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Murphy ad attacks West’s military record

by George Bennett | October 2nd, 2012

Democratic congressional challenger Patrick Murphy, responding to an ad that features Murphy’s mug shot from a 2003 arrest, has released a new ad that takes aim at the 2003 incident in Iraq that ended Republican U.S. Rep. Allen West‘s military career.

It’s a risky strategy that Democrats chose to avoid when West ran for Congress in 2008 and 2010.

West was a U.S. Army lieutenant colonel in 2003 when fired a gun near the head of an Iraqi detainee during an interrogation to scare him into talking about a rumored plot to ambush West and his troops. Military prosecutors charged West with assault and he potentially faced 11 years in prison and dishonorable discharge. After a military hearing, West was fined $5,000 and allowed to retire with a full pension.

Because West’s actions generated a considerable outpouring of support as well as criticism, some Democrats said privately during his past campaigns that attacking what West did in combat might not be effective and could backfire.

Until last week, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee espoused that same view.

“Attacks on Allen West’s military record are not effective,” the DCCC said on a web page that sums up the race and is often used by outside groups for talking points.

The DCCC’s Stephanie Formas said that advice was removed from the site on Friday after West decided to attack Murphy’s disorderly intoxication arrest outside a Miami Beach club when Murphy was a 19-year-old. The intoxication charge was later dropped and a charge of possessing a fake driver license was dismissed.

“Allen West’s record in Congress is the most effective attack,” Formas said. “But when he came out with that ad, he opened himself up to clarifying what happened in 2003.”

The ad prompted this response from West campaign manager Tim Edson: “What kind of man who has never worn the uniform attacks an honorably discharged combat veteran for acting to protect the lives of his soldiers? A desperate man and apparently the same kind of man who calls a decorated combat veteran a coward, gets into drunken bar fights, verbally assaults police officers and then uses his family’s connections to get out of trouble. Patrick Murphy is a spoiled brat and a truly terrible person.”


71 Responses to “Murphy ad attacks West’s military record”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Let’s see now. A guy who served our country well vs. a guy that uses a fake drivers license to get into a bar, drink beyond his limit, fights with the police, and then is given a pass. I don’t know about anyone else, but I would trust the man with a military backround in a heartbeat over a drunken rebel rouser.
    Oh, and about that Iraqi, Mr. Wests’ aim should have been a little better.

  2. Fred Says:

    It’s about time the Murphy Campaign started hammering-back at the outlandish ads being run by West!

    Mr. West is about to find out that “going negative” will be his downfall…

  3. scott Says:

    So West, in the heat of battle to protect his men got a little aggressive on the battlefield with the enemy. So, the liberals are trying to equate that to something villanous. Jeez violence has no place on the battlefield. Crazy stupid liberals. Ha makes me want to vote for West even more.


    Shooting a gun next to someone’s head is just a “little” aggressive? Considering he was facing 11 years in prison and a dishonorable discharge, I’d say the military was extremely generous is allowing him to pay a fine and retire. West has repeatedly proven he’s a nutcase with his disparaging remarks about women. Time for a second retirement. Go home.

  5. Mickey Ginsburg Says:

    How come West’s military record has not
    been an issue before? Thumbs up to Murphy a CPA for not making an issue until West released an ad on Murphy’s
    arrest years ago.

  6. CfromDB Says:

    @Jerry, funny…I’ll bet you didn’t say that during the Swift Boat attacks on John Kerry or the attacks by the Bush team on John McCain.

  7. Mike Says:

    Fired a gun beside someone’s head is understateing the event that ended Col. Allen West’s career.
    What occured was a mock execution where in individual was taken outside held down with his head forced into a barrel like container of sand and then a shot was fired by a Military Officer acting in an unlawful manner.
    This is a more accurate description of what happened in Iraq.
    Allen West feared for his life and he took these measures in his personal attempt save himself. Whether there ever was a specific assassination planned for Mr West is unknown to this day.
    What we do know is that being in the Army in a War Zone is a deadly risk and Allen West was there, hired for the job by this Nation.
    From my perspective Allen West brokedown mentally and failed in his duty to be an Army Officer bravely leading his men.
    He exhibited paranoia and had his men carry out an unauthorized investigation which included beatings and this mock execution.
    He needs help, but he does not need re-election.
    Time to put this Congressman out to pasture and let him live out his life on Government Pensions.

