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Nelson’s lead dwindling in U.S. Senate race? Maybe

by John Kennedy | October 15th, 2012

With the lone debate upcoming between Florida’s U.S. Senate contenders, Republican Connie Mack was crowing Monday about a new Rasmussen Reports survey that shows Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson’s lead down to one-percent.

But even those running the robo-poll aren’t sure what to make of the new numbers — a dramatic downturn for Nelson from last week’s Rasmussen survey that showed the Democrat on top by 11 percentage points.

“It is highly unlikely that public opinion shifted 10 points within a week,” the polling firm acknowledged. “That suggests either last week’s results or this week’s may be an outlier. Polling theory suggests that one out of every 20 polls will produce results outside the margin of error.”

The Rasmussen poll of 750 Florida voters was conducted Oct. 11. It has a margin-of-error of plus-or-minus 4 percent. Because it uses automated dialing to reach respondents, Rasmussen is prohibited from contacting cell-phone users, now believed to represent about one-third of voters and a population that skews Democratic.

But it may also make sense that Mack is gaining on Nelson as Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney has overtaken President Obama within the Sunshine State.

“If Mitt Romney wins, I win. If I win, Mitt Romney wins,” Mack has said. “So we are certainly going to be tied together.

Mack and Nelson are scheduled to face-off Wednesday night on live, statewide television for their only debate of the race from Nova Southeastern University in Davie.

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18 Responses to “Nelson’s lead dwindling in U.S. Senate race? Maybe”

  1. In Office tooooo long Says:

    Nobody minds re-electing someone who has done something for the state they represent.

    However, over 40 years in political office and not 1 thing comes to mind that bill Nelson has done for our state.

    other senators are fighting to get the space industry to their state – VA, TX, CA and nothing from Nelson.

    Just tired of a 40 yr politician, asking for 6 more years, and having done nothing for FL.

    NO to do Nuthin’ Nelson.

    We need someone new to fight for FL

  2. RMondoe Says:

    Maybe? Well hopefully. If America does not wake up and oust big spending career politicians like Bill Nelson we will all be speaking Chinese. Visit and see for yourself. A record of nothing but bailouts, raising the debt limit, and a disregard for balancing the budget to get spending under control. This is no longer about ideology, its about irresponsibility, and Bill Nelson lacks it.

  3. Sheldon Adelson's $$$$$$$$ Says:

    It would be a miracle of modern consciousness if Sheldon Adelson’s $100 MILLION campaign funds didn’t help Mr. Cornelius MacGillicuddy IV (aka Connie Mack) a little bit. Of course flooding the state with propaganda will have SOME effect. But it would have a much greater effect if the candidate wasn’t a complete joke and the Republican Party brand as toxic as 3-day old dog food.

    May God save Republicans from their own stupidity. And may God save America from the Republicans and their Billionaire pimps. Amen.



    Here’s how to Vote By Mail:

  4. Florda Legislator Says:

    Bill Nelson has been elected and reelected based on the fact that he was a centrist. He could just as well have been a moderate Republican. However, with the Republicans having now taken a turn to the extreme far right, Nelson looks like a leftist. He’s not. He’s still a centrist. He’s one of the few politicians who actually care, but if you want to replace him, Connie Mack will fit right in with the other loonies in Washington.

  5. florida815 Says:

    Take a good luck at Connie Mack then vote with your conscious. The guy is no good for Florida.


  6. Maybe A Nice Guy, BUT Says:

    it’s time for change, as Congress has failed to do its job and is mired in partisanship. GOP is a much better choice this election and perhaps as well we can vote out Supreme Court justices Pariente, Lewis and Quince who believe thay are over and beyond the laws of our state!

  7. Bill Says:







  8. HA! HA! Says:

    HA! HA! Many voters are like me when these nosey pollsters call…I don;’t tell them the truth. Why? It’s none of their freakin business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. CoolDude Says:

    Rasmussen? Lol, everyone knows Rasmussen polls are flawed and leans Republican that is why they are ignored at all levels.

  10. Florida Guest Says:

    Its time that Bill Nelson takes a final bow and gets the hell out of politics. He’s as old as a dinosaur and just as destructive.(health care bill). We need fresh blood…Connie Mack definitely gets my vote.

  11. Dontvoteforcronies Says:

    Two career politicians, Mack and Nelson, no thank you. I can no longer participate in the farce and will be voting for either Borgia or Gaylor.

    Look at Macks/Nelsons web sites, they are practically devoid of any meaningful information, look at Borgias, the guy took the time to actually pen an opinion on most everything affecting us.

    A vote for Mack or Nelson is a vote for farcical rulers. Wake up people, the clock is running.

  12. Concerned Taxpayer Says:

    Bill Nelson allowed Obama to gut NASA, killing many excellant jobs here and ruining the once-proud program. He allowed Obama to cut over $700 Billion out of seniors’ Medicare to pay for ObamaCare for illegals and the welfare crowd. He is allowing massive cuts in the military to occur in January that will kill Florida’s economy (currently there are 21 military bases in Florida) and damage our national security. Bill Nelson is not representing Florida and it is time for Bill to go!

  13. Yes Says:

    I’ll be voting for Mack, Romney and any other non-liberals. Do we really want our country run by these people?

  14. dick Says:

    Nelson is finished. He’s done little but follow Big Ears and spend, spend, spend. Want more of that without results? Naw.
    He’s outahere!

  15. Downtown Danny Says:

    Mack is a COMPLETE FRAUD!

    He sent me flyers when he ran for Congress touting his “Family Values” with a photo of him, his wife & 2 kids.
    He got elected then went to DC and had adulterous affairs all over town, leading a DC magazine to name him “Most Promiscuous Congressmen” in 2009. He then started an affair with Sonny Bono’s widow and went to Palm Springs California with her on every break – I called his office and every time for 2 years they said he was in California.
    He only started coming back when his daddy told him he had to run for Senate.
    His wife divorced him after he abandoned her and his kids, it took a judge to garnish Mack’s congressional paycheck for him to pay support to his own kids.At one point he was 5 months behind and his family was getting food stamps and section 8 housing, after she moved to Ft. Lauderdale.
    Mack has passed not one (1) Bill during his entire tenure in Congress. He has missed more votes than all but 1 other member.
    This is nothing but a punk who’s daddy is pulling all the strings. If elected he’ll be nothing more than a puppet for the far right corporate dictators of this nation.
    No thanks.

  16. Sheldon Adelson's $$$$$$$$ Says:

    Nice way to out yourself as a racist Republican piece of garbage there DICK!


    Btw, “Concerned Taxpayer”, why would Bill Nelson — AN ACTUAL ASTRONAUT!!!!!!! — want to gut NASA?

    What is wrong with you?

    You Republicans are IDIOTS!!!

    Lying idiots.

  17. krisbridge66 Says:

    Lets hope Nelson’s lead is dwindling. Cause this nation’s deficit sure isn’t dwindling. Does bill Nelson have any concern for the large amount of deficit spending Washington is involved with. Visit and you will see what I’m talking about. Lets vote out Nelson this November.

  18. Augustus Says:

    This past week, Trump offered to give $5 million to a charity of Obama’s choice if he releases his college and passport records. Obama responded by telling his own joke about him and Trump fighting while growing up in Kenya.

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