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Murphy camp ‘considering all legal options’ after latest West attack ad

by George Bennett | October 25th, 2012

U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Palm Beach Gardens, is running another TV ad with Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy‘s 2003 mug shot — this time to claim that Murphy “isn’t being honest about his drunken assault of a police officer.”

Murphy’s campaign is objecting to the ad’s use of the word “assault” and hinting at legal action because Murphy was not charged with assault in the incident outside a Miami Beach club when he was a 19-year-old University of Miami student.

“We are considering all legal options,” Murphy consultant Eric Johnson said today. “We’re talking to lawyers now.”

Murphy was arrested for disorderly intoxication and possessing a fake driver license in the 2003 incident. The intoxication charge was ultimately dropped for lack of evidence and the fake ID charge was dismissed. Murphy has called the episode “the biggest mistake of my life.”

A police report from the time said the arresting officer advised Murphy “to calm down and step away from my safe space (Defendant continued to get within several inches of my face)” and that Murphy then cursed at the officer and was arrested.

Assault is defined in Florida statutes as “an intentional, unlawful threat by word or act to do violence to the person of another, coupled with an apparent ability to do so, and doing some act which creates a well-founded fear in such other person that such violence is imminent.”

West campaign manager Tim Edson defended the ad.

“Screaming…in a police officer’s face is verbal assault,” Edson said.


96 Responses to “Murphy camp ‘considering all legal options’ after latest West attack ad”

  1. thezigster Says:

    West is bullying POS…

  2. What going on here? Says:

    Nope, Patrick Murphy insinuated that West is advocating for the death of women, children and soldiers by voting against stem cell research, he cries foul when allegations are leveled against him. The problem with liberals, they like to be the only one pushing on the playground. Wehn you push back they scream.

  3. thezigster Says:

    LOL…. Funny, I SAW video and heard audio of West saying really stupid and horrible things. Even better are the ads saying Murphy supports certain things and voted on things. He has never held office before. West… a disgrace.

  4. thezigster Says:

    Please tell me what West accomplished in his first 2 years in office? NOTHING

  5. mike Says:

    And this is exactly why West is being spanked by a newcomer with a fraction of Wests money.
    Bye,bye, West. I wish we could revoke all his benefits.

  6. OBIWAN Says:

    I also heard from an EA that West can be charged for claiming Murphy really isn’t a CPA when he is!!!

    GO GET him Murphy!!!!!!!

  7. Dick Says:

    So funny, Johnson is a joke. Wasn’t he arrested?

  8. Toni Says:

    West is a radical, right-wing nut case. A real hero doesn’t run around telling everyone how big a hero he is – because he already knows it and that is all that really matters. I personally love his ad where the soldier thanks West for giving him his body armour. My question is as the unit’s Lt. why didn’t West insure all his men had body armour before they left on the mission?

  9. Educated Says:

    Does So FL really want to continue to be humiliated by Mr West? Let’s remove this national (as well as FL) disgrace. We deserve better.

  10. Bigboy Says:

    West is a MORON! And liar, but that is the New Republican way! God help us all!!!

  11. JOEL GOODMAN Says:


  12. West will get my vote this weekend Says:

    Legal definition of ASSAULT

    Assault is defined in Florida statutes as “an intentional, unlawful threat by word or act to do violence to the person of another, coupled with an apparent ability to do so, and doing some act which creates a well-founded fear in such other person that such violence is imminent.”

    police report from the time said the arresting officer advised Murphy “to calm down and step away from my safe space (Defendant continued to get within several inches of my face)” and that Murphy then cursed at the officer and was arrested.

    Certainly, meets the statute standard.

    Patty needs to go back to work with Daddy in Miami instead of switching political parties and moving 3 times to find a district with which to run.

    Daddy determines what Patty says and does.

    He works for his dad and his dad is funding this political run.

  13. Obama/Dems2012 Says:

    I am a constituent of Allen West in FL-22.

    If you want a perfect example of how putrid this person is, here it is.

    After he compared Democrats to Goebbels and Nazi propagandists, I called his office to complain. I told his Chief of Staff on the phone that I am Jewish. I told him that I had whole swaths of my family exterminated in the Holocaust. I told him that I was deeply offended by Allen West’s comments. I asked if he really meant to insult Jews in the way he did and if he would apologize.

    Allen West refused to even acknowledged my complaint, much less apologize for offending the people that HE serves in the Congress.

    WE pay his salary.

    WE pay his healthcare.

    WE pay his pension.

    It is bad enough that his policies are so extreme and anti-middle class.

    But to INSULT your own constituents on purpose to hurt them?

    It is UN-AMERICAN.

    Allen West is an immoral disgrace to our country, and anybody who votes for him just because he has an ‘R’ next to his name is missing the point of what this country is supposed to be about.

