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Frankel, Hasner lay it out in Post debate

by Andrew Abramson | October 17th, 2012

Lois Frankel and Adam Hasner squared off for the first time today at The Palm Beach Post District 22 congressional debate.

Before they talked about Medicare and the housing crisis, they immediately went after each other on more touchy issues — Digital Domain and Super PACs.

“(Former Digital Domain CEO) John Textor donated $20,000 to (Frankel’s) campaign,” Hasner said. “It goes along the lines of a long culture of corruption we’ve seen in West Palm Beach for far too long. … Why did John Textor get money from the city of West Palm Beach and was it in response to the $20,000 he gave to Frankel’s campaign?”

Photo by Lannis Waters/The Post

Digital Domain was the visual effects company that recently went bankrupt after receiving money and grants from the state, West Palm Beach and Port St. Lucie. Frankel was mayor of West Palm Beach when the city entered into an agreement with Digital Domain. West Palm Beach has already spent $2 million and is fighting in court to get $10 million in land back that it gave to Digital Domain.

Frankel shot back that she wasn’t running for office when the deal with Digital Domain was signed (Frankel announced her congressional campaign four months later).

Frankel said it’s Hasner who’s receiving support from questionable places.

“You have now spent almost $300,000 to $400,000 from Super PACs with fancy names that we don’t know who the donors are,” Frankel said.

Hasner said he can’t control Super PAC money.

“Your claim of Super PACs, you know I have nothing to do with, you’re trying to divert and distract attention from campaign contributions you received from Mr. Textor,” Hasner said.

On Medicare, Frankel said to Hasner, “Instead of saving and extending the life of Medicare, you give it back to the very rich in tax breaks.”

Hasner responded, “My plan protects everybody 55 and over with no changes to their benefits. You’re going to hear scare tactics from Ms Frankel.”

On health care, Frankel said, “The Obamacare plan is going to take 33 million people and put them into the insurance market.” Hasner shot back, “I don’t think anybody really believes we can add 33 million people into the system without increasing cost on taxpayers.”

When candidates were allowed to ask a question to each other, Hasner asked Frankel if she would join him and pledge to voluntarily term limit herself and not take a congressional pension.

Frankel responded, “Here’s a deal. I’ll consider your pledge. I want you to consider mine. My pledge is to not privatize Medicare. My pledge is to not give the ultra-rich more tax breaks at the expense of taking loans from students. My pledge is to never take away the right of choice. If you can promise that, if you can take that pledge, I’ll consider yours.”


39 Responses to “Frankel, Hasner lay it out in Post debate”

  1. Zagare Says:

    I thought Adam hasner mad a great case for himself, and that wuite predictably, Lois Frankel came off as someone who just wants to continue eating at the public trough.

  2. GO LOIS!!! Says:

    How can anyone vote for a $HILL like Adam Hasner?

    He just lied about Medicare.

    The Ryan Plan which is supported by ALL Republicans ENDED Medicare.

    The pathetic, disgusting VOUCHER program that Ha$ner wants would end up costing each and every one of our amazing senior citizens — The Greatest Generation — would end up costing each and every Senior more than $600 DOLLARS!

    Oh, ok, now Adam Ha$ner says that adding 30 million people to the health insurance market won’t bring down costs!!! LOLOL!!!

    I guess he hates the principle of free market competition!

    I don’t think the Sheldon Adel$on and Kock Bros $$$$$ is very well spent! They’re certainly not getting their money’s worth hahaha!

    Frankel wins in a walk.

  3. Dontvoteforcronies Says:

    They both showed how the entitled political class is utterly devoid of conscience.

  4. GO LOIS!!! Says:



    I was FOR transportation innovation before I was AGAINST it!


    Somebody give this guy the hook. His 15 minutes are DONE!

    Go Lois!

    Obama crushed R-MONEY last night and Lois just sealed the deal for her seat in Congress.

    GOTV Dems! Let’s volunteer if you can, make some phone calls, and VOTE EARLY!

    You can still request a VOTE BY MAIL ballot up until October 31st. So, Dems, go tell your friends, Vote By Mail is the way to go. Fill out the 10 page ballot in the comfort of your own home rather than with 15 people behind you tapping their toes.

    Here is the link for more info about Vote By Mail:

    Fire Up, Ready To Go!

  5. Tom Says:

    Hasner is running an especially hypocritical campaign. Taking republican money and running TV ads talking about the evils of partisan politics. He is certainly right about the partisan politics, but if he really wanted to do something about, the last thing that might help is running as a republican.

