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Super PAC shifts resources from Hasner to West

by Andrew Abramson | October 9th, 2012

Whether you enjoyed or despised the “Flush Frankel” ad, you might have seen it for the last time.

After spending more than $200,000 to reserve air time on Palm Beach County market TV stations for anti-Lois Frankel ads, the Young Guns Super PAC is shifting its focus to Republican Allen West’s opponent, Democrat Patrick Murphy. The anti-Frankel ads have run for a couple of weeks.

“The plan from the start was always to split a portion of that for Colonel West,” Brad Dayspring, spokesman for the Super PAC, said in an e-mail. “Congressman West is a 2010 Young Gun, has dedicated his life to service, and is a problem solving, straight talking leader.”

The Super PAC’s strategy would seem to contradict the poll released yesterday that shows Democrat Frankel and Republican Adam Hasner in a tight race and West with a 12-point lead over Murphy.


29 Responses to “Super PAC shifts resources from Hasner to West”

  1. Floriduh Says:

    This guy West is the laughing stock of the nation and one of the reason’s why people from every State laugh at people from Florida as being complete morons. It’s embarrassing to go to other parts of our country and admit I am from Florida when we have such stupid politicians and even stupider people who elect and re-elect them. What’s next? Someone sleeping with their cousin? Get with it people. Let’s do what we need to so we can restore our reputation and get back to making fun of people in West Virginia.

  2. T. J. Ewing Says:

    Apparently West needs all the help he can get. Maybe this “super pac” ought to just flush West down the toilet. West can’t even be even a minimal Congressman by even responding to his constituents correspondence. He needs to be reminded that he is supposed to be working for ALL of the constituents in his district but he isn’t up to it. That and the fact that he hasn’t even proposed any useful legislation but always votes for whatever will help the 1%ers. His hot headed drivel as in potty mouth, ought to get him flushed down the toilet. ANYBODY but West, the most useless Congressman district 22 has had in the last 50 years!

  3. American Says:

    What a load this article is. Congressman Wests campaign does not control the Super Pacs and what this PAC did swas based on their choice not that of Wests campaign. How nice that Super Pacs switching where there money goes is now strategically controlled by the person they are helping. This article could show or give a link to the entire “email” that they are privy too or at the very least say that they know PACs operate on their own accord.

  4. floridagirl7 Says:

    Do you guys spend all of your time knocking West? What about your candidate Murphy? We want to hear what is good about him, what great things has he done? I know one thing he can run real fast. If you were at the so called debate in Port St lucie, I am sure you must have seen him running out of the building, almost knocking the reporter down that was trying to talk to him.
    GO West,Romney,Ryan

  5. HankS Says:

    The article is misleading. The Young Guns Program was created by the RNCC to support Congressional candidates that show great promise. Both Hasner and Rep. West are identified as young guns, so the RNCC supports them with ads.

    There is nothing strategic about the timing of this shift. Funding tends to follow ad cycles, it’s simply Rep. West’s turn. It was preplanned. Had the author bothered to check with the RNCC, he might have discovered this on his own.

  6. David S. Levine, Hobe Sound Says:

    Perhaps Allen West is a “laughingstock” to the vermin and scum with whom someone who styles himself “Floriduh” speaks but my frineds around the nation are jealous of me for having such a man as Allen West representing me. He is the quality of the House of Representatives–a man who tells the truth not merely as he sees it but as it is! He did not waste his youth getting plastered in gay bars but made a life for himself and defended his nation against Moslem terrorists–what a shame Patrick Murphy was a beneficiary. I proud to have Allen West as my congressman and will be proud to darken the oval next to his, Connie Mack’s and Mitt Romney’s names this coming election!

  7. Gloria Schmidt Says:

    Congressman West has support from all over the country. He would be welcomed in any of them. It’s too bad that some don’t seem to realize that. West will retain his seat.

  8. jebamoni4 Says:

    This war criminal was representing my area and did not do anything. He is waste of human life and he deserves to be booted out, just like they did in the military. Ewing!! I agree with you 100 percent.

  9. Marilyn Parmet Says:

    Congressman West is an honorable man who is devoted to the principles enumerated in our Constitution. He spent 22 years in the army, so people that write on this web site have the freedom of speech. Congressman West is known and admired all over the United States.
    I am proud to vote for him on Election Day, and I believe the majority of people in FL 22 feel as I do.

  10. Carol Says:

    My friends in Phoenix, Az. have Joe Arpaio who they adore. Now they say ‘if only we could have a Congressman like Col. West. Can you clone him?’
    Pssst….Col. West threatened a terrorist by holding a loaded gun to his head in an effort to learn where he had planted his IEDs. Terrorist talked, IEDs were exploded by our troops, and lives and limbs were saved.