    We are the UNITED STATES. But the only thing “united” about Allen West is his mouth to the rear ends of the Republican Party special interests.


  14. Whatever Says:

    The same stupid people who follow this blog are the same stupid people who sit in their underwear in the basement commenting. Grow up, get a job and a life Obiwan,Obama/Dems, Bigboy and Mike — all the same people.

  15. OBIWAN Says:

    West has a tattoo on his lower back that says ” IF YOUR RICH I’m YOUR B*TCH”

  16. HankS Says:

    I love how the Left is trying to minimize this incident, as if it was only a youthful indiscretion. Encountering a police officer, drunk or sober, usually elicits words like “Sir” and “sorry.” Not Patrick Murphy, who promptly told the officer to go $uck himself. Who talks like that? Sounds like an assault to me.

    Bad judgement, poor character, then and now. All the while, LTC Allen West serving in Iraq for his country. Go West, steadfast and loyal.

  17. Tsew Nella Says:

    Allen West is a immoral liar. Allen West is a violent conspiracy theorist to boot.

  18. David S. Levine Says:

    The brawling drunkard who is Allen West’s opponent can talk to all the shysters he wants to and the decent ones will advise him that the perfect defense to libel and slander is TRUTH, and Allen West is in possession of it.

    I too lost family in both the Nazi and Soviet camps and what Allen West said about how Democ-rats are reminiscent of nazis and Communists has resonance, real resonance, with me! And why shouldn’t it when you have a Nazi collaborator, George Soros, financing the Democ-rat running against Allen West.

    Last Sunday Allen West came to the Martin-S. Lucie Chabad, spoke and answered questions. His opponent was invited but would not come, thus showing a total lack of respect for the Jewish community. Was he afraid of being asked about his financing by George Soros, the Nazi collaborator? Did he not want to answer questions about the superpac financing him which was financed by the son of an Arab Bank board member–that bank being alleged as a financier of Arab terrorism? Perhaps he didn’t want to answer questions about how the delegates to the Charlotte SCUM-vention jeered and booed pro-Israel positions there–jeers and boos which were louder and more numerous than any pro-Israel demonstrations. This comports with the position of 58 House of Representatives Democ-rats who signed a letter calling on President Obama to end aid to Israel–a position Obama is ready to take should he and Allen West’s opponent be elected.

    So let the brawling drunkard who supports homosexual marriage consult all the plaintiffs’ shysters he wants to. No doubt, when he gets to the bottom of the barrel he’ll find one who’ll submit papers before election day and get a headline. But he’ll be taking Soros’s money for nothing because Allen West has the best defense, the “perfect” defense, against libel and slander–TRUTH!

  19. Hmm Says:

    Guess, this guy is ok, Alan Grayson

  20. Gaynelle Says:

    West “steadfast and loyal?” Maybe in some alternate universe, but not in this one. He barely escaped a dishonorable discharge and had to pay a $5,000 fine for improper interrogation practices. He was no hero. We was and is a bully if not a raving lunatic. The people who elected him were on a “throw the rascals out” kick and didn’t look carefully at what they were getting. Hopefully, there will be a course correction. I’m so glad I am not in his district.

  21. Obama/Dems2012 Says:

    David Levine,

    If you really cared about our people’s own history — if you actually are a Jew — you would know very well, as I do, that the Nazis frequently referred to Jews as RATS.

    “The devastating Nazi propaganda film The Eternal Jew went so far as to compared Jews to plague carrying rats”

    “They depicted the Jews as rats and vermin in their propaganda films”

    And here you are doing the exact same to your fellow American. Democ-RATS. Yup. REAL PATRIOTIC! Way to represent American ideals! LOL

    So, you can fight the “Democ-rats” all you want and side with your little fascist buddies and their CEOs who threaten their employees on how to vote.

    I will fight for a free, democratic America where votes count and where hard working families and the middle class are given the respect — and social safety net — that they deserve.

    I pity you and your distorted and utterly revolting view of life.

  22. Obama/Dems2012 Says:

    Btw, David Levine,

    If Obama and the “Democ-rats” are so bad for Israel, why did Colin Powell just make a hearty, thorough endorsement of Barack Obama and offer a complete take-down of Romney’s utter ineptitude on issues like Iran, Iraq, and general foreign policy?

    Is Colin Powell a Democ-RAT?

    You are as stupid as you are offensive.

  23. Brian O'Donaghey Says:

    Forget the fact that West got punked into snatching that Iraqi cop based on a bogus tip by another Iraqi, and forget that West’s unit was pocketing money from Iraqies they stopped at checkpoints, the one that got me was the 12 year old Iraqi kid who got killed in a crossfire between West’s troops and Iraqis.
    West had his troops haul the kids body back to FOB Gunner and buried him. When the kid’s father came by the following day to get the body, West had his soldiers hand the father a shovel and told him to “dig him up yourself”. Whether your in a war or not, something just ain’t too American, or proper about that. In good conscience, I just can’t vote for West.

