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Pre-debate spin: John McCain bashes Obama’s foreign policy while Wesley Clark praises president

by Andrew Abramson | October 22nd, 2012



BOCA RATON – Hours before tonight’s foreign policy debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney, two leading Republicans on national security bashed Obama’s foreign policy while retired Gen. Wesley Clark defended the president.

“It would be a dramatic improvement over this feckless foreign policy which has caused us to lose influence and strength around the world,” said Sen. John McCain of Romney winning the election. “The latest debacle in Libya, Iraq is unraveling, al Qaeda is coming back all over the Middle East — those are facts that are undeniable.”

Clark, however, said Romney has no credibility when it comes to foreign policy.

“You have one man on stage who’s done it, proved it and done it well, and you have another who has no credibility and no experience in the field,” Clark said. “This is not about theory. This is about actual practice and experience.”

Congresswoman and DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz called the Romney/Ryan ticket one of the least experienced foreign policy tickets in history.

Clark said Obama “took us out of Iran and Iraq. He’s got a policy to get us out of Afghanistan. He took Osama bin Laden. He’s put the toughest sanctions ever in place on Iran. He’s made it perfectly clear Iran will not get a nuclear weapon.”

Political figures have begun to fill the spin room at Lynn University.

As reports surface that Obama is negotiating direct talks between the U.S. and Iran, Republican House Homeland Security Committee chairman Peter King said it would be a mistake to talk with Iran if Israel is not part of the discussions.

“Based on his past record, I wouldn’t have the confidence in President Obama when it comes to direct talks,” King said. “I’m not being critical of private talks if they are going on. I’m critical that it was leaked, and I’m also skeptical that the Israelis are not involved. I don’t know how we can have talks of peace in the Middle East involving Iran if Israel is not a player in those talks, or at least a partner.”

McCain, who lost to Obama in 2008, said U.S. relations with Israel “are probably at their lowest point ever.”

“Talks (with Iran) we want, but if they keep using them to delay while they continue their progress toward nuclear weapons; what we want to do is sit down with Israel, figure out the red lines, tell the Iranians and not everybody else what those red lines are and they can’t cross them,” McCain said.

But Clark said Obama and Israel are working well together.

“This administration is so tight with Israel,” Clark said. “There’s daily dialogue with Israel, every single day. So some of the stuff that’s come out of the press unfortunately shouldn’t have come out but it shows how close the collaboration has been working with Israel on the non-military measures taken against Iran.”

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29 Responses to “Pre-debate spin: John McCain bashes Obama’s foreign policy while Wesley Clark praises president”

  1. John Says:

    Killing Osama Bin Laden is not a foreign policy. Get real Clark! What experience did Obabma have in foreign policy when he took office? None!

  2. Rob Says:

    The Obama has 4 yrs of US Presidential experience running foreign policy during a very eventful period. How much experience does Romney have except that embarrassing gaffe trip through europe

  3. Carolo Says:

    Mitt Romney……

    The very guy that stands there and tells Seniors how he will protect Medicare and Social Security but can’t wait to get into office so he can end Medicare and start the voucher program leaving 86 million without insurance. Ryan even talks of privatizing Social Security.

    The very guy that constantly berates China while he is still a shareholder with Bain and lines his pockets still off the back of the American worker.

    The very guy that said let the car companies go broke.

    The very guy that did not want us to leave Iraq and is hedging on us leaving Afghanistan.

    The very guy that insulted Israels on his trip there, insulted Brits on his trip to London, insulted China and insulted Russia. And calls Russia our biggest threat.

    The very guy that hid from serving his country languishing in France and kept all 5 of his healthy sons from doing anything for their country. Hides his money, hides his tax returns, hides his involvement with Bain.

    Hides the fact his tax plan will raise taxes for everyone but the rich.

    Hides the fact he was such a lousy Governor that he is 15 points behind Obama in his own State!

    John McCain just hates it that a black man beat him out of the election. Cain should be worried about Issa releasing sensitive information in the midst of an investigation.

  4. BustedUpGrunt Says:

    McCain never saw a country that he didn’t want to invade, all to keep new orders and profits going into the pockets of his campaign contributers at Boeing, Lockheed, Northrup, General Dynamics, and all the other defense industry bubbas.
    McCain’s mantra, “Why have a military unless we always use it?”
    Even with the upcoming defense cuts, the USA will still put more money into defense spending than any other nation.
    As I can personally attest to, our troops are sadly nothing more than hitmen for Big Business these days.