  6. Stealing from a needy cause Says:

    If Medicare is in such dire straits, it’s going broke:

    why did President Obama steal, raid $716 billion from Medicare

    (why not just SAVE it for future Medicare members?!)

    and why give those billion$ and billion$ to Obamacare?

    Medicare needs all the money alloted to it.

    WHY steal from a needy program (Medicare) to give and fund the startup of a new program (Obamacare)?!

    Don’t steal from that bank (Medicare) and put money into a new bank (Obamacare) when Medicare is going bankrupt.

    It just doesn’t make sense to take money from Medicare to give to Obamacare.

    Think about that!

    That is a clear look at that raid from Medicare money given to Obamacare.

  7. SID NEEDS TO GO Says:

    Hasner was very impressive. LoLo is just another liberal politician.

  8. Hasner will work with all Says:

    You won’t read this in the Palm Beach Post Times:

    Adam Hasner wins endorsement from VOTERS COALITION!

    The Voters Coalition endorsed Hasner, republican AND Maria Sachs a democrat!

    The Post doesn’t report that UNBIASED ENDORSEMENT!

    VOTERS COALITION endorsed democrat SACHS and republican HASNER. Lois Frankel did NOT get the endorsement!

    PBA endorses Hasner
    Family Reearch Council endorses Hasner
    Bradshaw and Shanahan endorse Hasner

    Hasner will work with democrats. We Know from Lois Frankel’s history, she can not work with others.

    We need a united states. Frankel will not unite, she divides and alienates people.

    and for God’s sake look at the debt former Mayor Frankel has left citizens with. She’ll continue to do the same if elected to Congress.


    Go Hasner!

  9. GO LOIS!!! Says:

    And Dems, it is key this year that you don’t JUST vote for Obama and Frankel. Bill Nelson has earned our support. Patrick Murphy in FL-18 is going to Take Down Allen West!

    But we also need — NEED — for our future to defeat the abhorent, horrific Constitutional Amendments that are on the ballot this year.



    The Democratic Party has a lot of great candidates up and down the ticket. Another reason to vote the entire ticket this year? MARIA SACHS!!! We MUST stop the obscene Rick Scott Agenda! And one of the best ways to send him that message is to elect Maria Sachs to the FL State Senate. We need her to beat Ellyn Bogdanoff, who literally voted for the Rick Scott agenda 100% of the time. Not half the time. Not 3/4 of the time. Not 90% of the time. 100% of the time. This is unforgivable! Not to mention that Bogdanoff was the driving for behind the absurd bill in the FL Senate that would allow companies to literally torture pets by using chemical dyes on their fur and feathers to “amuse” us. As a pet lover and animal lover, I find this to be abusive and disgusting. Even more importantly, Bogdanoff actually supported CUTTING EDUCATION! She voted to cut $2 BILLION from education and supported a whole raft of bills that would destroy public education in favor of corrupt FOR-PROFIT charter schools run by right wing political cronies.

    All-in-All, Bogdanoff, Ha$ner, Rick Scott, Jeb Bush, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Mitt Romney… They all drink from the same Kool-aid which says to extract money from the Middle Class, eliminate the social safety net, stop investing in our future and continue to pump billions into the Military Industrial Complex (which Ike Eisenhower, a Republican, explicitly WARNED us about. They offer nothing but the same old top-down trickle-down lies that led to the Great Recession in the first place. ENOUGH of this failed trickle down Voodoo theory. It has failed every single time (Reagan, GHWBush, GWB, and Rick Scott too). So let’s get back to growing the heart of American, the Middle Class!

    So, Dems, Indies, NPAs, Moderates, centrist Republicans… Let’s GOTV for these candidates and these issues and let’s move this country FORWARD! Remember to VOTE EARLY and Vote By Mail!

  10. Janet Canterbury Says:

    I was very impressed with Lois Frankel’s command of issues and the strenth she showed in not allowing her opponent to “bully her” with half truths and attempts to have her agree to some bogus pledge agreeing to term limits and not taking a congressional pension–sounds to me like he thinks she is winning and wants her to limit herself in ways that bebefit him. This man needs to get a grip on reality—he can not continue to act as though he is not comitted to the Ryan plan and all its dire effects on seniors.

  11. Jamba Says:

    @Janet, are you really that uninformed? The Ryan plan does not affect seniors in any way, shape or form. Read it, instead of listening partisan hacks like Lois.