  24. Obama/Dems2012 Says:

    How anyone can vote for West is beyond me. Tax cuts for the rich and insult anyone anyone who disagrees. People should just not stand for that as a serious candidate for office.

  25. Mary Ann Russell Says:

    The attacks on Allen West are awful. This is a truly patriotic individual who served his country for 22 years. I will vote and stand with Allen West. I for one will be so happy when this election is over, when West has won and the liberals no longer have the opportunity to disparage Congressman West.

  26. Whatever Says:

    Brian O’Donaghey none of what you wrote is true. I have the ipo address of your post and will forward to press charges. Don’t mess with me. This is a not a warning but a promise.

  27. Obama/Dems2012 Says:

    “Whatever” = another Allen West bully. It’s just sad at this point.

  28. florida girl7 Says:

    Congressman West will win this election because he is the most qualified.
    Patrick Murphy has no qualifications.
    This is a simple comparison. When you have no record or no qualifications, all you have left, if you have the money is to sling mud. I will not lower my values to step into the area with the liberal mudslingers.
    Again I ask, tell me one qualification or achievement of Patrick Murphy???
    Go West,Romney,Ryan

  29. Marta Says:

    West is an all out blitz guy. He says and does crazy things. I cannot imagine him in the military either. Wonder how he made colonel… with that crazy attitude.

  30. theAgenda Says:

    It’s all part of the ‘right-wing’ machine that cares not for the people but only the need to rule and in their world alls fair in —- and war and to them this is war. Save us from the extremists. Vote Democrat down the line!

  31. jebamoni4 Says:

    Florida girl!!
    West is nothing but a thug!! His uniform protected him for all the atrocities comitted to human beings
    Please tell me what this thug achieved when he was my congressman!!
    His answer is that he is just warming up He can talk loud and indecently against women. He has no values. For the same war crimes he committed, if it happened to anybody, they would be discharged dshonorably, with no pension.
    Fortunate for him he is out in the street making comments on women and men of US. This guy should be booted out. This thug is no way patriotic. There are so many servicemen served the country for more than 25 years retired with their head held high in pride. This guy is not one of them!!

  32. Yvonne Says:

    Politics is a BIG BOY SPORT. Some young men go to war for America, Some young men get arrested. Some Young men have to join the Army to better their chances, Some young men are Trust Fund Babies collecting and waiting for the death to step into the shoes of the money. Either way we live with our decisions that we made as young men. Mr. West is more Honorable than Mr. Murphy on many fronts and Mr. Murphy’s response to his actions show his lack of responsibility for what he did as a Young Man. Mr. Murphy is Palm Beaches Typical WAITER. Trust fund baby “waiting” on the death of the trustee who takes no responsibility for their actions.

  33. randall Says:

    alan west is a liar-thug do and say any thing to get elected—he is not on your side or about working with others only having is way

  34. fetmeister Says:

    Murphy started this when, after having never served a day in the military, he chose to run ads attacking Col. West’s service record for political gain. I think this is a much greater insult than invoking the arrest of some drunken spoiled brat, so if Murphy does take this to court, West should be entitled to triple whatever the jury awards Murphy.

  35. Jamba Says:

    @Obiwannabe, you’re an idiot. Murphy claims to be a CPA, but he admitted he’s only licensed in Colorado, not Florida. Does he say that in his ads? He’s just as dishonest as West.

  36. muffet Says:

    West is a cruel joke and an embarrassment to the political system. I’m a new resident to Florida(1 year) and have never seen anything like this in the Northeast and the Mid-West. Allowing this dufus back in Washington would be a grave mistake. He has done absolutely nothing other than being divisive, archaic in his opinion of women. this registered republican, her friends and family will not vote for this little man.

  37. OBIWAN Says:


    Suck my IPO little pnk, you can’t do jack liar so go crawl back up wests backside!!! Maggot!!

  38. Concerned Taxpayer Says:

    Murphy is desperate, but not as desperate as The Post. They are running every pro-Democrat, every anti-Republican story they caan find, true or not. Frighteningly, The Post continues to ignore the leaked emails that prove Onbama, Hillary Clinton and Leon Paneta all knew about the assault on our embassy in Libya in real time, and did nothing. Then Obama flew to Nevada the very next day for a campaign fundraiser. He immediately began to lie adout the murders to cover-up his failures in the expectation the US press would assist in the cover-up long enough for him to get past the election. He will be plaesed to know The Post is facilitating his cover-up according to plan.

