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Take our poll: Who won the final presidential debate at Lynn University?

by Palm Beach Post Staff | October 22nd, 2012

Who won the #lynndebate?

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54 Responses to “Take our poll: Who won the final presidential debate at Lynn University?”

  1. Yep Says:

    All I see is the msnbc roundtable completely beside themselves. That tells me Romney won. Obama is stronger on foreign policy but this election is about AMERICA!!!!

  2. Amsah Says:

    Obama won and Romney came across as a little disingenuous. It probably won’t move the polls much, but it looks like Obama will win the electoral vote barring a last minute gaffe.

  3. May Says:

    EVERYBODY has Obama winning!!! WINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. May Says:

    @CBSNews: BREAKING: CBS NEWS INSTANT POLL Who won the #Debate? OBAMA: 53%; ROMNEY: 23%, TIE: 24% (Margin of Error: 4%; Sample Size: 521)

    That’s a huge margin, don’t ya think???

  5. DM Says:

    Obama is stronger on foreign policy but this election is about America?! This DEBATE was about foreign policy!

  6. Pearls Says:

    Romney out and out lied on his positions in the past. He lied about so many things I can’t even list them here.
    I do wish that President Obama would have hammered home about Romney’s business past: about how he would buy a company, pull out the cash in fees and then saddle the company with so much debt they’d have to close down. Then those jobs would be outsourced to China WITH A TAX BREAK FOR DOING SO.
    Pres. Obama wants to close that loophole and will fight for companies here in the US to invest and build. That is where our jobs will come from.

  7. May Says:

    In the world as it is TODAY we need a well rounded President, that’s NOT Romney!!!!!!

    Romney = HUGE FAIL TONIGHT!!!!!!!

  8. Concerned Taxpayer Says:

    Romney was presidential and showed an indepth grasp for the issues raised by the moderator. Obama appeared petty and hostile, and he kept repeating the same phrases over and over. Romney clearly won the debate.

  9. Sarah Says:

    Hey concerned tax payer–do you mean repeating things like “Iran has 4 years of nuclear power…” Blah, blah, blah. Romney said it 7 or 8 times.

  10. Time Says:

    Mitt looks tired and defeated.

  11. V Says:

    Really ? Romney had a insipid grin on his face during entire debate . Obama appeared presidential and intelligent and decisive on all the questions . Obama clearly won

  12. JudyBee Says:

    The President came to attack and defend.
    The Governor came to agree and deflect.

    Obama schooled Romney big time , clearly won.

  13. Julie Says:

    President Obama was clearly the winner. Total killed Romney tonight. Lol.

  14. May Says:


    Are you looking at the numbers??? This wasn’t even close, 84% to 14% ….Obama nailed it!!!!!!!!

    OBAMA 2012

  15. Indie Says:

    @ Yep, are you watching the same MSNBC I flipped over to? Seems they were in disbelief at Romney’s sudden shift in foreign policy. A few short weeks ago, Romney had a vastly different stance. It’s ok to change ones mind, but he changes it based on current opinion of the voters. He didn’t want to lose votes so he just agreed with Obama’s policies.

  16. Jb Says:

    If you think that Romney kicked ass tonight then your part of the problem here. Obama was on the attack. What do you think they should do? Romney was not in his element and he probably didn’t was to be labeled a warmonger as stated by CNN. CNN now showing a poll by registered voters across the country put Obama as the winner at 48% to 40 % Romney.
    One more thing I want to mention. Mitt said on the Iran issues , I would have started sanctions a lot sooner. And stronger. Obama came right back with ” Really? At that time you were we’ll investing in chinas oil program. And they were buying their oil from Iran! Pow !! Romney shut right up

  17. Julie Says:

    Well tried to vote for Obama but stuck on loading!! Geezz!! :(

  18. May Says:

    Rubio ” Romney appeared presidential” Is that the best you can say???? lol

  19. MaH Says:

    At this time I would like to thank Willard Mitt Romney tonight for helping me decide who I’m voting for, no questions left …. President Obama!!!!!

  20. Here we go, again Says:

    YAWN, another democrat endorsement by the Post Times.

    1 republican endorsed, all the rest are democrats and when a democrat is a sorry piece, the Post Times, refuses to endorse a candidate.

    Here is what everybody knows: Palm Beach Post is biased and slanted in their articles and their endorsements.

