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Pharmaceutical exec gives $1 million to pro-West super PAC

by George Bennett | October 16th, 2012

A super PAC helping U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Palm Beach Gardens, got $1 million from a New Jersey pharmaceutical executive, new Federal Election Commission reports show.

The Treasure Coast Jobs Coalition was formed in July and started running ads in September slamming West’s Democratic challenger, Patrick Murphy. The PAC’s first report, filed Monday, shows Mutual Pharmacy Co. senior adviser Richard Roberts contributed $1 million on Sept. 2. The PAC got only $81,000 in other contributions.

According to the nonprofit Sunlight Foundation, which tracks campaign spending, Roberts was chairman and CEO of URL Pharmaceuticals, also known as Mutual Pharmaceutical Co., until the company was sold to Japanese firm Takeda in June for $800 million.

Murphy’s camp labeled Roberts a “millionaire drug profiteer” and said his contribution shows that West “puts the interests of Big Pharma over the interests of his constituents.”

The West-Murphy race is one of the costliest in the nation, with West spending $12.1 million through Sept. 30 and Murphy spending $2.9 million. On top of that, outside groups have poured more than $3.2 million into the West-Murphy race, according to the Sunlight Foundation.

The Democratic House Majority PAC has spent more than $1 million on ads supporting Murphy and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has spent about $270,000. American Sunrise, a PAC financed primarily by Murphy’s father, Coastal Construction CEO Thomas P. Murphy Jr., has spent about $350,000.

The biggest outside groups helping West, according to the Sunlight Foundation, are the Treasure Coast Jobs Coalition, which spent $990,393 through Sept. 30, the Republican YG Action Fund ($227,030) and conservative FreedomWorks ($170,473).


31 Responses to “Pharmaceutical exec gives $1 million to pro-West super PAC”

  1. sargeant york Says:

    hmmmmmmm…what on earth could a new jersey pharmecutical company want with a florida congressman? unless of course that florida congressman is a crook, a liar and a fraud.

  2. coorrrupt Says:

    Oh…sweet…since West appears out of his state of residence , he must just really like allen a lot to give him 1 million dollars.

  3. OK..... Says:

    I will certainly be happy when this era is over. The demonization of companyies and people who work for the companies is hopefully coming to an end. It is amazing that a young boy named Patty Murphy has the little stones to speak about “big oharma” since big daddy is part of the Big Stimulus scam in the present government. As for the demonization of “big pharma”, where would little Patty get his drugs if they all went out of business. Alcohol isn’t his only vice.

  4. CoolDude Says:

    Sold American Jobs to Japan for $800 million…just goes to show you, West & Co. don’t really care about ordinary folks in the USA…the only thing the GOP cares about is putting greenbacks inside their friend’s pockets.

  5. Franklin Says:

    Wow. It’s clear that West is beholden to the interests of big drug companies from out of state instead of the people in Florida, healthcare for Americans, and jobs for Americans. This speaks volumes to the company West keeps.

  6. Bill Says:

    I don’t care what kind of ” good, honest, public servant” that any of tehse guys claims to be. If someone give you $1 Million…they have a good reason to do so. Somebody is in somebody’s pocket!!!!

  7. Rich Says:

    The ads that West runs about Murphy voting on anything in the Obama administration are such blatent lies it defies logic, Murphy has never held an elected position, futher more if anyone with a brain votes for the disgraced military veteran West only proves one thing, they are cetifiably nuts, if West were to get reelected you can kiss entitlements good bye along with womens rights and say hello to higher taxes.

  8. Obama's Got To Go! Says:

    It should be noted that more PAC and outside money supported Murphy than West. Murphy is an empty suit candidate.

  9. Kevin Says:

    Token ebony tea party Conservatives don’t grow on trees. And given the millions being spent slandering his opponent it’s a safe bet this Uncle Tom carpet bagger will easily win re-election. He’s the kind of “public servant” who has no problem sleeping while occupying his privileged position in “the house” and doing his masters bidding. Why he might even hold a brother down just to please his master. There have always been people like him through history who were rewarded for betraying their brethren by getting a cushy position inside “the house” while the rest of his kind stayed outside. He calls that hard work and determination.

  10. Tom Says:

    All this thanks to the SCOTUS and Citizens United. How sad.

