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Poll: Obama, Romney a toss-up for Florida; Nelson builds lead

by John Kennedy | October 11th, 2012

A new poll showing President Obama and Republican Mitt Romney in a too-close-to-call fight for Florida, also has Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson building on his lead over Republican Connie Mack.

The NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist Poll released Thursday has Obama ahead in the nation’s biggest battleground state, 48-47 percent among likely voters and those leaning toward a candidate. Obama’s faltering performance in the first presidential debate didn’t seem to matter much to Floridians, pollsters found.

“Most Florida voters were locked into their choice prior to the debate, and only 6% of likely voters made up their mind post-debate,” says Dr. Lee M. Miringoff, director of The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion. “Overall, Romney’s supporters are slightly more enthusiastic about their candidate than are Obama’s backers.”

In Florida’s U.S. Senate race, Mack has acknowledged that his fortunes are closely tied to how Romney does in the state. But the latest findings show Nelson ahead 52-39 percent, with only nine percent of Floridians undecided.

A week earlier, the Marist survey showed Nelson with an 11 percent lead and seven percent undecided.

The latest survey polled 1,410 Floridians from Oct. 7-9. It has a 3.1 percent margin-of-error.

Meanwhile, Nelson, who has been accused by Mack of ducking debates and trying to run out the clock on the Senate contest, is kicking off his homestretch tour of Florida on Friday in the Orlando area.

 The campaign said Nelson will appear with entertainer Jimmy Buffett that day, part of 19 planned stops across the state leading to Election Day.

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25 Responses to “Poll: Obama, Romney a toss-up for Florida; Nelson builds lead”

  1. Poor Decisions=Obama Says:

    Mitt Romney will do a much better job of handling our economy, budgets.

    Instead of the insane Obama mentality of buying Chevy Volts and charging stations for an embassy in Austria, Romney would use those funds for the needed (and repeatedly asked for)security at our embassies in UNstable countries!

    Really, priority is to buy Chevy Volts and charging stations INSTEAD of protecting Americans in other embassies!!!

    We have raped and murdered ambassador Stevens and 3 other Americans who are dead. Additional security was asked for and DENIED in Libya.

    Money from friendly embassies should have been diverted to these OTHER UNsecured embassies in dangerous nations.

    Failed Foreign Policy = Obama

    Go Romney!

  2. BillySherman Says:

    What happens when America has senators like Bill Nelson in office? We inherit massive amounts of debt due to bailouts and high government spending with the promise of a strong and stable economy. The time has come for these promises to kept, we have paid our dues, but where is the economic recovery? Looks like the bailouts that Nelson voted for didn’t payoff, and now we are only deeper in debt. Its time we kick these big spenders like Bill Nelson out of Washington before China owns us. Checkout

  3. Jamba Says:

    If an NBC poll shows that the race is too close to call, in reality Romney has a 5-point lead. Boy, are all you Dope-a-crats in for a shock!!!

  4. npgator Says:

    Obama has been a complete and utter failure. For those of you recieving hand outs you may want to bone up on your resumes – you will need them!

  5. Florida Guest Says:

    Wow!Look how that margin barryboy had narrowed down to 1% point. That says that Florida isn’t in love with the “Messiah” after all. I’m a Independent who also decided Mitt/Paul are who I’m voting for and hopefully will win. Barryboy never had a chance and never did in 2008. The snake-oil salesman can’t sell a bowl of soup. He’s been a disaster for four years…why would anyone want four more?

  6. Ruby Says:

    Barry must be having a giant headache
    (G-d willing)running back to our state everytime his numbers drop. I hear he’s boring the students and faulty at the University of Miami. My condolescences to all of them. Why they bother to give this man attention is beyond me. He has memorized his speech because he can’t bring his teleprompter with him. This state should really realize that if he”s re-elected(heaven help us)what you think is bad with the economy now will be so much more during his second time around.He is out to destroy this whole country…don’t let him get away with that.

  7. YEP Says:

    @ Florida Guest

    I don’t know, why don’t you ask those people who thought 4 more years of Bush was a good idea? It was during his term that the economy plummeted.

  8. Koch Owns Mack Says:

    I think Cornelius MacGillicuddy III — aka Connie Mack — should put up some more street signs on Federal Hwy.

    Maybe that’ll cut Nelson’s lead to 12% from 13%.


