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Poll: Obama, Nelson still up in Florida — but wild cards abound

by John Kennedy | October 2nd, 2012

A new poll shows President Obama holding a narrow lead over Republican Mitt Romney in Florida — with the state still living up to its toss-up status.

While Obama appeared to be widening his distance over Romney nationwide last week, Suffolk’s survey of 600 registered voters in Florida shows Obama’s 3 percentage point lead remains within the poll’s margin-of-error. Obama was up 46-43 percent, with seven percent of voters undecided.

“On the eve of the first debate, both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney know the importance of each percentage point in a state like Florida,” said David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center in Boston.  “Not only are the remaining undecided voters critical, but so are the voters of all the third-party candidates here – and there are many.”

 The Suffolk University/7NEWS (WSVN-Miami) survey is the first taken in Florida this year that includes all 12 of the candidates who qualified to appear as presidential contenders on the Florida ballot.

 Libertarian Gary Johnson, Green Party nominee Jill Stein, and Peace and Freedom Party nominee Roseanne Barr were each favored by 1 percent of voters polled. In a state where the George W. Bush and Al Gore’s epic 2000 election deadlock was helped by third-party candidate Ralph Nader, these also-rans could loom as a factor in Florida’s final count.

The Florida Senate race also looks tougher to call in Suffolk’s survey.

Although Democrat Bill Nelson has built a commanding lead in many polls, Suffolk showed him holding a 40-34 percent lead over Republican Connie Mack, with 20 percent of voters still undecided.

 Other contenders on the Florida Senate ballot, Chris Borgia and Bill Gaylor, gain 4 percent and 1 percent, respectively, of the vote in the poll.


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7 Responses to “Poll: Obama, Nelson still up in Florida — but wild cards abound”

  1. four more years Says:

    Fired up and ready to go!

    Vote early!

    Obama/Dems 2012

  2. RENEGADE Says:

    Mitt will win the debate tomorrow night, without exception. Go Mitt go!!!

  3. Just sayin Says:

    Its amazing how all of the sudden these polls are showing a dead heat. Last week obama had a 10 point lead over Romney. Sounds to me like the liberal media is trying to cover their asses to not lose ALL credibility. Too little, too late. We dont believe you. Romey/Ryan 2012!!

  4. Not enough Info Says:

    For the sophisticated poll readers:

    registered voters do not necessarily vote

    Likely voters usually vote.

    This poll was conducted with REGISTERED VOTERS,

    Next, the sophisticated poll readers needs to ask:

    How many of those 600 were democrats?
    How many of those 600 were republicans?
    How many of those 600 were independents?

    Democrats will vote for Obama
    Republicans will vote for Romney
    Independents will be the difference

    There is no percentage given by party registration!

    How many women were polled?
    How many men were polled?

    How many of those registered voters polled were 18-35 yr old?
    How many 35-55 yr old polled?
    How many 55 yr up polled?

    That’s important information know when assessing polling results!

    Where in the state did these 600 reside? How many from the panhandle, how many from central FL, how many from S FL.

    Just alot of questions with no answers regarding this polling information.

    That’s how polling results can be slanted!

  5. Dee Says:

    Poetic Justice after the election the results show Romney 47% Obama 52% Other 1%

    Obama 2012
    Hillary 2016

  6. Legal Eagle Says:


    Wrong, sir! Wrong! Under section 37B of the contract signed by him, it states quite clearly that all offers shall become null and void if – and you can read it for yourself “I, the undersigned, shall forfeit all rights, privileges, and licenses herein and herein contained, et cetera, et cetera… Fax mentis incendium gloria cultum, et cetera, et cetera… Memo bis punitor delicatum”!

    It’s all there, black and white, clear as crystal! You stole fizzy lifting drinks! You bumped into the ceiling which now has to be washed and sterilized, so you get nothing!

    You lose!

    Good day, sir!

  7. Tami Says:

    This past week, Trump offered to give $5 million to a charity of Obama’s choice if he releases his college and passport records. Obama responded by telling his own joke about him and Trump fighting while growing up in Kenya.

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