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Trump’s $5 million challenge to Obama: release college, passport records

by George Bennett | October 24th, 2012

Palm Beacher Donald Trump, whose birtherism helped fuel a presidential exploration last year and prodded President Obama to release his Hawaii birth certificate, is now challenging Obama to release college and passport records.

“Many, many people have questions, and very serious questions,” Trump says today in a video statement that doesn’t elaborate on what those questions are.

“If Barack Obama opens up and gives his college records and applications, and if he gives his passport applications and records, I will give to a charity of his choice….a check, immediately, for $5 million,” The Donald says. To claim the reward, Trump says, Obama must release the records by 5 p.m. on Oct. 31.

“If he releases these records it will end the question and indeed the anger of many Americans. They’ll know something about their president. Their president will become transparent like other presidents,” Trump says.

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129 Responses to “Trump’s $5 million challenge to Obama: release college, passport records”

  1. Downtown Danny Says:

    Trump is becoming a pathetic punchline.

  2. RealAngst Says:

    Hey Donald..I have an idea..Mind YOUR business. You have every right to vote for the candidate of YOUR choice. By virtue of being born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you were afforded the best education money can buy. There are former business associates of yours who have villified you for being arrogant and this is just another instance of it. I hope Obama gets re-elected so you and the tea bagging whiners can begin your suicide runs.

  3. Nunya Says:

    Mind ya business n just vote for Obama. U know u wanna be like him n get rid of ur nasty looking hair n smile

  4. steve holder Says:

    If he is not hiding anything, why not release them ? Miami public schools could use the $.

  5. SUE Says:

    This guy is a mental case. This is his big announcement…hey dumbo get your own house in order before you start challenging someone else. Hopefully President Obama will ignore this clown.

  6. WPB Mike Says:

    What a loser this guy is. Hey Trump, why don’t you release all the documents pertaining to your several bankrupt claims.
    You and your kind are one of the reasons the rich keep getting richer.

    You are a thief and a con man. This big statement? Wow, I’m glad your made up so much bull$#it about it before saying this.

  7. MIKA Says:


  8. Obamahater Says:

    @mikesays. Bankruptcy is publis record moron! Obama is a terrorist, and a halfbreed! Why does he dodge the question somuch if he has nothing to hide? I know why1 TNB

  9. CAPY Says:


  10. npgator Says:

    That is a safe bet and I was hoping that he had more juice on the chosen one.

  11. Ian Says:

    The issue is whether Obama was registered as a foreign exhange student to receive financial aid.

  12. TruthisEasy Says:

    Trump is a clown! But this is an excellent opportunity for President Obama to generate life-changing funds for some charity. If he has nothing to hide he should definitely GO FOR IT!

  13. jason Says:

    All of you liberal losers that hate Trump are jealous of his wealth and fame. Get off of food stamps and get a job….oh thats right, there are no jobs and you can thank Obama for that.

  14. Jesus nieves Says:

    Donald Chump you really are a Dick take your money and buy an island far away so we don’t have to listen to your bullcrap no more.

  15. Jenny Says:

    Trump you used to be someone I looked up to but its apparent that you’ve transformed into the DONKEY of the day!

  16. vanishingink Says:

    Trump’s mad because Obama will make the filthy rich pay their proper share of taxes.

    Just vote for Obama and stop it!

  17. Picked Up Milk Says:

    This is crazy. The whole right wing fringe is nuts. I am floored by the things they do and how they think it’s ok. It’s completely nuts and exposes that this country has a serious issue with the mental stability of it’s citizens.

  18. workerjoe Says:

    You are all just wasting your time. Florida has become irrelevant, romney has a five point lead in florida and obama is counting on Ohio. Ohio voters are the only ones whose votes matter at this point. Go out side and stop wasting your time with this media fueled b.s. Your lives aren’t going to change much either way.

  19. Dave K Says:

    Trump had his chance to run, he pus$ed out!

  20. Nemo Says:

    Obama is hiding the fact that he was born in kenya that his Father was not an American Citizen, therefore h e is not a US Citizen. Also Obama’s school grades were D and F, He was arrested for selling Cocaine in the University Campus
    That he was a true member of the Communist Party of USA. And the He is divorced from Michelle Obama. That he was forced to give up his lawyer’s license for fraud.