    Would someone PLEASE start another ONLINE newspaper for Palm Beach County?

    A newspaper which will be balanced and fair.

  21. Frank Bottitta Says:

    My wife wanted to vote. Thought she could I vote first

  22. Won Lost Says:

    Honestly, Obama ‘won’ but Romney didn’t lose.

    It’s the economy, not foreign policy which will win the presidency.

    And on the economy, it’s Mitt Romney who can bring this nation out of this mess and will work with democrats to do that. Obama failed to do that.

  23. MaH Says:

    @ Here we go…. Try Sun Sentinel, but they gave it to Obama too lol

  24. Benz Says:

    ROMNEY/RYAN!!! We cannot afford 4 more years of this ‘community organizer”.

    Do you people actually think Obama has more experience than Romney to get us out of this mess–get real!

  25. Benz Says:

    Orlando Sentinel and Tampa Tribune endorse Romney.

  26. Jessie S Says:

    Obama sunk Romney’s battleship.

  27. Benz Says:

    Bayonet’s are still used by the military Osama!!

  28. Jennifer Mitchell Says:

    If you want Obama to win, we all need to get involved.

    Go to and click on make calls. Call some voters and encourage them to get to the polls.

    Among registered voters, Obama leads. Among likely voters, it’s a different story.

    Romney has money at his disposal for this campaign that Obama will never have. Obama needs a better ground game.

    Think of how awful you will feel nov 7 if Romney wins.

    **We still have time to ensure Obama is re-elected. Go into an Obama office or call from home. help a friend get to the polls.

  29. MaH Says:

    Miami Herald poll results = 85% give it to Obama, but we knew that!!

    Yes Jennifer is right, we need to get out the vote!!!! Do what you need to to motivate, encourage early voting, EVERY ONE COUNTS!!

    OBAMA 2012

  30. Critical Thinker Says:

    Tampa Tribune endorsed Obama @ Benz. I see all Repubs are delusional

  31. Jilli Says:

    Romney did a fine Nixon impression tonight – sweating, blinking, smacking his lips, scowling…definitely not the personae of a strong, confident leader. I guess that’s what happens when you’re working off a memorization of a briefing book as opposed to actual comprehension of the issues. We also watched romney morph from a hawk to a dove right before our very eyes.

    Romney got toasted.

  32. Obama2012 Says:

    Thank GOD Obama is going to be our President and not this Romney fool who can’t decide on a SINGLE policy. Sheesh.

    Obama with the hands down win.

    Maybe next election Romney will run as a Democrat since he agrees with Obama word for word on foreign policy. Shameless and pathetic.

  33. Chris A. Says:

    Romney clearly was out of his element tonight. It was obvious he crammed for this debate, wasn’t very knowledgable and contradicted himself too many times to count. He didn’t look ready to be commander in chief in my opinion. And when he started citing the numbers of ships the Navy had I thought Obama made him look foolish telling him it wasn’t a game of Battleship and it was more about strategy. I actually thought Paul Ryan held his own with Biden a lot better than Romney did tonight.

  34. Obama2012 Says:

    I agree with other posters, now is the time to double-down on GOTV efforts. Volunteer, make some calls (you can get connected at There is time, so let’s work for it and make sure we vote for Obama and Dems downticket.

    I did some canvassing this weekend and am psyched to do more. Please pitch in however and whenever you can from now until Election Day!

  35. Melvin Says:

    Without a doubt Obama won. We are better off today than we were four years ago and when Obama is re elected this country will continue to move forward.

  36. omegle Says:

    The debate was pretty good. Had a good time doing sign waving in Boca before Obama and Romney arrived.

  37. LionDoll Says:

    Obama will crush Romney on November 6th !

    Romney can’t hold Obama’s jock strap !

  38. It's the ECONOMY Says:

    The election will not be won on foreign policy.

    The election will be won on the economy.

    President Obama defended his foreign policy. Romney held his own and proved his knowledge on foreign affairs and kept his decorum.

    People will vote based on their pocketbooks.

    It’s the economy, stupid.

    Romney has the background, the skills, the ability to negotiate and work with democrats, as he demonstrated as governor in MA, a state that was 87% democrats.

    Romney is the most capable candidate to get us out of this pit of an economy. Obama’s policies have just not worked and he has never demonstrated the ability to work and compromise with republicans. That is a must for any president: the ability to work across the aisle. 4 more years of Obama not working with republicans drive America into further turmoil.

