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Frankel and Hasner to debate at The Palm Beach Post; got questions?

by George Bennett | October 12th, 2012



Democrat Lois Frankel and Republican Adam Hasner, who are vying for the Palm Beach-Broward congressional District 22 seat, will debate at The Palm Beach Post on Wednesday, Oct. 17 at 10:30 a.m.

The 60-minute debate is not open to the public, but will stream live at and at WPTV Channel 5 will also show a tape of the debate on Sunday, Oct. 21 at 12 noon.

Hasner and Frankel will answer questions posed by journalists from The Palm Beach Post and WPTV.

Members of the public can also submit questions for consideration. If you’d like to pose a question, send it to For your question to be considered, include your full name and the city where you live.


30 Responses to “Frankel and Hasner to debate at The Palm Beach Post; got questions?”

  1. Concerned Taxpaer Says:

    No questions from me. I have heard enough lies from Lois to last a lifetime. The woman is so phony she can cry out of one eye.

  2. Downtown Danny Says:

    Here’s a question the PB Post does not have the courage to ask Lois the Liar -
    “Did you hire your girlfriend, Joan Goldberg, to a city job and move her into an office right next to yours, and what were her qualifications that justified her $124,000 salary?”

  3. Sheldon Adelson's $$$$$$$$ Says:

    All of those Hasner signs on Federal Highway… brought to you by SHELDON ADELSON and the Chinese mafia that spends big bucks at his Hong Kong casinos!

    Elect Hasner and give Sheldon Adelson a tax cut!

    Because $20 BILLION in Swiss bank accounts and Cayman Islands tax shelters just isn’t enough!

    Sheldon needs MORE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

    Hasner says:

    Screw the Middle Class, Sheldon needs another $$$BILLION$$$!

  4. Big Daddy Says:

    Concerned Taxpaer ….. I was just about to say the same thing. It doesn’t pay to ask Liar Frankel anything. She just going to lie about it.

    You know how to tell when she is lying? Her lips are moving.

  5. The Way it Be Says:

    Really, the Palm Beach Post and WPTV are asking the questions? Why don’t they just have the deomocatic party chairman monitor the debate.

  6. VOTER Says:


  7. VOTER Says:


  8. Little LuLu Says:

    @#7 – Mama, your slip is showing!

    Commenter #7 is guaranteed to be Lois Frankel’s mother. Mama, you can’t uphold wrong, even If she’s yours.

  9. Really? Says:

    Of all you morons who commented on your politics, not one of you apparently got to the end of the first paragraph before spewing your vitriol.

    The 19th is Friday, not Wednesday, which is the 17th.

    If you’re to have an opinion, it would be important to know when the candidates will square off.

    Bad editing, PBP. And no direct link to your email, George.

  10. Wyn Says:

    Octobet 19th is a Friday. Is the debate actually on the 19th which is Friday or is it on Wednesday which is the 17th. You think reporters would be able to give correct information to the public. With all the folks looking for work, perhaps the Post should hire a more competent editor. What has Adam Hasner done for his constituents. Answer , nothing. He is just another crony beholden to the Koch brothers and their ilk. Lois Frankel may be a big liar so she will fit right into Congress. There are no better liars and narcissists to be found than in the Congress. My question is give us specifics on how you would fix Medicare and stop the Congress from raiding the Social Security Fund.

  11. Soylent Green Says:

    Are you listening George Bennet ?

    Are you going to ask Poster Number Two’s question ?

    Enquiring minds wanna know !

  12. Gwendolyn H. Barry Says:

    For Ms Frankel:
    How do you justify your unquestioning support of the Israeli govt’s offensive policies to human rights?

    And why doesn’t she answer questions fully when asked? Why does she react with quips like ‘it’s too complicated’ or ‘you can’t comprehend the subject’… no kidding, she’s said that.

    Thank you.

  13. b Says:

    ask her if she ever paid that red line running ticket she received for running a red light she supported having installed.

  14. JP Says:

    They both suck so bad they shouldn’t be considered at all. We need a third party. This race is between a turd sandwich and a giant douche.

  15. LR Says:

    My son is a Kidney Donor and currently is on our insurance until Age 26. If “Obamacare” is thrown out — where will my son find insurance. Currently Kidney donors, although healthy, are denied “on the street” coverage by private insurere. If he gets a job at a company that does not provide health benefits, where will he turn? Please note that to be a donor you must be extremely healthy and pass numerous tests. So no insurance coverage for a very healthy 24 year old is a problem.

