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Mack’s Mom: ‘We mothers understand’

by John Kennedy | October 15th, 2012

Republican U.S. Senate contender Connie Mack IV, dubbed by an earlier GOP opponent as the ‘Charlie Sheen of Florida’ for his youthful wild side, Monday began airing a TV spot featuring his mother promoting him while acknowledging he was “a bit of a handful.”

Mack was blistered by one-time primary rival George LeMieux for altercations which occured when he was in his 20s. They included a nightclub arrest in Jacksonville a few months after his father, Connie Mack III, was elected to the U.S. Senate, a fight a few years later with then-Atlanta Brave Ron Gant, and a couple earlier road rage episodes.

In the latest TV ad, Priscilla Mack said, “My Connie was a good kid, a bit of a handful. We mothers understand.”

The camera then turns to Connies pere et fil looking on with a sort of ‘boys will be boys’ expression.

The candidate’s campaign manager, Jeff Cohen, said the calculus behind the spot will pay off.

“In a sea of unbelievable negative TV ads, we are confident that this ad will truly stand out and reach voters in a very compelling way,” Cohen said.

Here’s the spot:


6 Responses to “Mack’s Mom: ‘We mothers understand’”

  1. Sheldon Adelson's $$$$$$$$ Says:

    Are you SERIOUS?

    His MOM?

    Does he need help with his homework?

    Sheldon Adelson’s $100 MILLION in propaganda isn’t enough, so he needs his MOMMY to help?

    Cornelius MacGillicuddy the IV… He’s had EVERYTHING — money, power, fame, and yes scantily clad women — handed to him at the snap of his fingers.

    Well, what this idiot needs to know is that you don’t get a Senate seat GIVEN to you. You must WORK for it by showing the people of Florida that you will be BETTER for them than your opponent. Seeing as how this fool has been handed everything in life, not unlike George W. Bush and Mitt “47%” Romney, we need to REJECT him and his entitled self and send him back to Hooters where he belongs. Yes, he worked at Hooters.

    Sorry, Florida is saying *NO* to Senator Hooters in 2012!

  2. Yes Says:

    No more liberals. Go Mack and Romney! Do we want more of this??

  3. 40 yrs = nothing for FL Says:

    It has to be said: Bill Nelson has been in political office in Florida for over 40 years.

    Can you name anything he has done for our state?

    We know that 26,000 jobs were lost on Florida’s space coast and that the states of Tx, Va, and Ca received space jobs…but not Florida.

    Nelson is not a guy looking out for Fl, we can’t afford another 6 years of Bill Nelson. and 46 years in public office is just too much for any person. Make your own money, stop living off the public.

    Florida must be competitive.

  4. Par for the course Says:

    You know that at tonight’s debate that Undecided questioners had to SUBMIT their question to moderator Candy Crowley then the President has a copy of those questions.

  5. R-MONEY Says:

    Top 10 firms that have donated to Romney:

    FOUR of them = BIG BANKS who caused the Great Recession!

    FOUR of them = PRIVATE EQUITY firms that have outsourced all our jobs to China!


    Ummm. Hello America! Wake UP America before it’s too late and Medicare is history. They want to end Medicare within the first 100 days of a Romney presidency. And slash taxes for the rich by 20%. And roll back women’s rights! Helloooo! WAKE UP!

    We CANNOT allow these vulture capitalists and profiteers without a conscience to control our entire country. It would be utter devastation Just like under Bush.

    Here is the full list:

    Below is a list of the top 10 firms whose employees gave the most in contributions to the fund.


    Description: Bank

    Total amount: $1.3 million

    Note: Has remained a Number One giver to Romney’s Victory Fund and notably kicked up its giving from the second quarter, when its employees gave $902,310.


    Description: Private equity firm

    Total amount: $986,400

    Note: Joins other financial firms on the top ten list for the first time.


    Description: Bank

    Total amount: $827,941

    Note: Jumps to this position from Number Eight in the second quarter, when its employees gave $304,410.


    Description: Hedge fund

    Total amount: $812,750

    Note: Was the second-biggest donor in the second quarter with $771,600 coming from its employees.


    Description: Private equity firm

    Total amount: $810,660

    Note: Employees of Romney’s former company have slowed their giving; in the second quarter, Bain was Number Three with $757,100 in donations.


    Description: Philadelphia-based orthopedic care institute

    Total amount: $806,200

    Note: A new addition to the top ten list.

    7. H.I.G. CAPITAL

    Description: Private equity firm

    Total amount: $706,750

    Note: Was the sixth-biggest giver in the second quarter with $338,250.


    Description: Bank

    Total amount: $660,968

    Note: Employees have nearly doubled their giving from the $309,450 they donated in the second quarter, when the bank was Number Seven on the list.


    Description: Private equity firm

    Total amount: $574,653

    Note: Donations from the buyout firm have slowed – the company’s employees gave $498,550 in the second quarter – sending it from Number Four to Number Nine.


    Description: Bank

    Total amount: $465,779

    Note: U.S. employees of the Swiss multinational bank had given $283,985 by the end of June when it was Number Nine.

  6. Neoskin IS NOT dishwasher safe! Says:

    @ R-MONEY

    To be fair, at least half of those entities you listed are HUGE Democrat donors as well. Your list is Ok and when I first saw this, I thought it must be good. It’s a thousand dollars for Christ’s sake.
    I did like the NeoSkin. It felt just like real mocha man. However, NeoSkin must not be dishwasher safe, because when my son opened the dishwasher to put the dishes away, it melted to his hand and we had to go to the hospital. They were at least able to save 1 side of the dildo. THANK god. After that though i didn’t use it much because a lot of skin was stuck in it. But all and all id give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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