  12. GO LOIS!!! Says:

    “Stealing” said:

    “why not just SAVE it for future Medicare members?!”

    That is exactly what he did.

    Obamacare SAVED that money from being wasted. It’s like he just gave the Medicare program a massive discount. Those dollars were going to insurance companies and not providing care to seniors.

    So Obama and the Democrats — including Bill Nelson in the Senate — did exactly what you suggest they should. They reduced the cost of Medicare, and by doing that they extended the life of the program by EIGHT YEARS.

    I really wish people out there would read up on the right wing lie about Obamacare.

    This from Politifact, absolutely NAILING Paul Ryan, the architect of the right wing scheme to end the Medicare guarantee, for this same falsehood:

    “”"Ryan said Obama “funneled” $716 billion out of Medicare “at the expense of the elderly.” This gives a very misleading impression.

    In fact, the law limits payments to health care providers and insurers to try to reduce the rapid growth of future Medicare spending. Lawmakers said they hoped the measures would improve care and efficiency. Those savings, spread out over the next 10 years, are then used to offset costs created by the law (especially coverage for the uninsured) so that the overall law doesn’t add to the deficit. Ryan’s statement is exaggerated and we rate it MOSTLY FALSE.”"”

    Go read it yourself, “Stealing” and maybe next time do a Google search on the issues so you know what you’re talking about and aren’t misleading or lying to our Greatest Generation of Senior Citizens!

  13. Queen of Horror Says:

    Lois “Digital Domain” Frankel is the queen of special interests. The thought of her representing PBC “Corruption County” in the U.S. Congress is worthy of a Halloween horror flick.

  14. Downtown Danny Says:

    If a moderate Republican was running who did not want to take away abortions rights, make us a voucher society and support obamacare they would win easily.
    Frankel is a liar, a rude jerk who once in office changes like Jekyll & Hyde – but Hasner proved to be a follower, not a leader, a guy who will put in Mitt’s vouchers and screw every poor person he can.
    this race is not even worth voting in.

  15. Try looking around Says:

    All you need to know about Lois Frankel, you can learn by just looking at the fiscal mess she left in WPB. It’s been very well documented, even in the Post. If you don’t understand that, then vote for her. One more bottom feeder in Congress won’t make much difference once the country is broke.

  16. Alas! Says:

    Wow what a dilemma! On the one hand, we have a crooked corrupt politician like Lois Frankel, the ultimate pay to play insider, on the other hand, we have a status quo Republican who would do anything to win an election.

    And we wonder why people don’t vote. Surely we can do better than this garbage?

  17. stevereenie Says:

    Lois…give it up. She considers herself an entitled politician. She hasn’t offered any program, just slanderous lies against her opponent who ever it is.

    If she loses I’m afraid she surface next trying to get on the County Commissioner “gravy train.”

    Do us a favor Lois, Go to pasture…………………

  18. WPB resident Says:

    I think the questioners and moderator did a good job.
    I think Lois won the debate on substance.
    She said she trusts women — and we trust Lois to do a great job for us in Congress, just as she has as a hardworking public servant for many years. I have never known anyone who works harder or is more devoted to her constituents.

  19. Spence Says:

    Bagel smackdown!

  20. Jamba Says:

    Lois is certainly devoted to taking as much taxpayer money as possible to feed her special interest buddies. Lois won on substance — now that’s funny. Do people comprehend what they hear?

  21. jen Says:

    Lois is not gonna get much votes from wpb residents she did not leave this place vibrate and beautiful as she says. This place not as beautiful as she says, crime rates are high. when she was mayor she just working on the exterior of things so it seemed beautiful here and not the interior and kept screwing the city workers such as Police officers and fire figthers the people that would actually keep this place safe and vibrient.

  22. long gone from WPB Says:

    I have to laugh that LOLO said she wasn’t running when she took the $20,000 campaign donation (payola). She ran for governor in 2004, oops—SAID she was running for governor, got campaign war chest of over $300,000 which isn’t much for gubernatorial race, but when you quit and run for mayor of West Palm Beach, it is A LOT of money. She beat her opponent and ran the city into the ground. FACT: Lois is always running, and FACT: she would never give up a pension or any perk. Ever. Even if she says she’s on our side, in the words of Joe Biden. MALARKY.

  23. Soylent Green Says:


  24. Lois Who? Says: all I got to say. It was like Hasner the professor giving Frankel a beat down on intellect. no comparison. Way to go Hasner.. smarter and better looking!

  25. Had Enough Says:

    She deserves to lose and will lose. People from WPB know what a horror this women is and how she crippled the city.

