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Obama: ‘Reckless and wrong or steady and strong”

by Dara Kam | October 25th, 2012

Two days before early voting begins in Florida, President Obama wooed an overflow crowd in Ybor City, echoing his recent campaign themes of GOP presidential foe Mitt Romney as “reckless and wrong” for the country.

Obama hammered Romney on women’s issues, accusing the former Massachusetts governor of wanting to “turn back the clock 50 years” on women’s reproductive rights and stressing his administration’s support for women’s health care in the federal health care policy.

“Women should be making their own health care decisions,” Obama said to a cheering crowd of more than 8,500 attendees. “That’s where it belongs and that’s where it will stay as long as I’m president.”

Under pressure from Romney’s campaign for a lack of details regarding his plan for a second term, Obama urged supporters to visit his website to check out his five-point plan.

But the president made a slight gaffe when reaching for a copy of the plan that had slipped off the podium.

“Where’s my plan?” he joked.

Brandon resident Sharon Troupe said she plans to cast her ballot for Obama on Saturday, the first day of early voting.

“He’s doing the best and we are improving. Mitt Romney just wants to take us back and we can’t have that,” she said.

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14 Responses to “Obama: ‘Reckless and wrong or steady and strong””

  1. NO on Amendment 9 Says:

    Attention Early Voters:

    AMENDMENT #9 = NO!

    It is seeker to giver ‘first responders’, that means police, correction officers, fire fighters and paramedics a REDUCTION IN TAXES ON THEIR PROPERTY!

    It’s not like they don’t have high wages, early retirment, good pensions, free healthcare, free take home cars, grocery shopping while being paid, free shoes for work, free dry cleaning it’s all in their contracts


    and if that happens, guess what who will have to pick up the lack of money coming into the state and county….

    u got it….we will pick up that xtra cost in OUR taxes!

    Also there is an Amendment to reduce the taxes SNOWBIRDS pay of their 2nd homes…

    VOTE NO!

    There are so many amendments, it is just best to vote NO on ALL OF THEM!

    To not vote on these amendments will allow for passage.

    YOU MUST VOTE NO or these will pass

  2. Indie Says:

    Attention early voters,

    This idiot above is only telling you a portion of the amendment. This is for the widow/widowers of military vets and first responders who DIE in the line of duty. While true their already is a widow homestead exemption already on the books, this is an additional one for those types of cases. This IS NOT intended for all firefighters, cops etc. make your decision based on fact, not a weasel troll spreading lies and BS.

    HEY RETARD, yea you Amendment 9, I’m calling your dumbass out again.

    This is easily researchable with google, and plainly states your full of $hit.

    Oh by the way, most amendments have their good and bad side. Are you voters against Save Our Homes. That was an amendment at one time. Vote how you feel, not based on a lying full of $hit troll.

  3. Voters for Sale Says:

    Vote Democratic and get your free Obama dollars. That’s right. Free Obama dollars!! No work required. Just vote for Obama.
    (Note: Offer expires one hour the polls close. Obama dollars are not worth face value.)

  4. NO to AMENDMENT 9 Says:

    Attention VOTERS!

    We ALL have relatives whose spouse has passed away. Why should first responders: cops, fire fighters, correction officers and paramedic widows or widowers get REDUCE taxes and the rest of us do NOT.


    not voting AGAINST these amendments WILL allow them to pass

    YOU MUST VOTE NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All of us should get a reduction in these taxes, NOT SPECIAL GROUPS!

    They already get good pay, good healthcare, good pensions; all BETTER than us! Their contracts are written that they get

    FREE SHOES, FREE DRY CLEANING! and we sure as hell know about their FREE TAKE HOME CARS and grocery shopping and being PAID at the same time. And how about those Kelly Days!

    Why should a first responder’s widow get a tax break and YOUR WIDOW PARENT NOT GET A TAX BREAK???

    They WANT every break there is and to HELL with the rest of the POPULATION. We will have to pick up the less revenue coming.

    Everybody else’s widowed parent will see AN INCREASE IN THEIR TAXATION!

    NO to AMENDMENT #9!

  5. Uncouth Self SERVERS Says:

    @ Indie

    Take note of the name calling:

    ‘full of $hit’
    ‘$hit troll’

    it’s ONLY THEIR WAY TO VOTE! their way to think!

    MORE MONEY FOR first responders!

    This is AGAIN, making one group ‘more’ special than the rest of us.

    WE will have to pick up the monetary difference.

    These groups always want SPECIAL LAWS for themselves.

    They’ve already have ENOUGH!

  6. Obama/Dems2012 Says:

    “Indie” is a RPOF stooge!

    Look at the name-calling.

    Look how he/she (certainly a he) is constantly trolling against this one “No on Amendment 9″ poster’s comments.

    “Indie” is just another say-anything Republican with no sense of decency whatsoever. We are sick and tired of the lies and abuse from the right wing.

    That is why we are going to reject not just Amendment 9 but EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Of the perversions of democracy that the RPOF have laid before the people of Florida.

    Thank you to the No on 9 poster whoever you are!


  7. Obama/Dems2012 Says:

    And being that this article is about foreign policy, let me be the first to mention the huge news from this morning, in just 4 words:


    Put that one in the bank, baby.

    The right call for all the right reasons. Obama has earned a second term on foreign and domestic issues. Colin Powell sees that and responds. He also sees Romney’s blustering ineptitude and says “THINK, Mitt, THINK!”

    Glad to see he put partisanship aside for the good of the country. It is a lesson we need a whole lot more of, or else we are not going to solve our real substantive problems just fight over political problems which of course pale in significance to getting this country on a sustainable footing for the next generation and the generation after that.

  8. Vince Says:

    This past week, Trump offered to give $5 million to a charity of Obama’s choice if he releases his college and passport records. Obama responded by telling his own joke about him and Trump fighting while growing up in Kenya.

  9. Dan Schaefer Says:

    President Obama’s hometown Jewish newspaper, the Chicago Jewish Star, an independent publication, in an editorial has endorsed Governor Romney over President Obama.

    The Star refers to the threat of Islamic terror, a depressed and failing economy, an unsure future for troubled health care, a genocidal-spewing Iran as well as an unbalanced Middle East.

    The Star cites Governor Romney’s executive experience, proven ability to deal with opposing views, postive outlook and quiet but admirable religious and charitable persona as the candidate who can best guide our country in the years ahead.

    The Star states that not only does Mr. Obama deserve to be a one-term proposition, but also that Mr. Romney is “simply the better bet for our country.”

    The Chicago Jewish Star further states: “We like Mr. Romney because he is able to travel to a hot-bed area like Israel and–openly, unapologetically, and accurately–commend the Jewish state for its achievements, while frankly acknowledging that it is Palestinian recalcitrance which has denied peace to the area.”

    Finally, the Chicago Jewish Star states that it likes Mr. Romney because he and his running mate have announced “they belive in accountability. The buck stops in the Oval Office.”

    Daniel R. Schaefer, Hartford, Connecticut

  10. Just The Facts Mam ! Says:

    What’s wrong with this picture?

    The leader of the free World demeans productive members of socity, not to mention creating business-UN-freindly enviornments, yet downplays evil, bad actors, ie; workplace violence, offended by insentive Video & thinks he can balance the economy by allowing Planned Parenthood to run up the bill for muliple abortions per woman, if you think that’s a recovery turn around, Bill Clinton has some pipe to lay for you & yours.

  11. JJ Says:

    Romney wants to DE-Fund FEMA … No more will my tax money go to Florida during Hurricane season. lol

  12. Obiwan Says:

    Obama is a liar. Vote him out of office. I intend to!

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