  11. sapo Says:


  12. stevereenie Says:

    If Hassner can’t beat Frankle in light of the Digital Design scandal and the fact she actually transferred the property in advance of preformance blows my mind.

    Yeah, yeah they say they had a “reversion” clause in case they didn’t build it. But that and a dime will get you a cup of coffee in a bankruptcy. ……..and there was every indication that his company was bankrupt before they made the deal.

    We don’t need more of this nonsense fiscal management in D.C. we should be just happy that she is gone from West Palm Beach.

  13. WPB resident Says:

    I just find the name Young Guns, alone, very offensive. West is not fit for public office. He is a loud-mouth who apparently has little respect for women. I’m putting my time and money into the Murphy campaign. And Gloria Schmidt, West will NOT retain his seat, he already abandoned it to run in a district where he thought he had a better chance of winning. He was afraid to run against a strong woman, so he is running in an area where he has no idea about their local needs or issues. That’s a politician for you!

  14. observing the passing parade Says:

    Frankel has left a going away gift for the people of WPB, and the digital Domain embarassment is the tip of the iceberg…….the City is looking at servicing and paying down $200,000,000 in bonds re the City hall/library and Waterfront projects……and unlike a water or seqwer trwatment plant, thes half emptyy building generate ZERO REvenue to absorb thier costs.

    bye bye Lois

  15. Legal Eagle Says:

    I gotta jump in here. Where do you people get your figures from? 200,000,000? really? I really hate it when people make up numbers like that and this is one of the Best & Biggest toys in my collection! I just got this and really have to say it IS fun! WOW!!! This a massive toy. It’s very thick and very long. Point it forward and it slides in very easy. It’s very flexible and soft. This big thing really opens you up. I really like how the head feels too, and I have been using it ever since I got it! My arm got sore with all of the plunging in and out. Lot’s of fun… DEFINITELY worth the money! Now looking for other candidates. Hope I can handle them!

  16. sapo Says:

    @ WPB resident
    What is so offensive about that name? I’ve owned one of these for about a year now, and I use it at least 3 times a week.It should be pretty self explanatory on how to use this though.
    You must use a good water based lubricant, use enough to facilitate easy sliding.The end cap is to adjust the suction level.After washing, dust with a good corn starch based powder (this was the powder that was on it coming out of the package).The first time I used mine I thought, MAN! This was better than the real thing. Many times it still is.I call mine the ba** drainer. Because that is exactly what it will do. Drain you completely.

  17. Lake Park resident2 Says:

    Col. West has my vote. I laugh each and every time someone makes a negative comment about a politician without proof/link of the source. Without some type of documented proof to refer readers too is nothing but hearsay and taken with a grain of salt.

  18. Anybody but Lois Says:

    First I think some of you are sick, and your sense of humor is moronic.

    Lois left a huge bond when she left WPB and between the bonds for the City Hall ($188 million cost), and Digital Domain ($15 million), the fact that the City has to pay back $4.1 million because of lack of oversight for federal housing program (under Lois’ watch), I think $200 million isn’t really such a stretch at all.

  19. Allen West Must Go! Says:

    This is for Lake Park resident:


    “Currently we have some 40-45% of Americans who are not paying any taxes.” = MOSTLY FALSE

    “If you look at the application for a security clearance, I have a clearance that even the president of the United States cannot obtain because of my background.” = PANTS ON FIRE LIE

    “We had an amendment in the health care law that said the federal government is going to take over education.” = FALSE

    “China owns about 29 percent of (the U.S.) debt.” = FALSE

    “This is the first time in the history that we’ve had the raising of a debt limit also with spending cuts.” = FALSE

    “In the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, it was the Democrats who cut $500 billion from Medicare. And they also put in place the Independent Payment Advisory Board, 15 unelected bureaucrats, which will be making decisions about health care for our seniors and for all Americans.” = MOSTLY FALSE

    The EPA “wants to hire 230,000 new government regulators that will cost the taxpayer $21 billion.” = FALSE

    About 78 to 81 House Democrats “are members of the Communist Party. … It’s called the Congressional Progressive Caucus.” = PANTS ON FIRE LIE

    An “Obamacare slush fund” paid to spay and neuter dogs and cats, then counted it as an “anti-obesity campaign.” = FALSE  

    Anyone who supports Allen West is either totally ignorant of what this man has said and done over the last two plus years, or they are someone who puts supporting a dishonest politician and his dishonest political party ABOVE the good and well-being of the decent people of Florida.