  11. American Says:

    Lol if West is responsible for his Super Pac and its antic then Murphy needs to accept responsibility for the actions which he vehemently denied that were donating, advocating and advertising for him.


  12. HankS Says:

    You would have to be living under a rock to not realize Congressman West’s message of free markets, less government intrusion, and the repeal of Obamacare is resonating with the majority of Americans. The Progressive left and big government will destroy innovative U.S. medical research and care as we know it.

    Businesses large and small are jumping on the bandwagon to ensure that the great U.S. experiment called capitalism survives.

  13. drippinhun Says:

    West ought to be thankful for the government supporting him his entire adult life.

  14. alan Says:

    What have Allen West accomplished in Congress besides engaging in name calling and generally acting ignorant? Compared to him, Rep. Connie Mack is a statesman along the line of Jefferson and the other founding fathers.

  15. Polly Forestier Says:

    All the “big pacs” are giving money to candidates and the $1 million reported as having been given to West..I bet West campaign sees very little of it. The lobbyists will work hard but West doesn’t have to go along….I think he’s a man of his word and will work for the people of Florida. He’s an excellent speaker and is in demand…no fault to find in that. Vote WEST

  16. Go West. Literally Go! Says:

    Ignorance and hatred know no color. He is a bigot, war criminal, and misogynist. He has one of the WORST attendance records in Congress. When he does show up, he votes against everything that would help the middle class, women’s rights, elderly issues and so much more. He has more money than Murphy and unfortunately, Murphy isn’t as loudmouthed and overbearing as West is. Too bad he’ll be re-elected, Florida and our country deserve so much more than a right wing, hate filled, wind bag. HE collects a military pension AND a Congressional salary, yet stands in judgement of others who receive the very benefits THEY EARNED. What a hypocrite and a national disgrace. We Floridians are the laughing stock of the country.

  17. will allen Says:

    BO sold out to Big Pharma- do some research and you will find out that Big Pharma drove the bus for obamacare, because without Big Pharma it would NEVER have happened!!!!! WSJ 6/13/12 “On Friday House Republicans released more documents that expose the collusion between the health-care industry and the White House that produced ObamaCare, and what a story of crony capitalism it is. If the trove of emails proves anything, it’s that the Tea Party isn’t angry enough. Over the last year, the Energy and Commerce Committee has taken Nancy Pelosi’s advice to see what’s in the Affordable Care Act and how it passed. The White House refused to cooperate beyond printing out old press releases, but a dozen trade groups turned over thousands of emails and other files. A particular focus is the drug lobby, President Obama’s most loyal corporate ally in 2009 and 2010. The business refrain in those days was that if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu. But it turns out Big Pharma was also serving as head chef, maître d’hotel and dishwasher. Though some parts of the story have been reported before, the emails make clear that ObamaCare might never have passed without the drug companies. Thank you, Pfizer. The joint venture was forged in secret in spring 2009 amid an uneasy mix of menace and opportunism. The drug makers worried that health-care reform would revert to the liberal default of price controls and drug re-importation that Mr. Obama campaigned on, but they also understood that a new entitlement could be a windfall as taxpayers bought more of their products. The White House wanted industry financial help and knew that determined business opposition could tank the bill.”

  18. Go West. Literally Go! Says:

    @American-FYI the election is being held in 2012, not 2013. Stupid is as stupid does. No wonder you are a West supporter-you fit the profile perfectly.

  19. Go West. Literally Go! Says:

    @HankS-West supports the repeal of Roe vs Wade-Less government intrusion? I can’t think of anything more intrusive than a MAN or a GOVERNMENT telling a woman what to do with her body. Another idiotic comment coming from a West supporter: Go figure.

  20. Go West. Literally Go! Says:

    @Kevin-RIGHT ON! He’s an uncle Tom who sold his soul to the devil. Only God can judge-Last I checked, Allen West wasn’t tapped to fill the position.

  21. 00buck Says:

    Hey Dummies it is an uncoordinated super pac. The man probably doesn’t want a socialist Obama supporter elected. You Democrats are so stupid you deserve what you get, and won’t be happy until you get nanny state socialism. You are all most there, keep it up dolts!

  22. drippinhun Says:

    Yeah, Obamacare is socialism. You read it here. God, these GOPeabrains haven’t a clue.

