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Group branded ‘communist’ by West endorses Murphy, Frankel

by George Bennett | October 5th, 2012

The political arm of the Congressional Progressive Caucus — the liberal group whose members were called communists by Republican U.S. Rep. Allen West this year — has endorsed West’s Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy.

Democratic congressional candidate Lois Frankel also got an endorsement from the Progressive Action PAC, which is the leadership PAC for the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

The caucus got lots of publicity in April when West, at a campaign event, was asked “What percentage of the American legislature do you think are card-carrying Marxists or international Socialists?”

West’s response: “I believe there’s about 78 to 81 members of the Democrat Party that are members of the Communist Party…No, they actually don’t hide it. It’s called the Congressional Progressive Caucus.”

The caucus called West’s remarks “outrageous.” Murphy responded to West’s remarks at the time by sending out a fundraising appeal seeking money to counter West’s “outrageous views” and “tea party extremism.”


18 Responses to “Group branded ‘communist’ by West endorses Murphy, Frankel”

  1. Allen's Daughter Says:

    Aubrey wrote: “Hello, my name is Aubrey West and I would like to discuss about somethings that have been occurring in the press today. My parents are good and honorable human beings that have been strong for not only my sister and I but also our new addition to our family Lin who is a Chinese foreign exchange student. The recent attacks on both my mother and fathers character has been downright wrong and false. This election for this year should be one that is focused in on policies and ethics, not personal attacks on a family that sacrifices so much for their Country. My father has been serving the people of the United States for 22 years. During that time I have had to watch my father leave to go fight wars to protect this Country and now he is still serving his Country and people are spreading false and hurtful things about my parents who continue to this day to sacrifice for this Country.

    “I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.
    I am an American Soldier.”
    -Soldiers Creed-Army Values

    -”All soldiers are entitled to outstanding leadership; I will provide that leadership. I know my soldiers and I will always place their needs above my own.”
    -”I will not compromise my integrity, nor my moral courage.”
    -NCO Creed-

    My father has not forgotten these words since he first spoke them during his service. He continues to serve and he continues to provide outstanding leadership, but now to the people of the US.
    For those who have served they know what it is like to say goodbye to a loved one. For the media to take such precious shared moments and warp them into abhorrent lies is disrespectful to the sacrifice and love that this family has shown, the dedication and service my father has shown, and continues to show to the Citizens of the United States of America.

  2. Allen West Must Go! Says:

    Dear Allen’s Daughter,

    If you really are Allen West’s daughter, I’d like you to know that as a Jewish American I have been offended by his repeated comparisons of Democrats to Nazis.

    Being that I am a constituent of his, I called his office to see if he would apologize to me for making such hurtful comments about his own constituents.

    He refused.

    I called his office for WEEKS trying to get some kind of response as to why he would associate Jewish people with Nazis and to get an apology from his office.

    They refused to treat me, again his own constituent who he is supposed to be representing in Congress, as a human being with dignity and respect.

    Your father, Allen West, may have served this country for 22 years in the military, but he is NOT serving the people in his current job.

    I am a gainfully employed Jewish Amercan. I pay taxes. I work. I work hard for the pay I receive. And I am proud of my contribution to the betterment of America in paying the taxes I owe. I busted my butt to go to a great college and get an education that would train me to be a good, productive member of society, and that is what I am.

    I want you, Aubrey, to explain to me why someone like me. A Jewish American in the middle class who takes no “hand-outs” is — to use your father’s words:

    “A threat to the gene pool.”

    Please explain why all of my hard work, and my adherence to Judeo-Christian morals, should be so casually dismissed.

    Please explain who exactly your father thinks he is that he can cast me into a pit of “undesirables”.

    Please explain to me why all of my years of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears, of working hard to get ahead, years of studying and preparing to be the best I can be… Why ALL OF THAT can be kicked aside and that I can be insulted and humiliated by your father.

    Please explain that for me, Aubrey.

    The sad truth is that Allen West is a disgrace to this country and to middle class Americans who he has repeatedly, and intentionally, insulted in his role as “reprsentative” of FL-22.

    Allen West has failed to represent the hearts and minds of the people of Florida, and it is time he realizes that the level of hatred he has unleashed on his own constituents has become his downfall.

  3. @ AW Must Go! Says:

    No one has possession of words. “Nazi” is a term that can be used by all people.

    Since when do jewish people control the word, “NAZI”?

