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Take a tour of Frankel’s mayoral bathroom

by Andrew Abramson | October 24th, 2012

Less than two weeks until Election Day, it’s Lois Frankel’s mayoral bathroom that’s making national headlines in the District 22 congressional race.

Mayoral shower

The Washington Post today previewed the race between Democrat Frankel and Republican Adam Hasner, highlighting Hasner’s strategy to run a TV ad with a woman on a toilet saying Frankel’s “gotta go.”

The bathroom in Frankel’s old West Palm Beach mayoral office first made headlines several years ago when the new city hall was under construction and a Palm Beach Post gossip columnist wrote that Frankel was installing a chic bathroom in her office.

So I took a tour of the bathroom on Tuesday which is now being occupied by Mayor Jeri Muoio.

Muoio, who was supported by Frankel in Muoio’s mayoral run last year, said it was the architect, and not Frankel, who decided to install the $13,000 shower and bathroom in the mayor’s office.

Hasner’s ad:


47 Responses to “Take a tour of Frankel’s mayoral bathroom”

  1. No regard for taxpayers Says:

    If she doesn’t veto this cost for a local bathroom, just imagine the type of spending Lois Frankel will do in Washington.

    NO to Frankel.

    Her past history predicts her future actions.

  2. Patrice S Says:

    My husband is a contractor — that is NOT a lot for a bathroom renovation. So this story is nonsense.

  3. downtowner Says:

    Maybe she got a deal from Related Group. They are BFF’s and her biggest donors afterall. Nothing shady here in Frankel’s world! LOL

  4. JP Says:

    Did I read correctly that Frankel didn’t shower for over a year and a half.

  5. Bill Says:

    This is a non story the bath stays with who ever is Mayor The Construction was approved by the Commissioners and all this ws approved back when the Economy was doing great and impact fees were abundant the arch. create and build to their own egos so I wouldnt hold it afgainst any Politician.

  6. Joke Says:

    Wasn’t the contractor on Frankels 180 Million Dollar Monument to Corruption, Cataaalfoomo?

    Think about it. They had a great City Hall with a water view and built that insane waste of money for 180 million dollars to stoke the egos and pocket books of the most corruption politicians on the planet.

    Nothing good or honest comes out of that place. The PR schill, E. Cohen just refused to release public information because he did not think the PB POST would write what he wanted ?


    Also, the Architect was an allegedly “GAL PAL” ( muncher? ) of Frankels….some Asian from Miami, rumour says.


    But FLUSH FRANKEL is a great slogan.

  7. Typical pol Says:

    OF COURSE Diamond Jeri will defend Lois, she owes her seat to Lois. The architect decided everything for City Hall? RIght, Lois’ buddy. No wonder it was tens of millions over budget.

    Oh, like the Digital Domain she played you paid, the City Hall contractor gave Lois thousands in campaign contributions.

    Again, that’s a MARBLE bathroom that YOU paid for people.

    No wonder people are disgusted by government spending.

    Lois is going down on the 6th. And Jeri, you’ll be a one termer if you keep defending this nonsense.

  8. Obama/Dems2012 Says:

    As I said when Ha$ner first posted this CLUMSY ad, this story is a JOKE and a smokescreen.

    Ha$ner does NOT want this race to be about his support for ending the decades-long pact we have with Seniors that full Medicare coverage is guanranteed.

    Ha$ner does NOT want this race to be about his policies.

    Ha$ner does NOT want this race to be about $heldon Adelson’s more than $100 MILLION in funding propaganda on behalf of far-right social engineers like Ha$ner.


    Because, as is evidenced by the pathetic toilet ad… HA$NER’S POLICIES ON JOBS, TAXES, AND MEDICARE MEDICARE MEDICARE ARE IN THE SH*TTER!

    I’m voting for Frankel because she won’t cut MY MEDICARE benefits that I’m paying for in every paycheck.

    I’m voting for Obama because he extended the life of Medicare, cut the cost of a student loan, saved the auto industry, and got Osama bin Laden.

    Vote Early, Dems!

    Vote By Mail!

    You can request a ballot to vote by mail right up through OCTOBER 31st, so if you think you may want to Vote By Mail, there is still PLENTY of time. Just google Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections and call their general number. It only takes a minute to sign you up for Vote By Mail.


    Let’s do this! For our FUTURE and our children!