  21. Mcdonald Says:

    Trump needs to write off another 5million before taxes catch up..

  22. Obama Voter Says:


  23. John Says:

    Trump – stay out of this. It will only hurt Romney in the end as the libs will tie your actions to his. This is not an announcement so it makes you look small and deceptive.
    Give Mitt a Chance in 2012!
    Vote early, vote often.

  24. Don't tread on me Says:

    Well done Donald, bravo. All you defenders of oanation must be voting for non issue reasons, just because he is you think you need to vote for this loser. Must of the responses must be angry because they fear having to be a job. Get off you welfare/food stamps asses an take some pride in your selves and earn your living instead of expecting freebies from the government, enough said obama is a entitlement president and by doing so you become dependent on the system and fear any changes thats why why Sir Trump ruffles the feathers you guys go nuts get a job loser

  25. Larry P Says:

    Wow, look at the haters! If our great President has nothing to hide why not make the Donald pay up? Problem is our President was admitted to college as a Foreign Exchange Student and as such can’t also be a USA Citizen. Small detail….. KEEP DRINKING THE KOOL-AID and line up for the slaughter. Vote for Obama again and you won’t recognize this country in four more years.

  26. Stop the Lying Says:

    I want the lying to stop. It’s time to tell us the truth.

    CBS NEWS is reporting this:

    emails show that the White House Situation room and the director of National Intelligence were notified by our own State Department about the attacks at Benghazzi while it was occurring!


    The attacks were happening real time. Ms. Lamb in the State Department was watching REAL TIME. She stated this at a congressional meeting while she was under oath.

    Troops in Italy were an hour away. The attack lasted 5 hours and the last 2 Americans died in the last hour of the attack. Some of these men could have been saved.

    Couldn’t we have sent in troops to help fight back the attack? Now we have a raped and murdered ambassador and the death of 3 other Americans.

    There is no excuse for these lies!

    These lies went on for 2 weeks, on The View, at the UN, in the hangar with the 4 coffins nearby and on numerous tv news shows by our own UN ambassador Rice and on the Letterman show.

    Don’t lie to the American people.

    We understand that there could be lives lost. We don’t like it, but we know these things can happen.

    It’s the blatant lying that I don’t like. It’s the continual lying, I don’t like.

    If the American public is treated in such a matter, then what else is being covered in the government? What other lies are being perpetrated?

    Tell us the truth. We might not like the news, but we sure can handle it.

    Shame on the lying. Just can’t trust this President about anything.

  27. Mama's passport Says:

    All one has to do, is check Stanley Dunham Obama’s travel/passport to see where she was during Obama’s birth.

    What travel does her passport records show?

    Do these records go that far back.

    Obama might have sealed his records (who knows for what reason? has any other presidential candidate done that?)

  28. paul Says:

    Trump is a clown. A douche clown frustrated that he wasn’t taken seriously for the presidency. Funny, he’s not clamoring for Romney to release his tax returns.

  29. NO on Amendment 9 Says:

    Vote NO on Amendment 9

    It’s ANOTHER FREEBIE for fire fighters and cops. They want to have REDUCTIONS on THEIR HOMESTEAD EXEMPTIONS!

    Their families will get REDUCTIONS on Homestead exemptions (plus their high paying jobs, their big pensions, their free healthcare, their early retirment, their free cars, their free dry cleaning costs, their FREE shoes – all part of their contracts – that the rest of us pick up the costs for!


    So, who will pick up the LOST revenue if this amendment passes…yep, you and me, we will be taxes HIGHER to make up for this loss!

    and there is ANOTHER Amendment seeking to REDUCE SNOWBIRDS’ homestead exemptions/taxes….guess who will have to make up the difference?


    It’s safer to vote NO on ALL AMENDMENTS than to pass ANY of them!

    NO TO AMENDMENT 9 – another give away to cops and fire fighters.

  30. Jerry springer party Says:

    When will mitt Romney release 10 or 12 years of tax returns as his own father said every candidate should to be Transparent.

    Why won’t Romney follow his own politician-fathers advice and release 10 to 12 years of tax returns?

    Why does Romney hide his money offshore if he loves America so much?

    If the tea party republican fruit cakes want transparency, start at home first.

    The bible thumping wacko tea parties have turned the republican party into a rolling Jerry Springer show.