    Jews are much like muslims when it comes to religion.

    Both are offended when others say things about their religion and produce media that is ‘offensive’ to them. Jesus was painted in urine-’it’s art’ and Madonna defiled the catholic religion in her videos.

    Jews don’t own words. Muslims can’t control film makers. Freedom of expression, speech is guaranteed-well, so far-in America.

    Jews can’t exempt muslims from wanting to protect their religion, as jews want to protect their own religion. That’s is hypocritical.

    There are muslim who work and pay taxes in this country. They deserve the same respect as jews who want respect for their religion.

    And Audrey, I will be voting for your father.

    I appreciate his military service and the need to protect his troops from the diabolical enemies in those foreign countries which have slaughtered and continue to slaughter our troops in the WAR torn Middle East.

    I am a taxpayer. I am an Independent voter. I will vote for Colonel West.

    It’s hard for those who have relatives in the political arena. Maybe one day, you or your sister will be spurred to serve your country as your father has done.

    Good luck and be proud!

  4. Allen West Must Go! Says:

    Um, maybe I don’t like being called a Nazi because I had whole branches of my family tree mass murdered in the Holocaust?

    Ever think of that you idiot?

    Yes, Allen West is free to call me Josef Goebbles, but it is INSULTING to me and my family. It is INSULTING to the families of more than 6 million Jews who were killed by the Nazis.

    It is sickening that anyone would exhibit such horrific behavior by a “public servant” towards his own constituents.

    I am a hard-working, tax-paying, Middle Class American Jew.

    Allen West is not just insulting my politics, he is insulting WHO I AM. He is insulting my hard work and my studies. He is insulting my parents and my teachers. He is insulting my Grandparents who were born into poverty but worked to build a nest-egg to send the next generation, my parents, to college.

    He is not just insulting ME.

    He is insulting AMERICA and the AMERICAN DREAM.

    It is time to hold him accountable for his decision to insult his own constituents.

    Thank God we live in a country where we can vote out disgusting tyrants like Allen West and replace him with people who have DIGNITY and RESPECT for their country and their fellow countrymen and women.

  5. BustedUpGrunt Says:

    @Allen’s Daughter
    If you are in fact his daughter, will your Dad release his DD214 Certificate of Discharge so that voters can actually view his character of service?……without others telling us what it is?

  6. Robert Briere Says:

    Gee, how come anything that Allen West doesn’t like is communist? Does Allen West, like so many of his followers, even know the definition of communist? Or, the definition of socialist? I doubt it. They throw these words around in an attempt to insult people. Better watch out Mr. West, as calling people these so called “bad” words is liable to back fire on you. Since you Mr. West, have been such a lousy Congressman, who hasn’t accomplished anything as a Congressman, your calling people “bad” names is liable to become a Badge of Honor for them and something to be proud of! You, Allen West are a despicable, vile individual who never learned the meaning of what democracy is all about and who has lived off of the public all of your entire life. “Bad” names can be something good when used by cretins who have no concept of what America is supposed to be all about!

  7. James Barber Says:

    Dear All,

    I am a retired black LTC just like Allen West and Allen is correct about the 78 to 81. Back in 1998, I saw the list of members of Congress who were members of the Democratic Socialist of America (DSA). Current members of Congress on that list are Maxine Waters of CA-35 and Gerold Nadler of NY. When I saw the list I call several members including Maxine (202-225-2205). Shortly after my calls, the names were removed.

    The real problem with REP West is that he is doing the work that Speaker Boehner should be doing and wants to restore the Constitution.


    Aubrey West you make your daddy proud! You are a bright beacon amongst the vile behavior already on this article. You are a shining example of everything that your daddy exemplifies.

    I stand proudly with your dad and your family as you are what the American dream is all about.

    Allen West for Congress!

  9. HankS Says:

    Mr Barber and Congressman West speak the truth about socialists. Please take a look at

    Obama is the last great hope of the progressives, who have been setting up for the past century to advance their Soros world-view agenda.

  10. Legal Eagle Says:

    @ AW Must Go!
    Just stop it already, I can’t believe you said that. Now to my main points, my sexual journey in life as a woman has been one of self-exploration, reading and then experimentation, a path which few women ever take. Most men don’t get to learn women’s bodies because the majority of women don’t know what to show them except their vibrators (which I will not use)……….I thought I was quite educated on the subject, but at the tender age of 54, I am not ashamed to say that I learned amazing things from this book..