  9. Time to Go Says:

    The future of career politician Lois Frankel will be flushed down the toilet on election day. Don’t go away mad, don’t go away sad, Lois, just GO AWAY!!

  10. Alex Says:

    Another Distraction…Lois Frankel was a “my way or the highway” Mayor.

    She ignored the Residents Petitions to stop the Taj Mahal city hall…began construction before the courts could rule in favor of the citizens.

    My Nov 1st Property Tax Bill has the assessments for her arrogance.

  11. Howie C. Says:

    I have been in TV news for over 25 yrs. Nothing unusual or chick about a mayor having a bathroom. This looks like a plain bathroom. Need some place to clean up after going from event to event or even a guest to use.

  12. ivegotasecret Says:

    Republicans have an agenda, they just don’t want anyone to know it until it’s too late, then you can only hope for a nut job to take care of the problem.

  13. Carolo Says:

    Good thing she didn’t need a kitchen. Those cost about $30,000. What a non-story this one is. Plumbing and electricial is not exactly cheap.
    (My sons a builder.)

  14. WPBeacher Says:

    This is the bathroom for the County Seat of the County which inhabits some of the richest people in the country. If she has a guest like that into her office, do you honestly think she wants to send them to one that looks like a portable?? NO! Smokescreen distraction and lie. These are the only ways that Republicans can get votes these days. They do everything in their power to make you fear their opponent because they are the ones who fear them the most and them and their constituents (funders) will not rest until every seat is filled with a Republican that can line their pocket further… lets all put the Republicans OUT OF BUSINESS!!! 2012, 2014, 2016 vote vote vote DEM for the future of the average citizen and Not the ones who already have their futures figured out far better than 99 of the next.

  15. Justine Postal Says:

    It’s not unusual for heads of government agencies to have their own bathrooms, including those who are librarians, as I can attest to when I worked for the Ft. Lauderdale Public Library in the 60′s. The HGTV television channel estimates the cost of a home bathroom to be be at least $20,000, so the $13,000 cost of the West Palm Beach city one with a shower was a good deal.

  16. Angel Soft Says:

    Looks like a clear case of T.P. hoarding

  17. Lilly Says:

    This story is ridiculous. With that said, just lets say that it’s always been about Lois. Until the old creatures retire, that’s where we are, just same old.

  18. Jenny Says:

    Nice bathroom so what!

  19. Stu Says:

    C’mon Post

    The headline is totally misleading. I thought she had some kind of record breaking dump.

    Who cares otherwise?

  20. Corruption County Says:

    Does everyone have marble bathrooms? I sure don’t. It’s incredibly more costly than regular tiling for bathrooms.

    When construction costs are given there is opportunity for CHANGES.

    Lois Frankel could have CUT COSTS but allowed for more expensive marble to go forward.

    It’s not her money, it’s taxpayers’ money.

    She has no respect for costs. Everything will be borne by us.

    The usual Frankel apologists are posting.

    Nothing is free.

    Taxpayers in WPB will start seeing the cost of Frankel’s folly.

  21. No way!!! Says:

    That can’t be Frankels bathroom.

    The seat is WAY TOO SMALL!

  22. Maximus Says:

    Watch the movie 2016!

  23. Jake P. Says:

    Would her huge caboose even fit on that toilet?

    That’s asking an awful lot from a piece of porcelain!

  24. Palm Beach Gardens Says:

    I’ve heard that Mayor Muoio’s house in Ibis is on the market. Anyone know where she’s moving?

  25. Yuk Says:

    Hey Bowie if a mayor needs a private bath so bad why does moo moo say she don’t need it ?

    Century village and ibis block voting elects trash like frankel and moo moo not even close to dowtown.

    Century village and Ibis should be de-annexed from wpb….bad projects….yucky people?

  26. Royal Flush Says:

    Lois, Royal Flush, that’s what you can do with the other 53%, it’s not your job to worry about them.