  20. James Barber Says:

    Once again, LTC West is not wrong about the communists/socialists. Rep Maxine Waters, CA, John Conyers MI, Jerold Nadler, NY, and at least 75 more were list as members of the DSA – Democratic Socialist of America back in 1998. I called their offices back then and about 2 weeks later their names were scrubbed.

  21. Allen West Must Go! Says:

    James, you read a fake document. But way to be brainwashed.

    If you had any kind of decency you would respond to the litany of lies by your “hero” the most unhinged member of Congress in recent memory.

    For example, PolitiFact rates your little “Commie” lie a PANTS ON FIRE LIE.

    Way to go, repeating widely debunked political baloney like a dumb parrot. You are a disgrace to your children’s future for selling them out to such brazenly false lies.

  22. CarolO Says:

    I will never understand people who will elect someone to represent them and that elected official sells his soul to Grover Norquist and works only for Norquist rather than the very people who put him into office.

    The Bush Tax Cuts come about when our economy was good during Bush’s second year in office. They were never meant to continue on forever. Allowing them to end is not “raising taxes” but it simply means the “sale has ended”. Taxes for the rich would go back to the Clinton years.

    Same with oil subsidies. I believe I remember oil being $15 a barrel when the subsidies began. In 2005, oil was $70 a barrel. Now almost $100 a barrel and still the subsidies continue.

    I hear Republicans constantly talking of how they want less government, how they don’t like their Rights infringed on. Well, why do they give Grover Norquist complete control over everything that they do? Norquist has taken away their very right to think for themselves and make good choices for their constituents. Republicans honor their pledge to this man, a civilian, more than they honor their marriage license.

    The job creators are the small businesses that would like to expand and be able to hire more help. It certainly is not the Fat Cats. They’ve enjoyed their discounted taxes for 12 years but these Republicans seem to think they should get bargain rates forever. How many of these Fat Cats are drawing social security checks each month.

    Romney recently bragged how he got his health care bill by working with Democrats. Of course he was able to work with Democrats. He was not working with the Tea Party or politicians who had sold their soul to Grover Norquist.

    Those in the Senate and House will never be able to work together. Ever issue that is raised is with the threat that the Bush Tax Cuts must continue. It’s added into every deal made, every Bill passed and every deal held up. Grover Norquist holds the Republicans hostage and the Republicans hold the Democrats hostage.

    Until Republicans can grow a spine and tell Norquist “Thanks but no thanks, I work for my constituents,” I can see nothing ever changing.

  23. CarolO Says:

    West is a Militant. He reminds of these crazies that return to the work place and open fire thinking everyone is nuts but them. I think West has a mental condition. Not to be mean, but he is very paranoid about everything and a great sense of self worth that is not deserved.

  24. kelly Says:

    West’s internal polling shows his support slipping now that the new members of his district started to pay attention and get to know him. Most people are middle of the road. His extreme rhetoric turns those people off. Murphy is a business guy, not a lifelong government employee. The PAC needs to spend more money to stem West’s bleeding.

  25. Legal Eagle Says:

    @ CarolO

    What justifies someone like yourself to get up at 2:45am and badmouth a conservative? Is it because he’s black? Look, I’ve been making my own douches for awhile using just plain hydrogen peroxide for general maintenance and as a cure for those pesky infections we often get due to hormonal changes during various times of the month, so I consider myself VERY experienced with the “cleansing” process. I would buy the generic vinegar and water disposables from the store, empty them out, rinse them good, then add my own H2O2 straight (if you are really on fire, then I suggest doing a 50/50 with plain water as the H2O2 can burn). This has been working great for BOTH types of infections, but I wanted something more environmentally friendly (that is, reusable). I purchased this with high hopes but was greatly disappointed. I had no problem filling the bulb or screwing on the applicator/insert. However, the plastic is too firm to squeeze all the liquid out (I’m used to being able to wring out the plastic for almost 100% emptying). I found myself folding the bulb in half and squeezing with both hands to get all the liquid out so I would get the full benefit of the cleanse. At one point, I had difficulty handling the bulb and released, then re-squeezed, which resulted in discomfort of suction then pushing air up into my canal. I’m no novice, but I was frustrated at the difficulty with emptying and was not paying attention to the suction and pushing air that can happen with douching. I ended up wasting almost 1/2 of the liquid because I just didn’t want to fight with it anymore. I gave it a second chance the next day and experienced the same issue. Also, the applicator is a little bigger than the standard applicator. This did not bother me but might bother some women. I will be tossing this in the trash and buying the reusable balloon type of douche, which can be squeezed and wrung with little effort. We should be able to handle our vajayjays with care and tenderness and not have to struggle to find comfort in a cleanse. As it is, it’s not a pleasant experience to begin with. I imagine a man designed this contraption!

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  27. Jerrie Says:

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