    It’s embarrassing to be a republican today. It turns people into racist dolts with judgmental big mouths. It also makes them hateful.


  31. DS Says:

    babbling lunatic. If I were Obama I wouldn’t waste my time. I can’t believe I just wasted a minute to write this post, either.

  32. Amp Says:

    How about Romney giving up his tax returns for past 10 years and Obama give up his school records and see who gets the 5 million.

  33. @Nemo Says:

    Can you spell L-U-N-A-T-I-C? Don’t you doubters/HATERS think that the CIA/Justice Department/Immigration/FBI investigates EVERY man/woman who runs for president? PLEASE enough of the insanity. It’s a good thing ObamaCare covers mental illnesses and precludes pre-existing conditions. After the election, the mental health professionals are going to have lines a mile long. OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!!!!!

  34. BLAH DE BLAH Says:

    Let’s sweeten the pot even more….I’ll throw in $5 of my own money!!!

  35. Regina Says:

    U r a ass hole @ I mean a BIG ASS HOLE!!!!

  36. @StopTheLying Says:

    GW Bush, Nixon, Cheney, Romney, Ryan-shall I go on? How many people died because of lies told by GW Bush??? Tens of thousands. Don’t go there.

  37. @No on Amendment 9 Says:

    You sound like a police/fire academy reject or did you try and just flunk out? Loser.

  38. Diane Says:

    It has been said that he came here as a foreign student and received aid to attend college. There are questions regarding his sealed college records. If he has NOTHING to HIDE, then why not put this to rest once and for all. You can call Trump all the names you want, but he is the one with money and power despite bankruptcies.

  39. BLAH DE BLAH Says:

    Okay…let me t’y'p’e this s’l'o’w'l’y so you numptys might finally understand. Romney didn’t actually earn a paycheck. He paid 14% tax because it was capital gains income. That means it was return on investments he made with money he already had. Guess how he got that money that he invested? HE EARNED IT. WITH A PAYCHECK. Guess what happened to his paycheck? HE HAD TAXES TAKEN OUT AT THE SAME RATE YOU AND I PAY. He then uses what’s left of his paycheck and invests it and is again taxed on it. SO HE’S TAXED TWICE ON THE SAME PAYCHECK!!!

  40. Donald Says:

    Donald…shut the F up if you don’t have anything productive to say. I hope to God they cancel your TV show cause you are an ugly SOB with weird hair and a weird brain. You are trash buddy!!!

    I hope Mr. Obama comes out and says he will do this if Willard the Rat makes the last 10 years of his tax returns available tomorrow.

  41. RENEGADE Says:


    He is still 10 times the better choice than Romney or anyone else you loserclowns can put up to run!!!

  42. karen Says:

    While Trump is pathetic, this hapless prez needs to go. how can anyone vote for Obama after the catastrophic 4 years we’ve had?

  43. 10 years please mitt Says:

    Romney is not taxed twice. He made that money with private equity bust outs some of the most insane dirty destructive business deals ever created.

  44. JERRYMATT Says:


  45. RENEGADE Says:



    On capital gains you are only taxed on the profit you make from the invested amount(capital) you are not taxed on the capital.

  46. Grumble-seat Says:

    Trump just HELPED OBAMA!!!! I wish he would shut the EFFFFFFFFFFF up!!!!

  47. Forgone Conclusion Says:

    Trump is nothing but a big bag of wind and rather pathetic as well, especially his hair! The right wingers are still trying to make something out of nothing. So what else is new? This is what losers do when they know they can’t win. Watch out for the election rigging. The Rmoney’s own stock in one of the major Touch Screen machine manufacturing companies. Cheating is the ONLY way Rmoney will win!

  48. B.H. Obama Says:

    Dear Mr. Tramp,

    I appreciate your generous offer and as such I have decided to give $5 million of my own money to the charity of my choice as we have no need of your money. So take your $5 million and your bet and stuff it until you get a nose bleed!! LOL!!

    your President

  49. Florida Legislator Says:

    That’s the Big Announcement? I should have known it would be revealing more about Trump than about Obama.

  50. A-hole Trump Says:

    Hey IDIOT Donald….when this all blows over and you realize what an A-hole EVERYONE really knows YOU are… give the 5 million to the charity anyway. You are an American fool who happens to be rich. Paris Hilton has more brains than you….. nuff said!