  39. OBIWAN Says:


    LOL! You i mbecile if you would get an education yu would know that his CPA liscence is just as good doesn’t matter what State he got it in. He is still liscenced to practice before Congress.
    Now go crawl back into your deep, dark hole of ignorance!!!

  40. Joseph L Cooke Says:

    Vote only for Americans, not liberals.

  41. OBIWAN Says:

    Concerned Taxpayer

    WHaaaaaaaaaaa Whaaaaaaa whaaaaaaaa
    Boooohoooo hooooo whaaaaa

    Thers a black man in the Whitehoouse and I don’t like it WhAAAAAAAAAa!!!!!

    STFU whiney bigot!

  42. Jay Margolis Says:

    How hilarious that Murphy is being attacked for going after West’s service record after the swiftboating of John Kerry when he went to Viet Nam and Bush went to Alabama. West’s record of service to his constituents of the 22nd District is why he cowardly opted to run in another district. He was the poster child of why Congress has a 9 percent approval rating. He was the worst member of the House. We need to get rid of representatives like West who are more interesting in saying obnoxious, outrageous things than accomplishing anything that helps the United States restore the economy’s health. West is a disgrace. He has not earned a second term.

  43. Bito Says:

    @Whatever, You are a MORON,JERK,AND AN IDIOT JUST LIKE WEST, why dont you look up my ipo and come after me? Im calling youre bluff, YOU MORON.

  44. Bito Says:

    @Joseph L Cook, Are you saying that liberals are not americans? Goes to show how indoctrinated you are by FAUX NEWS, you`re comment could only come from somebody who is DUMB AND IGNORANT, and that would be YOU!!!!

  45. Click Here Says:

    Try and make sure that while you are on your diet, that you give yourself a treat every once in-awhile. This helps to keep you from binge eating, this happens most of the time to the people who are on very low-calorie weight loss diets.

  46. gethefax Says:

    Murphy knows he’s losing the race…he’s still just a kid..inexperienced for a man’s job!!!

  47. howie Says:

    Obama lied ..4 great Americans why is the Pravda Post covering BS like this instead of he real story?

    Anyone can threaten to sue anyone.Means nothing.

  48. Lebron Says:

    sue a black man??? …racist liberal pig..

  49. V Says:

    Go get him Murphy!!!!! This lying traitor has to be shown for what he is.

    Howie, Bush lied and thousands of brave American troops died, so what’s your point. thing is though, Obama didn’t lie. And, according to Romney’s steptford wife the troops aren’t as important as mormon missionaries. A fact which is supported by the Romney families military tradition.

  50. Obama/Dems2012 Says:


    You’re absolutely right.

    The single worst example of the GOP’s disgraceful treatment of a veteran has to be the way that Max Cleland in the 2002 election.

    The GOP (Karl Rove) ran a TV ad featuring the likenesses of Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, while criticizing Cleland’s votes against homeland security measures.

    Sounds bad right?

    Well Max Cleland is a TRIPLE-AMPUTEE from a grenade explosion in Vietnam.

    Here are the awards he was honored with:

    Silver Star
    Bronze Star
    Soldier’s Medal
    National Defense Service Medal
    Vietnam Service Medal
    Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal

    And the GOP ran these sickening ads against him portraying him as a threat to the country.


    It is as sad and simple as that.

    And yes, that is how we get the John Kerry swiftboat attacks, how we get the Max Cleland attacks, how we get the Birther attacks on the President, how we get these attacks on Patrick Murphy as a “drunk”, and how we get idiot posters on here saying that Liberals are not Americans.

    The Republican Party will DO and SAY absolutely anything in their lust for power and immeasurable greed.

    They will even be against the greater good of the United States if it means they win more elections.

    We have in fact seen this play out time and time again over the last 4 years.

    The people who blindly follow West’s policies — and who claim that he speaks the truth LOL — either don’t realize or don’t care that eliminating the capital gains tax would blow up the deficit and debt that they complain about so much or that voucherizing Medicare would mean just another corporate shakedown of the Middle Class, extracting billions from Middle Class families so corporate insurance CEOs can buy a 3rd or 4th yacht at their favorite exclusive “1%er” playground.

    Right wingers claim to love America, but they ONLY care about MONEY and POWER in Republican hands, but not in the slightest what’s good for America. It is truly disgraceful.

    Vote Dem up and down the ticket this year and let’s send these grotesque people a message that AMERICA comes first.

  51. Rmoney Surrogate Says:

    @thezigster #4: To answer your question, the following is a list of accomplishments by Allen West since he took office:


  52. Rick Says:

    Alan West’s campaign has alienated me as a republican!

    Glad I can split my vote among the parties without having to support him!

  53. Commadorable Says:

    The left is obviously fond of electing unqualified people with dubious records. We need to look no further than the oval office!