  16. LOL Says:

    Dear Lowis Frankelstein,

    Can you please tell us the necessity of using a police helicopter to ride to a party? Did you ever pay that traffic ticket or did you use your evil powers to get rid of it? Can you tell me why your voice is so insanely annoying? Why do your commercials ALWAYS make me cringe, ALWAYS?

  17. Due Date Says:

    Question for Frankel: WHEN will the debt for the downtown and City Center come due…when is that balloon payment?

    And How much is that debt to be paid?

    Question for Hasner: HOW will you work with democrats if elected? Do you see Compromise as a cop-out?

  18. Here's one Says:

    How about this question for Frankel:

    You say you are for the people and you listen.

    Then why did you prevent a citizens’ initiative to appear on the ballot?

    And when a lawsuit was filed against Frankel, the court found in favor of the citizen appellants.

    ‘splain that!

  19. ex WPB'er Says:

    Question for Lois Frankel,
    Why did you retain some of your highest paid staff with City of WPB when they failed the citizens so often with their job performance or lack thereof? Ed Mitchell, Dorritt Miller, Claudia McKenna. Cases in point, Blue tarp program, housing program with Redemptive Life Church that the city now has to pay $4.1 million back to goverment for lack of oversight, (Ed and Dorritt) Poor legal advice on City Hall lawsuit, feeding the homeless at Clematis Square, and finally poor legal advice on Digital Domain deal–Claudia.

  20. Dontvoteforcronies Says:

    Hasner and Frankel are both political hacks, voting for either one of them is voting against your own interests.

  21. Former South End'er Says:

    Shortly, well around 1 and half years of Lois’ reign of blunders and corruption as WPB’s Mayor… we put a for sale sign up in our El Cid enclave and headed north to Jupiter. Lois is a despicable person… she would step over an ailing person to get where she needed to go. She was somewhat of a puppet too… Bob Sanders, and Bill Moss (RIP), were pulling most of her strings.

  22. In The Know Says:

    I saw that big oversized foul smelling and grotesque DOWNTOWN DANNY last night on Clematis and boy was he drunk! He was humping an underage girl outside a bar and then left her to come over to hump my dog! DISGUSTING. He has some serious mental problems.

  23. Michele Says:

    Frankel, now there’s a crooked politician if I ever saw one!

  24. WPB resident Says:

    I am voting for Lois Frankel because I have worked for her when she was major and know her to be an ethical public servant who served our city well. As a U.S. House member, she will support women’s health care, support Obamacare, protect Social Security and will work to find common sense solutions to the problems facing our country.

  25. @WPB Resident Says:

    Sounds like another Margie Yasuna comment.

  26. Florida Guest Says:

    Frankel Frankenstein, yup she is a viable candidate for Halloween Mayhem- definitely not for the Senate. West Palm Beach is still recovering from her years as Mayor. Thanks but no thanks…Hasner gets my vote. I’d even vote for anything Halloween sooner than Loony Lois.

  27. Jorge Muller Says:

    To Whom It May Concern:
    As a voter, tax payer and home owner what is the position of this two potential candidates in regards the HOME OWNERS INSURANCE. I am sick of the games in raising the cost in which is no reason due to FACT that we have not have any situation with huracans or any wind storm issues for the past seven years….please stop this game it is very frustrating dealing with all codes and b.s. that home owners have to deal beside other economic matters.

  28. jebamoni4 Says:

    Mayor Frankel was a powerful force both in State and city politics. When the hurricane struck 7 years ago she involved and connected with all executives and did her job more than satisfactory. How many Mayors do you remember in your life time? I remember Nancy Graham and Louis Frankel for their dedication to work. This guy is making a big fuss over spending money on a bathroom remodelling as a part of his advertisement. Even to change a faucet and toilet seat, it would cost more than what he said.It is easy to throw mud on people on public service. Yes!! Familiarity breeds contempt!! But how you can trust this unknown unfamiliar and not a popularar guy who was never tested. As far as I am concerned he did nothing and would not do anything.

  29. voter Says:

    hey Michele it takes a crook to know one are you a crook or a crackpot ?

  30. Jorge Muller Says:

    To both candidates:
    What are they going to do about the home owners wind-storm insurance game particulary with “Citizens” Home owners going crazy with the high cost with out cause. Where is the profit for the past seven years? who is getting the profict and what our politician and representatives are doing about it?

    Thank you,

    Concern citizen, voter and home owner!!!

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