  51. Obama/Dems2012 Says:

    Shorter Blah De Blah:

    “The rich should pay almost nothing in taxes”

    Let me clue you in on a little scret, Blah De Blah. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM WITH THIS COUNTRY. The rich (I.e. Romney) pay WAY LESS than the Middle Class in their effective tax rate. Romney and people like Allen West and Paul Ryan call for the elimination of the capital gains tax because they are not satisfied with the current state of income inequality. The rich don’t get ENOUGH of a break, according to them. The Republicans would rather fight for the .01% richest people than the Middle Class! That is wholly unacceptable and would yield a society that basically consists of an ultra-wealthy elite and a poor caste of everyone else. No more middle class. No social safety net. No community development. Just the wealthy in their own privatized worlds (private healthcare, private transportation, private security, etc) and everyone else left to fight and/or die for the scraps.

    It is not the America that we know and love.

    The Republican vision of America is more like a Central American banana republic PLUTOCRACY than a capitalist representative democracy.

  52. Buck Jones Says:

    You guys are a bunch of weenie liberal twits… Obama is the anti christ…. The proof is in the pudding. He has the opportunity to give 5 mill to a charity that he loves and I’ll bet he won’t do it… Tells how he really is… And you liberals are just as bad as him or worse…

  53. Viper Says:

    What’s the big deal? Release them and get $5,000,000 for some kids who need it. Obama is either hiding something very serious, or he doesn’t like kids….hmm

  54. CommishOfCommonSense Says:

    @ Stop the Lying. After 8 years of the Bush administration lying and covering up their evil actions, you post this? We still don’t know who was on the planes that appeared out of nowhere and struck those NY buildings. We still don’t know how every building coincidentally fell in an orchestrated series of events, including buildings that were never even hit, and some just happened to contain and destroy records pertaining to Wall Street and their years of corruption. Where did the $$$ that was kept below those buildings go? Where did Sadam Husain’s billions of $$$ in US currency go after we invaded his country. Ask yourself why principals from that administration are currently buying up water supply routes all over the world. Why did they fight so hard to privatize the prison system in the US? Why are so many men in this country being arrested and released after years of incarceration with no hope of getting decent jobs and never being able to vote again? It was the Bush regime that installed Homeland security laws giving government access to you and everything that your family considers private. It’s called repression and control, and Republican politicians would like nothing better than to keep society poor, uneducated and hungry. Why are you blaming Pres. Obama for putting an end to this tyranny? Is it because you are a racist?

  55. Diane Says:

    The left wingers do a good job out of making something out of nothing too. Is it okay for them to do it and not the conservatives have to sit quietly? Obama is like “Telflon Don”, untouchable. No matter what has gone wrong in the Congress, he wiggles his way out of it using his executive powers (so to speak) and blames the conservatives or Bush (which is getting old). Like I said previously, if he doesn’t have anything to hide, then let him PROVE IT. I was brought up as a liberal and changed my status about 15 yrs ago (but was more in the middle). I have to say this is the first election that is the worst as far as dividing people, the attacks against one another and I have lost much respect for the liberals due to their behavior. I know there are some conservatives out there that are also in that category. But I see it so much more with the liberals and it is disgusting. I’m voting for Romney/Ryan and that is my choice and whoever votes the other way, that is your choice.

  56. Allymax Says:

    Trump reminds me of a dog’s breakfast, proverbially known as a slop of stuff.

  57. alsar Says:

    For the liberals who have posted here. What are you worried about. From your reaction, you are very worried about something. Take off your blinders. God Bless Donald… He has the money and isn’t afraid to put his money where his mouth is.

  58. SeenSocialismScene Says:

    Wow, Such hateful comments. You people vote and some of you raise children? Wow

  59. alsar Says:

    I agree you you completely… You and your liberal cronies should not be able to vote or raise children…

  60. @#39 Says:

    Look in the mirror- read your very own statement…Now, do you see what I see? That’s right, an idiot!!!

  61. player Says:

    hey u big dummy trump release all your divorce records you arse

  62. alsar Says:

    All I know is that it is a pleasure working you fools up… Go get a life. I’m having a ball!

  63. Mike in Delray Says:

    If Obama has nothing to hide, he can win this election by producing the documents.