    I dare anyone to go to Romney’s own campaign website a find a name on his “Foreign Advisory and National Security Advisory Team” who was NOT a Foreign Policy Adviser during G.W. Bush’s administration, or who is not a flaming NEO-CON chickenhawk on the payroll of a defense industry corporation either now or in the recent past.

  5. Puru Shrestha Says:

    I used to have a lot of respect for John Maccain,so I moved to Arizona.Now I have found out that John is an opportunist to please tea party. John Maccaian is like any other politician trying to win the election. John, it is time to retire and do a social work for Arizonian, before we kick you out from the senate. I have not seen you have contributed to local economy, especially we have so much copper.
    University of Arizona used to be a center of excellence of copper study, where we are now. John, what are you doing. Trying to teach foriegn policy to Mitt R, who goes around insulting our friendly as he does to his people in his Bain company. Common John wake up, you are better than what you are trying to do. Do not disappoint us.

  6. Rich Says:

    If foreign policy were up to John McCain we would already be bombing Iran, this senile old man belongs in a mental institution, not in congress, McCain would still be looking for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq if he had his way, this nut has never seen a war he didn’t like, and for that matter whats is John McCains foreign policy, its my way or we bomb you, give me a break, one more thing for all you Obama haters, I want you to remember 9/11 because it was under the Bush intelligence agency that next to pearl harbor this country suffered the greatest loss of life due to terrorist.

  7. throbo Says:

    McCain has never seen a war he didn’t like. If it was up to him we would have also sent troops to Libya, Iran, The Republic of Georgia, Syria and probably a couple others.

  8. BustedUpGrunt Says:

    correction to my previous post…..

    “Even with the upcoming defense cuts, the USA will still put more money into defense spending than ALL other nations COMBINED.”

  9. Michael Cohen Says:

    ‘killing Bin Laden is not a foreign policy.” You are right. Obama had him killed for personal reasons. He just did not like the guy.
    As for Romney experience in foreign policy, we saw that last summer when in less then two hours he arrived in Britain he insulted the country and was called “Mitt the Twit”. Imagine, a future possible president called a twit by our best allies. What an insult.
    Then the idiot goes to Israel and insults the Palestinians call them scum. For 30 years president after president has been trying to deal with this tragic situation and the idiot throw away all the diplomacy and good will goes out the window. And the idiot tells the Israel PM we are going to attack Iran. Notice that this bum was a draft dodger during the Vietnam war and NONE OF HIS FIVE SONS HAVE SERVED BY HE WANT TO SEND OTHER SONS TO THEIR DEATHS.

  10. Jane Says:

    Just remember who McCain picked for his running mate, that is enough for me to ignore McCain’s opinion.

  11. Debbie Says:

    John needs to retire to Sedona. He’s lost in a time warp and still angry he lost. Actually, he’s just angry…most likely a result of being held a prisoner. Either way McCain’s opinion doesn’t have value to me. He was a pilot that was shot down. Not a leader of men but a single pilot. He never planned strategy and never received the rank of Admiral as did his father and grandfather. John is just bitter.

  12. kevin Says:

    1. didn’t pete king give money to the IRA?
    2. no one with military experience listens to mccain.

  13. BillSch Says:

    McCain is the guy who called Obama “naive” for saying he would act unilaterally to get OBL if Pakistan couldn’t or wouldn’t take him out. Paraphrasing Obama to Iran: “I want to resolve this peacefully, but my crazy friend over there could drop a bomb on you any day.” Hasn’t anybody ever heard of “Good cop – Bad cop”?

  14. Guillermo Says:

    I watched McCain and Joe Lieberman attacking Obama for a year over the Iraq Fiasco. I remember him walking thru a Market in Baghdad in body armour with the 101st Airborne at the ready from the rooftops and Apache helicopters overhead, while he extolled how ‘stable’ and peaceful Iraq had become. McCain was a poort candidate and a poor loser and by picking the incompetent Sara Palin as a running mate, he put America at risk.