  27. Obama/Dems2012 Says:


    * SUPPORTS Arizona’s draconian “Papers Please” anti-Hispanic law written by far-right anti-immigration activists

    * OPPOSES stem cell research

    * SUPPORTED the far-right RPOF Agenda 98% of the time

    * Says he supports term limits but he is a CAREER POLITICIAN

    * Running as a “moderate” but strongly supports the conservative Tea Party agenda

    * says he supports Israel but is rushing to war with Iran that will threaten security of Israeli citizens

    * claims to be a moderate but has been actively involved in far-right conspiracy theories along-side Dick Cheney’s brain-dead Neocon sidekick Frank Gaffney

    * SUPPORTED the bill in FL legislature to force a government mandated ultra-sound for any woman seeking an abortion (ahem, women don’t vote for this guy)

    * OPPOSED bipartisan compromise over debt limit in 2011 when he ran for Senate as a “staunch conservative”

    * claims to be a moderate, but was once called the “Most Partisan Republican in Tallahassee” by Marco Rubio of all people

    * claims to be a moderate but signed the “Contract for America” put out by Freedom Works — a far-right propaganda shop run by long-time Texas GOP insider and corporate uberlobbyist Dick Armey

    * claims to be a moderate but called Rick Scott’s far-right agenda: “a common-sense approach”

    You could go on and on with this guy.

    It’s more than just about his desire to end Medicare, he is just another dishonest politician.

  28. Northwest Observer Says:

    Wow!!! This story is about as ridiculous as this political season can get. There is absolutely nothing extraordinary about the bathroom at all. If this is the best that Adam Hasner can produce, we certainly do not need him in Congress representing us.

  29. ThomasC Says:

    The bathroom doesn’t look any more extravagant then those you see in most higher end homes. No gold toilet seats or faucets.

    I suppose the only question you can ask is if the mayor’s office needs its own bathroom.

    But then I suspect some people won’t be happy unless all civil servants have to use an outhouse…

  30. Nemo Says:

    This is the place where her great ideas of wasting taxpayers money was born

  31. voter Says:


  32. Danny Says:

    People, this bathroom is nothing from the other world. Is a scale from 1 to 10 is like a 6. Please, is a regular bathroom.

  33. haha Says:

    she’s a looser, get her of that chair and send her to jail for stilling tax payers money….

  34. LOL Says:

    What you all don’t see is a giant mural of Lois on the can, paid for with YOUR tax money!!

  35. Tom Says:

    A very impressive toilet.

  36. 21stCenturySchizoidMan Says:

    I don’t (or didn’t) have strong feelings either way for either candidate, but after seeing this farce, I certainly am NOT voting for Hasner. How petty can you get, really?

  37. republicanbut Says:

    I don’t like Frankel one bit, but to be fair, when was the last time you renovated a bathroom with decent fixtures, tile, etc. for less than 10K??? If this were a 30K bathroom, I’d balk, but 13K is standard with fixtures and labor for a bathroom of that size.

  38. Jamba Says:

    When I read the tease “Take a tour of the mayoral bathroom,” I thought that I would be able to do my business on the same throne where Lois once reigned. So, Jeri, here’s an idea. Let us “commoners” have the thrill of using the Frankel Flusher for a nominal fee, which can be used to pay down the debt on this “Monument to Excess.”

  39. CommishOfCommonSense Says:

    Everyone move along. Nothing to see here.

  40. Had Enough Says:

    Vote for the least of the 2 evils. Vote Hasner

  41. One of the 47% Says:

    Personally, I would have put in a taller throne. And that low-back style has got to go.

    I took a tinkle in that shower so I am getting a kick out of these comments.

  42. @Obama/Dems2012 Says:

    Please. This looks like the public bathroon in the Palm Beach County Courthouse. Give me a break-a toilet break!!

  43. @Obama/Dems2012 Says:


  44. Florida Guest Says:

    If Hasner had the guts he would stick a picture of Lois sitting on her beloved ex-throne. He could also do a photoshot with Lois in the shower-washing herself clean of all her corrupt doings in Palm Beach County. Now, those pictures would be worth losing the election-which she will anyhow, As for the new Mayor…its always best to keep quiet and not defend someone like Lois. The same can happen to her.

  45. omg Says:

    omg…..what makes the post think anyone wants to see where this skank takes a dump ?!?

  46. Kiss my vote goodbye Says:

    Now, I know Mr. Hasner; the man and his true ideals. With this ad, he has proven to be no better than a frat boy involved in childish pranks. Mr. Hasner, words count. Your actions count. What you believe in, counts. You now look silly, desperate and small. Do not count on my vote. You lost it.

  47. C.R.Griffith Says:

    Toilet seats for this model of Kohler toilet cost over $100.00

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