  8. realistic Says:

    What does Allen West know about creating private sector jobs? West has been on the payroll of the government for almost his whole entire adult life. After the military he worked for a “defense contractor” payed for by our government , then he became a teacher in a public school for 2/3 of the school year. Yep , he knows what its like in the private sector………………………..

  9. Robert Briere Says:

    Allen West’s record as a Congressman speaks for itself. He has introduced very little legislation of any significance but has always voted in lock step with the GOP/Teabagger party. Their primary objective has been to “get rid of Obama” at the expense of what is good for the people of the U.S. In short, the GOP/Teabagger party platform takes precedence over everything else! West has voted in favor of corporate America and the wealthy and is a big supporter of the GOP/Teabagger war on women. West voted against equal pay for equal work claiming that this legislation will windup costing businesses “a lot of money.” His greatest asset has been his big mouth, which gets West lots of publicity but accomplishes absolutely nothing. If your looking for a big mouth, do nothing Congressman than West is your man. West has done nothing for the people in District 22 and there is absolutely no reason to expect that he will change his tune having moved to District 18 based on his do nothing record!

  10. Let's get real Says:

    Murphy wouldn’t make a good PFC, much less a congressman.

    Let’s see, a combat vet vs a Wanna be something. Not much of a choice.

  11. Einstein Says:

    West has some really out there views on almost everything. Let’s see, we have one candidate who did something stupid when he was young and got caught. I have never heard of that happening before. We have another candidate who has a long history of abusing power. Men who abuse power, and we all know one, are just no good. Can’t fix them. 11 years for shooting a gun near the head of an enemy on the battlefield? Kind of harsh. Almost makes you think there is much, much more to the story…

  12. Bill Says:

    Sorry guys….Patrick Murphy doesn’t stand a chance. Ron Klein had a better chance 2 years ago, but Murphy is going to lose by a much larger percentage than Klein did. Murphy’s tv ads are very childish and immature. The mug shot just adds to the whole mess. You should have selected someone else to run against West. This was your best choice????

  13. Micah Says:

    Sorry, but I have no sympathy for some Iraqi terrorist West was screwing around with. I know that’s not their acceptable operating procedure, but if he thought it was going to save American lives, I’m godam happy someone had the stones to bully around an Islamist and fire over his head…or whatever he did.

    Fine with me. Give him a medal. Sorry he didn’t shoot to kill more over there.

    You people whining about how he treats some Iraqi need to get a life. You’ve now convinced me to vote for West, even though I don’t like Republicans!

  14. NPBill Says:

    So a military court well versed in military law heard all the facts and slapped Col. West’s wrist and let him retire with an honorable discharge. Where’s the beef?

  15. jay Says:

    lets face it what congressman west committed would be considered a war crime under the terms of the geneva convention. the fact that he was allowed to retire with a full pension and benefits a pay a $5,000 fine is a disgrace. Any enlisted man would have served prison time, remember Abu gharib

  16. james Says:

    Allen West is the best there is. Its too bad he never ran against Frankel.
    Frankel has no integrity or honesty. Just poses with fake smiles.
    Help flush Frankel down the toilet at

  17. Realist Says:

    Lest we forget. This happened less than 2 years after the Towers went down. Many of us in his position would have done the same if not worse.

  18. Alas! Says:

    West was a bully and part of the wrongheaded invasion by Vietnam war dodger President W. Tea baggers love him, thinking Americans think he’s a clown and an embarassment to all good Americans.
    He used as a defense some mumbo jumbo mental disability as to why he violated the regulations of the U.S. Army and the Geneva convention. He should not be in Congress.