    I believe that he received foreign student aid to go to college. That in itself would be a fraud if he was born in the U.S.

  64. MGB Says:

    I am Canadian, but the comments made here are incredible. This is your PRESIDENT you are speaking of. Love him, or hate him, you have to WANT for him to SUCCEED. If he succeeds, your country succeeds. Bashing and bigotry will do nothing but bad things. Many of you should be ashamed of yourselves. “Land of the free and home of the brave” my a$$.

  65. @#57 Says:

    You should take the blinders off because you obviously can’t see his teeth!! Your quote-”God Bless Donald… He has the money and isn’t afraid to put his money where his mouth is.”

  66. Betty Says:

    Hey Canadian…. Are you kidding? If Obama succeeds our country succeeds? What planet are you from. He is destroying our country. Why would be want him to succeed in this election. Keep your business in Canada until you actually have a comment that makes sense.

  67. John Says:

    MGB – Yes, we want President Obama to succeed – as a PRIVATE CITIZEN! Then we’ll love him even more!

  68. MV Says:

    My message is those of you who 1. have no clue who Obama is, 2. are too ignorant to care, and 3. voted for him the first time (and are still dumb enough to do it again and ruin this country).
    First of all no president has gone to any lengths to hide his past, including but not limited to eligibility to be president and school records.
    If he’s got nothing to hide, why not show it? You tell me!
    You morons should go read up on the real facts, open you eyes and see the light.
    I really don’t give a f*ck if you’re white or black or latino and voted for him the first time. 99% of blacks voted for him just because… and just as many are going to do it again. The issue at hand is let’s not let a socialist agenda ruin this country that was built on freedom and where if you work you earn. If you’re a lazy bum you get less, etc.
    But if you expect to get a share of what I earn for just sitting around with your thumb up your a**, then f*ck you.
    Don’t thread on me!
    AAA and this goes for my Canadian friend, this doesn’t even concern you, so f*ck you too, bi*ch.

  69. Bill Says:

    Very simply — just another elitist rich A-Hole– because your rich they don’t Baker Act your ass. You should be on medication —–

  70. Lettie Mitchell Says:

    This is so sad! Sad for everyone. Why can’t we just vote for whomever we wish and stop this foolishness of slinging mud at each.

  71. V Says:

    Trump = Clown
    Trump = an inconsequential, self-enamored egotistical goon that needs to stay in the spotlight to make himself feel important.

  72. V Says:

    Wow. You know so much about Obama, huh? No president has hidden his past? You’re an idiot, no president has ever had his past questioned like you goons are doing to Obama. And why is his past being questioned? Only because he is black and you don’t like his name. You are a typical Tea Party un-informed, un-american, ignorant, bigot. I’m not black and I didn’t vote for Obama in 08 but I’m voting for him this time because I refuse to take any part in you or your Tea Thugs (Brown Shirts) controlling this country and legitimizing your Nazi agenda.

    Why doesn’t Romney actually release his taxes, if he has nothing to hide, instead of just paying some accounting firm to say they’re right.

    You have no clue what a “socialist agenda” is. Your hatred and racisim blinds you to anything that is even remotely factual so opening my eyes won’t open me up to your “light”. You need to read the facts and not limit yourself to the right wing news and talk shows.

    And it’s Don’t TREAD on me, not Don’t THREAD on me you ignorant moron.

  73. Where are Romney's tax returns Says:

    Why should Obama turn over his “passport & school records”. Where’s Romney’s tax returns, financial statements and bank statements for all his offshore accounts where he is hiding MILLIONS from the U.S. Government. Disgrace? Romney is anti-American.

  74. SeenSocialismScene Says:

    Wow, and it still continues. Wow!

  75. mary Says:

    this man is the biggest idiot I have ever come across. a real A**HOLE

  76. novote Says:

    what difference does it make what his grades were at columbia or harvard….he got in…how about you trump? where did you go to school? how were your grades?

  77. Dee Miller Says:

    Remember who killed Bin Laden. November 6, 2012 show your gratitude.

  78. SeenSocialismScene Says:

    And continues

  79. EJR2753 Says:

    Come on! Does anyone really give a flip what this idiot says????

  80. EJR2753 Says:

    …however, don’t get me wrong – Frank Cerebino is the best!!!

