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New poll shows Hasner, Frankel in dead heat; West with 12-point lead over Murphy

by Andrew Abramson | October 8th, 2012


While Democrat Lois Frankel has a big statistical advantage in District 22 based on party registration, a new poll released today by shows Frankel in a dead heat with Republican Adam Hasner.

The poll, conducted Wednesday through Friday (much of it after the presidential debate) shows Hasner at 44.6 percent and Frankel at 44.3 percent with 11.2 percent undecided. The poll has a 4.9 percent margin of error. This comes after Hasner’s campaign reported raising $650,000 in the most recent quarter.

Seven other congressional races were polled across the state with incumbent Republican Allen West holding a 52.6 percent to 40.6 percent lead over Democrat Patrick Murphy in District 18 with 6.8 percent undecided and a margin of error of 3.3 percent. That poll included double the amount of the normal sample size “because of how close the CD18 race had been reported,” according to a spokesman for


All eight of the congressional polls surveyed only residents who had voted in the last four years and said they were planning to vote on Nov. 6.

The poll break down showed that while only 9.5 percent of 147 registered Republicans said they planned to vote for Frankel, 15.9 percent of the 176 Democrats polled said they would vote for Hasner. Frankel was leading Hasner 44.8 percent to 31.3 percent of 67 independent voters with 23.9 percent undecided.

The West-Murphy poll also had more Democrats supporting the Republican than Republicans supporting the Democrat. Of 350 Democrats polled, 15.1 percent said they would vote for West. Of 406 Republicans polled, 7.9 percent said they would vote for Murphy. West led Murphy 50.4 percent to 43.4 percent among 113 independent voters surveyed, with 6.2 percent undecided.


35 Responses to “New poll shows Hasner, Frankel in dead heat; West with 12-point lead over Murphy”

  1. HAHAHA Says:

    Hasner-Another Tea Party wingnut. Too bad Frankel is the other other choice. Crazy over corrupt. Geez, such a conundrum.

  2. HAHAHA Says:

    ‘only other choice’ I meant to say.

  3. This democrat Says:

    Finally people see she is the wrong choice for us. I will be voting for her opponent. If any other democrats want to be elected they should stay as far away from Lois . It’s about time people see that she is only nice when she needs votes. She is a mean vindictive person . Democrats or republicans should not vote for this hateful woman.

  4. Truth Teller Says:

    I am sure Lois will have another far left political figure send us the fourth email of the day to protest this poll or better yet use it for one more $10.09 contribution to Celebrate Columbus Day and help her overcome the crazy right wing machine going against little poor Lois. Lois, go back to your gated community and start thinking about a new career that does not involve cashing a PUBLIC TAX PAYER paid PAYCHECK.

  5. ted Says:

    Hasner is no true republican so thankfully he can pull some of those Dems away from the venegeful, decietful, low life Lois. Murphy go back to being Daddys boy.

  6. rickopf Says:

    Great headline! The results obtained by rearranging the words
    are hilarious!

  7. Franklin Says:

    Considering every other poll of late (including by GOP pollsters) has had Murphy with increasing leads over West and have shown Frankel trouncing Hasner, I smell something fishy here. Also the party breakdowns raise an eyebrow. I know plenty of Republicans who don’t support West but I can’t think of a single Democrat that would support West.

  8. Digital domain queen Says:

    West is a fake war hero. A true war coward according to real military professionals. Frankel is surrounded by so much off the charts corruption…it’s absurd….
    A really crummy tribe of attorneys support her fr ths reason….

    Textor….digital domain, catafoumo and the Florida bar association may support her in the end. Wat a great reason to vote her out.

  9. Been there... Says:

    I could get past Lois being mean, it’s the pay to play that gets me all riled up. Before you cast a vote for Lois please google West Palm Beach: Open Sky, waterfront, city hall law suit, oh please don’t forget Digital Domain, and those were just the bigger mess ups. Ask anyone that has lived in West Palm during her terms as mayor and you will cringe at the thought of her going to Washington.

  10. Robert Says:

    Hasner will be balanced. A vote for Former Mayor Frankel will ensure a radical is in office.

    Lois Frankel

    *left City of WPB in horrendous debt. The citizens have YET to get that TAX bill. It BALLOONS in the coming years and city taxpayers on the hook!

    *waterfront STILL IS NOT FUNCTIONING…nothing is happening on the waterfront STILL!

    *horrid interpersonal skills with staff AND public

    *hired a ‘friend’ to work for the ‘city’

    *sped thru a SCHOOL ZONE

    *increased her salary 40%
    citizens paid for: full health and dental care, pension, incentive ‘pay’, Long Term healthcare (did Lois insist that employees get this?!?!..hell, NO!…Frankel got the LONG TERM HEALTHCARE!

    We can’t afford to have Frankel at the federal level…carelessly spending OUR money so carelessly.

    LOIS FRANKEL = UNable to effectively communicate on a personal and grand scale level.

    We need leadership that is ABLE to effectively communicate with constituents.


    Lois Frankel is not the choice and SHAME on Democrat party for not allowing more electable candidates run for office.

    Democrats need new leadership and new leaders.

  11. Gloria Schmidt Says:

    Great news !!! West will win by a landslide.

  12. tornado Says:

    This is exactly how I knew the polls should be reading. Allen West WILL win as it should be!