  19. bill shea Says:

    West is a wack job. Any ex-enlisted knows he was taken care of by his fellow officers. If he was a PFc or a non-com he’s be breaking rocks in Leavenworth

  20. BLAH DE BLAH Says:

    War is ugly you spineless civilian pukes. He scared the you-know-whats off a terrorist to save the life of his soldiers. It’s what happens on the battle field. The terrorist is just lucky the second bullet wasn’t in the back of his skull after he spilled the information. Col. West was more than compassionate in my opinion.

  21. North County Con Says:

    Murphy is a 30 year old punk little kid. No way he is getting elected.

  22. Mike Says:

    The Military Court had a preliminary hearing.
    That hearing was leading to a full Court Martial trial.
    Some Republican Congressional Members interceded in the process and Col West was offered a deal.
    I find it interesting that Congressional members believe that Rambo-like activities should be rewarded but these are the times we live in.
    After all, there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, which was the reason the USA made war upon Iraq.
    Americans must remember that their elected officials can be duped into killing thousands of people and the Iraq War is the evidence.
    How the future works out is yet to be determined because we don’t really know how much hatred or how long that hatred arising from the Iraq War will last.
    It’s possible that 100 years from now the effects will still plauge the USA.
    All because of a bi-partisan mistake.

  23. Patrick Says:

    West didn’t find himself in a unique situation, he simply reacted differently than did his peers. Its not like it was his first day in the Army. He had 20 years experience! I could have forgiven a young lieutenant for such a lapse of judgement, but not a Lieutenant Colonel in a position of command authority. He should have been court martialed. You can bet your last nickle than an enlisted man would have been.

    Vote for whoever you want. Just be honest with the past record of the guy you’re voting for. The world won’t end, either way.

  24. Phil Says:

    Does Murphy realize that in war you do what you have to do in order to prtect your men and get information. Murphy may know how to sharpen a pencil but knows nothing about the military.

  25. Independent Voter Says:

    Allen West was charged with military crimes befitting the war criminal he was acting like. He is an embarrassment to every soldier who ever served. He appears to have learned nothing from his dishonorable service, and has continued to dishonor Americans while in Congress. Here’s a shocker for you Alan – women are Americans too. Those who denigrate Americans who haven’t served are exactly the same as Mitt Romney with his condescending hatred of his fellow Americans. Thanks for the warning.

  26. Independent Voter Says:

    “Does Murphy realize that in war you do what you have to do in order to protect your men and get information.”

    Really? So you’re ok with soldiers from other countries doing the same things to OUR soldiers? It’s ok for Afghan soldier to torture American soldiers? Because after all, it’s what they “have to do”, right?


  27. Legal Eagle Says:

    Are you so partisan that you would vote for a child ove a war vet? People like you are the reason we are in this mess in the first place and these are an absolute lifesaver for me when my baby arrived. My son was moderately tongue-tied which created difficulties with achieving a proper latch The first couple days were excruciating as a result, and i quickly developed scabs on my nipples. I tried lanolin, aquaphor, the Medela gel pads, Lansinoh Soothies, and these Gel Pads. I definitely prefer the gel pads over the lanolin and other creams. After my son’s tongue-tie was fixed and we were able to get a good latch, these pads helped heal my nipples in about a day and a half.

    Hydrogel – very sticky and can be painful to remove from damaged tissue. Lasted only 1 day for me before they had to be tossed

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    - Long lasting. This is the biggest pro for me by far. They lose their cool stickiness after a day or so of wear, but rinse in warm water and they become much restored. Not 100%, but comforting and usable again. They cost about the same as these pads but last me 3-4 days, making these much more cost effective than the other brands
    - Thicker and more cushiony than other brands
    - Plastic sheets protect the pads when not in use. This helps a lot to prevent the pads from picking up dust and losing their stickiness

    - they have a distinct smell when first opened. The smell is hard to describe, vaguely sharp and chemically but not terribe. The smell is moderately strong, much more so than the Hydrogel pads. The smell clings to breasts and must be washed off before feeding
    - They shrink over several days of wearing and can get a bit grimy

  28. uptown girl Says:

    “Patrick Murphy is a spoiled brat and a truly terrible person.” And what is West???? Hmmm…one and the same. West SHOULD have gotten the 11 years & dishonorable discharge HE deserved, but instead got a slap on the wrist, a little fine & retirement WITH FULL PENSION!!! What a PIG literally!! He thinks about women like the Iraqi’s do, that women are no better than the dust on the bottom of their shoes!!! And he’s nothing but a little puppet monkey for the Rethuglicans!!! Eat my dust A****** West!!!

