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Police endorse Hasner over Frankel for Congress

by Andrew Abramson | October 3rd, 2012

The Police Benevolent Association, a nemesis of Lois Frankel during her second term as West Palm Beach mayor, endorsed Adam Hasner today and had some harsh words for Frankel.

“Lois Frankel has a 25-year record of more spending and rambling priorities, and her time as mayor was marked with arrogance, marble bathrooms in city hall, and a police helicopter being commandeered by Frankel to attend a party,” John Kazanjian, president of the PBA, said in a statement. “West Palm Beach couldn’t afford Lois Frankel then, and we certainly can’t afford to send Lois to Washington now.”

Frankel and the PBA publicly feuded in 2010 after West Palm Beach halted police step raises. The union accused the city of gross mismanagement, and refused to work SunFest. Union members protested for days outside SunFest and Frankel’s adult son was arrested after grabbing an anti-Frankel protest sign away from a protester. The charges were later dropped.

Frankel’s campaign declined comment.

In the release, Kazanjian said, “When it comes to having an open mind, listening to both sides, and taking a responsible, results-oriented approach to keeping our community safe, there is only one choice in the race for Congress in Florida’s 22nd district — Adam Hasner.”

“I appreciate that the PBA understands my proven record of standing up to gangs and my work to provide law enforcement with the tools needed to make our neighborhoods safer here in South Florida,” Hasner said in a statement.

Hasner has also been endorsed by the Nonpartisan Voter’s Coalition, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, National Federation of Independent Business and Associated Builders and Contractors.

Frankel has been endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign, League of Conservation Voters Action Fund, Service Employees International Union and Florida Alliance of Retired Americans.


36 Responses to “Police endorse Hasner over Frankel for Congress”

  1. BaxterBedford Says:

    With the behavior of law enforcement in recent times, Their opposition to Frankel would be all the more reason to vote for her.
    They should worry more about doing things like testing their officers for steroid use.

  2. Truth Teller Says:

    Hmmmm. I am looking at the list of endorsements and now have the real picture who is supporting who. Looks like the job creators are supporting Hasner and the Occupy Movement type are supporting Lois. Now I get the picture.

    P.S. Seems like it is now going to have been a very expensive helicopter ride for Lois after all!

  3. Grant Stoome Says:

    @ BaxterBedford
    You know, in the circus, the Flying Graysons were a team. We had to trust each person to do their jobs. That’s what being partners is all about. Sometimes, counting on someone else is the only way you win.

  4. SwampGatorFL Says:

    She’s not for the people, she’s for putting money in her pocket the quickest and easiest way she can. Ask any one of the businesses in downtown WPB and see who they will be voting for. I shook her hand one time and had to wash with diesel fuel to get the slime off.

  5. Been there... Says:

    Having lived in WPB during Frankel’s reign of terror, people should be very careful about voting for her. She talks a good game but it’s Frankel’s way or the highway, and pay to play is no joke—Digital Domain gave a $20,000 donation to her campaign. Catalfuomo, the builder of City Centre also gave mucho dinero to her campaigns.

  6. Downtown Danny Says:

    Lois Frankel – the most corrupt, incompetent Mayor in WPB history.
    This troll even had the nerve to say the city is better off by tearing down the most historic waterfont library in the state and moving it 3 blocks west away from the water, leaving a piece of grass in its place. She spent borrowed money to tear down our history.

  7. Lois is Lois Says:

    Wow, Lois had nothing to say? That’s a first!

    Running from her $20k in smelly Digital Domain pay to play style campaign contributions. Running from her own record. Now running from law enforcement?

    No wonder so many Democrats are signing up with Hasner. She thought she had it in the bag, but looks like Lois is in big trouble.

  8. Legal Eagle Says:

    @ been there

    “reign of terror”? REALLY?!?!? and what pray-tell would you call the Bush years? I gotta say, I was kind of skeptical about this product, but I gotta tell you ladies–this vaginal cleansing system saved my cooch!!! LOL, no really, it was the best thing that has happened to “it”. Before I tried this product, I had a very foul odor, something like fish or garbage smelling discharge coming from inside of me. Whatever it was, it was an embarrassing odor that prevented me from having sex. :( I washed it, used peroxide water mix daily, but no matter what I never got rid of it. Now it could’ve came from sex, or the fact that I just had a baby 3 months ago, but whatever the case was, the vaginal cleansing system “washed” it right out of me!! It shipped very quick–4 days and as soon as I received it in the mail I damn near ripped the box apart just to get it out and try it. The first time I used it, I IMMEDIATELY saw results—the smell was almost non-existent!! That was on Feb 25th, and as you can see, that was almost a week ago and my vagina is completely transformed into the most refreshed it has ever been!!! Now I read other reviews about the bag and how it was cheaply made, but I will assure you, that it is not the case. ( but at the same time I’m sure it’s not made to tote a bunch of rocks in it. That’s the only way I can think it would break) Sorry for those that had a bad experience, or maybe they didn’t know what they were doing, but the best thing about this product is that you get a warranty on it, so you can send it back if you have any problems with it. It’s small, fits in my shower, and is easy to use and easy to clean. Ladies, PLEASE try this damn product. Your vagina will thank you later!! And so will your partner!!!!