    Now, to a serious question for my Republican *ahem* “friends” here…

    Do ANY of you… Does ANYBODY truly believe that the Koch Brothers, who are worth over $25 BILLION EACH really actually want to cut taxes on themselves to benefit YOU?!

    Does ANYONE believe that the Koch Brothers care one iota about YOU and your finances?

    Do you REALLY think that these Oil tycoons from Kansas are spending over $200 MILLION on a campaign for the Republican Party because they really give a sh*t about the Middle Class?


    Npgator? Jamba? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

  9. The Chosen One Says:

    Obama rules America by the will of Allah. That is all that is necessary. The Koran does not require an election.

  10. Osama bin Laden Says:

    If Barry is a Muslim, why did he kill me in my compound in Abottabad, Pakistan?

  11. Jupiter Dem Says:

    Just read that the number of people seeking unemployment has just dropped by a bunch.

    Thank you President Obama!

    Four more years.

    And what’s with that Allen West mailer I’m hearing about that has the American Flag burning? The guy is nuts. Conduct clearly unbecoming a member of Congress. Although he IS the posterboy for a Congress with a 6% approval rating. Time to get stuff done, America. Time to elect Democrats to Congress and get this country moving at a faster clip once we clear out the Tea Party Taliban.

  12. Had Enough Says:

    Obama is a total failure as president. Nelson voted for obamacare so he loses my vote also. 12 million illegal aliens are NOT uninsured Americans.

  13. Bill Neubauer Says:

    I was interested to note that Obama and Romney are a “dead heat”in Florida. I wish I could remember which pollster it is but apparently one of the major ones–has quit polling in Florida, North Carolina and one other “battleground” state because it is conceding these three states to Romney.
    who knows about polls, but I thought this was pretty daring.

  14. Mitt Says:

    The best thing that could possibly happen is to have Romney win the presidency and the republicans take control of both houses, and then all you old farts can sit back and watch as they take away your Social Security,Medicare,Medicaid and let you go out into the insurance world and try to get health insurance, good luck all you old farts.

  15. Jamba Says:

    @Koch Owns Mack, and do you think anyone of the 47 percent care about me, except to turn on the spigot and take more of my hard-earned money? I’m supposed to care about you, but you don’t have to give a hoot about me? Is that how it works?

  16. Tea Lady Says:

    We The People of Florida will hand him and his partisans a harrowing stinging defeat. A defeat of his misguided foreign policy and his childish economic policy!

    November 6th! We will take back These United States from the moochers and the takers! =)

  17. big dem Says:

    New video documenting Obama for America advising someone how to vote twice, and illegally, in Texas and Florida shows how low the Obama campaign will go to win. It is ACORN all over aagain. Chicago style ballot box stuffing, illegal voting, and fighting photo ID at every turn to make illegal voting easier. That, folks, is the morality of Obama. Cheater. Liar. Do you honestly want this Richard Nixon clone re-elected.

  18. MH Says:

    These people are out of their Mitt-Minds, Obama is way ahead 8 out of every 10 are voting Obama…. and they WILL vote!!!!! They only poll the rich who will benefit from Mitt.

    Not even Superman could have halted the free fall we were in after Bush was done with us, he took us to war, that costs money, and lives!!

    Obama is bringing things back, and we all know it’s not an overnight fix considering the mess Bush put us in!!!

    P.S. Ryan looks like a gym rat on steriods instead of someone we’d want as Vice President, who might have to one day run our country, and the video makes a joke out of the office.

  19. Koch Owns Mack Says:


    So, do you actually believe the Kochs care about the Middle Class?

    I’m pretty sure you evaded the question.

    Do you think the Koch Brothers have good intentions for the Middle Class and the broader economy or are they just looking out for their OWN tax cuts?

    Are you going to answer?

  20. Koch Owns Mack Says:


    While we’re talking about government largesse, how about the Oil subsidies?

    You know, the corporate welfare that the Koch Brothers enjoy through the company that they inherited from their daddy?

  21. Koch Owns Mack Says:

    Hmmm. No answers.

    I guess nobody believes that the Koch Brothers are out to help America.

    It’s unanimous then.

  22. Jackqueline Elstner Says:

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  23. Shanti Hannaway Says:

    great site!! You could start many more. I love all the info offered. I will stay tuned.

  24. Legal Eagle Says:

    @ Koch Owns Mack
    Give it up man, nobody cares that you hate the Koch Bro’s. The Kock Brothers will help America as much as:
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  25. Treatment of Hemorrhoids Says:

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