  29. Bito Says:

    West fired a gun next to a prisoners head,a clear violation of the geneva convention, he is lucky he is not locked up,imagine what he will continue to do in the goverment, use his skills of intimidation to get what he wants.He has ptsd, a clear cut nut case.

  30. greg Says:

    the only legislation allen west has introduced that even made it out of committee was two bills recognizing palm city and palm beach on their centenials…that’s it!! even the repubs won’t look at the rest of the garbage he has submitted. the man is a loose cannon and needs to be sent home. other than try to blow off some iraqi’a head, what has he accomplished? NOTHING. just a big mouth who bashes teachers, yet he couldn’t hack it. and LEGAL EAGLE…what are you rambling about????

  31. Bill Knapp Says:

    As a Viet Nam era vet I find Allen West a sorry excuse for a military man. He was wrong.Think William Calley,West was a poor officer and The Court was covering their butts by allowing him to retire instead of following through with the court martial.They did not want the adverse publicity at tnat time of the war.And he had partisan backing in government.

  32. Florda Legislator Says:

    I’ll just go with what those men were actually found gulity of, NOT with the accusations. Anybody can be charged with anything. What ends up as the verdict is the only thing that should matter.

  33. LOL @ West Says:

    Shorter Allen West apologists:

    “But but but, violating the Military Code is ok if you’re a right wing hack!”

  34. Romney--Ryan 2012 Says:

    Col. West is the Best…..He retired after serving in 3 theatres of war….End of Story.

  35. RICK SOLOMON Says:

    I don’t have a major issue with what Mr. West did in a time of war. Nor do I have a serious problem with a 19 year old getting drunk in a bar. My problem is that I would love to vote for a candidate who can tell me what he will do to better our lives if elected, not why he/she is a better choice than the other one. Run on your own merits and not the failings of others

  36. Alex Says:

    Our Serviceman & woman are fighting an enemy that does not wear uniforms, serve a nation or follow any code of conduct.

    I thank Allen West for his service.

    I wouldn’t want a Congressman Murphy standing in judgement of my son’s actions during a combat operation.

  37. LOL @ West Says:

    The funny thing is that the kind of rhetoric spouted by right wing lunatics on this site and others, in immitating West’s abusive style of rhetoric, is EXACTLY why all of the polls are showing West’s favorability ratings with astronomically high dislike numbers.

    Go Patrick Murphy!

  38. Mike Says:

    If Allen West believed he would have been judged innocent at trial he would have taken the risk.
    He chose to accept his deal and finds himself a US Congressman.
    One undeserving re-election.
    Serving in our Military is a position that deserves great respect.
    Disrespecting the job by acting outside of the rules of engagement appears to be something many commenters here belive is honorable.
    They must ask themselves why they choose to disrespect the conventions of war and answer why they are proud of men who dishonor our Flag.

  39. LOL @ West Says:

    “Our Serviceman & woman are fighting an enemy that does not wear uniforms, serve a nation or follow any code of conduct.”

    So we shouldn’t follow code of conduct too?

    LOL, really?

    In what universe does that make any kind of logical sense? Not this one. Cmon Republicans, at least pretend that you support the rule of law for members of your own party. Sheesh.

  40. Mary Says:

    It is the responsibility of the C.O. to protect his soldiers and get them back from a combat zone alive. My son is currently serving in Afghanistan and I pray that he has someone willing to put a gun to an enemies head if it means getting my son back to me alive. Until Murphy and his team are willing to put on a uniform in defense of our country, they have no right to question the actions of the heroes who do…period.