  81. Ohforcryingoutloud Says:

    Douche. Nozzle.

  82. SeenSocialismScene Says:

    On and on

  83. Educated Says:

    To Trump, Obamahater, birthers, and the rest of the pathetic/ignorant/bigots: Please quit wasting our time with your obscene, partisan attacks. Rather than promote a continuance of the economic problems your heroes created and the President is correcting, please get out of the way. Quit blocking the President’s agenda.

    If you have an interest in transparency, why don’t you call for Romney to release his tax returns? The double-standard is incredulous!

  84. Barnum&BaileyCollege Says:

    @novote-You don’t need to know about Mr. Trumps grades at college-he was just clowning around!!!

  85. Obama/Dems2012 Says:

    OBAMA +5% in Ohio!

    It’s over Mitt-Wit, pack your bags and head back to Utah or your seaside estate in California or your Massachusetts mansion!

    Now it’s up to US to finish the job!


    Who’s with me?!

    Call your local OFA crew or go to for more info on how to pitch in. And remember, you can vote by mail, just call your county supervisor of elections and ask to vote by mail. You can request a ballot right up through October 31st.


  86. Barbara Green Says:

    can I come back yet ?

  87. @Obama/Dems2012 Says:


  88. @Obama/Dems2012 Says:


  89. SeenSocialismScene Says:

    Well, in parting I will say. let them put Obama in. It’s the only way I will see the money you earn come to me. One thing you can not do with Socialism, Back out.

  90. throbo Says:

    With a wiff of his hair and a swig of “Trump WATER TM” comes America’s Greatest Hero, Donald Trump.

    The bad guys have been TRUMPED !!!

    God Bless America

  91. carolyn chevy Says:

    What a true idiot. He has too much money that he’s bored and wants to be noticed by making stupid comments like this. Bankruptcy should be a part of his name. He doesn’t know when to shut up.

  92. linda Says:

    Kidding right, he is so very pathetic…. I know NOTHING about any other presidents passport history and all your crap you want… I know He is an American man plain and simple, who became our President and saved ALL our butts from collapse left by bush and all the bills racked up on credit cards etc…well need more time to clear all that up….PAY UP BILLIONAIRES ie TRUMP… pay like a good American should! Pay equal taxes and stop your lies and cheating. AND STOP thinking you can buy anyone or anything you want. YOU sir deserve NOTHING! and THE AMERICAN people whom are sane and not living under the hypnotic crap of murdoch faux news world, ABSOLUTELY KNOW the that just because the man has a darker coloring or his name is so called ‘DIFFERENT’ doesn’t make him some alien from another planet or whatever crap is in your head…go away Trump and take all your crap with you.

  93. Florida Guest Says:

    Oh!Give me a break!Little Donny is pulling a stunt-an “October Surprise.”What surprise?This is pretty stupid and Donny should be ashamed of himself. If he wanted to do something-this is juvernile and just plain dumb.
    The Messiah is going to stay way clear of this no matter what. What makes him think that barryboy would bite at this
    stupidity?Donald should stay in real estate or come up with something really worth getting at barryboy-this is just babyish.

  94. Camara Says:

    Donald trump is a bitch needed to grow up

  95. carolyn chevy Says:

    Trump needs to learn some manners and respect. How rude!!

  96. Where are returns mitt? Says:

    It’s insulting to all Americans that mitt Romney uses the tremendous resources of the USA to make himself, destroys companies with private equity bust outs, usually destroys thousands of jobs and American companies and then hides hs billions of USA dollars in foreign countries and engages in unethical extreme tax avoidance schemes.

    Mitt, this is un-American.

    Release your past 10 to 12 years of tax returns as your father said every politician should.

    Mitt looks like a con man who is the true unamerican and ignores his fathers advice regarding transparency.

    He wants a billionaire plutocracy . He thinks you are all emotional suckas and is baiting the anti Obama rabid crazies.

    And yes, the republican tea party has lost its collective mind and turned decent people into raging Jerry springer show candidates.


  97. Susan Says:

    Why would any citizen on their right mind want do provide those documents which contain personal vital information, especially to a layman. Is Trump that scared that the Romney won’t win. This is o e of the most insane ideas yet.

  98. Susan Says:

    I truly hope the President and Democratic committee totally ignores this and not even respond to the request. That non responsive would probably drive Trump and the Tea Baggers crazy.