  54. Tired of both sides... Says:

    Oh please make the next couple of weeks go by quickly…

  55. Jim Says:

    Alan West tortured people, tea bagger, will vote to destroy our Medicare while he has great health care from the government. I a puppet for the plotocrats. Need I say more? West need to go away and live off his govenment pension, health care, benifits, and tell us we do not deserve what we paid into. F**K West go away.

  56. Sandystorm Says:

    CREDO Superpac paid employees have been knocking on doors on Singer Island asking residents to help take down Allen West. The police have been called on them several times. Allen West is a hero and a hands on legislature. Patrick Murphy is an obnoxious punk.

  57. Jim Says:

    Where is the like buttin when you need on?
    Like “West has a tattoo on his lower back that says ”IF YOUR RICH I’m YOUR B*TCH”

  58. Obama/Dems2012 Says:

    Here is YET ANOTHER example of GOP partisanship and cowardice when it comes to the military.

    THIS is what Romney’s racist spokesblob Jon Sununu said about Colin Powell’s endorsement of President Obama:

    “Well, I think when you have somebody of your own race that you’re proud of being president of the United States, I applaud Colin for standing with him.”

    So there you have it. Colin Powell, a retired FOUR-STAR GENERAL, supports Obama JUST because of his skin color.

    It is disgraceful and if Allan West had any sort of dignity as a veteran, he would stand up agaimnst this kind of demeaning bigotry on the right. Will he? Never.

    It is indicative of a much larger problem with the GOP and the military and the right wing’s abuse of that power when they are in charge. They LIED us into war in Iraq, claiming “mushroom clouds over NYC” would be next if we didn’t take out Saddam Hussein. There were no WMDs, but while Bush joked about not finding WMDs, 4,500 American soldiers were killed in action and tens of thousands more with severe injuries.

    Even worse, the Bush admin blocked images of the bravest of the brave coming home in coffins. A disgraceful maneuver that many people forget. One of the first things President Obama did was to remove that insane rule so that Americans can finally honor their fallen heroes with the respect and love they deserve.

    And Obama didn’t stop there. While Obama is putting more money and effort into caring for returning veterans and finding them JOBS, Mitt Romney DOESN’T EVEN MENTION the Afghan War in his GOP convention speech and AGAIN “forgets” to mention the veterans in the Foreign Policy debate!

    It is abundantly clear that the GOP cannot be trusted with foreign affairs. Or domestic affairs for that matter.

    And that’s why we need to GOTV for Obama, Patrick Murphy, Bill Nelson, Lois Frankel, Maria Sachs, and every single other Democrat in this election!

  59. justplainjoe Says:

    You old fuks need to get a real life.

  60. Ahmad Jackson Says:

    @Obama/Dems2012 is just another elitist Jew who does not want to see African-Americans succeed in politics. He and the others have a plantation mentality.

    From Frankel running against Hastings to the Jewish support of Crist over Meeks, it has been shown time and again. They want to control people of color through politics but will not allow people of color to control themselves.

    The elitist Jews are Democ-Rats.

  61. Also Admitted before Congress Says:

    OBIWAN, hi, glad u noticed. OBIWAN I’ve blog against u before however. I’m glad you got something useful.

    OBIWAN, you are right, once you past a CPA or EA exam in any state, you are Admitted to Practice before IRS & Congress.

    The AICPA is the group that gives the UNIFORM Certified Public Accountant’s test.

    AICPA test in colorado, is the same AICPA test in Florida.

    Mr. Murphy is only barred from owning a accountant practice in Florida that advertises he’s a Florida CPA.

    Does not matter where test was passed, once a CPA test is passed in any state that CPA can represent client’s in front of IRS, in front of any State Board of Revenue, and before S.E.C.

    Solely reason AICPA created uniform CPA test in all 50 states.

    EA’s are also Admitted to AICPA, FICPA as they have all exact same powers as CPA’s.

    EA’s only have 1 extra step of passing a IRS Representation Tax Law Exam, that’s not required of a CPA.

    What Sean Wright point out was on a Form 2848 Attorney of Record for Tax Representation, a Florida resident can be represented by a colorado CPA before the IRS, and is legally allowed to represent himself as such.

    As both Mr. Murphy & Mr. West are “Admitted to Practice Before Congress”, Mr. West knowingly made a willful fraudulent accustion against Mr. Murphy, who is Admitted to the same district as Mr. West as a Colorado Practitioner.

    Both Patrick Murphy & Sean Wright are well known tax representatives in New York, Boston, & DC. Sean was a CPA but liked EA license better because IRS Tax Treaties say EA’s are automating Admitted to Practice Tax Law in foreign country’s.

    Tax Treaty’s sole reason CIA out trying to hire as many EA’s as they can.

    OBIWAN, you got right on money with your answers!!!!!!!

