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Mack campaign predicts Mack win — precisely

by John Kennedy | October 30th, 2012

Although most public polls show Republican Connie Mack trailing in Florida’s U.S. Senate race, the underdog’s campaign manager made a bold and very precise prediction Tuesday:

Mack will win. By 1.4 percent.

“Virtually every public poll shows that the race between Connie Mack and Bill Nelson has remained close and is now too close to call,” said the Mack campaign’s Jeff Cohen. “Our own campaign’s internal data shows very similar and even stronger trends.”

Cohen said those in the campaign “are absolutely confident that Connie Mack will win by 1.4 percent and will be Florida’s next U.S. senator.”


3 Responses to “Mack campaign predicts Mack win — precisely”

  1. FL_Independent Says:

    So much like Aronberg’s internal 49-24 data shows him leading, Mack is doing similarly? Is that how things will go? Just tout your own numbers that you came up with PROCLAIMING victory. I’m so glad I chose to be an Independent.

  2. Franklin Says:

    If Bill Nelson wins we are going to get exactly what we have coming to us. More debt, more borrowing from China, and more tax payer dollars spend to foreign aid… not to mention outrage in the future when our country can’t afford its entitlements. Its too bad that many times its too late when people finally wake up. Bill Nelson has voted for EVERY debt increase and has done nothing to balance the budget.

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