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Nelson goes on Mack attack, again

by John Kennedy | October 11th, 2012

Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson is up with a new TV spot accusing Republican opponent Connie Mack IV of being a shill for special interests.

Mack, a four-term member of Congress, makes no bones about getting plenty of support from third-party spending groups. But Nelson blasts him for filing legislation that would help Chevron oil and also a hedge fund operator who is a top donor to his campaign.

The spot concludes that Mack is “deep in debt to the special interests.”

Here’s the ad:





8 Responses to “Nelson goes on Mack attack, again”

  1. Pat in Wellington Says:

    After 40 years in political office in Florida, I can not name 1 thing Bill Nelson has done for our state.

    I know he flew into space, but honestly during his 40 years there is nothing that has the Bill Nelson stamped over it.

    I expect after so many years that there would be some legacy.

    We don’t need to add another 6 years to those 40 years.

    He will not receive my vote.

  2. Political Ad in the Post Times Says:

    Since “Comments are Closed” for the Sandra Fluke ad in the Post Times, here is another take on this issue:

    In the 1990′s a Conservative Supreme Court, read that Conservative, REVIEWED Roe V Wade and it was NOT overturned.

    The Court is not in the habit of reversing itself especially on such an emotional issue.

    Abortion is a political weapon brought out by politicians to SCARE VOTERS. It will be brought out in EVERY election! Look for it in 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020 and on and on UNTIL the public recognizes they are being USED!
    It is a political ploy.

    As for Sandra Fluke, she attends a very expensive ivy league school and can afford to pay for her own birth control. I’m paying for my own things and things for other people. Ms. Fluke can afford her birth control.

    She is an agent for the democrats and is seeking her own advancement in the political arena.

  3. uggs factory online Says:

    You completed a few good points there. I did a search on the matter and found the majority of persons will consent with your blog.

  4. Koch Owns Mack Says:

    “I can not name 1 thing Bill Nelson has done for our state.”


    Maybe that’s because you’re a fool who can’t tie your shoes without the latest GOP talking points.

  5. Koch Owns Mack Says:

    “Abortion is a political weapon brought out by politicians to SCARE VOTERS”

    You’re right.

    The Republican Taliban use abortion as a political wedge and have done so for DECADES.

    You’d have to be asleep the last 40 years not to know this.

    The Republican Party wants to CRIMINIALIZE the contraception methods that millions upon millions upon millions upon millions of women use.

    They don’t just want to “end abortion” they want to turn these millions of American WOMEN into criminals. If that isn’t legitimately scary, then I don’t know what is.

  6. Lars Says:

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  7. Too old, Too long Says:

    it is interesting to note that no one has been able to mention anything that Bill Nelson has done in his 40 years in political office.

    One would expect some landmark, some action, some legislation that Nelson has led the way on, but in those 40 years nothing comes to mind.

    That’s why he doesn’t deserve another 6 years as senator. That will total out to 46 years in political office. Way too long when no one can find a single piece of legislation that has benefitted the State of FL.

    NO to Nelson. Nelson=living off the public for nearly a century.

  8. Fitness Blog Says:

    Anybody else tired of political parties just attacking each other? It’s not the right way to fix this country in my opinion!

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