  99. samantha Says:

    Why doesn’t he Give the same offer To Mit Romney about his TAXES!!!!!!!!! Offer Mitt 5 mill to tell the truth about something. Other than his name. Oh hell that may even be a lie. IM SO TIRED OF YOU AND ALL OF THE OBAMA HATERS DISRESPECTING OUR PRESIDENT!!!! Yes OUR President he Represents the USA like it or not!!!! Give him the respect that you have given every president before him and to Mr. T. Do something positive for a change a Donate that 5million to the same people you want our president to give it to !!!

  100. Sabrina Says:

    Donald give Mit Rommey the 5 million to take to his off-shores accounts and show his tax returns. Also give us the name of his sisters wives. Mit Rommey has three wives.

  101. Alas! Says:

    Trump is getting senile. It really is a sad spectacle. He sorrounds himself with yes people and all agree with him on his brilliance. If he were a horse I would shoot him, for humanitarian reasons.

    And he needs to do something about the horrible hair he was born with. Surely he can afford a transplant. If not, a humanitarian plastic surgeon should offer him a free one.

  102. Mary Says:

    November 6,2012. Vote R&R….it’s time for change

  103. Mary Says:

    Tuesday November 6,2012….

    Vote R&R

  104. Ralph Says:

    The tea party crap starts again??? You idiots need to get a life. Do you really think Bush & Cheney would have let anyone cover this up????? Or do you think they were too busy starting wars and sending taxpayer money to Halliburton to notice that
    a illegal was elected President of the USA……. THINK MORONS!

  105. Cynthia Says:

    So what if you think Trump is arrogant or vying for attention…if he’s puting it out there that he’ll cut a check for $5,000,000 to any charity Obama wants, and all he has to do is reveal some records, then why not? If any executive in a high position was given that challenge and they had nothing to hide, they would do it in a heartbeat. Fact is, Obama came out of nowhere and never really did anything substantial…he’s just a smug mystery man…

  106. Stan Says:

    Why doesn’t the Donald offer the 5 million to Romney,if the republican candidate releases his last 10 years of tax returns?The Donald is just doing this for ratings of his tv show!and by the way how much money has he given to the Romney campaign .

  107. dick Says:

    The Democratic press will do/say anything to re elect him.
    Disgusting. Bias reporting. Give him the information. Why not?
    The most divisive President in our history. I fear the next four years for my children if he’s elected. Never have I had this feeling.

  108. Cynthia Says:

    So true, the Democratic press is nauseating. THe amount of brainwashing they do to people is criminal. Most people work all day, stress out over paying bills while trying to raise children. They turn on the news to get informed and it’s only one side of the story! Most people don’t have the time or energy to do their homework and dig through to get to the truth, they rely on mainstream media which unfortunately is 99% pro Democrat. It’s sad…

  109. The observer Says:

    What a waste of space for public information. IRRELEVANT comments from the “Donald” which is of no use for society.

  110. Jack Says:

    If obama doesn’t respond to the challenge that means he doesn’t care about charities. Regardless of how you feel about Trump, the ball is in obama’s court.

  111. تیم زیرنویس Says:

    I used to be recommended this blog by way of my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by way of him as nobody else recognise such specified about my difficulty. You’re wonderful! Thank you!

  112. Nancy Heise Says:

    I would like to know more about Obama. Why are these records kept from the public? I agree with Trump – we should be able to see them.

  113. Leyla Says:

    Wow, how wonderful Mr. Trump! Does he needs to request Mr. Obama’s records to show some love in his heart to the needy? I think that if he has a real heart he should deliver the money unconditionally and without requiring a challenge, why not go ahead and release the $5M and stop being z rediculous jerk with his rediculous challenge…

  114. Rip McIntosh Says:

    No chance BHO will take the challenge. To do so would expose him for the fake he is.

  115. Ms Commenter Says:

    Trump has surely lost his mind. lol Either that or he’s just trying to get some steam to promote another yet new season of Celebrety Apprentice that’s coming soon. *rolls eyes* (I’m glad I DON’T really like him at all or his stupid shows.) Trump is the stupid one despite of how he always says he’s “smart”. Trump’s stupidity never ends that’s for sure. The older he gets, the more stupid. Pathetic… Really.