  9. Go Lois Says:

    Adam Hasner — Republican — would vote to give JOHN BOEHNER another term as Speaker of the House.

    The Congress has a 6% approval rating, so let’s give Boehner and Wall Street another two years in charge of the PEOPLE’S HOUSE???

    HELL NO!

    The GOP holds our country hostage to get their tax cuts for the rich… But we’re supposed to trust Adam Hasner?

    HELL NO!

    The Republican Party members of the House forced a downgrade of America’s credit rating so they could slash Medicare spending and we are supposed to give them another chance at the entitlement programs we’ve been paying into our whole lives?

    HELL NO!

    Are we going to vote for Republican Adam Hasner and his Wall Street buddies at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the NFIB?

    HELL NO!

    Go Lois!

    She stands with us, and WE stand with HER.

  10. Jamba Says:

    BaxterBedford is Lois’ punk kid.

  11. Honest Dem Says:

    Lois Frankel and her mentor, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, are two corrupt hogs wallowing in the political muck for any/all lobbyist crumb$$ they can extort.

  12. Say no to Lois Says:

    Lois was not liked at the state level in Florida and was rude and nasty, why would we want to send her to congress. She is vial and crude and will be nice when she is running for office otherwise she will treat you like crap. Whatever you do……don’t vote for her and I am a democrat. This is one time I will cross the party.

  13. Stu Bum Says:

    Frankel who?

    Go away!

  14. Go Lois Says:

    The one thing Adam Hasner has going for him is Wall Street money to buy all those stupid mini-billboard signs up and down Federal Blvd that NOBODY likes.

    Of course, those same Wall Street dollars are buying Hasner a dozen troll comments on every blog about him or Lois!


    Especially the ones claiming to be Democrats! LOL @ you fools! Too much!

    Looking forward to being represented by someone (Lois) who doesn’t think Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme and that Medicare will “destroy America” (lunatic Republican and Hasner endorser Allen West).

  15. Sandy Says:

    lois Frankel damn near destroyed the city of WPB. If Adolph Hitler came back to life and was running against Frankel, God forgive me he would have my vote.

  16. Go Lois Says:


    Being that I am Jewish — and so is Lois Frankel for that matter — I find your comments to be utterly offensive.

    Typical Republican extremist. Your hatred for strong women and your support of the one political party that explicitly endorses the elimination of Medicare and Social Security are exactly why Lois is going to win this election.

  17. Sandy Says:

    @ Go Lois “typical Republican extremist” I am a registered democrat, and have been all of my life. In the primaries I voted for a strong woman named Clinton. I watched Obama and the democrats tear medicare apart with Obamacare. I have seen what the dems can do in 4 years and I’m not liking the change along with millions of other Americans. I know what we have and the republicans can’t possibley do worse. As your being offended with the Hitler remark the point I was trying to make is as bad as Hitler was, and make no mistake I know he was bad. In my opinion Lois Frankel is by far worse.

  18. Go Lois Says:

    LOL @ “Sandy”

    That has to be the single dumbest comment I’ve ever read in my entire life.

    Please do everyone in FL-22 a favor and spread that message far and wide!

    “Lois Frankel, worse than Hitler”

    LOL!!! My gawd.

    There is truly no limit to the insanity, stupidity, and incivility of the Republican Party.

  19. This democrat Says:

    This democrat will be voting for Adam hasner. I can assure you that I am not happy about that but the alternative just doesn’t work for me. To me anyone but Lois . I really hope people do there homework and you will realize the damage that has been done to this city by Lois frankel. Please be smart and spread the word Lois is wrong for congress.

  20. nemo Says:

    Lois will not win…sorry lois.

  21. jac Says:

    Police don’t hold much clout anymore. Two of the ones in our development are harrassing and threatening the homowners with tickets so they get their way while breaking every HOA rule they can I would vote for anyone that they aren’t backing.

  22. Go Lois Says:

    Apparently the meme by the paid Hasner trolls is “I’m a Democrat and I’m voting for Hasner.”

    Let me let the rest of you in on a little secret. I’ve never met a SINGLE Democrat who would even consider voting for a Republican under any circumstances.