  41. Bruce Says:

    I’m a former marine vet, and will still not support Allen West, because he is nothing more than a lap dog for Israeli interests. His rhetoric speaks for itself on who he’s really working for, and it’s definitely not the growing number of americans who are fed up with this self-serving, warmongering establishment!

  42. SouthPB Says:

    “Now if you shoot my dog, I’ma kill yo’ cat/Just the unwritten laws in rap….”–Jay-Z

    Allen West wanted to bring up assaulting police officers in 2003. It’s all fair game.

    One person, a 19 year old kid, gets thrown out of a bar and “verbally assaults” (read: curses at) a police officer.

    The other person, a 42 year old Lieutenant Colonel, has an Iraqi police officer seized, beaten, and then conducts a mock execution (a recognized form of TORTURE) on the Iraqi police officer. The information illicited from this mock execution turns out to be completely useless.

    Which one of these offenses speaks more towards the character of the man running for office? Especially when the man has a notorious reputation for acting aggressively and without consideration for his fellow human beings?

    One man got thrown out of a bar; the other man, for all intents and purposes, got thrown out of the Army.

  43. Jupiter resident Says:

    I am registered as a no party affiliation and have had a lot of discussions about this race. Like most of my friends, I will be voting for Congressman West because even though I have not always agreed with him at least he has some experience in leadership. Patrick Murphy on the other hand, comes across as an empty suit with a family trying to buy an election. He should run for a local election first so at least the voter knows what they are getting.

  44. ricardus Says:

    Some of that socialist rhetoric in South Florida is defintely anti-semetic.

  45. Legal Eagle Says:

    To all you partisan hacks who would follow a candidate into the pits of hell just because he/she has a (D) or (R) behind their name: I was Recently diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis; difficult to get up, down, and all the related maladies that go along with this disease – forget about hurrying to get to the restroom – can’t do it. Expensive to purchase product by the single pack at the stores; can’t always get there either and can’t always find the size I need. Having this wonderful product delivered to my home is a Godsend! I like the flexibility of being able to tear the sides for easier wearability. On good days, I can use them as pullups; on bad days, I can tear them apart and use them that way. Particularly strong; no leakage; no odors; when torn apart they are flexibly adjustable, which helps, as my weight seems to fluctuate with the RA. Once on, they don’t make a crinkling paper-like sound which is absolutely wonderful! Only my very closest family members and friends know I’m wearing them. Can’t say enough good about this product.

  46. HankS Says:

    Congressman West was honorably discharged from the US Army with full benefits. LTC West knew that the lives of his men were in danger, and was fully aware that his actions could impact his career with the military. LTC West is a true American hero. His most-famous quote of the entire incident: “If it’s about the lives of my soldiers at stake, I’d go through hell with a gasoline can.”

    There’s a YouTube video that describes the incident at

    Congressman Allen West is the real deal.

  47. HankS Says:

  48. SouthPB Says:


    Torture is torture.

    The fact is Yahya Hamoodi was ultimately released by the US Army without any charges. No weapons or plans of attack were ever found as a result of the “intelligence” Mr. West elicited at the barrel of a gun. It is doubtful that the supposed “ambush” that Mr. West feared was ever actually going to take place.

    Mr. West was not a military intelligence officer and had no business doing what he did. His actions helped perpetuate the notion amongst the Iraqi population that the Americans were not liberators but occupiers. That in part made things infinitely more difficult for our men on the ground in coming years.

    These are all facts documented in official Army reports.

    The bottom line is that your “true American hero” tortured an innocent human being. And that’s a stain that ought to be placed on Mr. West for the rest of his life.

  49. fairandbalanced Says:

    Want the real story? Here is is:

  50. Al Says:

    If I were in battle I would certainly want West with me.Trying to save lives is a good thing. We know from 911 how good our intelligence gathering is, or not. West did what he had to do based on the best information available. In times like that waiting around is not an option, unless of course you are drunk. It would appear the Democrats are desperate and without a clue as to the public response.

