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Romney coming to Port St. Lucie on Sunday

by George Bennett | October 4th, 2012

Mitt Romney, buoyed by strong Wednesday night debate performance against President Obama, will spend three days campaigning in critical Florida, wrapping up with a rally Sunday in Port St. Lucie.

The Romney campaign had already announced a Friday rally in St. Petersburg.

There’s a Saturday rally in Apopka in Central Florida.

And Romney will appear Sunday at Tradition Town Square in Port St. Lucie. Doors open for the event at 12:45 p.m. with the program scheduled to begin at 3:10 p.m.

The Romney camp says tickets for the St. Lucie event are available at the Port St. Lucie campaign office at 6835 S US Highway 1, or the Stuart campaign office in the Tower Building at SE Federal Highway. Tickets are also available at

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25 Responses to “Romney coming to Port St. Lucie on Sunday”

  1. Romney demonstrated Ability Says:

    Mitt Romney was very presidential in the debate.

    America can not be dependent on foreign energy from unstable areas of the world.

    Romney stated he would develop the US’s energy, putting millions of people back to work! That is exactly what this country needs.

    We all understand the need for green energy, but everyone acknowledges that alternative energy sources will take half a century or more to develop.

    America can’t wait half a century or more. We need to employ people NOW!

    The other thing that Mitt Romney stated was his ability to work with Democrats. He said he was governor of Massachusetts which is a definitely democrat state and he was able to work right away with those democrats.

    That’s what we need in this country. Learning to work with all elected officials. President Obama has not worked with Republicans. Mitt Romney has worked with democrats and stated last night, that he will work day 1 with democrats. That’s what we need. Someone who will unite our country. That’s Mitt Romney.

    We’re all tired of the divisions in America. It has to stop. Mitt Romney is the link to a better working relationship with all elected officials.

  2. CarolO Says:

    I agree Romney was on his game last night. But I can not forgot the year he has not answered questions, won’t give details to any of his plans, won’t turn in his tax returns, the 47%, the poor convention, etc.

    But, Romney DID SAY he was going to reduce the debt 5 Trillion while still keeping the Bush tax cuts. He DID SAY he would reduce school funding and Paul Ryan DID SAY he would dismantle Medicare.

    Romney controlled the debate and controlled Jim Lehrer. Obama was not prepared for all the lies being told and he should have known what was coming.

  3. CarolO Says:

    Also to add……The Democrats that Romney worked with to get his healthcare plan were not members of the Tea Party! What Romney has proven himself is you can work with Democrats. Obama has proven you can not work with the Tea Party.

  4. Get used to it.... Says:

    ….President Mitt Romney!

  5. WaldoT Says:

    It is clear that President Obama very arrogantly pushed aside Republicans in hsi frist 2 years in office in every way possible with super majorities in congress. The 2010 election and the Tea Party was the american electorate’s response to the Obama, Pelosi and Reid agenda, lest we forget why the Tea Party arose and the house was voted in. All the slander of the Tea Party is nothing but that. We are fed up withe the irresposibility of both parties and their reckless unacountable spending. While Mr. Obam lectured and ignored the Republicans the people rose up and elected representatives to stop/slow down Obama. The president’s performance demonstrates his comptempt for Romney, the people and his arrogance. He won’t do better in the nex 2 debates. mark my words. He is bankrupt just as he is trying to do with the nation.Romney will sit the Democrats down and expose them for the charlatans they are and being his party in line. He will roll up his sleeves show the leadershp and do the work President Obama has not been willing, unable and not qualified to do. We finally see the The Great Wizard Obama exposed behind the custain get over it. He is what he is.

  6. Legal Eagle Says:

    @ WaldoT

    Did you even watch the debate? I don’t think you did because Obama clearly had specific facts and figures and TIGHT was given to me as a Christmas gift from a friend and I took it as a joke. At first, I was really skeptical about the product’s claims and what my friend had been boasting about but decided to give it a try anyways. Low and behold, It exceeded my expectations by a mile! Not only did my boyfriend feel the difference but I was surprised to feel the pleasureble difference on my end too! So either he grew really really big in size or I was really really tight down there. He didn’t take any products so I know for sure it was TIGHT that was working it’s magic.

  7. Robert Briere Says:

    Apparently you are considered a winner by the right-wing GOP/Teabagger party according to the number of lies you utter in a debate. Under those circumstances, Rmoney was a big winner last night. Rmoney lied when he said he never proposed a 5 trillion dollar tax cut which he did. Rmoney lied about the so called “Obama care” and how it would take money away from Medicare. That’s just for starters. Obama as usual, like so many Democrats capitulated without even defending him self demonstrating once again Democratic inability to grow a spine and stick to their principles. The GOP/Teabagger party has become a party of extremists who, if they don’t get their own way do everything they can to obstruct the government from functioning. It is way past time for Democrats to grow a spine and stand up for their principles if they have any at all. I am proud to be an Independent who will NOT be voting for the liar Rmoney and his atheist loving Ayn Rand (“poor people are peons”) running mate.