  62. Guy Says:

    Allen West is an idiot, a lunatic, and a total coward! Enough already about how he is this wonderfully patriotic American who is being “attacked.” The man is a nutless goon who couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag with scissors in his hand. Come get some Colonel, you psycho nutjob!

  63. Dude Who Makes Sense Says:

    I hope to never hear from West again after Nov 6. Go Murphy!

  64. Searcher Says:

    Please don’t let West be my representative. I’m getting nostalgic for Rooney. AT least he wasn’t a bully…..

  65. Vet Says:

    It’s gutless for you to comment on a man’s service record without ever walking a day in those shoes. Comparing some spoiled kid who used a fake ID and was disrespectful to a police officer and a 22 year military man who had to make split second decisions where lives were at stake is crazy. Some of you have no idea what types of decisions our troops are faced with in combat. Some of you would throw up knowing what your parents and grandparents did during wars. I’ve been there. I’ve seen it. It isn’t pretty. But don’t judge me if you haven’t stepped foot in an area where bullets and bombs are flying and you are in a basement writting comments on news articles.

  66. Go West, War Criminal Says:

    Shooting a gun next to an unarmed, shackled prisoner of war to intimidate him is a form of torture. That’s why the U.S. supports the Geneva Conventions in regards to the ethical treatment of POWs. West is a war criminal, plain and simple. His demeanor shows what kind of hot-head, bigot, misogynist, judgemental, hateful, lying, delusional, poor excuse for a human he really is.
    @Floridagirl and

    @Howie, Obama didn’t LIE and as a result four great Americans died. He addressed the incident as “an act of terror” the very next day when he spoke from the WH Rose Garden. Bush lied and tens of thousands of both American citizens and innocent citizens of the countries we’ve been waging war in died violently because of an untruth/paranoia Bush was suffering from. Wake up.
    Look up West’s voting record (when he bothered to show up) in Congress, FACT CHECK IT. He’s voted against programs that would help his own brothers (Veterans) with jobs, foreclosure avoidance and counseling for PTSD. West is a POS. Be informed, GET THE FACTS!! (No one on this forum will know!)

  67. @Vet Says:

    You of all people should look up West’s voting record in Congress with regards to Veteran’s issues. The facts don’t lie, sir; and you need to become informed.

  68. The Truth Hurts Says:


    Bills that Republicans in the House of Representatives vetoed and that died on the House floor:
    HR 12 — Paycheck Fairness Act
    H.R. 20 — Melanie Blocker Stokes Mom’s Opportunity to Access Health, Education, Research, and Support for Postpartum Depression Act
    H.R. 320 — CJ’s Home Protection Act
    H.R. 448 — Elder Abuse Victims Act
    H.R. 466 –- Wounded Veteran Job Security Act
    H.R. 515 –- Radioactive Import Deterrence Act
    H.R. 549 — National Bombing Prevention Act
    H.R. 577 –- Vision Care for Kids Act
    H.R. 626 –- Federal Employees Paid Parental Leave Act
    H.R. 780 –- Student Internet Safety Act
    H.R. 911 — Stop Child Abuse in Residential Programs for Teens Act
    H.R. 985 — Free Flow of Information Act
    H.R. 1029 -– Alien Smuggling and Terrorism Prevention Act
    H.R. 1110 –- PHONE Act and H.R. 1258 – The Truth in Caller ID Act
    H.R. 1168 — Veterans Retraining Act
    H.R. 1171 –- Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program Reauthorization
    H.R. 1262 — Water Quality Investment Act
    H.R. 1293 — Disabled Veterans Home Improvement and Structural Alteration Grant Increase Act of 2009
    H.R. 1319 –- Informed P2P User Act
    H.R. 1380 — Josh Miller HEARTS Act
    H.R. 1429 — Stop AIDS in Prison Act

    Every single one of these bills is being blocked by every single Republican in the Senate, all of whom are working in lockstep to prevent a vote.

