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Quinnipiac poll: Obama 48, Romney 47 in Florida

by George Bennett | October 31st, 2012

A new Quinnipiac University poll shows Florida too close to call, with President Obama leading Mitt Romney by a 48-to-47 percent margin that is within the survey’s 3 percent margin of error.

The results of the Oct. 23-28 poll compare to a 9-point Obama lead in late September.

Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson leads Republican challenger Connie Mack by a 52-t0-39 percent margin in the poll.

Quinnipiac released the poll as part of a swing-state package that also shows Obama with a 50-to-45 percent lead in Ohio and a 49-to-47 percent lead in Virginia.


6 Responses to “Quinnipiac poll: Obama 48, Romney 47 in Florida”

  1. Peter Schorsch Says:

    Key takeaways from today’s Qunnipiac poll of Florida showing Obama 48%, Romney 47%.

  2. Joe Blow Says:

    Are you kidding ? Its the only poll with those results. It is so heavily democratic and is a joke poll

  3. Think Before Voting Says:

    Four reasons to vote Republican:
    1.) Bankrupt Hussein Obama.
    2.) Plastic Nancy Pelosi.
    3.) Harry “The Evil Dwarf” Reid.
    4.) Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. (Ugh!)

    Before voting, think about Bengazi-Gate and the four dead Americans. Where was the president when they were fighting for their lives?

  4. Obama/Dems 2012 Says:

    President Obama is not only going to win Florida, he DESERVES to win Florida.

    He has stated unequivocally that he will NEVER VOUCHERIZE MEDICARE, that he wants to hire more teachers, fix our infrastructure backlog, grow manufacturing jobs, end the 12 year tax holiday for the wealthy, continue to make us less dependent on foreign energy, continue to lead the world with a tough but smart diplomacy, continue to keep Iran under the thumb of harsh international sanctions, continue to fund Israel’s Iron Dome to protect the Israeli citizens (relatives to many American Jews) from Hezbollah rockets, and keep us safe here at home with his top-shelf disaster/emergency team at FEMA (which is doing an OUTSTANDING job with Superstorm Sandy)..

    He is doing a GREAT JOB as President and when partisan Republicans — like Gov Chris Christie of NJ and Gov Bob McDonnell of VA — are effusive and overflowing with praise, you simply know for a fact that President Obama is in command and leading the way both in public and in private conversations with the Republican governors.

    It is SO refreshing to have President Obama in the White House. Compare that to “Heckuva Job” Brownie in Katrina and to Mitt Romney — who said federal disaster aid is “immoral” and FEMA should be privatized!

    Why does Romney want to PRIVATIZE disaster response in America?

    What good does it do for this country for a private company to make a profit off of how they help Americans in need? It is mind boggling that anyone would even think that is a good idea, much someone running for president!

    Thank you President Obama, for your leadership, I was proud to cast my Early Vote for President Obama on the first day I could! He deserves to win Florida and he WILL win Florida!

  5. nemo Says:

    Obama/Dems 2012 is a Democratic site that produces misleading things of this nature.

  6. Ken Says:

    Obama has had 4 long years with absolutely nothing to show for it. He was in way, way over his head and has been bluffing his way through the position.

    Ask yourself these questions:
    1)What credentials did he have to run for the highest position in the world? He was a U.S. Senator for 3 years, hardly knew his why around Washington yet (still wet behind the ears) and wasn’t even appointed to chair any major committees.
    Before that he was an Illinois State Senator in 1998-2000, then lost it in 2000-2002, only to run for it again and re-gain the seat in 2002-2004. In 2004-2005 he runs for the US Senate and wins because the opposing candidate Jack Ryan withdrew early and the new candidate Alan Keyes was weak and didn’t have enough time to mount a strong enough campaign. Big Deal. Before that Obama was a community organizer. NO CREDENTIALS TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT. Think about it.
    2) It’s been 4 long years and the economy is floundering. Foreclosures are still happening, unemployment is higher than ever, business’s closing and there is no end in sight.
    3) After 4 long years there’s no confidence in the economy. Business’s are afraid to hire only to have to lay workers off again. If there is no consumer confidence, consumers will not purchase goods and manufactures can’t make goods that won’t be bought.
    4) 4 Long years without a balanced budget and a deficit that in the 10′s of trillions and growing like a monster and he wants to add to it. Let’s not even go here because it’s mind boggling.
    5) During the last debate he almost praised himself as the one who shot “Bin Ladin”. He almost took sole credit for the entire operation. An operation like this is one that started while Bush was still in office. I was in military intellegence and I know how long it takes to accumulate verify and set up an operation like this. They were following Bin Ladin’s driver and monitoring his cell phone conversations 2 years before Obama was in office. That’s how they were able to pin point where Bin Ladin was. PLEASE OBAMA. You might be able to fool the ignorant voters but not the intellegent ones.
    6) I can go on with more but I’m sure you don’t want to hear it.

    HOPE AND CHANGE. Well I’m looking for a change this election.
    The only reason he got in that “White House” is because 85% of the Black population voted for him without doing their homework. If he was all white and ran against an opponent that was “half white”, do you really think he would be President today? In other words, if Obama was all white and McCain was half black, would 85% of the black population voted for McCain? I think so!
    Remember, his mother was white an was a US Citizen. His father was black and was “not” a US Citizen. Half and half does not make you “African American”.

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