    NO to AMENDMENT #9

    reduced taxation for FIRST RESPONDERS=police, correction officers, fire fighters, paramedics

    Here they have top notch salaries, early retirments, free healthcare, free take home cars, free shoes, free dry cleaning, no tickets issued to them and NOW THEY WANT TO PAY LESS TAXES!

    Yep, put that burden back on every OTHER tax payer who WILL HAVE TO MAKE UP the difference to the county!

    NO to Amendment #9 and consider voting NO ON ALL OF THEM!


    and the cops and firemen are once AGAIN try to get theirs at the cost to the rest of us.


  117. A divided country Says:

    After reading these postings, it is apparent that our country is divided.

    Russian political commentator spoke about the USA becoming sectionalized…breaking away.

    After reading these comments, it could very well happen.

    A divided country can not stand.

    Who divided us?

  118. jay dubb Says:

    About 10000 liberal assholes have asked why not Romney’s taxes?? At least post something different than the last billion. You can bash trump all day but this does put Obama in a awkward spot to say the least. He will ignore and misdirect like always. Would be something though if he “proved us all wrong” :)

  119. cindy Says:

    Hey “Obuma” yeah thats what he is. if you have nothing to hide. lets see them.

  120. Celebrity Apprentice Says:

    Say what you will about Trump as a person, but the bottom line is this: If Obama truly has nothing to hide, he should produce these documents to see the five-million dollars go to the charity of his choosing. Why wouldn’t he? Just keep asking yourself that question, Obama-supporters. If everything about Obama’s past is truly on the up-and-up, why not produce the records?! I can’t wait to hear your answers, or rather, excuses, here.

  121. Stephanie Says:

    I kind of agree with Trump. A charity could use 5 million and if Obama is not hiding anything, then he could just clear the air of any speculations and release the records. Instead he chose to do a comedic routine on the Jay Leno show. It would stop all speculations once and for all and shut everyone up who had doubts or prove everyone right….

  122. Franklin Says:

    Why doesn’t he offer Mitt Romney $5 million to release his tax returns? I guess that is like pocket change to him though…

  123. Carolo Says:

    What a stupid man he is. Doesn’t he know if you fill out an application for paperwork, that THEY get the application and YOU get the paperwork?

    No candidate ever in our history has had to submit school records. If so, John McCain graduating from the Academy 4th from the bottom of a class of over 800 would have looked great.

  124. Kentucky Man Says:

    Whatever you think of Trump,why wouldnt Obama just release the information and collect $5 million, sounds so simple for Obama to do!!!!

  125. Educated Says:

    The President shouldn’t dignify nutcases like Trump with any response to his latest flimsy attempt to discredit him. The President has already provided birth certificates, which Trump and other birthers wouldn’t accept. No other presidential candidate has ever been similarly harassed.

    Quite frankly, the “file bankruptcy and let the rest of the American people pick up the tab for my poor investments” approach of Trump illustrates to logical people what this self-promoting, inconsequential person is.

    If bigotry prevents you from supporting an honest president who saved us from financial calamity, caused by the very policies Romney espouses, shame on you!

    Join General Powell and other patriotic Americans. Re-elect the President!

  126. Mike Damon Says:

    You Liberal Pukes. You can’t stand this challenge. Donald Trump is a master of getting things done. Nobama will never release these records even when people are in need. Obama is a punk loser.

  127. Alcum Says:

    To all you delusional birthers:

    No, Obama could not have “registered as a foreign student.” He was a US citizen from a US high school. End of debate. Simply because you could think up a ludicrous claim does not mean you can make the president jump through your ridiculous hoops.

    Meanwhile, start demanding Romney’s tax returns, which candidates traditionally release, starting with Romney’s dad. Why do you let yourselves be led by the nose by your rich masters? Think for yourselves.

  128. Tony C. Says:

    I don’t often agree with Donald Trump, but this time he is 100% correct. Obama is a liar and a fake. He is exactly what is wrong in America. The sooner we get rid of his lazy, lying dumb…, the better off the Country and Economy will be.

  129. Alcum Says:

    Tony, you are 100% incorrect. Trump is a buffoon and Obama is what is right for America. He’s already rescued the economy from certain Republican-induced collapse four years ago. It is Trump and his greedy cohorts among the GOP who are the threat to America.

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