    H.R. 1469 –- Child Protection Improvements Act
    H.R. 1511 –- Torture Victims Relief Reauthorization Act
    H.R. 1514 –- Juvenile Accountability Block Grants Program Reauthorization Act
    H.R. 1580 –- Electronic Waste Research and Development Act
    H.R. 1585 — FIT Kids Act
    H.R. 1617 –- Department of Homeland Security Component Privacy Officer Act
    H.R. 1622 -– Research and Development Programs for Natural Gas Vehicles
    H.R. 1675 –- Frank Melville Supportive Housing Investment Act of 2009
    H.R. 1709 –- STEM Education Coordination Act
    H.R. 1722 — Telework Improvements Act
    H.R. 1727 — Managing Arson Through Criminal History (MATCH) Act
    DEMOCRATS are passing bills to make things easier, and REPUBLICANS are refusing to even allow an “up or down vote.”
    H.R. 1741 — Witness Security and Protection Grant Program Act
    H.R. 1796 –- Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention Act
    H.R. 1803 — Veterans Business Center Act
    H.R. 1807 –- Educating Entrepreneurs through Today’s Technology Act
    H.R. 1834 –- Native American Business Development Enhancement Act
    H.R. 1838 –- Amending Small Business Act
    H.R. 1824 — Best Buddies Empowerment for People with Intellectual Disabilities Act
    H.R. 1875 — End the Trade Deficit Act
    H.R. 1879 — National Guard Employment Protection Act
    H.R. 1933 –- A Child Is Missing Alert and Recovery Center Act
    H.R. 2020 — Networking and Information Technology Research and Development Act of 2009
    H.R. 2093 –- Clean Coastal Environment and Public Health Act
    H.R. 2134 — Western Hemisphere Drug Policy Commission Act

    Once again; Democrats PASSED the following bills, and Senate Republicans prevented these bills from even coming to a vote.

    H.R. 2142 – Government Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Performance Improvement Act
    H.R. 2187 – 21st Century Green High-Performing Public School Facilities Act
    H.R. 2200 – Transportation Security Administration Authorization Act
    H.R. 2221 – Data Accountability and Trust Act
    H.R. 2352 – Job Creation Through Entrepreneurship Act
    H.R. 2454 – American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009
    H.R. 2510 – Absentee Ballot Track, Receive and Confirm Act
    H.R. 2529 – Neighborhood Preservation Act
    H.R. 2554 – National Association of Registered Agents and Brokers Reform Act
    H.R. 2611 – Authorizing the Securing the Cities Initiative of the Department of Homeland Security
    H.R. 2664 – Promoting Transparency in Financial Reporting Act
    H.R. 2693 – Oil Pollution Research and Development Program Reauthorization Act
    H.R. 2749 — Food Safety Enhancement Act
    H.R. 2868 – Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Act of 2009, Drinking Water System Security Act of 2009 and Wastewater Treatment Works Security Act of 2009

  69. JupiterVoter Says:

    Patrick Murphy misrepresented Allen West separation from the Army in an ad. The ad was “technically” correct and mentioned that West was charged with a crime. But it failed to disclose that West was trying to protect American lives in a combat zone and that he was never convicted of the crimes for which he was charged.

    Now Allen West is airs an ad saying that Murphy assaulted a police officer. Once again, this ad is “technically” correct as the police reports said the officer was verbally assaulted. But the ad fails to disclose that the assault was verbal.

    Both of these guys are throwing punches below the belt. But if Murphy sues West, it will only bring more attention to the original arrest.

    And this is why people hate politics.

  70. Charley Dickerson Says:

    put on your Big-Boy political pants and suck it up…..Dirt is the name of this game….go find some more dirt on Allen and put it out there

  71. Obama/Dems2012 Says:

    Ah yes, thanks to Allen West’s supporters I am once again called a Jew Rat exactly like the fascists in Nazi Germany did to my ancestors.

    Honestly, is this what America has become thanks to Allen West and his legion of fascist Tea Party trolls?

    So much for “One nation, under God, with Liberty and Justice for All.”



    YOU NEED TO STAND UP AGAINST THIS BEHAVIOR AND HELP SAVE THIS COUNTRY FROM THE GOP and right wing lunatics and conspiracy believers!

  72. Brian O'Donaghey Says:

    You have my ipo? You’ll press charges? Will it go on my “permanent record”? Jeez, I always hate it when that happens !!! Now go along like the naughty boy you are, do your own research at to get the facts about your hero. Do you promise to do that too?

  73. Long Dong Says:

    Allen West has a bigger dick that Patty! I only say that because Allen is shoving down his neck!! I think Allen has his balls resting on Patty chin.

  74. Heavy D Says:

    I hope the POS Allen West never sets foot in Broward County again good riddance. If you fools up north are stupid enough to vote for him you get what you deserve, a total asshole.

  75. SOFLGirl Says:

    I will NOT vote for Alan West….he has done nothing while serving his previous district. Thank you, The Truth Hurts Says…post above….it’s crystal clear for me!

  76. TheNoSpinMan Says:

    Patrick Murphy makes a fine inmate.

  77. Francisco Says:

    All to anti West folks are nothing but racists..
    Doing all you can to keep the Black Man down…

  78. Rhashid Says:

    I hate the tea party and i hate republicans and democrats and i hate the jew democ-rats like Obama/dems2012. They use us for money and politics.

    You dont hear the jews talking about reparations. Then they would desreve our votes.

    Like a lot of my brothers and sisters i am sitting this election out. Axelrod and other jews have taken control of Obama.