  23. jebamoni4 Says:

    The pharmaceutical companies rip off seniors and middle class and pay to this war criminal who is supposed to be in Quantonomo Bay along with the terrorists. Robbing poor and paying the rich- I will readily accept socialism over this theory!!!

  24. Whyworry Says:

    Right wing extremist desparation to fill all offices so they can take the country back (away) from the beneficiaries of all those that toiled over the decades to make it the greatest on earth. Next step, shut it down, sell to highest bidder and get out of town. The Bane of America.

  25. Dave Owens Says:

    West is a what I think a typical candidate is crooked and in it for money, West is a black man behaving like his crooked GOP white friends who would only be friends with him to have someone cater to their whims, hey Boy(West) get my nine iron, hey Boy clean up this mess or they could mock his speech, do what I say and you beez me.

  26. sargeant york Says:

    allen west is: a liar…a crook…a fraud…and worst of all…..a coward.

  27. wbp Says:

    west just needs to go away. he’s the problem not the answer.

  28. kelly Says:

    Allen West is for sale.

  29. jebamoni4 Says:

    West used his wife and daughter to extract votes. His wife is beutiful, graceful and well educated. Only thing she was talking in the ad is contrary to the truth – that her husband served the country. No!! The country served him very well. Those who served the country came out of military with the head up high in pride, whereas this guy is booted out with pension. He and his entire family are getting First class medical insurance, where as he is fuming when poor and hndicapped get some help. Shame on West!!

  30. LOLGOP Says:



    *Republicans* are accusing Dems as being beholden to Big Pharma?

    That is the biggest joke I’ve ever heard.

    The Republicans had Big Pharma write the Medicare Part D prescription drug bill that contained the now-infamous DOUGHNUT HOLE which cost senior citizens in Florida hundreds of dollars per year. The bill was NOT paid for by cutting spending so, unlike every Dem bill which is offset so as not to increase our debts and deficits, the GOP Medicare Part D bill borrowed and spent almost $1 TRILLION from China and Japan to pay for their new Big Pharma written entitlement. It was SO UNPOPULAR with the GOP congress at the time that they had to hold a 15 minute vote open for more than 2 hours while the criminal Tom DeLay twisted GOP arms to get it passed by one vote. Not to mention the fact that the Bush Admin lied to the American people as to how much it would cost us and our children. They said it would cost about $200B and then told the Medicare actuary that if they release the ACTUAL figure — which was estimated to be $600B but has now ballooned to $1T — they would be fired.

    THIS is recent history between the GOP and Big Pharma.

    Obama told Big Pharma, “Hey, we need to fix the Doughnut Hole because it’s bad for seniors.” The one condition the industry gave was noo drug importation. I opposed that idea because I support the government’s ability to find a better deal so as to lower prices, but I also understand that we don’t want to be beholden to international drug manufacturers who may produce products of lesser quality that might endanger American Seniors.

    Moral of the story, the GOP is on the side of Big Pharma just like they are on the side of Big Insurance, Big Oil, Big Coal, Big Agriculture, Big Telecom, Big Banks. You name it, if they are a profit driven monopolistic industry like the ones I mentioned, you can bet $10,000 that the GOP sides with THEM over America’s Greatest Generation of Seniors and the American people every single time.

    In short, as someone else posted, Allen West IS THE PROBLEM in Washington DC, and Patrick Murphy IS THE SOLUTION.

    These two men embody the choice that people have to make in this country.

    Do we want someone who has spent his whole life on the government payroll who is intent on blocking solutions for America?


    Do we want someone with real private sector experience on fiscal issues, who is looking for solutions and to work across the aisle to get stuff done for the PEOPLE of this country?

    That is the choice in November and it couldn’t be more clear.

    Such is the case of the choice between Obama/Romney, Nelson/Mack, Murphy/West, Frankel/Hasner and even down to the state level with Maria Sachs/Ellyn Bogdanoff.

    The PEOPLE’S choice should be:


    Anyone who votes for these people is voting for:


    Do the right thingN Florida!

    Let’s send the Democrats in to clean up the GOP mess once and for all, so we can move forward and GROW THE MIDDLE CLASS!

    Vote Early! Vote By Mail! Volunteer!

    Let’s do this.

  31. Jerica Bankos Says:

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