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Frankel leads Hasner by 3 points in WPTV poll

by Andrew Abramson | October 17th, 2012

Lois Frankel leads Adam Hasner 47 percent to 44 percent in a poll released today by WPTV/FL Democracy 2012.

The poll of 500 likely voters has a 4 percent margin of error. This comes the same day the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee poll showed Frankel with a 10-point lead over Hasner.

WPTV’s poll showed that 34 percent of voters in District 22 have a favorable view of Frankel while 31 percent have an unfavorable view. Hasner had a 31 percent favorability rating with 27 percent unfavorable.

President Obama is leading Mitt Romney 51 percent to 44 percent in the Palm Beach/Broward district, which has a 9 point edge in registered Democrats.

Frankel leads women voters 54 percent to 38 percent while Hasner leads male voters 50 percent to 39 percent.

Frankel lead non-affiliated voters 47 percent to 41 percent.

Perhaps surprising is that Hasner leads Frankel 47 percent to 43 percent in Palm Beach County, while Frankel has a 50 percent to 41 percent advantage in Broward County.

While both candidates are from Palm Beach County, Frankel is from the heart of the county in West Palm Beach, while Hasner is from Boca Raton in far south county. However, 20 percent of the district is in Boca/Delray while only 5 percent is in West Palm Beach.


6 Responses to “Frankel leads Hasner by 3 points in WPTV poll”

  1. GO LOIS!!! Says:

    Lois is a solid vote for women, for the Middle Class, for Medicare.

    There is no reason — NO reason — to elect a Republican just to gum up the works for another 2 years.

    People want solutions?
    People want the economy to improve?
    People want jobs?

    Then it’s not time for “government to get out of the way”.

    It’s time for the Republican Tea Party to get out of the way.


    Vote Early (Oct 27 – Nov 3)

    Vote By Mail:

  2. GO LOIS!!! Says:

    Btw, you can request to Vote By Mail up through 10/31.

    All you have to do is call your county elections chief and request one. It will be mailed to you. You fill out your ballot in your home, and then you just mail it in so that it gets to the elections chief by 7pm on election day, Nov 6th. Real easy.

    Palm Beach County: 561-656-6200
    Broward County: 954-357-7050


  3. More Info needed! Says:

    1. Likely voters were polled.

    2. How many democrats were polled? did WPTV say?

    3. How many republicans were polled did WPTV say?

    4. How many Independents were polled did WPTV say?

    that’s very important information needed in this poll outcome.

    If you poll more democrats than republicans or independents then that shows bias, as it would if more republicans were polled.

    Come on! Be more sophisticated with polling!

  4. Shrill and Silences the Public Says:

    Lois Frankel does not have the personality to represent the people.

    Her past history is indicative of censoring the public in their speaking at meetings and as citizens seeking to put forth a referendum.

    Keep in mind, that Frankel has left the CIty of WPB in debt.

  5. Jamba Says:

    And the results of the “Welcome to the Real World, Not Some Liberal Fantasy” Poll are:
    Hasner — 59 percent
    Lois — 41 percent

  6. Omegle Says:

    I guess we got to wait and see who will win.

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