  8. Joan Says:

    Mitt Romney absolutely schooled Obama, who could not hide the fact that he does not know how to do the job. Obama is accustomed to making snide comments about what OTHERS have accomplished, while he never built up,or led anything. Now he actually has a record…and it stinks! Can’t wait to watch the swearing-in of President Mitt Romney!!

  9. Lou Pursley Says:

    What millions saw watching the debate was the sincere delivery of an intelligent, forthright man of great integrity who does not seek the Presidency for personal gain. Rather, he is the answer to what our Country sorely needs at this time in history. Our family has seen him many times in New Hampshire. What you see is, without doubt,what will be delivered.

  10. Mattrue Says:

    If you want to talk about the economy their has to be the talk about how it went wrong. Let us look at both ends of the equation, Romney admitted that the middle class Americans have suffered, that is what Obama has said since his election. Let us look over the past thirty years and see what we can find. The top level executives pay has multiplied by the factor of 50 times the starting wage thirty years ago. That means you must be making 50 times more pay than your job payed thirty years ago. I don’t see the minimum wage at 50 dollars an hour. The CEO at my company thirty years ago did not make more than $750,000 dollars a year and now he makes $50,000,000 a year. I don’t make 50 times more pay than I made thirty years ago. This is the problem with America, this is what has gone wrong. You cannot expect the workers to produce more when you don’t pay them enough to keep up with inflation. The American people have listened to the BS from the CEO making millions of dollars extra every year and telling you if we don’t outsource for the future we can’t get the price down. The price keeps going up because the top level management is increasing their pay and benefits over 50 times the National average. This has to stop and start with the bottom up wage earners gaining benefits and all the pay increase they are long deserving. You let this happen and now you are willing to let one of the problems with America run the country. Willard Mitt Romney and the Rat pack have given you nothing but false hope. This means you are so stupid that you can not even do simple math any more. Look at your own paycheck has it multiplied by the factor of 50 over the past twenty years. I think not unless you are the CEO, vice president or president of your company. The American people don’t need people like Willard Mitt Romney, he is not the answer, he is the disease that has destroyed American. If you believe that garbage bag last night, can I sell you my ocean front property in Arizona and I will throw in some free labor to boot. You suckers make me sick, to think of rebuilding this country means we need a lot more mathematicians and education. The President Barack Obama is not the man who can tell you that you are a stupid idiot, he is trying to show you the way into the future in a polite manner. You will rather believe that same CEO that lied to you twenty years ago and laughed all the way to the bank. This time he is lying to you to run your country into the worst depression since 1928. He doesn’t care Willard Mitt Romney can get on his private jet and fly over to his private world all on your back. Just like the CEO has been doing to you for the last twenty years. Vote for America and the middle class Americans who need you vote for President Barack Obama forward into our future.

  11. 47% Says:

    Amazing how the right wingers coalesce around someone so blatantly dishonest. Patently, blatantly dishonest.

    There really is something wrong with a strictly white political party in the 21st century that is opposed to women’s rights, civil rights, and the middle class. A party holds the country hostage to tax cuts for the rich.

    A party that won’t even allow for such common sense things as INFRASTRUCTURE improvements.

    Shame on you people for blindly supporting the nihilist Ayn Rand cult.

    We will move this country with or without you and your willful ignorance and shameful malice towards your fellow Americans.

  12. Joan Says:

    All the CEO’s in this country, combined, don’t come close to “making” all the money stolen from taxpayers, every year, by the self-serving special interests of the Democratic party, and that is big government at every level of our society, and NOTHING to show for it. Democrats think the average American citizen is so stupid, all a Dem has to do is screech, “Wall Street”, “Huge Salary”, etc. and we are all going to forget about the sickening splurging of our taxpayer dollars, spread over millions of wasteful projects, agencies, departments (including the joke that is the Education Dept. at all levels), sucking away at our wallets. The number of CEOs making big money (GOOD FOR THEM!! They don’t steal it from my pocket. They put out a product that I can say yes or no to) is miniscule. Mitt Romney stood head and shoulders above the Narcissist-in-Chief. Obama was an embarrassment. GO ROMNEY!

  13. 47% Says:

    Joan, the average American person is not stupid. But you sure are. It is shameful that you believe the right wing propaganda without actually taking a look at what is happening in this country. Look right here in Florida with real-estate and housing. So many homes underwater, so many foreclosures. The bankers were bundling up thousands of bad mortgages and gambling on them to the tune of $60 Trillion. This is what Wall Street did to us. Under Bush.