  15. Tony Williams Says:

    John McCain is nothing more than an boot licker. All I hear is what a great friend israel is to the US. They should be we give them enough money! Turn a blind eye to the fact that they have nukes illegally might I add. And what do we get for all our tax dollars? Nothing. Go agree with whatever israel says john thats what you’re best at.

  16. Alvin in Madison Says:

    Mr. McCain has advocated for direct intervention in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East with ground forces “if necessary”. He seemed more than eager to do some “sword rattling” in the Gulf of Hormuz. He went almost apoplectic when the administration didn’t offer direct assistance to Tehran protesters. Had he become chief executive in 2008 by now the USA would almost certainly be hip deep in several more quagmires. The impression I get from Mr. McCain is that “if necessary” is code for “if do-able”. Methinks he has a itchy trigger finger.

  17. May Says:

    McCain is dried up, a has been, who’s still hurting over his beat down by Obama last time around, and looking for his 2 minutes of fame.

    Forget it ol’man!!!!

    OBAMA 2012!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. TheNoSpinMan Says:

    How can McCain criticize Obama’s Foreign Policy? Is he nuts? You have to have foreign policy in place before you can criticize it. We are still waiting for real strategy on the economy, but Obama is stilling “hoping” things will get better. Unfortunately, hope is not strategy.

  19. spiris333 Says:

    Obama has shown that he’s quite incompetent in many of the duties of being a president, especially economically. I’m not enamored with J. McCain, but he would have been a better president than the socialist obama, and McCain would not have allowed the embassy’s to be destroyed, and would have supplied security as requested by the now dead Americans because it was the anniversary of 9/11. Obama or someone in the chain, denied more security, and now the blood is on obama’s hands because he was too busy campaigning to attend to his presidential duties.

  20. May Says:


  21. Jean Shaffer Says:

    Neither Obama or Romney has prior military experience so they are on a level playing field. With that said, who can you trust. Obama has lied continually from his back room deals with Obama Care to Libya. If the President would have just come clean on what happened instead we are still wondering what happened in Libya. So much for transparency that he promised in 2008. Romney is a straight shooter and so is Paul Ryan. I don’t believe either want war but Peace through deterrence is still the best U.S. policy. Obama’s cuts to our military will only be more detrimental to our future.

  22. May Says:

    Romney is a straight shooter????

    Did you forget he got busted at a private $50,000. per plate dinner trashing almost half the counrty, he was a straight shooter when he said he isn’t going to worry about the 47% at the dinner…. then tried to flip-flop and say he didn’t say what he meant, he meant to say 100%…. get real!!!

  23. May Says:

    Romney is lost, wake up people….. HE HAS NO CLUE!!!!!!!!

  24. May Says:

    Hey Romney, “This is not a game of Battleship”

    OMG I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

    OBAMA 2012

  25. Dan Says:

    So BustedUpGrunt comment 4. is totally right on. Thanks, brother!
    McCain, the expert on Failed Leadership, who fought from 30,000 ft and the Hanoi Hilton to Gen. Clark, who actually knows and understands war, I will believe Clark.
    A successful president or a squishy flipflop. I’ll take Obama!

    Vietnam, ’68 Purple Heart combat grunt

  26. Sharyn Klett Says:

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  27. Bertram Says:

    This past week, Trump offered to give $5 million to a charity of Obama’s choice if he releases his college and passport records. Obama responded by telling his own joke about him and Trump fighting while growing up in Kenya.

  28. Noel Edmonds Says:

    Thanks for another fantastic article. The place else may anybody get that kind of information in such a perfect way of writing? I’ve a presentation subsequent week, and I am on the look for such info.

  29. Bianca Says:

    Erinyes: I truly feel sorry for senator McCain. He alewold stupid and evil people to influence his campaign Don’t. McCain is not a sad old man led astray by his campaign. He’s a power-hungry, angry man still, at the age of 72, trying to outdo his admiral father (and grandfather). Becoming president is the only way, and he’ll do absolutely anything to get there. This is why he has no ideas for what he wants to do if he wins that part doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters for him is winning.If you’ve not already, see the article on him from August, and the current article. Both are quite damning on the McCain character/maverick nonsense, making quite clear that he’ll do or say whatever he feels he needs to to get/keep power.This is a dangerous man who should not be alewold anywhere near foreign policy and national security, and definitely not within ten miles of the red button.

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