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Pauly Shore in spin room: Romney the funnier candidate, doesn’t know he’s funny

by Andrew Abramson | October 22nd, 2012

Pauly Shore

BOCA RATON — The most unexpected stop to the pre-debate spin room so far was Hollywood funnyman Pauly Shore.

Shore, who is pitching his Showtime special ‘Pauly-tics,’ said that Mitt Romney is the funnier of the presidential candidates.

“He doesn’t know that he’s funny and those are the people that are always the funniest,” Shore said.

“Everyone’s talking about the binders full of women. That’s so silly. It’s so wrong. It’s a Freudian slip or something and he shouldn’t have said that.”

Shore, whose Showtime special will feature Michael Steele, Herman Cain, Larry King and Barney Frank, said he might have his own future in politics.

“Maybe something like a mayor, but not the Senate or anything like that,” Shore said.

If he were to run for mayor, Shore said it would be “probably a small southern town. Probably like Tallahassee.”

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7 Responses to “Pauly Shore in spin room: Romney the funnier candidate, doesn’t know he’s funny”

  1. May Says:

    Who in God’s name would want a “Funny Man” running this country?????

    Nothing funny about the fact that he’s down on women, he has no women in his network, and had to get binders full of women, the cut in women’s health coverage, taking away a woman’s right to choose…. he has a one sided view and women will suffer!!!!

    OBAMA 2012

  2. No more libs Says:

    Agree with may, who wants a funny man running the country? The only problem is obama is the biggest joke of al…but we aint laughing anymore. Romney/Ryan/Mack/West/No Libs 2012

  3. May Says:

    Oh sure….. “I’m NOT going to worry about the 47%” oh wait, he got busted on you tube, then it’s not what he meant, right!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Classic Says:

    A. Pauly Shore isn’t funny so how would he know Mitt is funny?
    B. You want a businessman running America, not a handout king like Borack!
    C. Smart people vote for Mitt, Vote for Borama and get sh!t…..

  5. May Says:

    Romney/Debate = FAIL!!!!!!!!!

  6. May Says:

    Did Romney just say “going after bad guys”??

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