    Obama passed Dodd-Frank to STOP that from happening again, to protect the American people from Wall Street’s uncontrolable greed, and your hero wants to get rid of that!

    What kind of sense does it make to go BACK to enabling big banks and billionaires from running up a $60 Trillion tab on the American people?

    You’d have to be nuts.

    Really. You have to be NUTS. Nuts. To want to give Wall Street free reign like Romney wants to do.

    It is really VERY dangerous to give Wall Street total deregulation. They already have extracted trillions out of this economy. We cannot allow them to continue this insanity. We must vote in massive numbers for President Obama and the Democrats, good debate, bad debate, whatever! Obama is definitely the right choice unless you really really want Wall Street to screw the crap out of us even more.

  14. Joan Says:

    Best wishes to a real leader, a capitalist who succeeded very well and afforded millions of Americans the same by growing businesses in our free and regulated market yet donates, according to his choosing because this still is a republic,millions of dollars to others; a proven governor who is able to work with everyone: our next president, Mitt Romney!

  15. Mattrue Says:

    Poor Joan the government has sucked her paycheck dry. The truth is that your the sucker that fell for the line of BS that piece of crap sold you. The middle class of America is the back bone of this country. The big CEO’s left you high and dry for $3.00 an hour labor in China and told you that it would trickle down into your pocket thru the same fairy dust you still believe in. People like you are the problem with America, dumb,ignorant, thinking that Mickey Mouse will call toodles to fix the problem. This problem is for long term recovery economic policies something that your little brain power can’t understand. Just go back in your grandparents house and put down the blunt and try to get some brain cells back. Then plug in your Chinese made crapple tablet because the battery is dead. Then remember why your crapple could have been made in the USA if you didn’t believe the butt heads story about how it is better for business and your pocket book to outsource the American dream. Suckers are born even today and dumb just keeps getting dumber.

  16. ecresp Says:

    Mattrue and 47% So if I am hearing this correctly, only the right is to blame for everything and the left are our saviors. What a load. Obama has had plenty of opportunities to do the right thing and instead has paid off his union hack buddies or bundlers. His stimulus bill was nothing but a union payoff. Obamacare will destroy our economy and the whole healthcare system. The insurance companies will stop selling health care in just a few years under those mandates, many of which we do not even know about yet. We got into this mess together. partly right wing partly left wing. the only way out is to work together. Since Obama had a chance to work with the republicans, but threw it out, he has had to go it alone for the past two years. He had complete control his first two years and could have passed or repealed whatever he wanted. he could have ended the wars, repealed the Bush era tax cuts and almost anything else he wanted. So he went for Obamacare whole hog. Passed it even though there were changes made in the house that were not reconciled with the Senate. If ending the wars and repealing the Bush era tax cuts were so important, why were they not done. Why? Because he wanted the issue to use as a club against the Republicans and it backfired bigtime. Go Tea Party!!!

  17. Joan Says:

    Right on Ecresp…study just done on amount spent on Obama and his family in one year…1 BILLION DOLLARS! Just jump in that plane and go golfing a few too many times (as evidenced by his dismal performance at the debate). Totally true. Study points out that there are ABSOLUTELY NO regulations on this guys discretionary spending, WHATSOEVER: How laughable to ignore the 6 BILLION more deficit dollars this guy and his hacks have run up, WITH NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT (oh yes, lots of payoffs to his cronies). Yeah, excesses and issues with Wall Street are just an excuse so that this Whiner-in-Chief, Marxist dictator wannabe can do with the left hand, what the right hand is not paying attention to. Go Romney!

  18. Joan Says:

    Sorry…that was 6 TRILLION in deficit spending. Almost did an Obama thing and mixed up the difference between billion and trillion!! GO ROMNEY!!!!

  19. 47% Says:


    You are simply lying like crazy. What a shock. For example, the Stimulus — which ALL economists say added 3 million jobs and saveds millions more from going into poverty — contained HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN TAX CUTS.

    The fact that you ignore that shows just how stupid and dishonest you are.

    You also totally ignored my point about Wall Street regulations, proving that you are either very stupid or insane.

    You obviously think Mitt’s idea of giving Wall Street unfettered ability to gamble with OUR MONEY is a good one.

    Wall Street crashed our economy just a few years ago.

    Wall Street created the Great Recession in which the entire global economy literally ground to a halt.

    Don’t you remember?

    Does that mean NOTHING to you?


    You Tea Party Republicans are clinically insane or very very VERY stupid.

    Mitt wants to go back to giving Wall Street the freedom to gamble with public money to the tune of Trillions of dollars, while at the same time he wants to crack down on Sesame Street.

    Big Bird did not cause the Great Recession.

    WALL STREET caused the Great Recession.

    If you can’t handle the truth about what Mitt Romney is proposing, then you need to see a shrink. Because lying about everything under the sun is not only immoral, it is the main reason that Mitt Romney and the Republicans are going to get annihilated on November 6th.