  26. moishe Says:

    If you have Medicare Advantage,,the Democrats Obama and Nelson killed it for you starting next year. Vote their butts out..and Frankel is as crooked as they come.

  27. Mike215 Says:

    I will take a little corruption anyday with Lois in order to avoid the election of this tea party piece of garbage. If Romney and his running dogs are elected. this country is finished. The rich will get everying and everybody else will starve. Listen to Romney’s speech he gave to his billinoaire friends where he wrote off 47% of the population. Today, this liar says he supports 100% of the people.
    You know what he that his piece of gargabe plan for them if elected.

  28. Florida Guest Says:

    Put Lois Frankenstein in a Senate seat-highly unlikely. Hasn’t she done enough for Florida?Go Adam!!

  29. moishe Says:

    Lois belongs in prison..I hope the voters know that.

  30. Concerned Taxpayer Says:

    Lois is a shameless liar and a bully. If she is elected it will prove Democrats will vote for a horse theft as long as they are registered as a Democrat.

  31. GO LOIS!!! Says:

    Florida Guest,

    She’s running for a seat in the House of Representatives.

    Do try and keep up.


    What are you six years old?

    You are the perfect example of a Republican in the year 2012. You people will say ANYTHING regardless of how true, how abusive, how disgusting.

    Seriously, America needs solutions to our problems. Not pathetic whiners saying that this person or that person should “be in jail”. Although, to be honest, if there is any FL politician who truly does belong in jail it is obviously Rick Scott for defrauding Medicare as HCA CEO. But Rick Scott is the governmor now and I think that most decent people will vote him out for no other reason than the fact that he is hands down one of the worst governors in the country.

  32. TRivers Says:

    All of these teabagging, psycho, rightwing hacks should be in jail; not public office. Vote Frankel!!!!!

  33. GO LOIS, really just go Says:

    Come on! Lois Frankel is all about what she wants. She would make a deal with the devil if the terms were in her favor. And trust me the devil would be the loser in that deal. Too bad she didn’t advocate for her constituents the way she advocates for herself and what she wants. She says she is on our side, but nope…it’s all about what Lois wants and the people be darned. Jobs for good friends, $74,000 a year for a part time job, an art major doing a construction/ archetectural project, really? An office with a marble bath inside, really? A homeless shelter in the northend of WPB—helps to get PB County votes when you don’t put it in the rich people’s backyards, really? Really- just go, far far away—please.

  34. LOLGOP Says:

    You can tell how badly the Republicans are LOSING by the degree of hyperventilation in their rhetoric.

    “Lois is a good person but wrong for the district” = Hasner is winning (note that we don’t hear this one at all)

    “Lois put WPB in debt” = Hasner starting to get nervous

    “Lois should be in jail” = Hasner seeing it slip away

    “Lois is the devil” = Hasner is toast

    LOL @ GOP!

    GOTV Dems! Volunteer this week or next! Get involved! There’s a lot of us working on the various campaigns, contact any of the campaigns today and join us in moving forward with MORE of the CHANGE that this country (still) needs and will never ever ever get with Republicans mucking everything up!

  35. moishe Says:

    I’m not a Republican. I am not stupid. Voting for Lois Frankel is like voting for the worst scumbag on earth. She belongs in prison and if there is justice she will be there soon.

  36. In The Know Says:

    I think the questions were good and the moderator did a good job.
    LOIS WON the debate on substance and her legal smarts!
    LOIS WILL BE A FABULOUS addition to CONGRESS and will work hard as she has done as a hardworking public servant for many many years. Hasner is NOT a viable candidate and could never work as hard as LOIS will for her constituents. GO LOIS FRANKEL TO CONGRESS!!!

  37. butch Says:

    The Democrats killed Medicare Advantage to pay for Obamacare. If you hate your Medicare coverage vote for Lois.

  38. Elizabeth Says:

    We need the fairtax, that would solve a lot of problems in Washington, and get rid of all the lobbiests that have made this hig business with loads of mismanaged funds to get elected, Our constitution was written over 100 years ago, and still is the best document our govt should follow instead of making up there own rules, we need to have limited terms as was written, to save the greed that is now rampant in Washington, the thing that they forget is they work for us not, them making up whatever they want us to have or have not

  39. Tomeka Says:

    This past week, Trump offered to give $5 million to a charity of Obama’s choice if he releases his college and passport records. Obama responded by telling his own joke about him and Trump fighting while growing up in Kenya.

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