  51. West the coward Says:

    West is a psycho phony. No military hero. A coward. The protect his men thing is b s made up to spin the actions of a mentally unstable freak? Disgracing his country.

  52. LicenseToSteal Says:

    Poor liberal Murphy. The truth hurts! Whaaaaa!

  53. MLB Says:

    West must go! Enough said. Two years of nothing but getting in the way of progress. Bye-bye, West!! Go back to Georgia and run for office in that great state. We have enough whack jobs of our own to control.

  54. uptown girl Says:

    Agree w/#38Mike-West wouldn’t take the risk because he knows he’d be doin time right now!! But then again, he would’ve started with the race card thing, so all in all, he got his entitlement!!! Because if it were someone else, they’d be doin time. It appalls me that our military holds its’ Enlisted to a higher standard than its’ Officers that are supposed to be the LEADERS!! Guess it’s that ole, “Do as I say and not as I do” thing. At the time West joined the service, the Army accepted anyone that couldn’t get into the upper echelon services. People do show their true colors!!! All that said, I’m not saying Murphy is qualified either!

  55. RENEGADE Says:


    Yeah, West says’ “there is not one person in the room I wouldn’t sacrifice my life for”

    If West was so concerned about his fellow Americans he would have pointed that gun at his own head!!!

  56. David S. Levine, Hobe Sound Says:

    The twerp Murphy isn’t fit to shine Col. West’s shoes and should he attempt to do so shuld be given a swift kick in the face! the Democ-rats writing here are typical of what the Democ-rat Party has become–agents of every enemy of the United States because every enemy of the United States has a friend in the Democ-rat Party–a coalition of scum, slime, filth, vermin and manure! the fact that its primary electorate nominated a drunk bum for Congress and hasn’t abandoned him only goes to prove that point.

  57. Says:

    The accounts of West’s military cowardice/bad judgment in this incident are all online. Just google it. West is a coward. Pure yellow.

  58. uptown girl Says:

    @ David S. Levine-”a coalition of scum, slime, filth, vermin and manure!” That sounds a lot like the Gov. Rick Scott!!! What do ya think? He’s your party affiliation – the Re-THUG-licans!!

  59. Jay S Says:

    Every letter excusing West’s bizarre and sadistic behavior turns another independent against him, so keep it up, boys. Let that hate show!

    Come November 7th, you and your hero can drown your sorrows in booze together.

  60. SouthPB Says:

    Allen West “disobeyed laws, ignored orders … and mortgaged future discipline in his unit. Without discipline, there is no trust, no cohesion, and no higher purpose for which we fight.”

    Not my words, but those of the US Army.

    Allen West cannot seem to handle the truth.

  61. Mike Says:

    #56 We both value the First Amendment and it is nice to see how little you value your fellow Americans.
    I ask you to consider that the energetic dislike you appear to have for your fellow Americans is likely limited to posting on the Web.
    If you treated people like you type you would quickly find the world a lonely place.
    Every voter has the right to vote for the candidate of their choice.
    If your candidate wins be happy, if your candidate loses, understand that this year a majority determined there was a better candidate.
    Remember in 2008 132 million Americans voted. In 2010 89 million did.
    That simly means that when people lots of don’t vote Republicans are favored.
    It doesn’t mean they are a majority.