  13. LOL Says:

    I am by no means a Republican but good God I will not be casting my vote for Frankelstein…her lies are stinking up this town worse than a bathroom after a Taco Bell run!


  14. Stevie Says:

    Allen West has EARNED a second term. His opponent has never earned a thing that Daddy has not spoon fed him. I am surprised after his arrest outside a gay masochistic bar came to light that his sexual proclivity has not been an issue. Hasner gets my Vote.

  15. Brian O'Donaghey Says:

    Is there ANY 3rd choice besides Hasner and what’s-her-face? Jeez ! Can’t believe those 2 extremist clowns are the best their party’s could offer.

  16. Jorge Says:

    It’s really sad, that the media comes with new polls that I don’t think are real….I do like the way Lois Frankel direct the city of West Palm Beach I am foward with Ms. Frankel all the way…I am sure she will do well for our district…Go Frankel!!!!!

  17. Commadorable Says:

    The polls seem rather conservative considering incumbent Allen West is running against a 29 year old brat, with no experience at all. It will be a landslide for West! We’ve seen the damage an amateur can do in Washington, and this country cannot afford another!

  18. TheWatchman Says:

    Hasner has to be better than Frankel. While Mayor, Frankel sat by and let several multi-million dollar projects spiral out of control including the Digital Domain fiasco, the police radio system debacle, and the $37M water plant that was shut down because it was only operating at 14%. Her excuse? Frankel claims to have no knowledge of the details. Simply inexcusable.

    I refuse to vote for someone who is always on the same side with waste and corruption…ALWAYS! We deserve better in Washington. I am a Democrat voting for Hasner.

  19. Florida Guest Says:

    Why in heaven would anyone vote for Lois?I was so happy when this term-limited bitch was ass-kicked out of her Mayoral job. Wouldn’t want to see her ugly face involved again in politics. Palm Beach suffered enough why do it to ourselves again?This Independent votes for Hasner and West and proud of it. Murphy is a total loser whose daddy will not be able to buy this election for him no matter what.

  20. james Says:

    lets face it. Time to flush Lois down the toilet at

    click on her picture and hear the gas that goes with it.

  21. Matt Says:

    flush the SKUNT!!! Lois STINKS!!why isn’t she in JAIL???

  22. SteveO Says:

    Looks like it’s time for Lois to pull some dirty tricks. It’s always been her M.O. Stay tuned. And time for snot-nosed Murphy to run back to daddy. Gee whiz, pops, they keep picking on me.

  23. Carol Says:

    Lois Frankel? I thought she was dead. Glad to see a poll that reflects the true race between the accomplished Congressman and the multi-millionaire’s brat son whose only job in his life was as an accountant in daddy’s accounting firm. Where do the Democrats get these strange candidates from? Instead of the ‘best and brightest’ they seem to chose the ‘worst and scuzziest’. Frankel and Murphy fit both bills.

  24. jebamoni4 Says:

    Florida deserves a war criminal like West!!!

  25. levelheadedgal Says:

    People are waking up and realizing that Lois is not the better choice. Lois is too divisive and partisan. Sorry LoLo.
    We also woke up and realized that Patrick “I can count to 8″ Murphy is a drunken hoodlum and will embarrass us in Washington. Go West!

  26. levelheadedgal Says:

    Isn’t jebamoni4 Jeff Clemens?

  27. Mike Says:

    Lois is smarter….period.
    Patrick…you can’t buy your way out of this one.

  28. David S. Levine, Hobe Sound Says:

    Here we have it once again. the Democ-rats have been reporting that their polls show the twerp from Ft. Lauderdale defeating Col. Allen West, but an independent poll shows the opposite is true. Lying is the coin of the realm for Democ-rat Party low lives whose excuse for not telling the truth is that they’re too drunk to know it when they see it. And it’s also good to see that in a district drawn for her the Frankel rhymes with witch is also behind Adam Hausner. On November 7th they will both be flying south to live in Wasserperson-Shmutz’s district.

  29. anybodybutlois Says:

    all anyone has to do is google digital domaine and west palm city hall. that is the legacy of lois stay in the closet frankel

  30. moishe Says:

    great news..notice there are hardly any obama stickers on cars this time around…looks like a lot of Democrats are staying home rather than vote to kepp things the same..

  31. phil ryan Says:

    you have people like levelheadedgal who talks in oh so sad terms about partisanship while cheering on the most partisan right wing nut job that occupies the Congress. Hypocrite much? Or does partisanship mean doing what Republicans want? West is a sick joke but no sicker than the fools who vote for him. This is the fool who talks about 80 to 90 communists in the Congress… I mean really… You might not be a Democrat, but really, have some sense.

  32. Come ON! Says:

    It has been stated by both political parties that the turn out in 2008 will not be equaled in 2012!

    How many democrats were polled?
    How many republicans were polled?
    How many women (they vote more than men)
    What age group polled?

  33. moishe Says:

    liberal bobbleheads believe what was once the middle is now” far right wing”… guys are laughable..


    What kind of dischrge did he get?

    I heard he was asked to resign or get a dishonorable discharge.He did and they gave him a general discharge.

    Can he produce his discharge papers?

    Will he deny he got a general dischage?

  35. Rolf Says:

    This past week, Trump offered to give $5 million to a charity of Obama’s choice if he releases his college and passport records. Obama responded by telling his own joke about him and Trump fighting while growing up in Kenya.

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