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Mack gets another PAC in his corner

by John Kennedy | October 9th, 2012

Republican U.S. Senate contender Connie Mack, already the beneficiary of heavy third-party spending in his bid to unseat Democrat Bill Nelson, got another organization in his corner Tuesday.

RAND PAC, a leadership fund run by Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul, is airing a TV spot attacking Nelson for his support of sending foreign aid to Libya, Egypt and Pakistan. Paul said he is siding with Mack for his refusal to support anti-American regimes.

 “Our country is $16 trillion in debt and faces yet another trillion dollar deficit,” Paul said. “It makes no sense to send our hared-earned taxpayer dollars overseas, especially to countries with hostile governments that hate us.

 Mack also was endorsed Tuesday by the Florida Medical Association, an opponent of the federal health care overhaul which singled out Nelson for his support of the measure.

Here’s the Paul spot:

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4 Responses to “Mack gets another PAC in his corner”

  1. Irving Says:

    Wingnuts for MACK

  2. Whoa Momma it fit! Says:

    It’s partisan hacks like you that make me want to vomit! You will blindly follow whoever MSNBC or Al Sharpton tell you and I’ve always wanted to bottom but sticking so much as a finger up there sent me into convulsions of pain, so you can imagine my relief when the book asked me to mentally sign a “No Pain Contract” contract with myself. It took me about two weeks to get my butt in shape (literally) but I can report that it totally worked–I bottomed for the first time a couple of days ago without a hint of pain or a whiff of…well, you get the point.

    I was surprised how funny the book was–felt like I was reading Dan Savage’s younger brother. On the minus side, some diagrams or illustrations would have gone a long way. It’s unusually short (60 something pages) but after the first wave of disappointment in its length, I realized that’s probably why it was such a tremendous help to me–because it’s there to answer only one question–how to bottom without pain

  3. Lars in Lake Worth Says:

    @ Whoa Momma
    Easy there! No need to throw racial language like that! Why do you have to go down that road? Anyway on to my point, I bought this item about six months ago and have used it at least a dozen times. Yes it gets me off and yes the orgasms are earth shattering. I do find however, that for me, the areas this thing vibrates tend to not be right on the sweet spot or frenulum, directly under the glans. It vibrates incredibly, but it requires a lot of turning and pushing of buttons to the perfect rhythm. The other issue I and others have mentioned in other posts is that the control buttons are very finicky. Sometimes a press does nothing and sometimes it does. It goes on and off by itself occasionally as well.

  4. Mattrue Says:

    The repubs running around in high class with the hooker and the pimps on the prowl. Oh by the way another one of the sick repub conservatives just got 30 years in prison for his prowling, that’s right Jerry Sandusky was proud to have his friends tell the news media, all charges will be dropped, Jerry is a good conservative republican. It would have been better to tell the jury that he was a great follower of Jeffrey Dahmer, another one of the proud repubs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin who not only molested children he consumed them as well. This is the sickness of the repubs and the tea party in our country and they are all not guilty until they get caught. This is why I switched parties to stay in the middle away from hell.

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