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Rahm Emanuel says he’s glad Obama didn’t listen to his advice on health care

by George Bennett | October 22nd, 2012

Chicago Mayor and former Obama White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel talks to Obama campaign volunteers at West Palm Beach office.

WEST PALM BEACH — Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the former White House chief-of-staff who’s been stumping for President Obama in Florida the last few days, gave a pep talk to Obama volunteers at a campaign office here today.

He touted the health care law, the auto industry bailout and the fact that the economy has been gaining jobs rather than losing them as examples of Obama helping Americans achieve “the basics of a middle-class life.”

As Obama’s chief-of-staff, Emanuel advised the president to pursue a less-ambitious health care bill. But Emanuel said in an interview today that Obama made the right decision.

“The president showed great leadership. He asked my honest opinion. I gave my opinion that if you’re going to do it, remember, given everything we’ve got to do, a more targeted bill would get this over quicker,” Emanuel said.

“When he did what he did, I did my job and helped him get the votes. Leadership is also (being) willing to hear contrary views,” Emanuel said.

“He did what he thought was right. I still believe it’s a good bill. And it’s better that — as I said when the bill got ratified by the Supreme Court, in a sense — it’s better that he didn’t listen to my advice.”


14 Responses to “Rahm Emanuel says he’s glad Obama didn’t listen to his advice on health care”

  1. BustedUpGrunt Says:

    Whie we were going up into Kuwait in 91 to kick Sadaam out of Kuwait, the traitor Rahm Emanuel was in a green Israeli Defense Force uniform serving with their Mahal or Sar-El volunteer force fixing military equipment. With a record like that, Emanuel would make a perfect Romney advisor, putting service to Israel and its’ needs first.
    Deport all those traitors to the land they are most loyal to and love the most,….Israel.

  2. Voter Says:

    He had to leave Chicago due all those murders that is happening in the city. Rahm is crook. Needs to be with the rest of the crooks in Palm Beach.

  3. Concerned Taxpayer Says:

    “In 2012, Chicago has the highest murder rate in the Alpha world cities with 19.4 murders per 100,000. This rate is more than triple New York (6.0) and more than double Los Angeles (7.5), and ahead of Mexico City, Moscow, and São Paulo. Chicago is projected to have 505 homicides for the year which would be a 16% increase from 2011.”
    Edward McClelland, (July 31, 2012)

    All under the careful hand of Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Another great Democrat politician and trusted Obama friend at work.

  4. Terry L. Says:

    I would be upset if my mayor was spending time somewhere else other than the City he was elected to serve, especially if the murder rate is what it currently is in Chicago. There are over 400 deaths so far this year in the city of Chicago, and he is down here?
    It’s the same situation with Bill Nelson…elected to serve the state of Florida, and NASA is being dis-mantled, unemployment is higher than ever recorded, people and businesses leaving that state at a higher rate than ever before, and all the while, gas, food and property taxes are going through the roof, and Bill Nelson is out campaigning for the lady democrat who was defeated by Scott Brown.
    Here’s a tip for elected officials, serve those who elect you.

  5. Mel Says:

    What the hell is wrong with you people . You can disagree with rahm and that’s fine . Don’t talk about Chicago as if you know anything . He is working towards a better city . Just to put it back on your small minded BS. The people you seemed to elect are the cause of what’s wrong with the world . Instead of wasting time ripping rahm who is helping inner city kids to learn , control gangs , and overhaul old outdated systems . You losers get a life and deal with your own. Backyard go write republicans and tea party freaks who created this economy . Thanks

  6. Fact Says:

    You’re right Mel!
    Ignore facts, just proceed in spite of all the information!
    Call people names whom you disagree with you!
    Question their intelligence, and try intimidation to put them in their place!

  7. Concerned Taxpayer Says:

    You are correct Fact. Mel is simply following Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals,” numbers 5 and 13 to be precise. These guys use this formula in a tired manner as if nobody else has read it or studied their strategies. It amuses me to see them foolishly flail about with cookie-cutter community organizer methods, thinking nobody recognizes what they are doing.

  8. Kacey Says:

    This past week, Trump offered to give $5 million to a charity of Obama’s choice if he releases his college and passport records. Obama responded by telling his own joke about him and Trump fighting while growing up in Kenya.

  9. Obama Out Says:

    Saw a bumper sticker saying that Obama saved GM. The method Obama used cost Taxpayers 25 billion dollars and to be honest it didn’t have much to do with General motors. It mostly had to do with the United Auto Workers (UAW). If General Motors had gone into bankruptcy the union would have had to renegotiate more reasonable contracts because the current contracts would have been voided by the court. They would have had to come up with something more reasonable so they could stay in business.
    Obama protected the unions and they pay him back with millions of dollars in contribution and grateful voters. It was a good deal for Obama and the unions, but a horrible deal for the American taxpayer. The investors lost their investment and the tax payers are on the hook for 25 billion.
    In filing for bankruptcy General Motors would still be here either way, maybe minus a few union jobs and much leaner company.
    The company basically was handed over to the union and the administration hand picked the next CEO.
    Kind of like socialism, huh?

  10. Research done Says:

    Obama is irresponsible for you to post what you did, because, while it is partially correct, it does not share the complete situation. Yes, the bailout of GM came at a cost of around 25 billion. Good job with that fact. But that is just money that is currently tied up in the bailout process, not actually lost. Infact, the US has so far recouped about half of what was extended in grants and loans to GM and Chrysler. Some of the money was repaid in cash, while the remaining interest was tied up in equity shares held by the government. So, as you can see, the money is actually lost, it is just being used in the bailout process and is being paid back, eventually in total with interest. Now, there is a part of your statement that is fundamentally wrong. The part stating “If GM had gone into bankruptcy….” The government bailout was THE ONLY way GM and Chrysler could be saved. There were no private lenders with enough capital to provide the financing for a bankruptcy. If the government had not provided this bailout, GM(or Chrysler), which couldn’t raise this kind of money from private lenders, would have been forced into liquidation, its assets sold for scrap. A failed GM and Chrysler would have economic ramifications on a global reach, not only from lost jobs, but from many overseas subsidiaries of GM and Chrysler that continually turn profits, such as in S.E. Asia. While some of the things you stated are somewhat correct, much of it lacks actual insight into the big picture.

  11. Obama Out Says:

    Your statemnet is false that it would have been liquidated. It would have been reorganized. Chapter 13

  12. Research done Says:

    Um no, the liquidated statement is true. In a 30 second search I was even able to find it. Here is the quote and source of it. “David Jones, an assistant U.S. attorney representing the U.S. Treasury, said the government was the only source of DIP financing for GM and without it the company would be forced into “immediate liquidation.” The government set a July 10 deadline for GM to complete its sale.” (Source: Emily Chasan and Phil Wahba reporting for Reuters in the case of General Motors Corp, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of New York, No. 09-50026) By the way, GM filed and emerged from Ch. 11 bankruptcy. The newly reorganized GM was then backed financially from the US in what is called the bailout. Billions have been paid back already, with that 25 billion number you had is an estimate of a yet to be determined value of assets owned by the government. The value will be determined when those are sold.

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  14. health care Says:

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