scout? how about a Altar Boy? How about being in the choir? Surly he has done something.
    Please check out this video it will tell you all about Allen West in his own words.
    GO WEST!

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