  20. referencement google Says:

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  21. ecresp Says:

    47% It is really amazing how you liberal types always go right in for the personal attack. That usually tells me that you have lost the argument. Let’s see, ALL economists have NOT agreed that the stimulus has created 3 million jobs. But just for giggles, let’s say it has. Many of those jobs were “saved” as they like to call them. They were government jobs that ended up being temporary because when the cities and states ran out of money, the jobs went with it. Where are all of the green jobs? We were supposed to have all kinds of green jobs by now. Oh yea Solyndra and the like were all scams just to pay back his bundlers. If the stimulus has worked so well, why are the unemployment levels so high still? Even today’s numbers do not make any sense. How is it that the number of jobs created was 118,000 but over 800,000 people found jobs last month. What were those people doing when there were all of those available jobs last month? I will wait for the coming revision (which will be kept quiet by the media) and then the report in November after the election will be telling.

    As far as Wall Street goes, Mitt is NOT saying he is going to completely deregulate Wall street or the banks. Where are you getting this dribble? HUFFPO? MSLSD? He HAS said that he wants to go through the enacted regulations and take out the uneeded ones or just plain stupid ones. By the way this whole mess was started by the Clinton Admin when they were forcing Banks to give loans to people who could not and did not pay them back. All in the name of GIVING everyone homeownership. That was the start. Then FANNIE (headed by a Clinton guy) and FREDDIE started buying up ANY loan and bundling to resell. They did not care about how risky they were. they just kept buying. Why? Because their bonuses depended on it. the head of FANNIE received a 20 Million bonus at one point. This is a government worker. Not a Wall Street fatcat. That’s when the banks started bundling and other even crazier things that spun out of control.

    Lastly, Big Bird can afford to go it alone. He and his pals are movie stars that do not need MY money to survive. Apparantly you do since you are so proud to be in the 47% of people who do not pay federal income taxes. If you are not a senior, disabled or in the military, you really have no excuse for wanting someone else’s money. But that won’t stop you from blaming Bush, the Republicans or anyone else that disagrees with you.

    Calling them stupid or dishonest without anything to back it up is ignorant at best. Go and vote for Obama, he will lose, the polls are skewed towards Democrats. I did notice that I was correct in my assessment that you believe that Obama is just perfect and not at fault for ANYTHING that has gone wrong.

  22. Diana Reese Says:

    As Medicare is it today, does not help elderly if they end up in a hospital. My mother in law was 90. She was a veteran of WWII and was a victim of the health system. She lived alone, like many of the elderly does; she fell down and ended up at Yavapai hospital in AZ. Her Dr. said she would be there for at least 2 weeks. She was dehydrated, with hypothermia, unconscious and malnourished. At the 3rd day, once she recovered her consciousness but still couldn’t feed on her own, the hospital said, Medicare would not cover her any more than 3 days, therefore, she had to be sent to a Nursing Home for Rehabilitation. I was very upset because there was nothing to rehab on such a fragile body. . But she was thrown out. At the nursing home, and under the Medicare program, they can’t provide intravenous feeding; they have lots of patients and just 2 nurses at a time. Some patients had to wait 30 minutes to be taken care of their basic needs. My mother in law fell again while trying to go to the bathroom. She passed away a week later out of the negligence of Medicare system.
    It seems like the option for Private Insurance to compete with Medicare would be a great idea; however, as we all well know, private insurance for mid-age healthy people can cost $470+ a month and does not cover everything. For a couple, private insurance would be $800 to even over a $1000 and that’s a conservative figure. By the time a mid-age person, reaches those days when health becomes an issue, the health insurance will be costing much more than the income from the Social Security. What “abra cadabra” specific plan do you have to really make a private insurance affordable for elder people? Would they be able to pay for it, pay the bills and feed themselves?

  23. richard Says:

    in cognitive therapy we r taught about a disorder called projection,where the client projects his character defect on to his percieved opponent. so as u see in the case of democrats, who r so immoral they believe that the “ends justify the means,” lying is second nature. since everything that comes out of their mouth is a lie, they project opon their opponent, the same dispicable trait. atleast republican, when caught in a lie r embarrassed and ashamed and fellow republican will not defend them. whereas filthy lying democrats congradulate each other if they get away w/it and when caught defend and excuse each other!!! the goal of grabing power to advance their dangerous and immoral agenda is the excuse in the end to justify any and all lies and deceit. clinton was’nt the first put he perfected it and oboma,a good student,has just hit a grand slam. so remember america when a democrat speaks he is lying!!!!

  24. Fern Says:

    This past week, Trump offered to give $5 million to a charity of Obama’s choice if he releases his college and passport records. Obama responded by telling his own joke about him and Trump fighting while growing up in Kenya.

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