    Time to end our dependence on foreign energy from very unstable nations which could compromise America’s ability to effectively function.

    Time to put people to work,

    Time to improve our schools (Romney is right, the Feds don’t hire teachers, the local municipalities do! The Feds can ‘send money’ but anyone working in education, KNOWS that funding can be pulled at anytime).

    Our country needs a new vision, strong leadership, compromise in order to survive. Constantly, being divisive, constantly attacking- instead of working with those who have opposing views, IS necessary to function in any setting.

    Mitt Romney is the only candidate who can LIFT America up.

  39. Don't tread on me Says:

    It is apparent that Obama lost big time. He was responsible for those four Americans who gave thier lives because Obama didn’t want any bad news during this election. I can tell by the comments this group has got to be the %47 collecting food stamps, unemployed.and the want that government hand out, go get a JOB. Stop mooching off the government. Take some pride in yourselves. Romney slaugtered Obama and will easily win this year, what is Obama’s record like. dam freeloaders

  40. david Says:

    Romney was more presidential than Obama who no longer is hope and change. He looked like the angry black man he really is..Romney will win Florida and Ohio. He will also win Virginia with the navy military vote. The food stamp president will be history just like Jimmy Carter.
    President Romney. Get used to it, losers.

  41. Alberto Says:

    Obama won by a mile. Romney continues to say he can fix it without explaining how or why. This is ridiculous. Everyone wants to believe he can “fix it” when they know it is not true.
    Looks like he also touched up the gray again in his hair.

  42. Work Together Says:

    Can we survive with four more years of division?

    Can the Obama created division and lack of compromise continue for 4 more years?

    Can we as a nation continue to have a leadership position in the world when the holder of the highest office is dividing America, instead of uniting America has promised.

    Can we tolerate 4 more years of the same?

    Obama supports continue their hate filled comments, threats on Romney’s life and threats to riot If Obama is not re-elected.

    America can’t function with such leadership.

    We need to elect Mitt Romney who has stated over and over his willingness to work with democrats.

    President Obama has never made that statement, nor demonstrated that he can work with republicans.

    Republicans are not going away.
    Democrats are not going away.

    We need a leader who has stated a willingness and more importantly has a history of working with opposing politicians. That is Mitt Romney.

    Stop the divide, vote for Romney.

  43. NFL Gator Says:

    Message to ‘critical thinker’ who does not do a basic Google search, # 30 here. The Tampa Tribune endorsed Mitt Romney for President and there will be another big one coming in a week. You can read the Trib’s endorsement of Romney here:

    No normal person wants to buy gas @ $4.00 per gallon when it can be a $1.50. It was a $1.80 when Obam was sworn in. Obama gave over 90 Billion in t-a-x-p-a-y-e-r monies to green energy companies mostly owned by his donors, and what happened to them? They are bankrupt. Sorry, but the American people are saying no to Marxism in 2012.

    President Romney will correct the stranglehold Obama has created in the economy. November 6th, will be Morning in America!

  44. pmac Says:

    Obama has clearly became defensive. I have a problem with all the liberal media always cramming Obama’s goodness down our throats. I have seen too many times where he is not saluting our flag and is truely on a socialist based path. I find the leader of this nation both a con man and repulsive.

  45. earnestine Says:

    Go Romney

  46. Moishe Says:

    Can’t help notice all the Romney bumper stickers in Boca..and how few Obama stickers.sure looks like Obama lost the Jewish vote..

    If you don’t like the Obama phone calls invading your home..use a whistle..if it’s not a recording… it’s a lot of fun.

  47. MaH Says:

    Don’t worry, I have my whistle….. but it’s for the Romney and Tea Party callers!!!!!!

    OBAMA 2012!!!!!!!

  48. wayne Says:

    what’ the difference between “tie” and “neither”?

  49. Lisa Says:

    If I had to choose between the two to mangage my personal finances, I would choose Romney, hands down, so it only stands to reason that I believe him the best candidate to handle our economy. If I had to choose a man who has lived his entire life with integrity (a rarity), it would be Romney. In the third debate O’Bama was insulting and rude, definitely not Presidential.

  50. howie Says:

    Only a brainwashed idiot wil give 4 more years to massive unemployment and high gas prices and huge debt to our kids.

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  52. WonK SenK Says:

    Still Obama

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