    I have just received an invitation to speak in front of a group of young women about female sensuality, eroticism and sexual techniques. Only your book will be offered at this workshop which will be presented as one of the most important books that they will ever read on the subject of her body and the many possibilities for pleasure besides intercourse.

  11. Polly Forestier Says:

    Who of us would want to take the abuse, the hateful comments, the bitterness that is being imposed on West, Romney, Ryan, and other good men and women, republican or democrat, who put themselves out there to help make our country better? If you lean toward government control of everything then visit and you’ll be right at home with 81 other members of congress who belong to the socialist party and when Col. West was asked the truth as he knew it how many members of congress were socialist, he answered correctly. We probably have 30 other organizations out to do us harm The vile comments above would certainly make me take a second look as to why I would take such abuse to represent a group of people with no appreciation and thanks for the years of service protecting the land we are supposed to love. Our Republic is going down the tube and all we hear is bickering and complaints. If we have 4 more years of what we are now experiencing, it won’t take 4…it’ll happen in one. Obama is just waiting for the green light of election as a signal to do as he pleases and that’s to make our great country like every other country that’s opposite of what we have… freedom and the right to chose our destiny. My heart aches for America. Wake up people and pray…that may be all we have left.

  12. Brian O'Donaghey Says:

    Take a look at yourselves.
    The screaming Democrats and Republicans are at each other’s American throats. No wonder so many people are abandoning both major parties in droves. The bases of both parties are extremists, demanding full and total control with absolutely no compromise for the general good of all citizens. With the exception of religious ideology and murder, both parties are no different than the Taliban or Al-Qaeda in their foaming-at-the-mouth extremism. It’s no wonder that moderate, middle of the road Independents find the hateful speech and rigidity of both parties to be repulsive and un-American. The anonymous, cowardly, divisive trash they spew from behind their keyboards is perhaps the first demonstrated argument AGAINST free speech that I’ve ever heard. I am ashamed to call them fellow Americans. They’ve taken that wonderful First Amendment and made it a parody of itself.

  13. Allen West Must Go! Says:

    So you all know I work for Patrick Murphy and get paid big money to back him.
    His Father also pays me very well to monitor all the media sites.
    I don’t live in the WEST district!
    Don’t believe me?
    Go to my facebook page, ALLEN WEST MUST GO!

  14. child abuse victims Says:

    New Florida Child Abuse Mandatory Reporting law fs 39.201 is a SHAM! It turns the individual reports back over the local Sheriff’s Office for their discretion to investigate as the see fit. This is what happened in the Green Isle Boys Ranch Rapes when the local sheriff protected his friend the juvenile rapist!
    Florida Lake County Sheriff Gary Borders and his friends ran the Green Isle Boys Ranch at the same time Jerry Sandusky and his friends ran the Second Mile. For over twenty years this place was a house of horror’s for the little boy victims of rapes – most under the ages of 15 years. The sheriff covered up all the reports of rapes and abuse of the boys. The ones he could not keep hidden from the public he had the help from 5th Circuit State Attorney Brad King and the judiciary to help him cover them up! When the last five rapes finally became public he and his friends covered up his cover ups. State Attorney Brad King faked a prosecution and an unidentified Circuit Judge faked an appearance and sentencing of the rapist. This rapist is on the street s of Citrus County , Fl and continuing to abuse his male lovers one of whom has filed a dating violence injunction against him. Florida authorities including Federal authorities in Florida continue to cover up these abuses and to this day not one person has ever been sent to prison for these untold numbers of sex abuse crimes committed against the little boys of Green Isle Ranch.

  15. Searcher Says:

    So, I used to have Rooney as a Rep., and he wasn’t a bad Rep. Now I have to chose between the PSYCHO and the occasional drunk. I don’t think the PSYCHO can be helped, so I’ll go for Murphy. At least St. Patty’s Day will be FUN that way!

  16. Rider I Says:

    This is not ridiculous at all. Alone in the US Democrats have voted to allow the Communist Party who wishes to destroy our economy and country to be allowed into government seats.

    Rider I

  17. Melodi Says:

    This past week, Trump offered to give $5 million to a charity of Obama’s choice if he releases his college and passport records. Obama responded by telling his own joke about him and Trump fighting while growing up in Kenya.

  18. Best of Reddit Says:

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