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Frankel seeks donations after Hasner catches up in poll

by Andrew Abramson | October 9th, 2012

Instead of disputing Monday’s poll that showed Lois Frankel and Adam Hasner in a dead heat at 44 percent each (with 12 percent undecided) in the District 22 congressional race, Frankel’s campaign is spreading the word about the razor-thin poll and asking supporters for donations.


“The first 24 hours after a poll like this is released are the most critical. All eyes will be on our response,” Frankel’s campaign manager Jon Bray wrote in an e-mail to supporters. “Please contribute now to have your gift matched. For this email only, a generous donor has agreed to match all gifts made in the next 24 hours.”

With Democrats having a 9-point registration advantage over Republican in redrawn District 22, and Allen West opting to leave the district, Frankel entered the race as a large favorite. But the poll, taken largely after Wednesday’s presidential debate, shows Hasner hanging with Frankel. Hasner’s campaign reported raising $650,000 in the most recent quarter.

Despite Monday’s poll, other outlets are still convinced Frankel will win the race. The Cook Political Report and Roll Call have the race as “Likely Democrat” while Rothenberg calls it “Democrat Favored” and Sabato’s Crystal Ball says the race “Leans Democratic.”


16 Responses to “Frankel seeks donations after Hasner catches up in poll”

  1. scott Says:

    Just what we need, another socialist New Yorker in congress.

  2. No more thank you Says:

    Can we donate money to send her back to Poland or something? We really cannot afford another frankel induced digital domain scam or 180 million city hall citizen rip off..

  3. Sandy Says:

    “a generous donor has agreed to match all gifts made in the next 24 hours” Would that be Textor from Digital Domain matching gifts? He best be saving his money for his bail when they catch up to him! Hopefully her career as a career crook are over.

  4. PBC JEW Says:

    Are You Crazy. I’ll donate to her campaign soon after I flush the toilet and I hope the contents in my toilet get’s to her campaign fund! Who is this generous donor. Frankles campaign is becoming close to the TV evangelist scams. Why don’t you ask the people who were ruined by your back door mentality

  5. R u kidding me Says:

    Wow, finally the fine voters of Florida have seen through this vial human being. Lois frankel has destroyed west palm beach and continues to do so through the current administration. You cannot forget Lois the digital domain debacle, and that is what will do you run for congress in. You are a hateful vindictive person who is only kind when you need a vote. This democrat will be voting for hasner.

  6. LOWis Says:

    Yes, donate for ME! Give me more of your money! I have a party to go to and I need to pay the police to use their helicopter again! I want to use your money to invest in nonsense companies!

    I’m always on MY side, ALWAYS!!!

  7. Downtown Danny Says:

    Lois Frankel is a liar, a crook, a closet lesbian who practices nepotism at every turn, a power hungry jerk who has insulted every one in WPB over & over.
    This is a woman who went to court to stop WPB residents from having the right to vote on spending $400 million on a new city hall we did not want or need.
    This is a woman who tore down the most historic waterfront library in the state and replaced it with a piece of grass.

  8. Truth Teller Says:

    What a surprise! It’s a good thing this poll came out when it did because they must have run out of left wing liberal crazies to place on the bottom of one of there emails solicitating a contribution. Usually the polls reflect momentum, I think the public finally figured out the LOIS IS ALWAYS ON HER OWN SIDE, ALWAYS.
    Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Barbara Boxer, all of these people have asked for money on behalf of Lois. Surely, this alone should make it clear that graduating to Washington can only mean that her mistakes will cost the public billions instead of the millions she cost the tax payers of West Palm Beach!

  9. Legal Eagle Says:

    “Frankel ruined WPB” ????!!!!!!!????????

    Are you serious?! If anyone “ruined” WPB, it was George W. Bush! He stole the election in 2000 and I’ve had re-occurring yeast infections since a teenager (about 10 years ago), but I began having foul odor about 6 months ago. I’ve tried douching, which just covers up the odor. The repeated yeast infections were annoying, but my solution was the usual prescribed antibiotic from my GYN or over-the-counter medicine. But once the foul odor began, something had to give. I was tested for everything and all results were negative, which was a relief in itself, but I didn’t think I could live with the odor any longer. My GYN suggested I try probiotic, ‘Florastor’, for the prevention of my yeast infections. I used Florastor for about 3 months, but my yeast infections kept re-occurring and I still had a foul odor. Frustration and excuses to avoid being intimate with my boyfriend put me in a depressed state. I needed something fast so I researched ‘vaginal foul odor relief’ and found Femanol. I had nothing to lose, so I ordered a bottle, then 3 as a back-up because I was convinced by the reviews and website that this product actually works. The odor became mild, but did not vanish completely. Then returned back to the strong foul odor. Don’t waste your money on this. It’s not even FDA approved. I was told by the company that I can only return one bottle. It’s not just a waste, it’s a scam. I just ordered “Waterworks”, which is the only feminine odor relief product that is FDA approved. I haven’t received it yet, so I’ll be back for an update on how that works.

  10. Allen West Must Go! Says:

    Way to go Lois! Go get ‘em! You are always on our side. I remember going to see her in her office in WPB and needed some advise and was blown away. I’ve tried many anal ease creams and this is the most affordable and reliable one ive tried. It doesnt burn and it starts to work immediatly. Other creams ive tried take time to work and still dont ease the pain. I am pleased with the price and results. Highly recommend this product. Enjoy!

  11. back door Says:

    this lady caused our company to lose many thousands of dollars when she dictated over wpb. she went back on her word…and laughed about it. If I could vote twice it would be for Hasner

  12. Rabbi Hamadinijad Says:

    Tell her to seek donations from the Jewish Federation of Cheap Bastards.

  13. Legal Eagle Says:

    @ back door
    really? a mayor caused your company to lose money? exaggerates much? I read the other review and that person must have misread the directions for wearing these!! There is NO need for adhesive. These are meant to be folded and placed between the cheeks of your buttocks. In other words, they are folded and placed right in your crack-up against your anus. I have used these for several weeks now and they have saved my undies from fecal incontinence and they stay in place when properly positioned as directed.

    I walk around, sit down, stand up and they stay in place and do a great job of keeping embarrassing accidents from soiling my panties and interrupting my social and work life. I wear them to bed, too.

    If you have a problem and need to help them stay in place, I advise using diaper rash ointment on the interior of your cheeks. Again, this is really not necessary if you follow the directions on the box.

  14. Lars in Lake Worth Says:

    I bought this item about six months ago and have used it at least a dozen times. Yes it gets me off and yes the orgasms are earth shattering. I do find however, that for me, the areas this thing vibrates tend to not be right on the sweet spot or frenulum, directly under the glans. It vibrates incredibly, but it requires a lot of turning and pushing of buttons to the perfect rhythm. The other issue I and others have mentioned in other posts is that the control buttons are very finicky. Sometimes a press does nothing and sometimes it does. It goes on and off by itself occasionally as well.

  15. Little LuLu Says:

    Oh, so now there’s a generous donor waiting to match contributions to Lois Frankel but only for 24 hours? Sounds like a desperate last minute scam. Sounds like a line from a slick salesman, “the offer is only good for today”. Frankel is desperate, just like she was when she tried to get a shot at a third term as mayor of WPB. She tried rigging the charter review committee which failed. Then she tried petitions, having supporters collect signatures for her on city hall premises. The public has no money for you, we’re saving for the bond payments due on city hall.

  16. Allen West Must Go! Says:


    Every time the name Lois Frankel is mentioned, a BROOKS BROTHERS RIOT breaks out.

    Pathetic. The funny thing is that this is the BEST Hasner’s paid trolls can do.

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