    Adam Hasner is a REPUBLICAN.

    He supports JOHN BOEHNER for Speaker. I guess because it went over so well the first time?

    LOL! Yeahhhhhh RIGHT!

    Go Lois!

  23. This Republican Says:

    This Republican will be voting for Lois. I can assure you that I am not happy about that but the alternative just doesn’t work for me. To me anyone but Hasner. I really hope people do there homework and you will realize the damage that has been done to this state by Adam Hasner and the Republican Party of Florida. Please be smart and spread the word Hasner is wrong for Congress.

    See Sandy? I can pretend to be a pissed off Republican just like you can post 15 posts claiming to be pissed off Democrats.

    Go Lois!

  24. moishe Says:

    Lois Frankel deserves a term….5 to 10 with no possibility of parole.

  25. This democrat Says:

    @this republican

    I am not sandy don’t know who sandy is nor do I care.

    Like I said I will be voting for hasner . And by the way I have and know a lot of democrats that have voted for republicans in many races including president. So get your facts straight!!!

  26. Deb Says:

    Where are all the people who complained about Frankel when she was Mayor? Wanted her head on a platter. Remember, WHO she is! If you vote for her you will be voting for whoever puts money in her pocket. She sells herself like a call girl!

  27. Go Lois Says:

    @This Democrat,

    So you say you’re a Democrat eh?

    Well pray tell, why don’t you explain to all the world why you think JOHN BOEHNER should get another two years as Speaker of the House!!!

    Go for it!

    Wait, hang on… *grabs popcorn*

    Ok, go.

    LOL, yeah right you’re a Democrat. You’re just another paid Hasner troll!

  28. Deb Says:

    Changed my mind of the PBA! Teamsters are trying to replace them in LEO’S rep, so maybe that is why they decided to quit taking payment from Lois!

  29. Deb Says:

    @go Lois JOHN BOEHNER is GOP so why are you asking a Dem why he deserves more time! I say throw hiim out now which every Dem should say! I will vote for WHO EVER Rules against Lous and yes I will vote for Romney! She is and always has been a leech and will sell her soul and ours for money! She sucked as Mayor and he will SUCK where ever she tries to buy!

  30. Go Lois Says:


    Your last post was utterly incoherent.

    By voting for Hasner, you ARE voting for JOHN BOEHNER.

    Not sure how you don’t realize that.

    The Speaker of the House is a position that is elected by the members of Congress. Adam Hasner WILL vote to elect Boehner as Speaker.

    If you hate Boehner, as most people do, I don’t understand for a million reasons why you would EVER support his Republican Party!

    You support tax cuts for the rich and the privatization/elimination of Medicare?

    DO YOU?!

    Because THAT is what you’re voting for!

    I really wish people were better informed about how destructive the GOP has become.

    Remember the credit downgrade that the Tea Party forced on us? Remember how the House GOP refused to raise the debt limit so they could use that as a hostage to win cuts to the social safety net? Remember how that political act by the GOP cost this country dearly? The stock market tanked when they pulled their hostage games. My 401K, and everyone else’s was taking a beating because of John Boehner and Allen West and the GOP.

    And THAT is what you are going to vote for? It is unbelievable to me that anyone could be so reckless with their vote to support such horrific behavior from elected officials. Creating a financial crisis for political reasons is NOT leadership, it is simply UnAmerican.

  31. New blood needed Says:

    Lois Frankel doesn’t deserve this congressional seat.

    The democrat party did a disservice to other qualified democrat candidates who sought to run.

    By constantly re-cycling these older democrat candidates; new democrat contenders are pushed to the rear.

    Time to invigorate the democrat party in Palm Beach County. Letting the same old people run for political is suicide

  32. moishe Says:

    I’m an independent who can’t stand the lying witches in the House like Nancy Pelosi and Debbie wasserman Schultz so I will vote for Hasner to stop another one frmm getting any power.

  33. Go Lois is stupid Says:

    Go Lois is just stupid. Hasner and Eric Cantor are besties, not Boehner. Your Boehner rant is typical partisan boilerplate. Politics isn’t as simple as your simple mind tries to make it.

    You think pay to play Lois would change things in DC? That 20k campaign money bomb from Digital Domain she got after she pimped for them to give them over $12 million in taxpayer giveaways proves she’s everything they say she is.

  34. moishe Says:

    Most people hate nancy pelosi mor than they hate anyone elso in Congress..we don’t need another psycho corrupt woman liberal crook in Congress,

  35. Cleveland Says:

    This past week, Trump offered to give $5 million to a charity of Obama’s choice if he releases his college and passport records. Obama responded by telling his own joke about him and Trump fighting while growing up in Kenya.

  36. Says:

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