  79. jack Says:

    Eric johnson (Murphy campaign hack) talking about truth is ridiculous He may be of the most untruthful family I know. Check in house Johnson before you throw stones. You have a family of skeltons in your closet

  80. Give me a break! Says:

    Obama/Dems2012 Says:
    October 25th, 2012 at 10:19 pm
    How anyone can vote for West is beyond me. Tax cuts for the rich and insult anyone anyone who disagrees. People should just not stand for that as a serious candidate for office.

    You know what insults me Obama/Dems2012?

    Somebody voting for Israel issues rather than the United States as you do insults me. All you care about is Israel.
    If you are so concerned with the state of Isreal, MOVE THERE!

    We have other problems, like how our children are going to survive in the next decade.

  81. Jamba Says:

    Obiwan is Murphy’s boyfriend.

  82. Jim Says:

    Great posts. You guy are well informed, well researched. I am talking to the anti West posters. I am learning a lot. Thanks for your input. To the West muppets…read and weep, the truth will always piss you off before it sets you free!!

  83. Obama/Dems2012 Says:

    @”Gimme a break”


    I counted. I’ve made 8 posts.

    I have mentioned the word Israel ONCE!

    I have been attacked for being Jewish at least FOUR TIMES!

    That’s your Allen West crowd for you! Frankly, I’m used to your verbal abuse. So is everone who lives in FL-22. We are SO OVER Allen West! Strong-willed Americans like me and many others here have literally run Allen West out of our district for his verbal abuse and fascist policies.

    Go read my posts you dishonest pig!

    Then decide who I’m fighting for.

    By the way, it is spelled I-S-R-A-E-L and yes I support a Jewish state in Israel. And yes, unlike me and unlike the past four U.S. Presidents and unlike the past several Israeli Prime Ministers, Allen West OPPOSES a two-state solution with the Palestineans. Allen West, wrong for America, wrong for Israel, wrong for Florida, JUST PLAIN WRONG!

    That’s why I am so excited that Patrick Murphy is going to shut him down and send him packing like yesterday’s trash. And for all the idiots who claim that opposing Allen West means we don’t like African-Americans, I just have ONE thing to say:



    Seriously, the GOP has to do better than racial and ethnic attacks and slander if they want to be taken seriously. Get out of the gutter, GOP, and join America in the 21st century!

  84. Wally P Says:

    The truths hurts Patrick

  85. thecolorofyourskin Says:

    Thos calling West a Colonel are giving him too much credit!!! He is only a “Lite” Colonel NOT a FULL BIRD Colonel. Unlike the FOUR-STAR GENERAL of color, he probably didn’t deserve that rank, but no matter what is said, the color of your skin DOES matter. So stop giving him (West)so much credit! His military “service” and attitude towards women is a disgrace to this country!!! This attitude is no better than the people we are at war with!! I hope his wife is happy knowing he feels she is NO BETTER THAN THE DIRT BENEATH HIS SHOES!!! West, go find a pile of quick sand. I’ll come help you, I promise.

  86. iwould rather Says:

    There is nothing Allen West could possible say that would make me vote for him…My only pray is that God Please stop this madman…and save us from the madness…

  87. Obama/Dems2012 Says:

    Just for fun, I just added up all the pro-Murphy comments and the pro-West comments.

    There were 58 different people who have posted a clear endorsement of one of the two candidates. I only counted each person once, not the total number of posts, the total number of people who weighed in one way or another. There were 36 pro-Murphy posters and 22 pro-West out of a total of 58. This works out to:

    Patrick Murphy 62%
    Allen West 38%

    Thus concludes your non-partisan non-scientific poll of the PBP comments section.



  88. Priorities for the White House Says:

    Can’t send help to the Americans under siege in Benghazi when they are asking for it


    Obama can order that the blind Imam in jail get a NEW PROSTHETIC!

    PRIORITIES, PRIORITIES in the Obama administration!

    How about AMERICANS FIRST!

  89. myfoxmystere Says:

    Funny how left wing extremists get pissed off when they get spanked. News on what Colonel Allen West has done reaches the West Coast regularly. It’s funny watching the Murphy leprechauns running out of their luck, while squandering their pot of gold running smear ads against West. Tommy-boi and little Paddi keep losing their luck of the draw.

  90. Joe Says:

    This past week, Trump offered to give $5 million to a charity of Obama’s choice if he releases his college and passport records. Obama responded by telling his own joke about him and Trump fighting while growing up in Kenya.

  91. tommy Says:

    I believe that West will not take his impending defeat without a fight.

    I wouldn’t be suprised to see one of supporters resort to violence.

    Remember Joyce Kaufmann, “If ballots don’t work, bullets will.”

  92. Billy Bong Thorton Says:

    Allan West is a right wing nazi extremist and should be in prison for his war crimes. stupid nig.

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