  62. SOME of the rest of the story Says:

    All Iraqis know the best way to eliminate your Iraqi enemy, or the guy you owe money to, or your lousy boss, or the neighbor you’re feuding with, etc, is to simply tell the Americans that “he’s a terrorist”. Appears that West bought that anonymous tip, grabbed Hamoodi, did the thumping and mock execution deed, and later saw Hamoodi walk free when it was clear the terrorist tip was just a bogus local grudge. No other Iraqis were detained nor any weapons uncovered as a result of West’s actions. Since negatives can’t be proven when they don’t happen, to say that a specific Hamoodi-orchestrated terrorist action was prevented is impossible to prove. West quickly realized his mistake and rightfully fell on his sword by admitting to his superiors of the action he took. Army knew West’s loose cannon conduct sent the message to every US soldier in a foreign land that it’s OK to charge outside the wire on a mere rumor from an unknown source and go rogue. EVERY US military leader and soldier had a price on his head in Iraq, but none did what West did. Worse yet, West goes outside the wire with a shoestring force, with no reaction force on call, no communications with the COC, and set himself up for another potential Blackhawk Down nightmare if Hamoodi was in fact dirty and had backup in ambush – exactly like West purported him to be beforehand. THAT’s what really got him canned by the Army! Great initiative, but stupid, amateurish judgment.
    Professionals just don’t conduct half-cocked, undermanned, undergunned, no planning, no coordination freelancing ops against terrorist cells on the basis of an anonymous tip. His knee-jerk, ready-fire-aim manner of taking action makes ya wonder how he’d act if he had a say on whether or not we go to war again. Scary.

  63. Gloria Schmidt Says:

    West had every right to bring up the differences between he and Murphy. Allen West is a leader and will win his seat in Congress.

  64. oletime11B Says:

    so many west supporters don’t know how wrong he really was, and how he should get a courtmartial…like any enlisted guy should have. Theyre hypnotized by a guy who wore a uniform because they failed to serve themselves. Guilty consciences.

  65. LOL @ West Says:


    “Currently we have some 40-45% of Americans who are not paying any taxes.” = MOSTLY FALSE

    “If you look at the application for a security clearance, I have a clearance that even the president of the United States cannot obtain because of my background.” = PANTS ON FIRE LIE

    “We had an amendment in the health care law that said the federal government is going to take over education.” = FALSE “China owns about 29 percent of (the U.S.) debt.” = FALSE

    “This is the first time in the history that we’ve had the raising of a debt limit also with spending cuts.” = FALSE

    “In the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, it was the Democrats who cut $500 billion from Medicare. And they also put in place the Independent Payment Advisory Board, 15 unelected bureaucrats, which will be making decisions about health care for our seniors and for all Americans.” = MOSTLY FALSE

    The EPA “wants to hire 230,000 new government regulators that will cost the taxpayer $21 billion.” = FALSE

    About 78 to 81 House Democrats “are members of the Communist Party. … It’s called the Congressional Progressive Caucus.” = PANTS ON FIRE LIE

    An “Obamacare slush fund” paid to spay and neuter dogs and cats, then counted it as an “anti-obesity campaign.” = FALSE  


    LOL @ West!!!

    It’s been a fun two years, following Allen West’s hilarious and deeply insane statements. But time’s up. And it’s time to get to work solving this country’s problems! Something Allen West will NEVER do because the policies he supports are WAY out of the mainstream.


  66. BustedUpGrunt Says:

    West must release his DD214 Discharge Certificate to show voters what Characterization of Discharge the Army granted West on his retirement, in lieu of a General Court Martial.

    Saying it won’t do; the proof is in seeing it.
    This, a lesson from West’s stated hero, Ronald Reagan who said “Trust, but Verify”.

  67. Jupiter Guy Says:

    As an honorably discharged veteran I am disgusted with mr. west. His actions are those of a coward, not someone who is supposed to be an officer and a gentleman. Why he isn’t in prison I don’t think anyone will ever know, but people need to know that he is not an honorable man.

  68. nemo Says:

    So Bito,

    Because West fired a gun near some guy’s head, your in a snit, because it’s a clear violation of the Geneva Convention. Had you ever been to war you would know how foolish you sound. This is mens lives we are speaking of, American lives, and you think we should base our actions on some set of rules. There is only one rule in war…don’t get killed, and Col. West did his best to be sure his men survived.

  69. Bito Says:

    @nemo, How do you know I havent been to war? Goes to show youre ignorance,you DO have to follow the rules,and you have to set an example, if that is the way he shows his example, you are just as dillusional as he is,once again you run youre mouth without the FACTS.I did serve my coutry and have an honorable discharge, DID YOU SERVE? Based on youre comments it seems that you didnt and dont have a clue of military conduct.

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